Political Parties in YN?

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Liberal Democratic Socialists

Postby Anollasia » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:14 pm

Parties represented in parliament:

Liberal Party
New Capitalist Party
Social Democratic Party
Green Party
Anollasian Worker's Party
United Communist Party
New Pacifist Party
Conservative Party

Parties not represented:

Nationalist Party
Faith Party
Military Party
United Fascist Party
True Islam Party

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Sheffield City
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Postby Sheffield City » Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:52 pm

Sheffield has a multi-party system:
Social Democrats - Social Democracy, Progressivism - 32/60 Legislature, 3/6 Executive
Liberals - Social Liberalism - 9/60 Legislature, 1/6 Executive
Reform Party - Liberal Conservatism, Economic Liberalism - 9/60 Legislature, 1/6 Executive
Left Ecology - Ecosocialism, Left Libertarianism - 7/60 Legislature, 1/6 Executive
Socialist Coalition - Democratic Socialism, Anti-Capitalism - 2/60 Legislature, 0/6 Executive
Pirate Party - Pirate Politics - 1/60 Legislature, 0/6 Executive

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Postby Ragozia » Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:00 pm

Radical Socialistic Democratic Party
National Liberal Conservative Centrist Republican Party
Green Progressive Moderate Anarchistic Party
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Vandeem » Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:03 pm

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Postby Cumberlanda » Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:41 pm


My factbook on this is here.
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Postby Ord Caprica » Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:54 pm

The Prosperity Party- is a major Caprican centre-right political party currently in control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Prosperity politicians generally espouse moderate to liberal views on domestic issues with support for environmentalism, healthcare, and higher education being hallmarks of their campaigns. A critical element is their support for labor unions. The major unions, especially, appreciate the heavy spending on infrastructure. In turn, the unions give these politicians enough support to overcome the anti-union sentiment in rural Caprica. In foreign policy, most wanted to use Caprican soft power in cooperation with allies to fight against the spread of extremism and spread Caprican business across the world. The Prosperity party is so named for it's claim to be able to bring prosperity and success to the country. President Kenway, Vice President Snow, and Speaker of the House of Commons Caesar Bello are all members of the Prosperity party. Their colors are Blue and White.

The Conservative Party-is a major Caprican right-wing political party with more than one hundred members in Congress in either house. The Conservative Party's platform involves support for free market capitalism, free enterprise, business, a strong national defense, deregulation, restrictions on labor unions, social-conservative policies (particularly opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage), and traditional values. They differ from their more successful rival, the Prosperity party on their opposition to same-sex marriage,abortion and labor unions, all of which the Prosperity Party supports. Support for the Conservative party was at it's height at the end of the Great Astyrian War and has consistently slipped as the more moderate Prosperity party absorbs their share of the electorate. Chief Justice Cinna Young is a member of the Conservative Party. Their colors are dark blue and white.

The Labor Party- is a major Caprican centre-left political party with just under fifty seats in Congress, it is one of the smaller national level parties. Growing out of the trade union movement and socialist parties of the nineteenth century, the Labor Party encompasses a diversity of ideological trends from strongly socialist to moderately social democratic. It is currently entered into a nominal coalition government with the Prosperity Party giving them a safe majority in both houses of Congress. The party favors government intervention in the economy, and the redistribution of wealth. The party also desires increased rights for workers, and a welfare state including publicly funded healthcare. The Labor party saw the height of it's power during the financial crisis of the 1960s when the right-wing government oversaw the recession of 1965 which prompted many middle class workers to flock to the Labour party, which allowed it to set up the welfare state, of which pieces remain in place today.Their colors are red and black.

The Homeland Party-is a major Caprican far right political party with just over a dozen of seats in Congress with most(10) in the lower house. The Homeland party is a amalgamation of a number of neo-conservative movements, and ultra-nationalist militia groups in the early 1960s in response to what was seen as the decline of the Caprica as a major power. The party is described as anti-immigration, pro-protectionism, and pro-corporatism.The party lacks national level appeal but has made up for it with a strong grass roots lobbying network and numerous politically minded community groups such as the Homeland Militia and the Sons & Daughters of the Republic youth group. Their colors are amber and blue.

The Liberal Party-is a major Caprican left-wing political party with more than sixty seats in Congress, spread almost evenly between both houses. The party supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, banking reform and extensive civil liberties. The liberal party had traditionally been the largest and most powerful political organization in Caprica until the onset of the Great Astyrian War when their reluctance to support the U.S' allies in the conflict caused them to lose ground to the Conservative party. Their power is mostly concentrated in local elections for county and district seats were liberal politics are more popular. Their colors are crimson and gold.

The Green Party-is a major Caprican far-left political party with less than a dozen seats in Congress, entirely concentrated in the lower house. The party's primary emphasis has been on environmentalism and political ecology, resulting in some viewing it as a "single issue" party, however the party has a fully developed political platform and it is beginning to gain ground on the less dynamic Liberal and Labour parties which have been unwilling in the past to compromise on environmental issues. The party supports environmentalism, business reform, progressive taxation and sustainable growth. Their colors are green and white.
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The Westenian Union
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Postby The Westenian Union » Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:57 pm

Christian Union Party

Conservative Party

Liberal Party

National Party

Democratic Socialist Party

Green Party

Eastern Front
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Postby Lokayata » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:59 pm

Major Parties

Unity Party ideology conservative
Liberal Party ideology Social Liberalism

Minor parties

Communist party Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Libertarian Party Ideology Libertarian
Green Party Ideology Green Politics and socialism
Reformist Party Ideology Centrism

Former Political Parties

Social Democratic Party formerly the dominant party of Lokayata dissolved by a popular military coup sparked by a rigged election Ideology Social democracy and Third Way

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Postby The Great Devourer of All » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:09 pm

Political parties are dependent on the existence of a democratic state, which obviously is not a thing in the Ravagery. The closest things to parties, though, are subtle ideological rifts that are unlikely to flare up as long as the Devourer is alive and present. However, the right conditions for political splits occur in an alternate version of my nation's canon, in which the Devourer disappears and a civil war ensues. Some of the major ideological groups in this alternate canon are listed below.

  • The Loyalists, who believe in continuing the Devourer's legacy as intended. Their major members include the Consumer, the Confectrix, and a significant portion of the Ravagery's High Command.
  • The Order of the Maw, which consists of a relatively small portion of the High Command that believes the Maw was the rightful heir to the Devourer's throne, and as such help it attempt to take control of the Ravagery.
  • The Military, which consists of the remainder of the High Command and is led by Overseer Tross.
  • The Cult of the Vengeful Sun, which believes that its namesake entity was the true power behind the Ravagery.

There are others as well, but they are considerably smaller.
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Postby Jeltronia » Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:32 pm

While royal decrees are silent on the matter of political parties, Jeltronian election law provides for regulations on the establishment of political parties in the Kingdom. Since Elections were allowed by the 1986 Royal Decree, the political system has been dominated by two parties, namely the Nationalists Party which adopts positions as right-of-center and supports a conservatism platform, and the Liberal Party which adopts positions as left-of-center and supports a liberal platform.
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Postby United Angkoria » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:09 am

Ekībhāva (Unity)
- Political position: Center-right
- Liberal conservatism

Savaka Nikaya (Community of the Common People)
- Political position: Center-left
- Buddhist socialism

Sādhīnatā (Liberal Party)
- Political position: Center
- Liberalism

Mahaprajarat (Great People’s Party)
- Political Position: Right-wing
- Nationalism

Santapata (Peace Party)
- Political position: Left-wing
- Socialism
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Postby Eretz HaKodesh » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:21 am

The Kingdom is entirely non-partisan and effectively forces members of the Sanhedrin to run as independents.
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Postby Mattopilos » Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:22 am

There are communes and unions that aid in the organization of work, but there are no political parties.
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Postby GI-Land » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:56 am

We've got a diverse political landscape and got in total 19 parties, which are working throughout the country (listed underneath) and even more parties on the regional political layer.

The 19 nationwide operating parties (those in the box have seats in Königspalast ("King's palace", seat of the GI-Landian parliament and government)):
SLP-Sozialliberale Partei (Social-Liberal Party)
Middle, but mildly left, liberal party. The Leader of GI-Land and King of Atlantis Gianluca IV. is member of this party.
Strongest Party in Königspalast.

SDP-Sozialdemokratische Partei (Social-Democrat Party)
Left, social-democratic worker's party

FDP-Freie Demokratische Partei (Free Democratic Party)
Middle, liberal, economist party

LGI-Linke GIs (Left GI's)
Extremely left party

Grüne-Grüne Partei (Green Party)
Left, Party for nature and environmentalism

PPG-Piraten Partei GI-Lands (Pirate Party of GI-Land)
"Internet party", mainly left, especially popular with young people

AVP-Atlantische Volkspartei (Atlantic People's Party)
Right, Conservative force. The regional fraction of Atlantis is furthermore quiet nationalistic.

SPG-Spirituelle Partei GI-Lands (Spiritual Party of GI-Land)
Spirituals, can't be taken serious

CWP-Christiliche Werte Partei (Christian Value Party)
fundamental Christian, can't be taken serious

PWA-Partei des Wortes Allahs (Party of the Word of Allah)
Islamistic party, under surveillance of the secret service

Shalom-Jüdische Partei "Shalom" (Jewish Party "Shalom")
Jewish Party, mainly left

PVG-Partei der Volksgemeinschaft (Party of the ethnic community)
Right-extremistic, nazi-party, under surveillance of the secret service

DIE Partei-DIE Partei (THE Party)
Satirical Party

KPG-Katzenpartei GI-Lands (Cat Party of GI-Land)
Left, wants more rights for cats

Kommies-Kommunistische Partei (Communist Party)
Extremely left and communistic

ÖLP-Ökonomische Lobbypartei (Economic Lobbyparty)
neoliberal, pro-lobbyism, wants GI-Land to be like the US

MPG-Militaristische Partei GI-Lands (Militaristic Party of GI-Land)
far right, militaristic, nationalistic, racist, partly fascist

KNP-Konservativ-Nationale Partei (Conservative national party)
Right, conservative, patriotic

LGBT+-Genderpartei (Gender Party)
major left, one-theme party, mainly fights for more gender equality and other gender stuff

The last Election of the Königspalast was in 2013, the next'll be in 2017.
Image Image

At this moment a coalition of SLP and SDP is in power. Due to the fact, the Leader of GI-Land and King of Atlantis is member and head of SLP, the SLP is much stronger than the SDP and will ever be stronger than the party, it formed a coalition with, as long as the Leader and King is living.

See you with new results in 2017!

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Postby Paradisiam » Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:53 pm

Democracy having been reestablished after many years of benevolent dictatorship by the Vella royal family, has created these parties. Originally there were no parties and only a huge string of debate groups that solved issues with endurance and intelligence. This worked for awhile but eventually a single woman united a majority of these congressmen and formed a modern day dictatorship and monarchy. The creation of parties is to assure this doesn't happen again.

Royal-Traditionalist Party
Otherwise known as the Vella party this is the current party in charge, they have successfully created a powerhouse economy while still holding true to cultural values of many different peoples. Though in recent years they have passed some ridiculous laws and without the approval of any checks and balance system they are most likely not to win this election. Many still cling to this party and it has good financial backing from major corporations. Also very religious

Mario Party
The Mario Party has advertised intellectual advocation of progressing the education and healthcare system whipe still maintaining the constant wealth that the royal family has instilled in the nation. Some fear that Paradisiam's wealth may be lost but generally this party is a go-to choice for the uninformed. Their elective is an android built by a combined effort of Paradisiams top universities and scientists; Mrs. Robotica Startron.She claims to be married to the country.

Tradionalist-Peoples Party
Following suit in the royal families strategy to enrich the country and its people. This party advocates socialist tendencies that have become quite popular after the royal familes recent dictatorship turned democracy.

Lovecraftian Party
This horror-show of a political group propogates horrific racial superiority doctrines. Though Paradisiam is essentially two different cultures, this party believes all power should be in favor of the migrators that conquered the Paradise Island

Peace Party
Mostly made of native Paradisiamites, this party supports equality among everybody even though popular belief, supplied from the Lovecraftians, would have you believe they only wish well for the natives and want to condemn all else. Healthcare and education are up there while national defence cut backs is how they aim to please the populace who have grown greedy with wealth.

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Postby Ceskaria » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:39 pm

From right to left, these are the Political parties that are active in the Sēm.

Ceskarian People's Front | Ćeskarni Volkettrāvēs (Opposition)
Position: Right Wing to far right
Ideologies: Nationalism, Right wing populism, National Conservatism, Anti Immigration, Autarky
Current seats: 17/125

National Unity Party | Partīni Khyrakā Esmūsni (Coalition Leader)
Position: Right wing
Ideologies: Christian Democracy, Social Conservatism, Civic Nationalism, Agrarianism, Green Conservatism
Current seats: 46/125

Onwards! | Volēpu! (Opposition)
Position: Centrist to Center right
Ideologies: Liberalism, Economic liberalism, Civic Nationalism, Anti-corruption, Progressivism, Populism
Current seats: 33/125

Just Cooperation | Aos Vašydakā (Opposition)
Position: Centre left
Ideologies: Social Democracy, Minority Intrests, Progressivism, Agrarianism, Social liberalism
Current seats: 16/125

Party of Ecology | Partīni Ekologja (Junior in Coalition)
Position: Left wing
Ideologies: Green politics, Social Democracy, Anti-corruption, Environmentalism, Social corporatism
Current seats: 13/125
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Postby Riotiva » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:16 am

Democratic Socialist Party of Riotiva - Partido Socialista Democrático de Riotivá (Coalition government leader)
Political position: Left-wing
Ideology: Democratic socialism, Socialism of the 21st century, left-wing populism, left-wing nationalism, Chavism, Marxism
Seats: 107/240
Governors: 7/11

Popular Marxist Union of Riotiva - Unión Marxista Popular de Riotivá (Government support)
Political position: Far-left
Ideology: Marxism-Leninism, Castroism, scientific socialism, communism
Seats: 16/240
Governors: 0/11

People's Social Democratic and Green Party - Partido Ecologista Social Demócrata Popular (Coalition government junior)
Political position: Centre-left to left-wing
Ideology: Social democracy, democratic socialism, eco-socialism, green politics
Seats: 33/240
Governors: 2/11

National Conservative Association - Asociación Conservadora Nacional (In opposition)
Political position: Centre-right to right-wing
Ideology: Conservatism, economic liberalism, right-wing populism, social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, neoliberalism
Seats: 18/240
Governors: 0/11

New Centrist Party - Nuevo Partido Centrista (In opposition)
Political position: Centre to centre-left
Ideology: Centrism, liberalism, third way, social liberalism, progressivism, social democracy
Seats: 26/240
Governors: 1/11

National Party of Riotiva - Partido Nacional de Riotivá (In opposition)
Political position: Right-wing to far-right
Ideology: Nationalism, right-wing populism, anti-immigration, social conservatism, protectionism
Seats: 2/240
Governors: 0/11

Democracy and Justice Party - Partido Democracia y Justicia (In opposition)
Political position: Centre to centre-right
Ideology: Christian democracy, liberal Christianity, conservative liberalism, liberal conservatism, centrism
Seats: 15/240
Governors: 0/11

Libertarian Capitalist Party - Partido Capitalista Libertario (In opposition)
Political position: Right-wing
Ideology: Right-libertarianism, fiscal conservatism, economic liberalism, laissez-faire, classical liberalism, neoliberalism
Seats: 3/240
Governors: 0/11

The Workers' Labour Party - El Partido Laborista Obrero (Government support)
Political position: Left-wing to far-left
Ideology: Libertarian socialism, libertarian Marxism, Marxism-De Leonism, Luxemburgism, left-wing populism
Seats: 20/240
Governors: 1/11

DSPR = Democratic Socialist Party of Riotiva
PMUR = Popular Marxist Union of Riotiva
PSDP = People's Social Democratic Green Party
NCA = National Conservative Association
NCP = New Centrist Party
NPR = National Party of Riotiva
DJP = Democracy and Justice Party
LCP = Libertarian Capitalist Party
WLP = The Workers' Labour Party

People's National Parliament
Dark red = Popular Marxist Union of Riotiva
Brown = The Workers' Labour Party
Bright red = Democratic Socialist Party of Riotiva
Green = People's Social Democratic Green Party
Orange = New Centrist Party
Purple = Democracy and Justice Party
Blue = National Conservative Association
Black = National Party of Riotiva
Yellow = Libertarian Capitalist Party
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Postby Valersey » Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:32 pm

There are over 150 registered parties in Valersey, though only eight have parliamentary representation.. The largest of them are the Democratic Party, and the People's Party, of which since reunification, only once have they not been the two largest parties, when the Democratic Party became the third largest to the Liberals. Recently, the Revival Party, a centrist populist party, and the far-right National Republican Party, have been gaining traction, with Revival going from three local council seats, to being senior members in two Province Senates, and two parliamentary seats. Polling puts the National Republicans and Revival as most likely to grow by +10 seats, with Revival expected to overtake the Freedom Party and the Greens.
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Postby The Taiwanese Empire » Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:20 pm

We have a ruling party with absolute power, and a Parliament full of smaller parties to represent the interests of our citizens.

Ruling party:

- Name: Nationalist Party
- Ideology: Taiwanese nationalism, imperialism, constitutional monarchy, political centrism, technocentrism, transhumanism, social libertarianism, colonies' rights
- Leader: Kazuhiro Kazetani
- Founded: June 5, 1895

Smaller parties:

- Name: Communist Party
- Ideology: communism
- Leader: Tomo Endo
- Founded: April 9, 1922

- Name: Green Party
- Ideology: environmentalism, green politics
- Leader: Shigematsu Tanikawa
- Founded: December 18, 1994

- Name: Libertarian Party
- Ideology: neoliberalism
- Leader: Azusa Suzukaze
- Founded: January 1, 2000

- Name: Conservative Party
- Ideology: Social conservatism, fiscal conservatism
- Leader: Hokusai Tagawa
- Founded: November 11, 1901

- Name: Labour Party
- Ideology: trade unionism, welfare capitalism, Keynesianism, workers' rights
- Leader: Hiroe Sonoda
- Founded: May 12, 1953

- Name: Liberal Party
- Ideology: social liberalism, progressivism
- Leader: Haranobu Haruno
- Founded: September 4, 1936

- Name: Agrarian Party
- Ideology: Agriculturalism
- Leader: Riko Mae
- Founded: October 7, 1949

- Name: Pirate Party
- Ideology: Youth rights
- Leader: Tadamichi Iida
- Founded: March 29, 1997

There are also some outlawed groups, but we won't talk about them here.

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Postby Braecland » Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:41 pm

Braecisc Libertarian Party


Leader Ofergerēfa Þēodoric Bræntwud
Chairman Órn Geirmunðrsson
Founded 1903
Preceded by Braecisc committee for freedom
Headquarters Brygcestow
Youth wing Young Freedom
Classical Liberalism
Economic Liberalism
Free market capitalism
Political position Right-wing
European affiliation None
International affiliation International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Colours Blue, Yellow/Gold

Braecisc Libertarian Party (Alternate Colours)


Traditional Conservative Party


Leader Cynedryþ Smittan
Chairman Eahlstan Clēofyan
Founded 1834
Preceded by National Liberal Party
Headquarters Æþelham
Youth wing Traditional future
Soft Euroscepticism
Political position Right-wing
European affiliation Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists
International affiliation The International Democrat Union
Colours Purple

Democratic Socialist Party


Leader Mildredde Gaetan
Chairman Bēorhere Hayward
Founded 1990
Preceded by Labour Party
Headquarters Gaetcestre
Youth wing Momentum
Social Democracy
Democratic Socialism
Economic Authoritarianism
Political position Left-wing
European affiliation Party of European Socialists
International affiliation Socialist International
Colours Red, Green

National Party of Braecland


Leader Wūlfgar Knyght
Chairman Haryulf Waller
Founded 2003
Preceded by None
Headquarters Ruggeheim
Youth wing Patriotic Youth
Braecisc nationalism
Right-wing populism
Political position Far-right
European affiliation Alliance of European National Movements
International affiliation None
Colours Blue

Democratic Liberal Party


Leader Ælfred Birnham
Chairman Sars Wertiyigh
Founded 1859
Preceded by Social Democrats party
Headquarters Æþelham
Youth wing Young Liberals
Social Liberalism
Pro Europeanism
Political position Centre
European affiliation Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party
International affiliation Liberal International
Colours Yellow/Amber

Green Party


Leader Linda O'Neill
Chairman Ayhgan Chakrabati
Founded 1990
Preceded by None
Headquarters Khelton
Youth wing Young Greens
Green Politics
Political position Left-wing
European affiliation European Green Party
International affiliation Global Greens
Colours Green

Solidarity Party

Leader Egred Ságran
Chairman Godgyð Callaway
Founded 1994
Preceded by Labour Party
Headquarters Dacgabrygcg
Youth wing Unity
Political position Left-wing
European affiliation European Anticapitalist Left
International affiliation None
Colours Red, Green


Braecisc National Front


Leader Wim Staal
Chairman Braggi Cartwryght
Founded 1967
Preceded by None
Headquarters Lēoford
Youth wing Resistance
Political position Far-right
European affiliation Alliance of European National Movements
International affiliation None
Colours Black, White

Socialist Workers Party


Leader Arawn Caimbeul
Chairman Willa Dodd
Founded 1974
Preceded by Labour party
Headquarters Gaetcestre
Youth wing Revolutionary youth
Revolutionary Socialism
Political position Far-left
European affiliation European Anti-Capitalist Left
International affiliation International Socialist Tendancy
Colours Red

Political Compass of Parties


Obligatory pro/anti stuff:
PRO: Individualism, classical liberalism, free market capitalism, libertarianism, secularism, egalitarianism, meritocracy, Royalism, Euroscepticism, freedom of expression, British values, MLK, Israel, Russia(not in Ukraine), Syria, Kurdistan, YPG, Peshmerga

ANTI: Collectivism, communism, socialism, Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Trotskyism, syndicalism, anarchism, racism, religious fundamentalism(mainly Islamic), identity politics, social engineering, SJWs, feminism, BLM, Antifa, EU, multiculturalism, mass immigration, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Iran, FSA, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Anime

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Postby Crylante » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:11 pm

The government has always been a four party grand coalition, between the four largest forces in the country: Reform, Socialists, Trúathi and Farmers.

In Executive:
Reform Party - Conservative liberal, ordoliberal, pro-free trade
Socialist Party - Social democratic, democratic socialist, environmentalist, protectionist
Trúathi Party - Trúathi socialist, environmentalist, moderate social conservative
Farmer's Party - Agrarian, civic nationalist, isolationist
Out of Executive:
People's Party - Social liberal, green liberal
Green Party - Green, social democratic
The Left - Anti-capitalist, democratic socialist
Aydrain Democrats - Aydrain democratic, liberal-conservative
Let's Go Crylante - Anti-establishment, populist, social liberal
Lillehavn Independents - Regionalist, social democratic
New Socialists - Third Way, social democratic, pro-free trade
Crylantian Federation
Social democratic confederation of Latin-Danes, Danes and Finns.
Democratic socialist, green and left-wing populist
Economic Left/Right: -8.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.59

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Postby Romaian » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:11 pm

The Senate.

Passed the Senate:
People's freedom party - 27%
Liberal party - 24%
National union party - 17%
United Left party - 14%
Libertarian party - 13%
Labour party - 5%

The other parties did not pass the minimum percent threshold

During the elections 7 parties were registered for the elections:

1. Agrarian party of Romaia
2. Libertarian party of Romaia
3. People's freedom party
4. United Left party
5. Labour party of Romaia
6. Liberal party of Romaia
7. National Union party


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Postby Avinaa » Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:17 pm

Avinaa has five national parties, the Socialist-Green, Progressive-Labor, New Democrats, New Conservatives, and Christian Social Union parties.

The Socialists are the main left-wing party holding the presidency, the most seats in the Senate, and the second most in the House of Reps.
The Progressives are the smallest party in both houses.

The New Conservatives are the main right-wing party holding the most seats in the House (and the prime ministership), and second in the Senate.
The CSUP is a radical alt-right party that unfortunately has had great success recently. They have a good amount of seats in Parliament, and came second in the recent presidential election.

The New Democratic Party holds the centre ground. They often act as king-maker when forming governments.

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Postby K-poptopia » Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:15 am

There is only one political party in our nation, the K-Pop Party.

The K-Pop Party doesn't strictly fit on the left or right scale, as their primary focus is the spreading of Girlgroupism across the whole world. They are a very authoritarian party, however, yet they have enacted many laws which would be considered socially liberal, such as same-sex marriage, trans* rights, etc.
We are an single-party totalitarian imperialist dictatorship that is spreading Girlgroupism across the whole world!
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Postby Vel Che » Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:22 am

Vel Che does not have any political parties, for they are outlawed by the Charter, but that does not stop the politicians from collaborating and scheming like they are part of one.



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