Political Parties in YN?

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-The Islamic Queendom-
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Postby -The Islamic Queendom- » Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:03 pm

Royal Islam Party: They're socially left-wing and economically right-wing and the official party of the Royal Family of the Islamic Queendom

Islamist Party: They're a center-right party that supports more religion in politics.

Liberal Party: They're a left-wing socially and economic party that support giving more power to the Royal Parliament.

Currently the Royal Islam Party and the Islamist Party hold a super majority of seats in the Royal Parliament, having 185 seats compared to the Liberal Party's 90 seats.
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Major Political Parties of Alpenzell

Postby Alpenzell » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:39 pm

There are a multitude of political parties in Alpenzell. For expediency, only those with representation in parliament are listed.

Note that each of Alpenzell's 18 cantons elects 3 members to the Canton Assembly, for a total of 54. The Royal Household elects a single tie-breaking member. By convention, this 55th member is either from the governing party or an independent.

Social Democratic Party (senior coalition partner)
Centre-left/left-wing; social liberalism, social democracy
National Assembly: 98/201
Canton Assembly: 22/55
Executive Council: 2/5

Alpenzeller People's Party
Right-wing; national conservatism
National Assembly: 42/201
Canton Assembly: 12/55
Executive Council: 1/5

Christian Democratic Party
Centre-right/right-wing; Christian democracy, conservatism
National Assembly: 31/201
Canton Assembly: 14/55
Executive Council: 1/5

Free Democratic Party (junior coalition partner)
Centrism; big-tent liberalism
National Assembly: 16/201
Canton Assembly: 5/55
Executive Council: 1/5

Green Party
Centre to centre-left; green liberalism
National Assembly: 7/201
Canton Assembly: 2/55
Executive Council: 0/5

Social Credit Party
Centre-right; social credit, syncretic populism
National Assembly: 5/201
Canton Assembly: 0/55
Executive Council: 0/5

Left Party
Left-wing; socialism
National Assembly: 2/201
Canton Assembly: 0/55
Executive Council: 0/5
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Justosia » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:01 pm

Nationalist Right Bloc.
Social Democratic Union.
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Lux Pulchrae
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Postby Lux Pulchrae » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:57 am

Cleonist Fascist Party

all others are extinct

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Postby Brystolville » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:11 pm

Parties of the People's Parliamentary Majority (Government)

Labour Party
Ideology: Social Labour/Labourism, Democratic socialism, Social democracy, Social progressivism, Social feminism Factions: Eurocommunism, Neo-Marxism

Socialist Party
Ideology: State socialism, Socialism of the 21st Century, Stalinist economics, Anti-imperialism

Social Revolutionary Party
Ideology: Marxist revisionism, Neo-Marxism, Intersectional feminism, Postmodernism Factions: Pro-English language, pro-French language

Secular Socialist Party
Ideology: State atheism, Anticlericalism, Scientific socialism

Communist Party
Ideology: Communism, Marxism-Leninism

National Revolutionary Party
Ideology: Liberal socialism, Social democracy, Radicalism, Progressivism, Dirigism, Kemalism, Civic nationalism, Feminism, pro-French language

Brystolville United Left/Brystolville Green-Left
Ideology: Eco-socialism, Democratic socialism, Green feminism, Anti-globalization, Animal rights, Vegetarianism

Social and Liberal Democrats
Ideology: Social democracy, Social liberalism, Liberal internationalism, pro-WA, strongly pro-English language

Parties of the Left-Opposition

Communist Party of Brystolville (Marxist)
Ideology: Communism, Marxism-Leninism

Communist Party of Brystolville (Marxist-Leninist)
Ideology: Communism, Marxism-Leninism

Communist Party of Brystolville (Maoist)
Ideology: Communism, Maoism, Revolutionary socialism

Coalition of the Plural and Emancipatory Left
Ideology: Left Marxism, Libertarian communism, Left-communism, Libertarian Socialism, Participatory democracy Factions: Luxemburgism, Council communism, Democratic confederalism, Autonomism, Trade unionism

Communist Party of Brystolville (Continuing)
Ideology: Trotskyism, Proletarian internationalism

Communist Party of Brystolville - ¡Viva Posadas!
Ideology: Trotskyism, Posadism, Proletarian intergalacticism

**unintelligible grunting**
Ideology: Anarcho-primitivism

Parties of the Right-Opposition

Conservative Party
Ideology: Liberal conservatism, Conservative liberalism, One Nation Toryism, pro-English language

Whig Party
Ideology: Conservative liberalism, Presidentialism, Economic liberalism

Republican Party
Ideology: Gaullism, Dirigism, Economic nationalism, National conservatism, Anti-communism, Right-wing populism, pro-French language

Monarchist Party
Ideology: Constitutional monarchism, Social liberalism, Agrarianism

People's Party
Ideology: Agrarianism, Localism, Multilingualism
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Political Parties of Brystolville

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Silver Commonwealth
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Postby Silver Commonwealth » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:47 pm

In De Iure, there is only one party- Silver Legion. However, in practice, there are actually 13 parties, which govern their own Commonwealth State, and give orders to the smaller party groups below them.
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Q Continuum
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Postby Q Continuum » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:51 pm

In the Continuum there are 4 main parties: The Isolationist, Humanist, Pure Q, and Socialistic
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Postby Lillorainen » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:15 pm

There is only one party in legislation: the Meritocratic Unity Party of the Federation of Lillorainen (MUPFL, in German: Meritokratische Einheitspartei der Föderation Lillorainen).

However, this doesn't mean that there was no political freedom and pluralistism in the Party, or generally in the FL. The system is just different. The Meritocratic Council and the State Chamber have the task to debate on issues and to find the best solution for each of them - for as many citizens as possible, for every citizen at best. They seek maximum efficiency, combined with maximum freedom - and it is a common opinion that the classical left-wing/right-wing spectrum is outdated, and its polarization in Western societies is rather harmful than helpful.
That being said, not joining the MUPFL doesn't necessarily bring harm. There are higher-ranked politicians without a membership book. There aren't many of them, though.
Since Lillorainen's geography is currently being overhauled a 'tiny' bit, most information on it posted before December 12, 2018, is not entirely reliable anymore. Until there's a new, proper factfile, everything you might need to know can be found here. Thank you. #RetconOfDoom

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Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:42 am

Updated version, some party marged in the confederal level, loweing the confederal parties form 7 to the actual 4. The system remain the same , the confederal pary mus have a support of at least twelve cantonal parties (1 for canton). In a canton where in cantonal level two diffenet parties can support the same confederal party

Example: the Communist Party of Gracemeria, the New Socialists of Gracemeria, and the Ecologist Party of Gracemeria, in the cantonal level they run in the election indipendelty and can take part in different coalitions, and take seat in the cantonal parliament as memeber of their party. In the confederal election they support the WSDPA, and the member elected will be seated as member of WSDPA in the KonfederatenTag)...

Position: Left-wing
Ideology: Democratic Socialism, Interventionism in Economy, Keyneism, Alingan Left-Nationalism, Left-Populism
Seats on VolksHaus / Camera del Popoli / Chaseau du Peouples / Человечки Дoмa (Chelovechki Doma) / Peoples' House / Popoloj Domo : 168 / 600
Seats on KantonesRat / Consiglio dei Cantoni / Council du Cantons / Kантональный Coвиeт (Kantonal'nyy Soviet) / Council of Cantons / Kosilio do Kantonoj: 28 / 86
Cantons with Governor appartenents in the party:
  • Canton Alinghi
  • Canton Tizin
  • Canton Grek
  • Canton Gracemeria
  • Canton Franke
  • Canton Horgen
  • Canton Murein
  • Canton Pastaretta
  • Canton Bath
  • Canton Falce-Martello
  • Canton Zurmst
  • Canton Unterland
  • Canton Plaura
  • Canton Schwarztal

Position: Centre-Left / Centre
Ideology: Progressivism, Ecologism, Internationalism
Seats on VolksHaus / Camera del Popoli / Chaseau du Peouples / Человечки Дoмa (Chelovechki Doma) / Peoples' House / Popoloj Domo : 139 / 600
Seats on KantonesRat / Consiglio dei Cantoni / Council du Cantons / Kантональный Coвиeт (Kantonal'nyy Soviet) / Council of Cantons / Kosilio do Kantonoj: 22 / 86
Cantons with Governor appartenents in the party:
  • Canton Tromski
  • Canton Balocchia Nord
  • Canton Paradizna
  • Canton Vaterland
  • Canton Polichteretz
  • Canton Le Trobicout
  • Canton Schalle
  • Canton Sahl
  • Canton Merengemt
  • Canton Zamenofo
  • Canton Planzberg

Position: Centre / Centre-Right
Ideology: Third Way, Liberalism, Free Trade, Fiscal Conservatorism
Seats on VolksHaus / Camera del Popoli / Chaseau du Peouples / Человечки Дoмa (Chelovechki Doma) / Peoples' House / Popoloj Domo : 183 / 600
Seats on KantonesRat / Consiglio dei Cantoni / Council du Cantons / Kантональный Coвиeт (Kantonal'nyy Soviet) / Council of Cantons / Kosilio do Kantonoj: 26 / 86
Cantons with Governor appartenents in the party:
  • Canton Düzzendorf
  • Canton Canoria
  • Canton Gabris
  • Canton Tratto
  • Canton Gern
  • Canton Le Mans
  • Canton Abreteilles
  • Canton Albenia
  • Canton Rigida
  • Canton Inz
  • Canton Kalischgratz
  • Canton Sgabutzgerei
  • Canton Befreunden

Position: Right-Wing
Ideology: Social Conservatism (on Alingan Standards), Sovranism, Alingan Right-Nationalism, Isolationism, Right Populism
Seats on VolksHaus / Camera del Popoli / Chaseau du Peouples / Человечки Дoмa (Chelovechki Doma) / Peoples' House / Popoloj Domo : 96 / 600
Seats on KantonesRat / Consiglio dei Cantoni / Council du Cantons / Kантональный Coвиeт (Kantonal'nyy Soviet) / Council of Cantons / Kosilio do Kantonoj: 10 / 86
Cantons with Governor appartenents in the party:
  • Canton Cantana
  • Canton Ontelgal
  • Canton Uberland
  • Canton Urch
  • Canton Habst Insel
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Postby Wuriya » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:27 pm

There are Partei Nasional Wuriya (Nationalist Party), Partei Solidaritas (Solidarity Party) dan Partei Komunis (Communist Party)
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Postby Gallmark » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:35 am

Conservative Labour Party
Parliament: 60/63 Seats
Liberal Green Union
Parliament: 3/63 Seats

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Postby Hamidiye » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:48 pm

We have no parties, the late sultan Mehmed used to joke that the electorate was the size of one man: himself, and that he of course vote for "Mehmed for Padishah!"
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Cosmopolitan borovan
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Postby Cosmopolitan borovan » Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:18 pm

We have three major parties. The conservatives, the liberals, and the fascists liberal democrats.

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United New Mahisia
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Postby United New Mahisia » Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:59 am

The primary political movement is the National Industrialist Party, a front for the Generalissimo's corporate and crime empires. It's key rival is the Crab Coalition, really called the Liberal Republican Alliance, a front for huge crabbing, crayfishing and shrimping empires like Taylor's Ltd. and Lowtide-Table Corporation.

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Postby Tareya » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:59 am

We have many parties! I've listed the ten largest (by share of the vote at the last election) below but we have many more:

Progress: Social democratic, social liberal
Democratic: Liberal democratic, economic liberal
Labour: Social democratic, left-wing populist
Green: Social democratic, environmentalist
Liberal Democratic: Liberal democratic, social liberal
Unionist: Social conservative, economic liberal
Radical Labour: Democratic socialist, environmentalist
Citizens: Liberal democratic, technocratic
Reform: Centrist, social liberal
Libertarian: Populist, libertarian

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The Sakhalinsk Empire
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Postby The Sakhalinsk Empire » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:01 am

As of now, as we are ruled by a military dictatorship (it doesn't feel right to call it a junta), we do not have any political parties. However, the Supreme Leader - Markus Yevonov - has formed the Small Council, a group of 10 to 20 people to aid him in his duties. The people who join it are mostly divided into Liberals and Conservatives.

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Postby Aikoland » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:48 am

Aikoland is a multiparty constitutional monarchy in which six parties currently have representation in Parliament. The six parties are as follows:
Her Majesty's Government
Aikoland Conservatives (105 seats): The Aikoland Conservatives are a right-wing socially and fiscally conservative political party. They are also cultural nationalists and are against the United Nations and want to withdraw the country from the organization. The party is also a strong supporter of the Royal Military and plans to increase military funding. The current Prime Minister, Song Eun-Bi, is a member of the Aikoland Conservatives.

National Party of Aikoland (97 seats): The National Party of Aikoland is a center-right party that is mildly socially conservative and fully fiscally conservative. Like the Aikoland Conservatives, they are supporters of the Royal Military but unlike them, they are not fully anti-UN, merely skeptical of the organization.

Her Majesty's Official Opposition
Liberal Democratic Party (89 seats): The Liberal Democratic Party is a center-left socially democratic party. They support raising taxes on the rich in order to fund improvements to Aikoland's welfare system.

Aikoland Labor Party (77 seats): The Aikoland Labor Party is a left-wing democratic socialist party. They are strong supporters of the redistrubution of wealth and desire for a 95% top tax rate on the highest income bracket. The party is also strongly pacifist and wants to reform the Royal Military as the Royal Self-Defense Force.

Other Parties
Aikoland Republican Party (1 seat): The Aikoland Republican Party is a center-left party that officially espouses their desire to see the monarchy dissolved and replaced with a republic. The party is also a social democratic party and often votes with the LDP. They are strongly anti-military and their party platform for the transitioning of Aikoland to a republic includes the complete dissolution of the military and a declaration of permanent neutrality in foreign affairs.

Party of Nationalist Aikolanders (6 seats): The Party of Nationalist Aikolanders is a far-right ethnic nationalist political party. The party is socially conservative, anti-UN, and anti-immigration. They desire to close the Aikoland borders from all non-Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese nationals with a gradual deportation of any people not from those ethnic groups already living within the nation. There is a very strong religious element within the party who also desire for Aikoland to become a Christian nation, although it is not part of the official party platform.
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Postby Sardhul » Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:43 pm

Sardhul is a Single Party state as explicity stated in the 1976 constitution. The sole legal party is the People's Revolutionary Committee - Communist Unity Party

People's Revolutionary Committee - Communist Unity Party

The People's Revolutionary Committee - Communist Unity Party (PRC-CUP, Komyanasi) has been the ruling party of Sardhul since the militsry coup in 1976. It forumed after a delegation of military officers involved in the coup met with members of the Communist Unity Party. A deal was reached for a unified party government. Abdul-Mustaphe Weylile assumed control of the part as leader of the Coup and has been in power since. The Parties rule has been notable for the depiwering of tribal authority, secularization, increased vaccination rates, hospitals and infrastructure, and well as land reforms to help improve agricultural output as well as efforts against desertification. However his rule has been noted for its authoritarianism, banning of free press, banning of unions, large numbers of political prisoners, and for economic stagnation.

This is a list of banned but prominent political parties.

Sardhuli National Party
The Sardhuli National Party has its origins in the anti-communist and anti-monarchist factions from the pre-coup era. Nominally a Liberal party seeking to form a Republic. Currently the party is a popular disident organization, hold meetings in secrete. It is one of the few secular and anti-communist parties in the country.

Isbahaysiga Walaalaha ah ee Islaamka
The Islamic Brotherhood Alliance (IWI) is a oalition of verious local groups who expose Islamist and Anti-Communist sentament. These range from sufi inspired Islamic Democracy such is the case with the Isbahaysiga Caddaaladda iyo Xorriyadda, to the extreme of Salafist extremism such with the Taymiyyahite Movement.


Kujitegemea is a separatist group populated mostly by the verious Nilotic peoples who inhabit the western portions of the nation. The nane comes from the Swahili word for Self-Reliance, the use of swahili being a common practice amongst the verious nilotic tribes as a nuetral language to act as a lingua franca. The groups aim is to establish its iwn state in the west and to seperate itself as a nilotic christian nation from the majority Cushitic Muslim or Amharic christian people that make up the majority of Sardhul.


The Autodifensori (AD) is a group made up of white Italian-Sardhulis (who make up a total of 4% of the population). Its stated goal is to protect these communities from discrimination and to police their iwn communities as to them the socialist police system fails to adequately protect them and at times openly harasses them. The group is nominally a conservative organization and has established a legal code and system of community government.

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Postby Soleos » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:38 pm

Single Party state: The Technocratic Council. Other political parties are banned due to Democracy almost causing human extinction.
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Postby Suicidistan » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:41 pm

One unnamed party. No elections are held in Suicidistan, and most dissent from regular political policy is suppressed (which is rare anyway, given the high amount of political apathy here).

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Postby Eglaecia » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:47 pm

Eglaecia uses a proportional representation system, and as a result, a multi-party system has formed. It's rare for a party to win more than 35% of the vote, and with a maximum of 100 candidates being ran per party, there are a lot of parties represented in the Chambre.

Christian Democratic Center (89) - Centre to Centre-Right, Christian Democracy // Agrarianism
National Party (37) - Center-Right, Conservatism // Market Liberalism
Christian Social Party (15) - Syncretic, Christian Democracy // Distributism
Christian People's Party (10) - Center to Center-Left, Christian Left


Free Liberals (38) - Center-Right, Classical Liberalism // Conservative-Liberalism
Worker's Party (22) - Center-Left, Social Democracy // Third Way
The Greens (15) - Center, Green Liberalism
Liberty Party (21) - Right-Wing, Populism // National Liberalism
Republican Left (15) - Left-Wing, Populism // Democratic Socialism
Accountability Party (8) - Center, Populism // Anti-Corruption // Electoral Reform
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Postby Cartoonia » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:53 pm

Political parties of the Democratic Republic of Cartoonia (cit. 2017)

Cartoon National-Kid Party (est. 1954)

the Democratic Party of Cartoonia, they stand for child saftey, education, equal rights, individual liberties, county rule, and a strong military. Nicknamed the rabbits.

Cartoon Social-Teen Party (est. 1954)

The Republican Party of Cartoonia, they stand for labor rights, health care, strong foreign ties, scientific advancement , district rule, and a passive military. Nicknamed the ducks.


The Imperial Party of Cartoonia (est.1965)

A party focused on building a Cartoon Empire. They stand for a strong military, mandatory conscription, military research, mandates, colonies, and world policing.

The Cartoonian Communist-Labor Party (est. 1954)

The communist party of Cartoonia, they stand for state owned industry, martial law, freedom restrictions, and oppression.

Anime-Cartoon Liberty Party (est. 1959)

A party built on personal liberties and cooperation. They stand for civil rights, private enterprise, less harsher punishments and fines, public housing, strong alliances.

The Radical Anti-Slavery Party (est.1961)

A right-winged political party. They stand for A strong military, anti-slave laws, right to invade presumed slave camps, harsh punishments for slave masters, and aid to former slaves.

Cartoonian International Order of Zeref (est. 1954, disbanded 1961)

A bunch of racist, slave-radical, and religious bunch (the wrong kind). They stood for pillaging towns filled with undesirables, the enslavement of those undesirables, and the resurrection of their god, Zeref. However, thanks to the incident at the slave camp on an island nicknamed the Tower of Heaven in 1959, that cost thousands of troops, this party was disbanded by Supreme Leader, Chad Dickson in 1961. Though, this party was never popular to begin with.

Cartoonian Party of The Royal Crusades (est. 1954)

A group of loyal, religious, imperialists who believe in the old ways of Europe before World War 1. They stand for Imperialism, religious crusading, large military force, and state religion.

Crystal Gem Freedom Party (est. 1962)

A group of crystal gems who believe in a free world no matter what it takes. They stand for slavery intervention, world cartoon globalization, and a country free from capitalism

The Eco-Revolutionary Party (est. 1974)

The party of being one with nature. They stand for anti-imperialism, anti-industrialization, anti-corporationism, primitivism, pacifism, environmentalism, mandatory nudity, and basically anything that reverses the massive industrial nation back an age or two.

The Jonestown Liberal Party (est. 2010)

The most liberal party in Cartoonia in response to the rise of feminism in the modern era. They stand for females ruling the world, mass emphasis on civil rights instead of actual history, and LGBT rights and nothing else for others. They also stand for abortion which is currently illegal.

The Grand Old Cartoon Party (est. 2011)

The most Conservative party in Cartoonia in response to the rise of feminism in the modern era. They stand for good old religious values. The good old American way, gun rights, and the tradition of marriage,
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Workers SFSR
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Postby Workers SFSR » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:08 pm

Following the principles of Democratic Centralism, there is only one official party: the Republican Communist Party. Citizens can start other parties, but they won't enjoy official recognition. However, there are many different factions within the Communist Party, what ensures there is political pluralism. Some of the commonly recognized factions are:

Bolsheviks: The majority faction, hardline Marxist-Leninists who support the status quo (centrally planned economy, one-party state etc)

Mensheviks: Slightly to the right of the status quo, this faction usually favors light liberalizations in politics and economy (a bigger role for third parties and worker's cooperatives) and a less radical foreign policy

Internationalists: Mostly agree with Bolsheviks on internal affairs, but are hawks who push a hardline foreign policy and exporting Socialism by all means possible

Technocrats: One-issue faction that pushes for more automatization and cybernetics

Nazbol Gang: Minor fringe faction that believes Soviet socialism is compatible with nationalism, thinks the Soviet Republic should enforce stricter migration controls and promote national pride

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Democratic Socialists

Postby Malgrave » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:44 am

The United Kingdom of Malgrave has dozens of political parties but only a few have any representation in the national parliament and the upper house.

Progressive Unity Party - The Progressive Unity Party (or PUP for short) was formed in the 70's after the merger of the Progressive and the Unity Party. It's famous for being the party of Nikola Tesla, perhaps Malgrave's most successful Prime Ministers and it is currently the largest party in the country. It's officially a Social Democratic Party but the recent trend of the party is putting it somewhere between Socialist and Social Democracy, with plenty of support for workers cooperatives, workers self-managed industry and the various state-owned corporations like MalTec and MalMart.

Conservative Action Party - The Conservative Action Party (or CAP for short) was formed in 1959 after the merger of the Conservative and the Action Party. It's arguably Malgrave's most successful political party since it has held the position of Prime Minister for the longest period across Malgravean history, however it also has some controversies as one of its Prime Ministers was charged with corruption and so far the only Malgravean Prime Minister to be executed and buried for treason. In the past its suffered politically as it has moved towards a more right-wing libertarian mindset while the population currently favour the more left-wing ideals put forward by parties like the PUP

Green Party - The Green Party is technically one of the oldest continuing political parties in the United Kingdom, and the first Malgravean Prime Minister was a member of the Greens. It suffered greatly after the Great Exodus due to a perception that the Greens lack of investment in the military led to the Malgraveans being forced to leave their homeland. In recent years however they've gained popular support as recent environmental disasters and foreign policy decisions have led to people embracing their ideals, and in the last General Election they became the official opposition. It's been hinted that they might absord the Socialist Party and attempt to challenge the PUP in the next General Election

Technology Party - The Technology Party is also one of the oldest poltical parties in Malgrave. It's most famous for being the political party of Helen Magnus, she was elected Prime Minister of Malgrave in the 50's and presided over a period of large technological advancement for the Malgravean state, she is also known to be a close friend of Nikola Tesla. In recent times the Technology Party has suffered for unknown reasons, although the fact that they are a rather one-issue party and the issues resulting around the recent discovery of illegal and unethical experiments has been blamed.

Socialist Party - The Socialist Party is the most far-left political grouping that is allowed to exist in the United Kingdom following the passing of the National Security and Stabilisation Act of 1938 that banned the Communist Party of Malgrave. It's success has been limited to the areas of the former Socialist Republic of Malgrave, a seperatist republic that existed during the period known as the Malgravean Civil War. In 2009 the Socialists suffered a major setback when its leader was arrested for supplying far-left militant groups for information that led to a terrorist attack on the Epping Metro System, with the political leader subsequently being executed and buried for treason. In the last General Election the party managed to become the fourth largest party in the country, although it is suspected that it will soon merge into the Malgravean Green Party

Malgravean Agricultural Coalition - The Malgravean Agricultural Coalition was briefly banned as a political organisation after several far-right statements made by Andrew Fabray, the then leader of the party that threatened to breach the conditions of the National Security and Stabilisation Act of 1938. After Andrew Fabray disappeared however the Malgravean Agricultural Coalition was allowed to reform under a new leadership structure. It now follows a more centrist political spectrum, although the party is quite left-wing on economic issues that impact farmers and rural communities.
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United Kingdom of Malgrave (1910-)
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Democratic Socialists

Postby Doultrenia » Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:13 pm

Current Political Parties in the United National Assembly & United Council

- Social-Marxist Labour Party (Ⱄⱁⱌⰻⰰⰾ-Ⰿⰰⱃⰸⰻⱄⱅ Ⰾⰰⰱⱁⱆⱃ Ⱂⰰⱃⱅⰻ) - (Currently in power.) Doultrenian Nationalism / Left-Wing Nationalism / Structural Marxism / Marxism / Revolutionary Socialism / Anti-Capitalism / Anti-Fascism / Anti-Zionism / Eco-Socialism / Environmentalism / Technocratic Socialism / Scientific Socialism / Anti-Clericalism / State Atheism / Pro-LGBT (Far-Left)

- United Socialist Front (Ⱆⱀⰻⱅⰵⰴ Ⱄⱁⱌⰻⰰⰾⰻⱄⱅ Ⱇⱃⱁⱀⱅ) - (In a coalition with SMLP.) Doultrenian Nationalism / Left-Wing Nationalism / Marxism / Socialism /Anti-Capitalism / Anti-Fascism / Anti-Zionism / Eco-Socialism / Environmentalism / Technocratic Socialism / Scientific Socialism / Anti-Clericalism / State Atheism / Pro-LGBT (Far-Left / Left-Wing)

- Revolutionary Communist Party (Ⱃⰵⰲⱁⰾⱆⱅⰻⱁⱀⰰⱃⰻ Ⱌⱁⰿⰿⱆⱀⰻⱄⱅ Ⱂⰰⱃⱅⰻ) - (In a coalition with SMLP.) Doultrenian Nationalism / Left-Wing Nationalism / National Communism / Communism / Marxism / Marxism-Leninism / Revolutionary Communism / Anti-Capitalism / Anti-Fascism / Anti-Zionism / Eco-Communism / Environmentalism / Technocratic Communism / Scientific Communism / Anti-Clericalism / State Atheism / Pro-LGBT (Far-Left)

- Union of Ecologists (Ⱆⱀⰻⱁⱀ ⱁⱇ Ⰵⱌⱁⰾⱁⰳⰻⱄⱅⱄ) - (In a coalition with SMLP.) Doultrenian Nationalism / Left-Wing Nationalism / Green Politics / Green Left / Anti-Capitalism / Anti-Fascism / Anti-Zionism / Eco-Socialism / Environmentalism / Technocratic Socialism / Scientific Socialism / Anti-Clericalism / State Atheism / Pro-LGBT (Far-Left / Left-Wing)

- Union of National Bolsheviks (Ⱆⱀⰻⱁⱀ ⱁⱇ Ⱀⰰⱅⰻⱁⱀⰰⰾ Ⰱⱁⰾⱄⱈⰵⰲⰻⰽⱄ) - Doultrenian Nationalism / Left-Wing Nationalism / Radical Nationalism / Xenophobia / National Bolshevism / Anti-Capitalism / Anti-Zionism / Eco-Bolshevism / Environmentalism / Technocratic Bolshevism / Scientific Bolshevism / Anti-Clericalism / State Atheism (Extreme-Left / Third Position)
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