Political Parties in YN?

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The United States of the South Pole
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Political Parties in YN?

Postby The United States of the South Pole » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:26 pm

What are your main political parties in your Nation? Are you a two-party? Multi-party? Single Party? If you have only one or two big ones, is it illegal to form new parties in YN? If not, what are a few secondary parties who get a decent chunk of the vote for what they are or have seats in your type of congress. If you're multi-party, What are the main say, six or so parties? Any notable fringe or satire parties?
Personally, the few parties I've come up with are more along along the centre, nothing past the middle of the chart in either direction, It's more of a Authoritarian vs Libertarian stance on how to handle the Economy. Such groups such as The Libertarian Party for example, vouch for a freer market, less regulation, and bigger tax cuts while we also have the YAGA, Youths advocating Government action. Who supports a very authoritarian direct centre philosophy and heavy regulation. And of course, our most popular leftist group, the Syndicalist Party, advocating for more union power. I myself still haven't given them much thought, though.
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Postby Radiatia » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:00 pm

The Radiatian Federation is a two-party system, consisting of the right-wing Liberal-Conservative Party (LCP) and the left-wing Social Democratic Union (SDU).

Both parties are broad church parties, and within them individual members range from the fringes to centrists, with occasional crossover between the two.

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Asarabanda Lavanda
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Postby Asarabanda Lavanda » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:05 pm

There is only one party in the great country of Asarabanda Lavanda: the One and Only True Democratic Party. It's policies change according to the whims of out tyra- .... I mean, our Great Leader.
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Gages Icelandic Army
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Postby Gages Icelandic Army » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:15 pm

Our broad parties (conservative, liberal, libertarian, etc) don't really fair too well. They do good in local elections, but that's about it. If you plan on being successful and getting into the federal level, you're gonna need to represent a single issue. Most government representatives are representatives of one issue parties. Some examples:

Prostitution Party; obvious
Fair Tax Fiesta; no income tax, all sales tax
Secular Shin-Dig; the complete and absolute separation of church and state
Celestial Celebration; funding for space travel
Anarchy Affair; abolition of government
Patriot Powwow; nationalistic policies

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Nickel Empire
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Postby Nickel Empire » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:25 pm

The Nickel Empire is a multi-party system with seven major parties of which three hold dominant party status. The most dominant party of the Progressive Conservative Party which one 1,560 seats out of 2,050 in the 2015 election.
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Postby Vallermoore » Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:02 pm

From right to left...

White People's Party (1 MP) Racist, pro Nazi, and xenophobic.
Megatronist Party-143 MPs Believes in the Decepticon Way
Conservative Party (17 MPs) Right Wing
Liberal Democrats (5 MPs) Middle of the road
New Labour (6 MPs) Mildly left wing
Old Labour (27 MPs) Left wing)
Communist Party (1 MP) Very left wing.

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Postby Chzeng » Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:03 pm

Political parties are legal in Chzeng, but officially representing or running for an office on behalf of said party is illegal. As a result this type of organization is strictly 'out of the assembly' and is closer to associations created by politicians of similar interest. They come and go too frequent for any notable parties to be listed, however.
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Postby Ru- » Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:50 pm

when democracy was introduced to Ru we had only 2 major parties for many many years, but roughly 40 years ago we added 2 more, we can be considered a 4 party system since, while only the 2 oldest parties have ever had a candidate win the nation-wide imperial castellan, all 4 parties have consistently won representation in the Imperial senate, our national legislative body.

The parties:

1. The Ruvian Conservative Party (RCP): One of the oldest political parties in Ru and, until roughly the last 30 years, was very consistently the largest, most successful, and consistently in position as the ruling party in Ru. As the years have went on and the party began to lose ground to its rivals, it has started to slowly move toward the center, especially on social issues. It is primarily the party of Ruvian tradition, law and order, the Caelian Faith, the monarchy, and the ghosts of the Ruvian nobility. The current RCP can be described as center-right economically and socially.

2. The Ruvian Labor Party (RLP) the other of the oldest parties in Ru, for most of its existance it was the primary opposition party to the RCP, but in the past few decades the two old rivals have switched roles and the RLP is the current ruling party of the Empire. As the RCP has moved closer to the center, the RLP has slowly moved further to the left as the years have gone on. It is primarily the party of working class citizens and labor unions. It is similar to the RCP in that it is typically pro monarchy, and pro military but while also striving to be socially progressive. The current RLP can be described as center-left economically and on the left wing socially.

3. The Ruvian Freedom Party (RFP) is a much newer political party compared to the previous two. It was formally recognized by the King of Ru as an official political party after it became apparent that the party and the libertarian values it championed had gained a fairly significant and consistent level of support among the populace, likely due to cultural influence from foreign nations. Libertarian economically and liberty, the RFP is primarily about expanding freedom for businesses and citizens and is very socially progressive and advocates pacifism. It would also like to expand democracy in Ru and reduce the power of the unelected Ruvian monarch.

4. The Ruvian Progressive Party (RPP) is a much newer political party compared to the RCP and RLP. It was formally recognized by the King of Ru as an official political party after it became apparent that the party and the unapologetically progressive values it championed had gained a fairly significant and consistent level of support among the populace, likely due to cultural influence from foreign nations. The RPP is firmly on the left both economically and socially, and is the champion of environmental issues and social justice. It shares common ground with the RFP on the military and on expanding democracy within Ru and reducing royal power, but its fundamental differences with the RFP on economic philosophy keep the 2 "reform parties" as rivals.

These are the only four official political parties. There is nothing preventing new parties from being formed but they can only get on the ballot or participate in debates with major candidates if they become "formally recognized" by the king of Ru and made an "official political party" This is a ceremonial and symbolic gesture and the traditionally nonpartisan monarch is expected to do this for any party that has consistently shown a level of public support that makes it likely that it could realistically hope to win Imperial Senate seats at the very least. Single issue parties and satire parties are basically nonexistent for that reason. This system is met with alot of criticism both domestically and internationally. At the time the RFP and RPP were actually recognized it surprised many since these two parties were and remain parties in general opposition parties to the very person that was expected to accept them. This has served as a demonstration that Ruvian kings are at least likely to be honest in following the rule that they must recognize if it demonstrates wide support.
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Jochizyd Republic
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Postby Jochizyd Republic » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:43 pm

We are a multi party republican system. Not all of the parties agree with republicanism. But all use democracy to achieve their ends. Most are religiously based with a few exceptions. the Kurul, our parliament split between two basic groups of parties Theocrats and Secularists. Although not all of the theocratic parties agree with each other and likewise with the secularists. As the Constitution dictates, all members of Kurul must be credentialed Muslim or Tengrist Clerical Authorities.

Although some Clerics may advocate for a more non-clerical government (Secularists).

There are 4 parties currently occupying the Kurul
The Traditionalist League: Reactionary Thought, Traditionalist Conservatism, Jochizyd Monarchy Restoration.
Classical Modernist Party: Religious Modernism, Center Right Social Conservatism, Economic Liberalism.

Jochizyd Nationalist Party: Jochizyd Nationalism, National Syndicalism, Isolationism
Social Democratic Party: Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Religious Reformism
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Postby Gandoor » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:47 pm

On a national level, we have six political parties. Two major ones, two minor ones, and two irrelevant ones.

Major Parties
- Gandoor Communist Party (485 seats in the Forum) - A left-wing democratic socialist party. (They're called the Gandoor Communist Party because they originally were an actual communist party)
- New Democratic Party (488 seats in the Forum) - A centre-left social democratic party.

Together, both major parties have over 97% of all seats in the Forum.

Minor Parties
- People's Party of Gandoor (18 seats in the Forum) - An economically right-wing but socially liberal party.
- Gandoor Freedom Group (10 seats in the Forum) - An economic and socially right-wing political party. The only social conservative party in the legislature.

Irrelevant Parties
- Stalinist Party of Gandoor - An authoritarian Stalinist Party that supports the establishment of a command economy
- Gandoor Fascist Party - A party that supports the establishment of a single-party fascist state and the purging of 'undesirable' races from Gandoor.

Both the Stalinist and Fascist Party are effectively irrelevant as far as national political parties go, having a combined total of less than 3000 members nationwide. The most recent thing of political note that either of them did was Walter Smith, head of the Gandoor Fascist Party, sued the Gandoor Broadcasting Corporation after being refused to appear on a political question and answer program. (The High Court of Gandoor ruled in favour of the GBC, as a note)
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The Intergalactic Universe Corporation
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Postby The Intergalactic Universe Corporation » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:58 am

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Postby Reloria » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:03 am

(Relorian government)

The current majority party in the Council is the Socieli da Démcetic (Social Democrats, blue), which occupies almost 60% of the Common Assembly seats available. They have been in power for three consecutive terms, under the same eler-simunastés - Jenn Pichi, who also occupies the role of (and generally uses the title of) Foreign Affairs Simunastés.

The main opposition party, the Prudentévori Télcionliste (Conservative Traditionalists, red) command about 24% of the seats.

The Amcéctalique Praésecczita da Espariad (Environmental Protection Party, green) has gained roughly 9% of the Common Assembly.

The remaining 8% of seats are split between a number of minor parties and independent candidates (grey).

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The Gamindustrian Union
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Postby The Gamindustrian Union » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:15 am

List of Political Parties of Gamindustri

Legal Parties

Communist and Socialist Coalition - CSC
Communist Party of Gamindustri (Marxist-Leninist) - CPG
----People's Party of Gamindustri (Maoist) - PPG

Gamindustri Green Party - GGP
Free Gamindustri Coalition - FGC
Gamindustri Libertarian Party - GLP
Social Progress Party - SPP
Democratic Action Party - DAP

United Gamindustri Party - UGP
Conservative Democratic Coalition - CDC
Fiscal Party of Gamindustri - FPG
Moral Democratic Party - MDP
Party for the Reformation of Gamindustri -PRG

Celestia's Voice Party - CVP
Gamindustri Falange Party (Franco-like Fascist) - GFP
Black Eagle Party (Mussolini-like Fascist) - BEP

Outlawed Parties

Worker's and Laborer's Party (Juche) - WLP
Restoration and Glory Party (neo-Nazi) - RGP

Political Spectrum




FGC - 306 seats
GLP - 121 seats
SPP - 108 seats
DAP - 77 seats
BEP - 1 seat
GFP - 2 seats
CVP - 42 seats
CSC - 63 seats
CPG - 35 seats
PPG - 28 seats
GGP - 75 seats
CDC - 166 seats
FPG - 83 seats
PRG - 45 seats
MDP - 38 seats
UGP - 195 seats

TOTAL SEATS - 850 seats
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The Democratic Nation of Unovia
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Democratic Socialists

Postby The Democratic Nation of Unovia » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:22 am

Democratic Party-Main Leftists

Socialist Party-Extreme Leftist

Republican Party-Major Rightists

Confederate Party-Extreme Conservative & Nationalistic
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Postby Slomikova » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:12 am

There is only one political party in Slomikova. It is The Workers' Socialist Party of Slomikova. Simply referred to as: The Party.
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2nd Brazilian Empire
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Postby 2nd Brazilian Empire » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:21 am

National Parliament 2015-2019


United Conservatives For Restoration of Tradition (CUPRT)
Conservatives (CON)
Popular Front (FP)
Christian Party (PCR)
Imperial Party (PIMP)
Order Redefinition (PRO)
Military Party (PMI)

National Coalition For Freedom (CNPL)
Liberals (LIB)
Renovators (REV)
Federalists (FED)
Progressives (PRG)
National Progress (PN)
Social Justice Party (PCJS)

National Workers Union (UNT)

United Workers (PBT)
National Freedom Party (PNL)
Social Democrats (SDE)
Green Party (PVE)
Integration Party (PI)


Republicans (REP)
Libertarians (LIBER)
Pirate's Party (PPI)
Democrats (DEMC)

Chamber of Deputies


Conservatives (Electric Violet) - 67 Seats - Conservatism
Liberals (Old Brick) - 56 Seats - Liberalism
Christian Party (Amazon) - 38 Seats - Christian Democracy
United Workers (Crimson) - 40 Seats - Socialism
Popular Front (Violet) - 22 Seats - Authoritarian-Right
Order Redefinition (Trendy Green) - 19 Seats - Far-Right, Nationalism
Republicans (Conifer) - 36 Seats - Republicanism
Libertarians (Paris Daisy) - 21 Seats - Libertarianism
Integration Party (Shocking Pink) - 8 Seats - Center-Authoritarian
Pirate's Party (Black) - 4 Seats - Anarcho Capitalism
Green Party (Deluge) - 5 Seats - Environmentalism
Progressives (Celery) - 17 Seats - Progressivism
Imperial Party (Olive Drab) - 38 Seats - Monarchism, Center-right
Military Party (Sandstone) - 7 Seats - Militarism
National Progress (Salmon) - 4 Seats - Center-Left
Social Justice Party (Metallic Bronze) - 5 Seats - Far-Left
Democrats (Inch Worm) - 31 Seats - Centrism
Renovators (Hibiscus) - 3 Seats - Confederalism, Center-right
Federalists (Daisy Bush) - 7 Seats - Federalism, Center-right
National Freedom Party (Primrose) - 2 Seats - Left-Libertarian
Social Democrats (Jaffa) - 16 Seats - Social Democracy
Independent (Grey) - 19 Seats - Varies

The Senate

Conservatives (Electric Violet) - 12 Seats - Conservatism
Liberals (Old Brick) - 8 Seats - Liberalism
Christian Party (Amazon) - 4 Seats - Christian Democracy
United Workers (Crimson) - 6 Seats - Socialism
Popular Front (Violet) - 2 Seats - Authoritarian-Right
Order Redefinition (Trendy Green) - 3 Seats - Far-Right, Nationalism
Military Party (Sandstone) - 1 Seat - Militarism
Republicans (Conifer) - 5 Seats - Republicanism
Libertarians (Paris Daisy) - 3 Seats - Libertarianism
Federalists (Daisy Bush) - 1 Seat - Federalism
Progressives (Celery) - 4 Seats - Progressivism
Green Party (Deluge) - 1 Seat - Environmentalism
Democrats (Inch Worm) - 4 Seats - Centrism
Social Democrats (Jaffa) - 7 Seats - Social Democracy
Pirate's Party (Black) - 1 Seat - Anarcho Capitalism
Independent (Grey) - 11 Seats - Varies

Political Spectrum :

The Lusophone Empire
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Postby Finlarvat » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:29 am

Well, if you absolutely must know...
This guide was accurate as of the dissolution of Parliament. It will not be updated for another good few weeks.
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Postby Arachaea » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:42 am

Currently in Arachaea, there are eight parties:
Democratic Forum (231):
Social Democratic and Green Party (124): A green social democratic party that gained Arachaea independence. Currently holds Prime Minister and President, and wants to build nationalised public transport in cities and around Arachaea.
People's Democratic Centre Party (47): A party that stands up for farmer's interests, and has a socially liberal but isolationist and protectionist stance, therefore being Eurosceptic, but being pro-immigration. It supports a social market economy.
Kristiensoisalpartiet (38): A Christian social democratic party that while it is pro-choice and pro-LGBT, is known for wanting to increase taxes on alcohol, marijuana and tobacco and wants stricter pornography regulations, placing it as socially conservative compared to the rest of Arachaea.
Malarchativ Fremtid (22): A party that describes itself as 'modern', and is described as 'progressive' and 'green-liberal'. It opposes the privatisation of the state-owned companies, and wants Arachaea to join the EU.
Civic Alliance (100):
Social Liberal Democratic Party (59): A social-liberal party descended from the party that overthrew the monarchy and established the Commonwealth, which Arachaea left in 2016. It supports Arachaea joining the EU, minor tax cuts, and privatisation of three state owned companies while retaining a welfare state.
Golden Flame - the Liberal Party (41): A conservative-liberal party that wants Arachaea to join the EU and adopt the Euro. It also supports privatising twelve state-owned companies, maintaining the welfare state, establishing a private-but-subsidised public transport network in the cities and across Arachaea, plus income and drugs tax cuts.
Other Parliamentary (29):
Arachaean Left Party (25): This party supports turning Arachaea into an environmentalist democratic libertarian-socialist state.
Øyapartiet (4): A regionalist party in Mykeria which supports independence from Arachaea and is centre-left.

There is also the CPA, which wishes to turn Arachaea into an absolute monarchy, but almost the entirety of the nation hates the party, and it's membership is around twenty.
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Democratic Socialists

Postby Tegrad » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:46 am

Since the creation of the Balkan Socialist Federation in 2007 following our glorious revolution, Tegrad has become a one-party state. The only party that may, by law, hold seats in the Supreme Federal Assembly and be in government is the Workers' Party of Tegrad (WPT), the revolutionary vanguard. The WPT is a far-left political party that advocates achieving communism through Marxism-Leninism-Pervanism, our Comrade-President's own expansion on Marxism-Leninism.

Other political parties may be formed, however are prohibited from running to be in the Supreme Federal Assembly or government and may not advertise their party. These rules are heavily enforced by the state and breaches can result in members being sent to labour camps. Fascist and far-right parties may not be formed under any circumstances.
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Victoria and Vacuna
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Postby Victoria and Vacuna » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:58 am

The Mu Arae System has the following political parties:
Organic Proletariat People's Party- laborist, environmentalist, "Luddite"/technophobic/anti-automation vaguely socialist socially liberal party with authoritarian overtones, abbreviated OPPP
Democratic Unionist Party- antilaborist, environmentalist, technophilic, liberal corporatist party and system affiliate of the ruling Union and Progress coalition, abbreviated DUP
Mu Arae Socialist Party- laborist, socialist, environmentalist, anti-liberal, abbreviated MASP. System affiliate of the Interstellar Socialists.
Sovereign People's Party- nationalist, isolationist and somewhat speciesist and anti-Ghibalbian party, abbreviated SPP. System affiliate of the Party of National Sovereigntists.
Human Defense League of Mu Arae- New Ghibalbian-oriented, technophilic, speciesist, confederalist and hegemonic party, abbreviated HDL. System affiliate of the UCE-wide Human Defense League.
Traditions Revival Coalition- Reactionaries, illiberals, conservatives and authoritarians opposed to all other parties, abbreviated TRC. System affiliate of the Revivalist League.
In the 150-seat Mu Arae Assembly, the breakdown is as follows:
OPPP: 12
DUP: 65
MASP: 18
SPP: 20
HDL: 34
TRC: 1
The Socialists are presently in a coalition with the DUP against the SPP, HDL and OPPP. In addition, one OPPP member has peeled off to join the governing coalition. Mu Arae's secessionist, antilaborist history still endures to the present day in the game of shifting coalitions that's been fought since the system was recaptured by the UCE in 2303 from the Butlerian Jihad.
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Capital: Giraud, Victoria
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Postby Kirihiti » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:02 pm



Prior to the 2006 I-Kirihiti coup d'état, the Republic of Kirihiti had a multi-party system with numerous parties in which no one party could gain power alone. Instead, they had to work with other parties to form a coalition government. Six years after the coup in 2012, a new constitution was created which outlined regulations and the rules for registering a political party. The registered parties are:

Kirihiti First Party - Lead by Biman Suvaki, it has the majority of the seats in Parliament, 32. It's primary ideologies are multi-ethnic unity, secularism, and "socio-economic modernization."

Kirihiti Labour Party - The KLP has absolutely no seats in Parliament. It's ideology is left-wing.

Kirihiti United Freedom Party - Lead by Jagath Karunaratne, the KUFP has 15 seats in Parliament. Its primary ideologies are social democracy, federalism, and "third way."

One Kirihiti Party - The One Kirihiti Party currently has only 3 seats in Parliament and is lead by Sitiveni Suvaki. Its ideologies are ethnic nationalism, Conservatism, and Christian rights.

There are dozens of other political parties in Kirihiti, but less than half of them are officially registered and none of them have seats in Parliament.
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Postby PaNTuXIa » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:23 pm

Democratic Front: Ideology: Liberalism, Democratic Socialism.

National Liberty Party: Ideology: Anarchism, Libertarian Socialism, Libertarianism.

Socialist Party: Ideology: Democratic Socialism, Libertarian Socialism.

Independent Front: Ideology: Anarcho-Communism, Anarchism, Liberalism.

Republican Front: Ideology: Conservatism.

Centrist's of Pantuxia: Ideology: Centrism.
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Postby Eclius » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:46 pm

Democratic Socialist Party*: left
United Republicans Party: right
Libertarian Party*: right
Scientists Union (SciU)*: center
Green: left
Independent Front: center (though very unpopular)
Labor: left
Descendants of Rome: extreme right (DoR is a very controversial extreme right wing party in Eclius, they do not, however, have seats in the senate)
Nationalists: right

*Consul candidate currently in office (we have three consuls of the senate)
We do NOT use NS stats since it's not the most accurate reflection
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Postby Corindia » Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:08 pm

There are three major parties in Corindia:

The Corindi Progressive Party, center-left

The Corindi Workers' Party, far-left

The Corindi Militarist Party. right

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Carriebean political parties as of the 2015 election
55th Carriebeanian Congress layout out of 365 total seats
Pirate Party-94 seats
Communist Catholic Party-81 seats
Mormon Party-72
Islamic Party-35
Christian Party-32
Carriebean People's Party-34
Catholic Party-15

the Largest Party in the Carriebeanian Congress is the Pirate Party, one of the Oldest political parties in the nation,dating back to the establishment of a Congress, constitution and the weakening of the monarchy in 1855 during the constitutional Revolution. the incubent leader of the nation is a Pirate Party member,named Carol Dartenby, who has been elected in 2015 with a sweep of the elections, taking almost 104 million votes for the Pirate Party.

the next largest party is the Communist Catholic Party, founded in 1885. it became a minor political party until 1900, when it's membership exploded from 40,000 in 1900 to nearly 14 million in 1902, growing seven million for each year.
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Former Carriebeanian president Carol Dartenby sentenced to 4 years hard labor for corruption and mismanagement of state property|Former Carriebeanian president Antrés Depuís sentenced to 3 years in prison for embezzling funds and corruption



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