The Schultarian Armory Guide

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The Schultarian Armory Guide

Postby Schultaria Prime » Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:13 pm

HIFEX News Agency Press Release (20:05 SCT)

Schultarian Government Releases Defense Forces Armory Guide
Latest Draft in Two and a Half Years Expected to Stoke Interest with Foreign Defense / Intelligence Agencies

Schultaria Prime, a nation known within Gholgoth for its isolationism, scientific achievements, and regional industrial clout, is turning heads with its newest government publication. In a brief press conference held by members from the National Assembly and Kamor Collabraci (Defense Forces) a new catalog of Schultaria Prime's indigenous arms technology has been released to the public domain. While this is first new publication of its kind in nearly two years, the timing of its distribution has stoked debate amongst the nation's political and scientific communities.

Pundits in the Schultarian political community have laid charges that this publication is an attempt by the Directorate to bolster their standing amongst the electorate and in the eyes of the international community. In response, the Office of the Central Directorate released a statement proclaiming "This document is but one testament of the nation's technological achievements," and that the Central Directorate will use this document to "promote increased international interest in the capabilities of Schultaria Prime to defend its standing as a regional power."

Although many members of the Schultarian defense community regard the current publication as a work in progress, numerous techno- and hoplophiles have already expressed interest in obtaining the document. As the official news portal for the USSSP, the complete document has been compiled into an electronic catalog, and is available via the following link at the end of this press release.

LINK: The Schultarian Armory Guide (3.1mb PDF)

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