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Hohe Reich Factbook+Q&A

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:28 pm
by Hohe Reich
This is the Factbook of my Nation Hohe Reich. Please post questions as I will answer them. Please note that this is my first nation and first Factbook

This is the factbook of the newly created Hohe Reich.

Geography- Hohe Reich is located in Central Europe in what used to be called "Germany". The absolute location of the Capital, Stadt der Kaiser is 48º 08' N, 11º 35' E. Hohe Reich occupies an area of approximately 357,000 square kilometers. The North is realitively flat with a few rivers crisscrossing it's terrain. The South is very mountainous with few forrests and grasslands. The climate is Marine/Temperate, with warm summers and mild winters with yearlong precipitation. About 7,800 square kilometers is used for irragation and 15% is covered by permanent pastures or farmland. The highest point in Hohe Reich is Berg des Himmels and the lowest elevation is the Fluss der Hölle. Our Natural Resources are coal, lignite, natural gas, iron ore, copper, nickel, uranium, potash, salt, construction materials, and Timber.

Economy- (Note: RM=Reich Marks). Our Gross Domestic Product is RM94,893,428,666.62. Our GDP per Capita is RM18,978.69. Our Unemployment Rate is 4.5%. There is no Income Tax in Hohe Reich. The inflation rate is at .0317%. The Government Budget is RM8,937,813,750.00. Our Currency is the Reich Mark and the code is RM. The exchange rate is RM1.0317 per 1 NSD. We are currently in Fiscal Year 1.

History- FOUNDING- Hohe Reich was founded after the failure of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Hohe meaning High, and Reich meaning
Empire, The founders wanted to finally realize Hitler's dream fo a Thousand Year Reich. The former Third Reich, after its loss in WWII, was thrust into a period of democracy untill the year 2010. With the rise of the Nationalistische Partei the world would once again see the rise of a Charismatic leader that would lead this "Fourth Reich" into is coveted Thousand Year Reign.
ESTABLISHMENT- The establishment of Hohe Reich came after the liquidation of the former Democratic catastrophy that was Germany. Under the leadership of the first Führer Adolf Grynszpan the former Reichstag became the new Maximal Kaiserlicher Rat or High Imperial Council. The politicians and leaders of old are to be executed on the one year anniversary of the establishment of Hohe Reich. The Coup d'état that took place was brought on by High Military Commander and Party Leader Adolf Grynszpan to erase communism and establish the Fourth Reich.

Military- The Branches of the Reichian Military are the Kaiserlichen Armee (Imperial Army), the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy), and the Luftwaffe des Imperiums (Air Force). Special Police Units are the Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police) and the Schutzstafell (Protection Squad). The Fulltime service officers number
120,000 men in all branches in peacetime, in wartime the reserve officers raise the number to 240,000. The manpower given to both police squads is 30,000 each. All in all a total of 270,000 men and women serve in the armed forces of Hohe Reich, which accounts for 4.5% of the population (Note: that about 45% of the armed forces is reserved for Wartime and 11% are in eithe the Geheime staatspolizei or Schutzstaffel). In total 17% of the National Budget is spent on Military and 63% on Law and Order.

Government and Political Structure- This is the Hohe Reich or High Empire, we also pride ourselves on being the Fourth Reich behind the embarassment of Nazi Germany as the Third Reich, Otto von Bismark headed the Second Reich, and The holy Roman Empire was the First. We are a Totalitarian Government with the leadership of the Chancelor at the top. The end of the Democratic Regime came about on February 22, 2010, and Hohe Reich was established. Trial by Jury is used as the legal system for citizens while soldiers and police have court marshells headed by the Chancelor. There is no suffrage in Hohe Reich. We will eventually particiate in the WA but not at present. We are considered a Corperate Police State by the WA.

People and Population- Hohe Reich houses 6,000,000 residents. The Life Expectancy is about 75 years for females and about 70 for males. The main nationality of the Reich is Aryan-German, however ethnic groups such as Gypsies, Jews, Blacks, and Asians populate the country as well. The Main Religion is Christianity, however Freedom of Religion is very prominant in Reichian culture. 96.5% of Reichians are Literate.

Communications- The Calling code for Hohe Reich is 617. It is estimated that each household contains 3 televisions so on average there are 18,000,000 television sets in Hohe Reich. Telephones number in the 15,000,000s and cell phones are in the 4-5,000,000s. Every Reichian citizen is required to have some type of computer to pay their taxes so Internet users are in the 6,000,000s. The country TLD is .hr.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:40 am
by Torek
Very Institeful. Keep up the good work!:)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:15 pm
by The Valepian Lands
What areas of National Socialism do your government practise?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:23 pm
by Hohe Reich
The Valepian Lands wrote:What areas of National Socialism do your government practise?

We don't use the racism part, thats about it. Freedom of religion and Race are held dear

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:55 pm
by Torek
How is your Hierarchy structured?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:53 am
by Hohe Reich
Torek wrote:How is your Hierarchy structured?

Der Furher is voted in for life.
Then a council of 45 Deputy Furhers advise the main one on issues

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:32 am
by Torek
How is your economy going?

Re: Hohe Reich Factbook+Q&A

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:51 pm
by Hohe Reich

Exchange Rate: R$1 = NS$1.0235
Gross Domestic Product: R$296,264,192,000.00
GDP Per Capita: R$21,161.73
Unemployment Rate: 8.79%
Consumption: R$274,400,000,000.00
Government Budget: R$27,330,240,000.00
Government Expenditures: R$21,864,192,000.00
Government Waste: R$5,466,048,000.00
Imports: R$37,033,024,000.00


Exchange Rate: 1 Reich Mark = $1.0119
Gross Domestic Product: $289,557,491,664.70
GDP Per Capita: $20,682.68
Unemployment Rate: 4.01%
Consumption: $274,400,000,000.00
Government Budget: $27,330,240,000.00
Government Expenditures: $21,864,192,000.00
Goverment Waste: $5,466,048,000.00
Exports: $30,326,323,664.70
Imports: $37,033,024,000.00
Trade Deficit: $6,706,700,335.30