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EBC News - Elykyellek's #1 News Source

Postby Elykyellek » Thu Feb 04, 2016 2:17 pm


The EBC News is an extension of the Elykyellek Broadcast Company and was founded in 1925. The EBC News currently runs a 24 hour television station, radio station, a daily newspaper and is available online. The EBC News tends to stay politically neutral and just report the facts. In a recent poll EBC News was voted the preferred news source by 73% of Yellekans.

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Postby Elykyellek » Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:57 pm


Election Season Draws Near
Thursday, February 4, 2016

Election season is fast approaching as March 21, the day when campaigns must file for government funding, is a little over six weeks away. Yellekan law states that up to eight campaigns will receive government funding and appear on the ballot in September.

Here is a breakdown of the major political parties and some predictions for the upcoming election season.

It's safe to say that incumbent President Eliza Kierke will likely run for her second term as the candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party. President Kierke is one of the most popular presidents in recent history, with her approval ratings hovering around 70%.

The Progressive Party is more unpredictable, in 2012 the Progressive Party was absent from the election and decided endorse President Kierke. It is still unclear as to whether they will do that again this year or nominate their own candidate.

The Labor Party has a couple options as first term Senator from Lund, Kieran Teague polls well with moderate independents and former President Synnove Wells has also publicly expressed interest in throwing her hat back into the ring.

The Libertarian Party has seen a massive influx of members in the last ten years as many young voters have left the United and Conservative Parties. The Libertarian Party is currently second, only to the Liberal Democratic Party, in number of members. If they are able to continue to pull from the United and Conservative Parties as well as pick up some independents they could pose a real threat to President Kierke and the Liberal Democrats come September. Many believe that Mayor of Gray, Josephine Rigby would be the best choice for the Libertarian Party, as she, like President Kierke is young and charming.

The United Party will likely nominate Conner-Hartman Senator Ronald Lin, who ran unsuccessfully for President in 2008 and 2012, finishing third is both races.

The Conservative party is the party with the least number of registered members. Conservative Party leader Terrein Govenor, Sanford Redmund announced in a press conference on Tuesday that he would not be running for President and that the party would be endorsing Senator Ronald Lin of the United Party. This is a strategic move as the Conservative Party's chances of winning in the election are slim and they would rather have the United Party in office than any other party.

So far there hasn't been much noise coming from the minor parties and at the time of this writing we are unaware of any independents preparing the necessary paperwork that needs to filed on March 21.
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Postby Elykyellek » Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:41 am


President Kierke celebrates birthday with night of karaoke
Sunday, February 7, 2016

President Kierke enjoyed a night out with friends on Saturday to celebrate her 36th birthday. The group was seen enjoying afternoon tea and scones at High Garden Tea Room in Midtown Kelley City before heading over to Kamotion Karaoke & Bar.

A private room at Kamotion was reserved for the president's party which runs about $70 Yellekan dollars an hour. The party seemed to have been a success as many of the guests and Kierke were seen in high spirits as they sang, danced and drank. Among the guests spotted were President's Kierke's sister, Abigail, actress Delaney Welch, Kierke's personal assistant, Laurena, and some childhood and college friends.

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Postby Elykyellek » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:55 am


Happy Lunar New Year!
Monday, February 8, 2016

In honor of today's celebrations here are some about Lunar New Year in Elykyellek.

-Lunar New Year is a time for families to come together, eat, drink and play games.

-It was first celebrated on the island of Elykyellek by the Irhc peoples.

-In 1252 King Ragnvaldr decreed that the Kingdom of Elykyellek would celebrate Lunar New Year.

-Following the European colonization and Christianization of Elykyellek, Lunar New Year was largely phased out.

-In 1851, President Astrid Westley declared Lunar New Year a national holiday. At the time there was a popular movement to lessen European influence on Yellekan culture and many customs from the time of the Kingdom were revived.

-There are many parades that take place across Elykyellek on the morning of Lunar New Year's Day, the biggest of which is the Kelley City Lunar New Year's Day Parade. The parade began in 1909 and was first televised in 1948.

-The most common dish for Lunar New Year's dinner is salmon and rice.
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Postby Elykyellek » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:50 pm


The Breaks Announce New Tour
Sunday, February 21, 2016

Best-selling Yellekan rock band The Breaks have announced that they are reuniting for a national tour in honor of the 20th anniversary of their 1996 debut album. This will be the first time The Breaks have performed since they broke up in 2009 and the first time with their original lineup since 2000. Thirty dates have been announced and they are expected to sell out fast.

The Breaks were formed in 1994 by Colin Kristoffersen (Vocals, Guitar), Derick Valetin (Bass), Anja Gerst (Vocals, Piano), Viktor Jannike (Guitar), and Jewell Gabriel (Drums). After signing to Love Bandit Records in 1995, the band released its debut self-titled album in 1996. Backed by successful music videos for singles "Afraid", "Sleep" and "Come a-Knocking" their self-titled album became a huge commercial and critical success. The Breaks second album Inland was released in 1998, it was critically well received but was a more moderate commercial success than their debut album. In 1999, the band took a hiatus and in 2000, Anja Gerst, Viktor Jannike and Jewell Gabriel officially left the band. They were replaced by Johanna Rowland (Vocals, Drums) and Yvonne Koch (Guitar).

In 2001, The Breaks returned with their third album El Pescador, which was well received. In 2002 vocalist/guitarist Colin Kristoffersen and vocalist/drummer Johanna Rowland married. 2004's Today I brave the sea... and 2006's ...alas, I am stranded were released to much fanfare and highly praised for their darker and more abrasive sound. In 2009 as Colin Kristoffersen and Johanna Rowland's marriage deteriorated and they eventually divorced, The Breaks announced that they were breaking up. Following the break up, Colin Kristoffersen launched his solo career and became a highly sought after producer.

Rumors of a reunion began in 2015 when Derick Valetin and Anja Gerst joined Colin Kristoffersen for a number of performances on his solo tour. The original lineup of Colin Kristoffersen, Derick Valetin, Anja Gerst, Viktor Jannike and Jewell Gabriel will be touring in May and June. Colin Kristoffersen says "It's just so great that our music still connects with people and it will be great to get out there and play our first album in its entirety for all our wonderful fans."

Tour dates are as follows:

May 5 - Westley Theater - Kelley City, Kelley
May 6 - Westley Theater - Kelley City, Kelley
May 7 - Westley Theater - Kelley City, Kelley
May 8 - Westley Theater - Kelley City, Kelley
May 11 - Dappers Park - Joshwood, Kelley
May 13 - Kayland Civic Theater - Kayland, Kelley
May 14 - Kayland Civic Theater - Kayland, Kelley
May 17 - Palm City Auditorium - Gray, Terrien
May 18 - Cannon Acres - Cannonsburgh, Terrien
May 19 - Sun Gardens Arena - Terrien City, Terrien
May 21 - Arrow Fieldhouse - Franci, Terrien
May 24 - Downtown Goldie Theater - Goldie, Conner-Hartman
May 25 - Stevenson Hall - Casper, Conner-Hartman
May 26 - Cathedral of the Good Shepherd - Sallington, Sproull
May 27 - Cathedral of the Good Shepherd - Sallington, Sproull
May 29 - Monarch Theater - Toussaint, Terrien
May 31 - Riverside Theater - New Richards, Kelley
June 1 - Riverside Theater - New Richards, Kelley
June 2 - Hoover Spectrum - Hoover, Kelley
June 4 - Wayne Auditorium - Sproull City, Sproull
June 5 - The Firehouse - Hohn, Sproull
June 8 - Royal Playhouse - Lund City, Lund
June 9 - Royal Playhouse - Lund City, Lund
June 10 - Royal Playhouse - Lund City, Lund
June 12 - Mountainview Amphitheater - Deraley, Lund
June 13 - Crystal Palace - Crowser, Lund
June 15 - Jewel Theater - Saint Kyleigh, Kelley
June 17 - Wendale Memorial Theater - Wendale, Lund
June 18 - Wendale Memorial Theater - Wendale, Lund
June 19 - Metro Center - Kelley City, Kelley

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Postby Elykyellek » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:45 pm


Presidential Candidates File Paperwork
Monday, March 21, 2016

Today, a total of fifteen presidential hopefuls declared their intent to run for President of Elykyellek with the NEC (National Elections Committee) . Yellekan law allows that up to eight candidates will receive governmental funding and appear on the ballot in September. This week the NEC will work with independent research study groups to determine the top eight candidates based on polling data, the results of which will be announced next Monday. Four of the six major parties declared intent with the Progressive Party abstaining and the Conservative Party formally endorsing the United Party's candidate Senator Ronald Lin.

Below is a list of those who have declared.

Beatrix Annemarie (Political Activist) Woman First Party
Adria Dean (Scientist) Independent
Johan Glen (Author) Pirate Party
Alton Irvine (Actor) Impartial Party
Eliza Kierke (Incumbent President) Liberal Democratic Party
Ronald Lin (Senator from Conner-Hartman) United Party
Osvald Lindsay (Business Owner) Independent
Johanna Lukas (Former president of Sproull University) New Peace Coalition
Rolf Mathers (Radio Host) Terrien Secession Party
Norah McKowan (Business Owner) Independent
Rainer Pierce (Environmentalist) Nature Party
Kieran Teague (Senator from Lund) Labor Party
Josephine Rigby (Mayor of Gray, Terrien) Libertarian Party
Mollie Sinclair (Lawyer) Independent
Konrad Walter (Doctor) Welfare League

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Postby Elykyellek » Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:52 pm


Current Poll Numbers for 2016 Presidential Elections
Saturday, April 16, 2016

It has been less than a month since the eight candidates running for president of Elykyellek have been announced and election season is now in full swing. The first debate was last Sunday and many are split on whether President Eliza Kierke or Mayor Josephine Rigby won. One thing is certain though, Mayor Rigby is closing in on President Kierke's lead in the polls as she continues to poll well among young conservatives and independents. Lets take a look at the current poll numbers.

Eliza Kierke - 27.9%
Party Liberal Democratic Party
Idealogy(ies) Social democracy
Occupation Incumbent President
Age 36

Josephine Rigby - 24.2%
Party Libertarian Party
Idealogy(ies) Libertarianism, Laissez-faire capitalism
Occupation Mayor of Gray, Terrien
Age 35

Ronald Lin - 18.9%
Party United Party
Idealogy(ies) Liberal conservatism
Occupation Senator from Conner-Hartman
Age 53

Kieran Teague - 13.7%
Party Labor Party
Idealogy(ies) Democratic socialism
Occupation Senator from Lund
Age 48

Norah McKowan - 0.9%
Party Independent
Idealogy(ies) Free-market environmentalism
Occupation Business Owner
Age 52

Osvald Lindsay - 0.6%
Party Independent
Idealogy(ies) Right-libertarianism
Occupation Business Owner
Age 46

Beatrix Annemarie - 0.4%
Party Woman First Party
Idealogy(ies) Separatist feminism
Occupation Political Activist
Age 32

Johan Glen - 0.3%
Party Pirate Party
Idealogy(ies) Freedom of information, Social liberalism
Occupation Political Activist
Age 31

Undecided - 13.1%
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Postby Elykyellek » Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:33 pm


Amusements & Themed Arts Expo 2016
Saturday, April 30, 2016


Next weekend (May 6-8) the 2016 Amusements & Themed Arts Expo (ATAE) takes over the Kayland Convention Center in Kayland, Kelley. It is the 36th annual convention celebrating the themed entertainment industry in Elykyellek and abroad. Over 1,000 exhibitors will be in attendance from all areas of the industry including theme parks, zoos, museums, ride manufactures, food and beverage vendors, and many more.

Here are some of the most anticipated events:

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is expected to reveal more details and artwork for Imagination Park. Scheduled to open at the Disneyland Elykyellek Resort in 2018, the park was previously announced to feature 6 lands; Hyperion Avenue, Silly Symphony Spring, Villain’s Lair, New York Harbor, Marvel Universe and Star Wars Galaxy. Disney will also present their new dark ride, Frozen Ever After, opening next summer at Disneyland Park as well their two upcoming resort hotels, the South Seas Resort and the Desert Springs Inn & Resort.

Boardwalk Park & Aquarium in Kayland, Kelley has been hinting on social media for the past couple months that they will announce their 16th rollercoaster at ATAE. No details on what type of rollercoaster have been leaked yet, but it will surely be an welcomed addition to the self claimed "Thrill Capital of Elykyellek."

Rocking Peaks theme park's presentation will focus on the new "Cop and Robbers" ride that will open this summer. The ride is a thrilling dark ride that puts you in a middle of 1930's car chase between police and gangsters.

The Museum of Yellekan History will release more information on their upcoming multi-media presentation and stage show "The Yellekan Experience" which features animatronics of all 30 Yellekan presidents.

There has been much speculation over the presence of Universal Parks & Resorts as well as Warner Bros. at this year's convention. This is a first for both companies and many are wondering if they are planning parks or attractions in Elykyellek, but I guess we will have to wait until next weekend to find out.

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Postby Elykyellek » Sun May 01, 2016 1:55 pm


United Party Poll Numbers Falter as Libertarian Party Rises
Sunday, May 1, 2016

This election season has not fared well for the United Party. Not only is their candidate for president, Senator Ronald Lin, currently third in the polls with 18%, but many seats in the Senate and House that have been historically held by the United Party are now in danger of going to the Libertarian Party. In the 2014 election, the Libertarians gained more seats than the United Party for the first time in nearly fifty years and if the current poll numbers hold the gap will widen come election day this September. We have seen a trend the last couple years where young conservatives are choosing the Libertarian Party over the United Party because of the Libertarian Party's more liberal stances on social issues, but during this election season there has been voters of all ages that have been switching parties. The Libertarian Party is currently the fastest growing party, which leaves many members of the United Party worried about the future of their party.

Libertarian Party candidate for president Josephine Rigby is polling very well, with 25%, while incumbent President Eliza Kierke has the lead with 28%. Both Rigby and Kierke are in their thirties, great public speakers and very popular with young voters. With the election still 4 months away and estimated 13% of voters still undecided, anything could happen, but if Rigby and the Libertarians can keep swaying United Party voters to their side, they might be able to win the presidency for the first time since the 1940's.

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Postby Elykyellek » Sun May 15, 2016 1:41 pm


Warner Bros and Universal Park announced for Elykyellek
Sunday, May 15, 2016

Warner Brothers and Universal Studios have announced their plans to build a world-class theme park and resort in Elykyellek. The budget for the project is an estimated 2.5 billion Yellekan Dollars. The resort will be jointly owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Parks & Resorts and the Yellekan Tourism Board.

The resort will be located on a 740 acre site outside of Joshwood, Elykyellek. Phase one of the project includes the theme park, which will be named WB-Universal Park, an entertainment complex featuring retail and dining options, and two resort hotels. Phase two calls for a second theme park and additional hotels. Details for specific attractions were said to be released at a later date. Phase one of the park is expected to be completed by 2020.

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Postby Elykyellek » Sun May 22, 2016 6:34 pm


Current Polls for 2016 Presidential Race
Sunday, May 22, 2016

Here is a quick update of the polls for the 2016 presidential race after the second presidential debate.

Eliza Kierke, President (Liberal Democratic Party) - 28.6%
Josephine Rigby, Mayor of Gray (Libertarian Party) - 26.5%
Ronald Lin, Senator from Conner-Hartman (United Party) - 18.2%
Kieran Teague, Senator from Lund (Labor Party) - 13.8%
Norah McKowan, (Independent) - 0.9%
Osvald Lindsay, (Independent) - 0.6%
Beatrix Annemarie, (Woman First Party) - 0.4%
Johan Glen, (Pirate Party) - 0.3%
Undecided - 10.8%
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Postby Elykyellek » Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:41 am


Film Oska Celebrates 30 Years
Saturday, June 4, 2016

Film Oska, Elykyellek's most popular animation studio celebrates 30 years today. The film studio was created in 1986 by animators/storytellers Conor Osberg and Jonas Kaleva. Their first two animated series Squeaky & Friends and Spooky Stories were massive successes and their characters are arguably the most popular in Elykyellek. The early success of the animated series' allowed the studio to start producing feature length animated films starting in 1992, with the release of The Terrible Squid. Throughout the years Film Oska has released some of Elykyellek's most critically acclaimed and financially successful films and series including Spirit of Ithoja (1995), The Winter Book (1998), The Lives Nine of Mr. Bartholomew (2000), Lost & Found (2001), Kuu (2003), Princess Kari (2004), Nightshade Detective Company (2010-2013), and the Constance and the Curiosities trilogy (2010,2013,2016), which there is much anticipation for the third film in the series to be released in December.

The National Museum of Art in Kelley City opens an exhibit called "The Art of Film Oska" next week to celebrate the studio. On display will be many film cells, concept art, models and much more. The exhibit will run until September 18 and it is sure to be a delight to Film Oska fans and fans of animation alike.

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Postby Elykyellek » Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:31 pm


Josephine Rigby closing in on President Kierke
Monday, June 27, 2016

Current polls shows that only 0.1% separate President Kierke and Mayor Rigby in the 2016 presidential election. Analysts say that Rigby had a slight edge over the President in last night's debate. Rigby hit hard on the economy, calling for less restrictions on business, while Kierke criticized Rigby's proposed health care and education plans. President Kierke has enjoyed some of the highest approval ratings in Yellekan history over her last term but Mayor Rigby is extremely popular with socially liberal conservatives and has been able to capitalize on that. With the elections a little over two months away, it's anyone's guess what will happen.

Eliza Kierke, (Liberal Democratic Party) - 28.8%
Josephine Rigby, (Libertarian Party) - 28.7%
Ronald Lin, (United Party) - 16.7%
Kieran Teague, (Labor Party) - 14.2%
Norah McKowan, (Independent) - 0.9%
Osvald Lindsay, (Independent) - 0.6%
Beatrix Annemarie, (Woman First Party) - 0.4%
Johan Glen, (Pirate Party) - 0.3%
Undecided - 9.5%

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Postby Elykyellek » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:42 am


Boardwalk Park & Aquarium holds Pokemon Go event to lure guests

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pokemon Go has taken the nation of Elykyellek by storm and Boardwalk Park & Aquarium is taking advantage of the hot new trend. This weekend the theme park in Kayland, Kelley held a 24 hour Pokemon Go event. The park was open for a 24 hour period Friday through Saturday, where lures were set up at each of the 50+ Pokestops around the park. The park provides free wifi and there are multiple charging stations so the players did not have to worry about too much interruptions. And of course all rides, attractions and exhibits were open for those who wanted to take a break. From all accounts the event was a success and there is talk of another event being planned in late August.


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Postby Elykyellek » Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:46 pm


Elykyellek's 13 Most Visited Tourist Attractions
Sunday, August 14, 2016

Here are the 13 most popular attractions visited by tourists according the Yellekan Tourism Board.

1. Capital District, Kelley City, Kelley
Annual Visitors: 25.6 million
Home to the nation's capital as well as many museums and the famous Founder's Park.

2. Kaiser Square, Joshwood, Kelley
Annual Visitors: 19.2 million
Kaiser Square is billed as the entertainment capital of Elykyellek and with so much to choose from, theater, music, and various other live performances, there isn't much argument to this claim.

3. Motherly Hills Park, Wendale, Lund
Annual Visitors: 13.2 million
This park is home to a zoo, arboretum, children's museum and many hiking trails. Nestled in the hills above Wendale, it has spectacular views of the city and the ocean.

4. Disneyland Elykyellek Resort, Anomop, Kelley
Annual Visitors: 11.3 million
Elykyellek's version of the magic kingdom is a must see with a little of everything for the whole family.

5. Riverwalk, New Richards, Kelley
Annual Visitors: 7.8 million
Sitting along the Kao River, the Riverwalk is a 2km promenade that features many bars, restaurants, a ferris wheel, and a funhouse maze. You can even take a ride out on the river in a paddlewheel boat.

6. Rocking Peaks Theme Park, Sallington, Sproull
Annual Visitors: 6.3 million
Built in 1967, Rocking Peaks was Elykyellek's most popular theme park for many years until Disneyland was built.

7. Exposition Place, Gray, Terrien
Annual Visitors: 6.1 million
Wind your way through the alleys of this 12 acre marketplace that was once an 18th century french seaport. Artisan food producers, farmers, craft makers, lively street performers and other curious retailers are sure to make your shopping experience a unique one.

8. Rainbow Bridge National Park, Hazelton, Lund
Annual Visitors: 5.6 million
Rainbow Bridge National Park is the gateway to the Norse Mountains and The Forest North. The winter months are peak as many enjoy some of Elykyellek's best ski conditions.

9. Cousins Street, Deraley, Lund
Annual Visitors: 5.4 million
This lakefront street is a foodie's paradise and boasts hundred's of restaurants, bars and shops. Be sure not to miss the Landfish Music Festival held every April.

10. Sun Gardens, Terrien City, Terrien
Annual Visitors: 4.2 million
Over 4 million visitors a year flock to this desert oasis to enjoy gambling in casinos, relaxing by the pools, and partying the night away.

11. Boardwalk Park & Aquarium, Kayland, Kelley
Annual Visitors: 3.7 million
This historic waterfront amusement park opened in 1912 and boasts 15 rollercoasters, a waterpark and a world class aquarium.

12. Kayland National Animal Park, Kayland, Kelley
Annual Visitors: 2.9 million
At 220 acres Kayland National Animal Park is Elykyellek's largest zoo. It is also home to over 3,700 speicies.

13. Castle Nor, Lund City, Lund
Annual Visitors: 2.5 million
This grand castle built from 1241-1352 was once the seat of government to the Kingdom of Elykyellek.

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Postby Elykyellek » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:08 pm


President Eliza Kierke wins re-election!
Monday, September 12 2016

President Kierke arriving at the Metro Center
After a long arduous election season, Yellekan voters made their way to the polls today and it has been decided that President Eliza Kierke will serve another term. She received the most votes with an estimated 32.7% of votes cast, Josephine Rigby of the Libertarian Party came in second with an estimated 23.8%, and Kieran Teague of the Labor Party came in a distant third with an estimated 14.6%. As President Kierke took the stage at the Metro Center Arena in Kelley City on Monday night surrounded by her mother, father, sister as well as Vice President Derek Torkel and his family, she gave her acceptance speech and thanked her supporters.

Eliza Kierke, the youthful and charming journalist turned president, led an honorable campaign and despite trailing to Josephine Rigby as close as a month ago, she managed to pull ahead and secure a second term.

Independent candidate and businesswoman Norah McKowan seemed to have come out of nowhere in the last month of election as her poll numbers and popularity surged. To the surprise of many, including polling research companies, McKowan was able to pull voters away from the United Party as well as the Libertarian Party, receiving 13% of the vote, something almost unheard of from a independent candidate. Rumor has it that the United Party is now courting McKowan and don't be surprised if she runs as a candidate for them in a major position in the near future.

Mayor Josephine Rigby was seen as the darling of the Libertarian Party and for a while it looked as if she might be the next president. But the last couple weeks saw her numbers drop dramatically as McKowan's rose. This loss is definitely a setback in Rigby's rise to the top but we will have to see what the future holds for her.

Many questioned the United Party's choice of Senator Ronald Lin for their candidate and maybe rightfully so. After coming in third in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, he only managed fourth this time around. Senator Lin faced many obstacles this election season including the United Party's lowest number of registered voters in recent history, low popularity ratings and maybe the biggest obstacle of all, the rise of Norah McKowan.

And finally the last group in the losers category are the polling research companies after they completely misjudged Norah McKowan's numbers, blaming it on the difficulty of tracking independent candidates for their errors. Only time will tell if the public can trust any polls after this.

Final Results
Eliza Kierke, (Liberal Democratic Party) - 19,941,303 - 32.7%
Josephine Rigby, (Libertarian Party) - 14,507,298 - 23.8%
Kieran Teague, (Labor Party) - 8,917,989 - 14.6%
Ronald Lin, (United Party) - 8,391,919 - 13.7%
Norah McKowan, (Independent) - 7,910,549 - 13.0%
Osvald Lindsay, (Independent) - 532,777 - 0.9%
Johan Glen, (Pirate Party) - 430,541 - 0.7%
Beatrix Annemarie, (Woman First Party) - 416,624 - 0.7%
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Postby Elykyellek » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:12 pm


RC Metro defeats Lighting RC to win 3rd straight Roller Derby Championship
Wednesday, November 2, 2016

RC Metro defeated Lightning RC 188-165 in game 6 of the NRDA Finals to take the series 4-2. Led by season MVP, Ruby Sigara, RC Metro were able to hold off the young up and coming superstar Avery Jannike and her Lightning RC. Sigara was also awarded her 3rd straight Playoff MVP. A celebration parade will be held in Kelley City this Friday.
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Postby Elykyellek » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:09 pm


Academy of Yellekan Film Releases List of Top 100 Films
Monday, January 9, 2017

In honor of the 100th anniversary of film production in Elykyellek, the Academy of Yellekan Film has surveyed more than 1,000 individuals involved in the Yellekan film industry to determine the best 100 Yellekan films.

List Breakdown
- The 1980s and 1990s led the pack with 22 films for each decade.
- The years 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1996 and 1998 were all represented with three films each.
- The earliest film selected was Big River (1918) and the most recent film selected was The Odyssey (2016).
- Peter Saar is the most represented director with 5 films; followed by Algot Weiss, Conor Osberg, Elaine Thompson, Freja Wells, Jon Colloway, Jonas Kaleva, Rolf Henrik, Runa Skarlet, and Thomas Rickly, who all have 3 films on the list.


1Blue1939Rangvald KrissFilm noir
2Give Up1965Peter SaarRomantic comedy mystery
3Lungs1989Freja WellsScience fiction drama
4Youth2005Elaine ThompsonDrama
5Islands1992Xela CroftRomantic drama
6Thistled Spring1998Harold FinkEpic drama
7Torches1979Algot WeissPsychological thriller
8Spiderwebs1935Natasha DerbyHorror
9Brother, Sister1981Algot WeissPsychological thriller
10Us1975Runa SkarletMusical romantic fantasy
11Full Collapse1954Thomas RicklyPsychological thriller
12Spirit of Ithoja1995Jonas KalevaAnimated musical fantasy
13Here Comes the Waves1990Christopher MikkoFantasy drama
14Hear You Me1947Jimmy WallaceDrama
15Home1993Edward SolbergRomantic comedy
16Odd Blood1995Yon SayesScience fiction
17Winding Roads, Blinding Lights1937Oskar AkermanDrama
18Plans1970Peter SaarRomantic drama
19Novel Youth1984Lorelei LeeComedy-drama
20Elephant1951Wray StenFilm noir
21Saints and Sailors1946Derek CobbRomantic drama
22Metal Heart1984Cara MarshallDrama
23Blood Bank1986Byron IngvarRomantic drama
24Pink1941Rangvald KrissFilm noir
25Princess Kari2004Jonas KalevaAnimated musical fantasy
26Bulletproof1992Luna RothDrama
27First Day of My Life1980Bjoern EmeryRomantic comedy
28Robot Police1953Rolf HenrikScience fiction
29Narrow Stairs1986Peter SaarEpic drama
30Silver Lining1981Jennifer LowellRomantic comedy-drama
31For Emma My Love1984Byron IngvarRomantic drama
32Take Your Travels Solo1981Alex CastDrama
33Kuu2003Conor OsbergAnimated science fiction
34Rainbows1977Rolf HenrikScience fiction
35Civillian2001Wu OakesDrama
36Your Rocky Spine1982Geralt SewardRomantic drama
37Monster2005Morgane MartinsRomantic horror
38Forget It People1983Benedict SorenComedy-drama
39Sentimental Heart1985Shayna HarrisRomantic comedy-drama
40Landfill2006Elaine ThompsonDrama
41Rumors1930Florence MeadowsRomantic mystery
42Trying My Best to Love You1987Jennifer LowellRomantic comedy-drama
43Tear Us Apart1960Geoffrey DresdnerHorror
44Begin to Hope1980Runa SkarletMusical comedy-drama
45Perforated Spheres1961Peter SaarRomantic drama
46Sleeper, Where Have You Been?1980Manny OskarPsychological thriller
47The Suburbs1999Artemis FaulknerDrama
48Have One on Me1996Johanna NortonEpic musical fantasy
49The Winter Book1998Jonas KalevaAnimated musical fantasy
50Creep1949Rolf HenrikFilm noir
51Weathervanes1995Fredrick WhalesComedy-drama
52The Man in Black1925Jon CollowayAdventure
53Tomorrow, I'll Be You1958Thomas RicklyPsychological thriller
54The Reminder1982Leslie FinnRomantic comedy-drama
55Fear In the Shadows of Madness1983Connell ClarkScience fiction horror
56Death of Seasons1962Davis HardyFilm noir
57Good Guys Don't Wear White1952Michael ThurstonFilm noir
58Forgiveness1997Benedict SorenComedy-drama
59The Day I Lost My Voice1988Corey ChapmanMusical drama
60He Will Save Us All1941Derek CobbRomantic drama
61Dance Anthem1990Runa SkarletMusical comedy-drama
62Collision1972Dirk KlemensFantasy drama
63Being 212001Alexandra AlvarssonRomantic drama
64Smother2009Elaine ThompsonDrama
65Dead Man's Bones1993Roddy GarnettHorror comedy
66What the Water Gave Me2003Freja WellsScience fiction drama
67Funeral1991Artemis FaulknerFantasy drama
68Mountain Sound2008Mikaela MooreFantasy drama
69Through the Dark, Deep Valley2012Olivia HayleyEpic drama
70It's All Crazy!1991Algot WeissPsychological thriller
71Why You'd Want to Live Here1959Peter SaarDrama
72The Lives Nine of Mr. Bartholomew2000Conor OsbergAnimated mystery
73Oh So Quiet1986Bernardita GladwinMusical comedy
74Alas, I Cannot Swim1991Laura MartellRomantic drama
75Exchaning Beauty for the Ashes1977Halvard DayHorror
76Clarity1945Jimmy WallaceDrama
77Sea of Love1982Cara MarshallRomantic drama
78In Our Bedroom After the War1979Silvia SunnMusical romantic drama
79Cry1920Jon CollowayEpic drama
80Dead Leaves Hotel1948Wray StenFilm noir
81In the End of the Night We'll Rest Our Bones1996Zoe JordaanMystery thriller
82Black Sails in the Sunset1957Davis HardyAdventure
83It Means Everything1938Sanna FaucheuxMusical comedy
84It's Not Me, It's You1990Lillian AltaRomantic comedy
85Crazy for You1998Brigitt ColbyRomantic comedy
86Constance and the Lighthouse Dark2010Conor OsbergAnimated fantasy
87Decline of Western Civilization1976Daniel SteinEpic war drama
88Delirious2015Saoirse SommerPsychological thriller
89Big River1918Jon CollowayEpic drama
90Wounded Rhymes2000Lorelei LeeDrama
91House with No Home1996Harold FinkDrama
92The Odyssey2016Freja WellsEpic drama
93Waiting1951Thomas RicklyPsychological thriller
94Let It Die1978Leslie FinnRomantic drama
95Summer of Darkness1974Denton HumphreyHorror
96Sigh No More1997Martin StevensonDrama
97I Got It Bad1929Elaina GlynnMusical comedy
98The Con1989Tegan SarellRomantic comedy-drama
99The Terrible Aspects of Being Human1971Sigri FaulknerDrama
100Adam1973Nathaniel RangarHorror
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Postby Elykyellek » Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:14 pm


Happy Lunar New Year
Saturday, January 28, 2017

From our family to yours, the EBC would like to wish you a Happy Lunar New Year!

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Postby Elykyellek » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:56 pm

Provincial Government to Vote on Gambling in Terrien
Thursday, February 2, 2017

In 1994, the Province of Terrien designated the Sun Gardens area of Terrien City as a gambling district, thus making it the only place in Elykyellek where gambling is legal. Since then, Sun Gardens has become a successful tourist destination attracting more than 4 million visitors a year. Next week the Terrien Council will vote on two proposals that deal with the expansion of gambling in the province.

Proposal A: Expand Sun Gardens and the gambling district, essentially tripling the current area. If this proposal is passed, construction of new casinos could be approved by as early as April 1.

Proposal B: Make gambling legal in the whole province of Terrien. There is a provision that would allow cities to opt out by imposing gambling bans at a city level if they chose to do that. If this proposal is passed it would appear on the ballot in September and the voters of Terrien would then have a chance to vote on the province wide legalization of gambling.

Supporters of the proposals emphasize the boost that gambling could have to tourism and the economy. Some Sun Garden business owners, while in favor of Proposal A, criticize the province wide legalization of gambling as it threatens Sun Garden's monopoly on gambling.

Opponents of the proposals note possible risks associated with gambling such as; increases in crime, addiction, psychological and personal finance issues. The province of Terrien is also home to a large number of Elykyellek's religious population and many have expressed moral issues with gambling.
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Postby Elykyellek » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:36 pm


Pop Superstars Kyra & Roxanne Silje
touring together this summer

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yellekan pop superstars Kyra and Roxanne Silje announced that they will be teaming up for an 19 city stadium tour this summer.

The two recently finished individual tours that supported their latest albums: Kyra's "Demon: World Tour" ended in December, while Roxanne Silje wrapped up her "International Woman Tour" in November.

Kyra and Roxanne have performed with each other several times throughout the years at various award shows and special guest appearances at each other's concerts, but this is the first time they will tour together. Kyra and Roxanne Silje are Yellekan music's hottest stars at the moment and the tour is expected to be a massive success.

Tour Dates
June 29 - Cannon Acres - Cannonsburgh, Terrien
July 2 - Club Field - Gray, Terrien
July 5 - Tigers Park - Kayland, Kelley
July 7 - Stars Park - Goldie, Conner-Hartman
July 9 - The Porter Grounds - Sallington, Sproull
July 11 - Desert Road - Terrien City, Terrien
July 13 - Flower Lane - Franci, Terrien
July 15- Dappers Park - Joshwood, Kelley
July 16 - Dappers Park - Joshwood, Kelley
July 19 - Cavaliers Park - Casper, Conner-Hartman
July 22 - Wayne University Stadium - Sproull City, Sproull
July 26 - Kings Stadium - Lund City, Lund
July 27 - Kings Stadium - Lund City, Lund
July 29 - Storm's Eye - Deraley, Lund
August 1 - Aviator Flats - Crowser, Lund
August 4 - Timber Fields - Hohn, Sproull
August 6 - Hoover Stadium - Hoover, Kelley
August 11 - Wendale National Stadium - Wendale, Lund
August 12 - Wendale National Stadium - Wendale, Lund
August 15 - Oval by the Sea - Saint Kyleigh, Kelley
August 17 - Riverwalk Stadium - New Richards, Kelley
August 19 - Grizzly Field - Kelley City, Kelley
August 20 - Grizzly Field - Kelley City, Kelley
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Postby Elykyellek » Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:50 pm


Josephine Rigby officially announces 2017
campaign for governor of Terrien

Sunday, March 26, 2017

In a rally today at the Palm City Auditorium in Gray, Terrien, Josephine Rigby announced that she would be the Libertarian Party's candidate in the 2017 Terrien gubernatorial election being held this upcoming September.

Rigby, age 36, is the current mayor for the city of Gray, Terrien and was the Libertarian Party's nominee during the 2016 Elykyellek presidential election. The 2016 presidential elections were a devastating defeat for Rigby, as she held high numbers for most of the election season, at one point even surpassing incumbent president, Eliza Kierke's, but in the end President Kierke was able to hold on and win a second term. Many view the upcoming gubernatorial election as somewhat of a "make-up" for Rigby.

Terrien is the most conservative province in Elykyellek, and for the last decade there has been a shift occurring between the most prominent right wing parties, the Libertarian and United parties. The Libertarian Party has outgrown the United Party in the number of members, largely due to their more liberal stances on social issues. Young voters from historically United Party families have joined the Libertarian Party in mass numbers. This trend has United Party leaders worried as many voters find their positions on social issues "outdated" and "irksome."

With the Libertarian Party's ever growing member numbers and the intense popularity of Josephine Rigby, many believe that her chances of defeating incumbent governor, Angus Myles of the United Party, this September are very high.
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Postby Elykyellek » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:08 pm


NRDA Power Rankings: Week One

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Elykellek's most popular sport is back! Fans across the country celebrate because the National Roller Derby Association began its 58 bout season last week. Who is most likely to be champs? Which team needs to start selling 'There's Always Next Year' shirts now? We'll tell you with our power rankings for week one.

1. R.C. Metro
After winning the last 3 championships, R.C. Metro is showing no signs of slowing of the leadership of superstar Ruby Sigara.

2. Hohn Fire
Veteran Natalie Sigmund and the Fire have not come out on top since 2010, but many view them as R.C. Metro's only true contender.

3. Hoover Crush
Perennial playoff team, the Crush face a very difficult North Division but stars, Angelica Lucas and Cathryn Lira, are always exciting to watch.

4. Adventure R.C.
Penelope Mara hopes to lead the Adventure to their second South Division title in three years.

5. R.C. Gold
R.C. Gold greatly improves their fortunes this year as they seem poised to break a 14 year playoff drought after signing rookie Aurora Tohl.

6. Lightning R.C.
Avery Jannike and the Lightning upset the Adventure last year to win the South Division title and look to play spoilers again.

7. R.C. Racers
Last year's Rookie of the Year, Alix McRae, will likely lead the Racers to the playoffs, but don't expect too much after that.

8. Crossbones R.C.
As veteran star Christina Wells enters her 15th year, she is hoping her Crossbones can make it to the playoffs this year after a 3 year absence.

9. S.K. Angels
After failing to make the playoffs last season and breaking a 10 year streak, the Angels are desperate to get back, but the North Division is a crowded division with a lot of talented teams.

10. Zombie R.C.
The last two seasons have been rough for Zombie R.C. as superstar and 5 time MVP Loretta Grimm has faced many injuries. She is hoping to stay healthy this year and get the Zombie back into the fight.

11. R.C. Arrow
Last season the Arrow were able to secure a playoff spot in the South Division despite having a below .500 record, don't expect them to be that lucky this year.

12. Dynamite R.C.
Like R.C. Arrow, the Dynamite made it to the playoffs with a below .500 record, and like R.C. Arrow, you shouldn't be looking for that to happen again.

13. Mystery R.C.
Mystery R.C.'s Karla Jordaan announced that she would be retiring at the end of the season, too bad the team isn't better to give this 2 time MVP a grand send off.

14. Lund City Queens
The Queens aren't as bad as everyone says, but they definitely aren't good.

15. R.C. Barracuda
The Barracuda need to make serious changes if the expect to go anywhere soon.

16. Tiki R.C.
The Tiki are almost guaranteed a spot at the bottom of the South Division. Here's looking to next year.
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Postby Elykyellek » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:39 pm


Presidential Historian Survey 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In honor of Yellekan Independence Day coming this Sunday, the EBC surveyed more than 100 presidential historians across the nation to rank the former presidents of Elykyellek. The survey asked the participants to assess the presidents based on categories that included public persuasion, crisis leadership, economic management, international relations, and administrative skills, among others.

1. Sigurd Stevenson
2. Wendy Lee
3. Astrid Westley
4. Laura Solis
5. Thorsten Saari
6. Brynn Gulshan
7. Ingrid Halvar
8. Solveig Vali
9. Adelita Clare
10. Kate Olin
11. Leona Lennox
12. Saxon Floyd
13. Abbott Hadaway
14. Joslyn Nera
15. Colby Gustav
16. Ejnar Ha
17. Folke Anton
18. Synnove Wells
19. Jerrik Song
20. Margareta Birger
21. Patricia Haley
22. Mikkel Gregory
23. Haskell Brodeur
24. Lang Garcia
25. Alvilda Franco
26. Sylvi Sanna
27. Vidar Zavala
28. Johnas Haller
29. Randolph Martinek

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Postby Elykyellek » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:17 am


Film Oska Buys Rocking Peaks Theme Park

Friday, August 4, 2017

Rocking Parks Theme park was acquired Friday for $560 million Yellekan Dollars by animation studio Film Oska, who is expected add more rides at the theme park so it can better compete against larger rivals.

Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, Rocking Peaks was opened by Alban Holgersenin in 1967. Following Holgersenin's death in 2003, his children took over operations. Rocking Peaks had 6.3 million visitors in 2016, making it the second most visited theme park in Elykyellek behind Disneyland Elykyellek.

Film Oska has been involved with Rocking Peaks since 1995 when they agreed to have attractions based on their animated films and shows built. Film Oska cofounders Conor Osberg and Jonas Kaleva have also been personally involved with the development and building of many attractions at the park. Conor Osberg will be reducing his role at Film Oska to become President of Rocking Peaks.

"This park was a dream come true for my father and I cannot think of better people than the wonderful people at Film Oska to help that dream live on," said Alban Holgersenin Jr., son of Rocking Peaks founder Alban Holgersenin.

"I would like to thank the Holgersenin family for all their years of hard work and dedication to this beautiful park. As we look towards the future, we hope not only to expand this park but to stay true to the legacy that Alban Holgersenin and his family have created and to what makes this park a special place to so many people," Conor Osberg said while addressing the media at a press conference.



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