Lavieasta Factbook and Embassies

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Lavieasta Factbook and Embassies

Postby Lavieasta » Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:42 am

Welcome to Lavieasta's Factbook and Embassies thread!

Governmental Management

President/Self-proclaimed God: Marlos Van'Well
Vice President: Mark Franks
Defense and War Councilor: Carlos Franks
Executive Overseer: Gerald Freemen

Affairs Ministries

Internal Affairs and Welfare Ministry
Manages the internal welfare and social services of the nation as a whole. This is one of the largest governmental agencies. Everything that is not covered by any other division is maintained by this branch.
International Affairs and Welfare Ministry
Maintains the intelligence gathering agency of the nation and its diplomatic ties as well as internet site.
Citizen Welfare Ministry
Manages the well-being of the people and their health.
Governmental Security Police
In charge of the nations police force and border patrol.
Port and Maintenance Authority
Manages government maintenance and port authority.
Financial Welfare and Commerce Ministry
Manages the banking, currency and commercial aspects of the nation. Also is in charge of the television station and newspaper.
Education Authority
In charge of education and teaching the people. Maintains the nations medical and legal bar boards and record-keeping.

Lavieasta is a beautiful island nation. Most of its islands are covered by forests. It’s 3 cities and 5 villages are spread out throughout the islands and air travel is the way most citizens move from island to island. As a result the majority of the islands have air fields or airports. Its air is always clean and it is a refreshing place to take a vacation.

The nation highly rely on its exports of Cars and Nuclear arms. Its economy is strong internally but worldwide it is not seen as a very economically powerful nation.

Lavieasta is a recently formed branch off form another nation. In its 21 year history it has changed government types 3 times. It has become stable in its current form of government and is ruled over by its current president.

It has an army, navy and Special Presidential Security Force. The army is large for its size and often takes action in internal disputes. Its Navy is small for its size and is barely large enough to protect its islands. It’s air forces are also managed by the Navy. The SPSF is a small unit of Marines that directly Is in service to the President.

Population, External Relations and Technology
Lavieasta’s people are a happy and proud people whom are excited to service the Empire. They all serve in the military and hope for the better of the nation’s government because of its constant change in ruler. They have little fear of being oppressed and know they will be taken care of by the IAFM even in the hardest of times. Lavieasta is a very supporting of its isolationist values and rarely discusses International Politics. As a result its international welfare ministry is small and mainly consists of its intelligence gathering agency the Peoples Security Force a civilian ran intelligence agency overseen by the Executive Overseer. It has two TV stations and its national newspaper as well as internet access on every island. Telephone service and internet service are managed by the government and as a result are given to all citizens. This being said its technology is very advanced and ahead of its time. Scientists often support cloning and are able to lower the cost of Social Welfare management by using clones to replace lost body parts of injured citizens. All citizens are given medical coverage upon citizenship.

Jackson - Capital
Welsh - Port
Xen - Technological Capital



To apply for an embassy please provide the following. Embassies can be located in the Capital and on our main port Welsh.

Full name of nation:
Full name of Head of State:
Full name of Head of government:
Government type:
WA category:
WA delegate?(yes or no):
Currently at war?(yes/no):
NS Population:

Full name of Ambassador:
Ambassador's family(If any):
Ambassador's criminal history(If any):
Diplomats (Limit 15):
Security(Limit 25):
Staff(Limit 30):
Number of vehicles(Limit 4):
Special requests:
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Embassy application

Postby Daranicuss » Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:13 am

Full name of nation: The Kingdom Of Daranicuss
Full name of Head of State: Bevan Igor Leafer
Full name of Head of government: Bevan Igor Leafer
Government type: Police State
WA category: Iron Fist Consumerists
WA delegate?(yes or no): no
Currently at war?(yes/no): no
Region: Renaissance
NS Population: 8 million

Full name of Ambassador: Nicholas Smith
Ambassador's family(If any): no family
Ambassador's criminal history(If any): shoplifted (aged 13)
Diplomats (Limit 15): 5
Security(Limit 25): 12 carrying tasers and silenced M9s
Staff(Limit 30): 15
Number of vehicles(Limit 4): 4 BMWs (2) Cadilllac DTSs (2)
Location: 30 miles west of Germany's border
Special requests: We request that Nicholas Smith the ambassador for Daranicuss be allowed to smoke marijuana.

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