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Morehuvian Factbook

Postby Morehuver » Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:43 pm

Morehuvian Military:

81st Morehuvian Marines
3rd Morehuvian Mountain Division
101st Morehuvian Airborne Division
21st Morehuvian Armoured Division
32nd Morehuvian Night Stalkers (Helicopter crews specializing in
24th Morehuvian Marines
82nd Morehuvian Expediationary Marines
23rd Morehuvian Special Forces Division
52nd Morehuvian Maverick Force (Air crews specializing in fire
support/surgical strike missions)
58th Morehuvian Nuclear Task Force
32nd Morehuvian Missile Defence Agency
303rd Morehuvian Logistical Studies Unit
26th Morehuvian Catering Service
31st Morehuvian Naval Force
29th Morehuvian Naval Force
63rd Morehuvian Tankers Division
92nd Morehuvian R.A.M.B.O Service
66th Morehuvian Engineers
44th Morehuvian Medical Force

Military Note : Each Force/Service/Unit etc... Consists of 1200000
soldiers/airmen/support staff/commandos etc... Our military is about
5% of our entire populus. Every Force/Service/Unit etc... consists of 14 Battalions. Each Battalion consists of 345,000 enlisted soldiers/support staff

Morehuvian Cabinet :

Dwight R. Obama - Prime Minister
Dwight R. Obama Jnr - Vice Prime Minister
John J. Rambo - Head of the Military
Jill Lily - Head of Religious Affairs
Michael D. Dwight - Head of Foreign Affairs
Romeo Matthews - Head of Internal Affairs
John Citizen - Head of the Polizia
Dwight D. Eisenhower - Head of Security
Prof. Michelle Mite - Head of Science
Dr. Mia Kate - Head of Medicine
Mike Johns - Head of Union

Morehuvian Secret Service:

Our secret service is the Morehuvian Rangers, everything is said in a
hushed tone and everything kept on a need to know basis. The
Morehuvian Rangers are so secretive that only the President and the
Head of Military knows about it. If you are selected to join the
Morehuvian Rangers then you aren't even informed about it, that is why
all members of the Morehuvian Rangers don't even know that they are
part of the secret service. There is no paper trail left and when the
next President or Head of Military takes over, they are informed about
it by the previous President or Head of Military. All orders are given
and received verbally and all planning done in a room that requires
all occupants to enter nude and once the planning is finished the room
is torched by automatic flamethrowers to ensure nothing is left. This
room is located in *Need to Know* location.

Morehuvian National Dish:

Our national dish is Apple Pie, it is made quite obviously with pears,
sugar and flour and is arranged in a flat pancake like shape. Many
people enjoy this delightful dish as a dessert, for breakfast and as a
snack. It contains no apples.

Morehuvian Geography:

The Great Nation of Morehuver is located in the sourthern pacific
regions. It's landmass is 7,617,930 and it's exact location is 27
Degrees South and 144 Degrees East. Its highest point if Mount
Womgaroo at 2,228m and its lowest point is Lake Morehuver at 15m.
Morehuver has one great source of water called The Great Dollarian
Basin which is the largest and deepest fresh waters basins in
Morehuver. A number of towns around Morehuver are based around this
basin. The western regions of Morehuver are entirely overrun by the
Womgaroo which led to the construction of the Protective Wall which
prevent the Womgaroo populus from entering into the Eastern parts of
Morehuver. The entire western region of Morehuver is a mountainous
region which allows the Womgaroos to hide and prosper. Its longest
river is the Hunter River and the largest lake is Lake Morehuver.

Morehuvian Economy:

Note: Our country is continuosly moving foward so the information below is severely outdated.
Our Gross Domestic Product is $3,945 billion Credits.
The currency of Morehuver is the Credit.
The Gross Domestic Product Per Capita is $23,485
Income Tax Rate is 52%
Government Income (% of GDP) is 54.2%
Private Consumption is $3,945 billion
Government Budget is $2,108 Billion.
Most of our products are produced in house/in country with only a few exceptions to this. An example is how we are outsourcing and stocking up a small percentage of military rations produced out of country.

Overview of Government Spending:
Administration (3%): $61 billion
Welfare (8%): $164 billion
Healthcare (9%): $184 billion
Education (18%): $368 billion
Religion and Spirituality (0%): $0 billion
Defence (13%): $266 billion
Law and Order (19%): $388 billion
Commerce (12%): $245 billion
Public Transport (9%): $184 billion
Environment (4%): $82 billion
Social Equality (5%): $102 billion
Government Waste (3%): $63 billion

Our exchange rate is one Morehuvian dollar = 1.44 NS
Our exports are mainly grain, Womgaroo Wool and coal
Our imports are mainly various luxury goods

Morehuvian History:

1822- James Morehuver discovers the great sourthern continent and
names it Morehuver after himself

1823- Morehuver fights for freedom after a split between the crew of
James Morehuver and Johns Morehuver, a rival ship captain

1843- After a great revamping of the Morehuvian government, the
national animal is named as the Womgaroo and national capital is

1855- The Morehuvian Decree of Independence is signed making it The
United States of Morehuver

1866- After a large amount of immigration to Morehuver, various
embassies are created overseas to allow for easy access to Morehuver.

1877- Morehuver decides that its government should be a Democracy.

1899- After participating in 2 civil wars in disputes about the
Womgaroo and religious beliefs, the Morehuvian government ceases all
government spending on religious affairs and starts construction of
the wall that now divides West and East Morehuver

1924- Many history books were burned on this day as the Morehuvian
President insisted that no-one be smarter then he was.

1998- The Burn All History Books Act is overthrown and history books
are once again being published.

Morehuvian Government

Nation Name : The United States of Morehuver and can be refered to as
either US of M or simply as Morehuver
Government Type : 2 Party Democracy
Capital City: Likletan
National Holidays: All Christsian Holidays along with the Celebration
of Independence on July 14th. Celebration of Freedom August 15th.
Celebration of Division November 4th.
Legal System: Civil Law
Political Partys: Morehuvian Liberal Party, Morehuvian Labour Party

Morehuvian Population

Total Population is 168,000,000
The Median Age is 27
The Population Growth Rate is 3.48%
Literacy is 100%
Life Expectancy at birth for males is 82 and for females is 86
Common languages are Morehuva and English

Morehuvian Communications

Country Code: 77
Number of radios: 320,000,981
Number of cellphones: 650,000,031
Number of telephone: 980,000,221
Number of telivisions: 764,232,410
Domain Extension: .mh
Number of ISP's: 14
Number of internet users; 168,000,000
Number of major radio stations: 24
Number of telivision broadcasters: 8
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Morehuvian Factbook:

Morehuvian Defcon Status:
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