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Cautio Embassy (PT-MT)

Postby Cautio » Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:33 pm

From across the sea, across the mountains and plains, and from the distant lands not explored in ages except by the wandering bands came a friendly request to the sovereign rulers of the various Nations which had begun to thrive after the fall of the Old World. The response would be unknown to the sender until any diplomats began to arrive. The Pamphlet read as follows:

To the Nations, Cities, and Tribes which have made it to the centennial of our new age, this is a letter of friendship from the Sovereign ruler of Cautio, the Civic Consul Balthasar Vulcan. With the approval of my fellow Consuls and of the Assembly of the People, I have commissioned this letter to be issued forth from our city to the corners of the traversable world, to greet other powers in the land with an air of diplomacy and harmony.

To long has strife and pillaging been the means of survival, we must therefore establish a network of alliance between our peoples to create a more secure net of protection against famine and barbarians. Trade is an initiative I must have assurance on freedom for, military alliance however may be discussed at length at a later date on the condition of each friendly state. Thus I come to my main objective, to grant you the opportunity to send Ambassadors to our capital: Great Lake-Town. With a representative of ours at our House of Government we may proceed more easily with diplomacy. I have included a list of facts I wish to know that a messenger or the diplomat themselves may return to us. They will be granted lodgings in the city near to the House of Government to be ever at our side should we need to send a message. Also enclosed is the general location of Great Lake-Town among our territories.

To ensure your safety in our ports and the ports of our Coastal Vassals, we encourage your Ambassador to mark their transport with the enclosed symbol to show you have our blessings to travel to Great Lake-Town. A thorough inspection at the city perimeter will occur to prevent hostile intentions from coming to fruition.

Sent with the sincerity of a long-lost friend,
Balthasar Vulcan, Civic Consul of Cautio.
Han Bosso, Arbiter Consul of Cautio.
Rowlen Irlson Crow, Militant Consul of Cautio.

The questionnaire:
Code: Select all
Name of State:
Name of Head of State:
Title of Head of State:
Type of Government:

Name of Ambassador:
Ambassadors family (if accompanying):
Age of Ambassador:
Image of Ambassador(optional):

Entourage of Ambassador (may not exceed 20, all others must remain outside the city).
Number of Scribes/Legal Workers:
Number of Guards:
Number of Personal Servants:
Will you hire locally?:

The Icon to be displayed on vehicles for safe passage:

The Map:
The Instructions say to arrive at the Star located within the blue. If coming by land, descend from the North along the Suwanee river and Crystal Rivers, then head east. If by boat, dock at any of the Port cities either in blue, Purple, or Green territories, and proceed inland to the Star. If arriving by air, radio our towers on station WLOQ and you will be permitted to land at one of the nearby airfields. ... /id=403405
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Postby Cautio » Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:09 pm


The current date: 2131 AD, or 101 by the Calendar established in Great Lake-Town. The Floridian summer begins to peak as April has begun, the Spring Equinox has passed and for the past month the farmers have returned to their crops as the thaw of another partially-Frozen February passed.

Great Lake-Town has a population of ~4,500 calling the Island itself home, and another 15,000 clamoring to the shores of the lake. At the two Gatetowns to the island, and at Dora and Tavares on the northern shore there stands growing shanty towns and squares where to be close to the center of a stable government hundreds appear and squat. For now the Consuls allow it, as it brings both peace of mind, commerce, and a source of cheap labor with the only cost being an increased garrison. This movement of population freed up much of the rest of the surrounding land to agricultural use and the new growth of forests, which quickly enveloped many unsuspecting suburbs.

In the House of Government, a meeting hall/Palace built from one of the old mansions on the Island, the Consuls and some of their magistrates discuss the arrival of foreign Ambassadors. Also present is the Seminole Governor-Chief of Tampa: Sam Osceola and his brother Henry, a Colonel in Cautio's military.

The Civic Consul speaks: You know very well I sent the letter afar with hopeful intentions. I do not believe foreign powers would immediately seek out to destroy us."
"I agreed to your proposal" spoke Militant Consul Crow "but I believe you gave them too easy a task, they could easily enter our lands and we would let them pass with the insignia."
"Do you really think we are so blind to spot an invasion Sir?" Vulcan rebuked. "I think we can spot the difference between a military invasion and a diplomatic envoy!"

"If I may interject" said Colonel Osceola "I think warning the coastal cities might be a wise precaution. If their guard is up they will be better prepared for the unfortunate, and secure for the hopeful outcome in any case."
"A sign of our strength you say" said Consul Vulcan sitting on his wooden bench in the Assembly Hall. "Very well, Consul Crow you know your duty, you and the Colonel shall alert the garrisons and prepare for our guests to arrive. I will not have an international war."
"Ave" said the two bowing their heads in approval and leaving the Hall immediately to issue forth their agents. Consul Vulcan turned to the Arbiter Consul Bosso and the city Prefects Aquino and Mendoza who were also present in the hall, sitting to the side. "I want the city ready and the people re-assured that all is well, and that we shall have lodgings for these ambassadors when they arrive."

Prefect Aquino spoke "The vacant offices and apartments near the House of Government have already been prepared Excellency, we shall have no problems there."

The Arbiter Consul said "the People's mood seems to be a good one, they've gone back to work happy from the Equinox and Easter festivities. I don't think the presence of Foreign diplomats will irk them at all."

"Splendid, then I suppose we shall await the arrival of any letters or any diplomats then" said Consul Vulcan happy, signalling the group to follow him, Governor Osceola included who sat in one corner of the room. Osceola would be the first to speak as they walked, coming to the side of the Civic Consul and asking him "What of my Nation's foreign policy? We have not at length discussed it, shall it be through Cautio?"

"It shall be if the Seminole Nation desires it to be, but you do not speak for your whole nation, Governor. The Chairman at Council Oak is the head in that regard. What does he say?"

"His wish is that the Seminoles conduct their own foreign policy, but I do not agree with him. I believe the Cautinians and Seminoles should be better unionized. My tribe remains too few, and your Nation grows large, and half our lands are falling into the sea, its only a matter of time before the Coastal cities attempt to seize our land. For the survival of our people, I believe Cautio is our salvation."

"You put such faith in us Governor, but I believe we need your Nation as much as you need ours. Nonetheless, Tampa's foreign policy is under our dominion, and that City and its denizens are your responsibility, not your Tribe. Let the Chairman worry about Tribal Policy, I will speak to him soon."

The quintet left the Assembly Hall and went for a stroll through the park, where they met some of the citizens who had letters for them or just wanted to talk. Later they would have a nice feast on a Pontoon floating about the lake. All the while they waited patiently for news of other nations in the world.
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