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Lemmingtopian Senate Election

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:09 pm
by Lemmingtopias
The Lemmingtopian Senate is opening its doors for the first time since a civil war engulfed the lands of Lemmingtopias. Lemmingtopians must now choose their 720 Senators in the most important election in a lifetime. In a rare opportunity for change, all Seats are being elected - usually constituencies choose when to hold elections locally.

Elections work as follows:

  • The incumbent Senator must endure a Vote of Confidence. If she gains a majority, she is considered re-elected.
  • If the incumbent Senator looses the Vote of Confidence, the people pick new Nominees by writing the name of any other Citizen on the ballot.
  • The Nominee with the fewest Nominations transfers his nominations to another Nominee. This continues until only two Candidates remain.
  • The people vote between the two remaining Candidates. The Candidate with the most votes wins.
  • Elected Senators join a Senate Faction. If the incumbent Principle-Senator's Faction has a majority of Seats, the Election is concluded.
  • Should the incumbent Principle-Senator fail to get a majority of Seats, she must try to form a coalition with other Factions. Should she fail, another Faction may move for a Vote of No Confidence in the Principle-Senator.
  • One the Principle-Senator loses the Confidence of the Senate, Other Factions will attempt to form a government and must get a Vote of Confidence from a majority of the Senate.

The eight factions arising in the Senate and hoping to form a government are as follows:

The Conservatives: Campaigning on a platform of lowering taxes.

The Social Democrats: Campaigning on a platform of higher income equality.

The Liberals: Campaigning on a platform of lowering military spending.

The Theocrats: Campaigning on a platform of giving religion more say in government and public funds.

The Nationalists: Campaigning on a platform of lowering immigration levels and tighter border controls.

The Militarists: Campaigning on a platform of a Higher Emphasis on National Security

The Environmentalists: Campaigning on a platform of ending Nuclear Power in Lemmingtopias.

The Royalists: Campaigning on a platform of re-instituting the imperial position of Lomax as Head of State and Government of Lemmingtopias.

You may select as many options as you like.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:21 pm
by Lemmingtopias
Now that some of the Senate appointments have been made, including some key seats, it is becoming clear that no Faction will be able to form a government without entering into a coalition. Faction Leaders are scrambling to get provisional agreements with their rivals in case a coalition becomes necessary.

The Conservatives are starting to get worried, losing many of their traditional seats to the Liberals as well as to newer break-away factions like the Royalists and Theocrats.

The Liberals, on the other hand, are starting to look at the early results with much optimism. If they cary on like this, they could well get their greatest result ever.

A likely coalition at this stage, being discussed much in the media, would be a progressive alliance between the Social Democrats, the Liberals and the Environmentalists.

Keep voting folks!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:56 am
by Lemmingtopias
The Eight Leaders of the Senate Factions have been invited to speak on the Lemmingtopian Broadcasting Corporation's, Today show over the next week. The first to sit down in front of Lemmingtopia's most watched TV Camera is the leader of the Liberal Faction, Stavroula Stanna.


"The Liberal Faction is on course to win its greatest number of Senate Seats ever. In fact, we can no longer be called the third faction of Lemmingtopian politics, but are heading towards winning more seats than either of the main two Factions.

The Conservatives want to cut back on vital public services in order to gain tax cuts for the richest in our society. On the other hand, the Social Democrats don't realise that hard working Lemmingtopians need more money in their pockets and less money going to government. Rather than cutting back on libraries, disability funding and the environment, the Liberals will cut back on the vast military budget. Not only will this free up more money for education, health and transport, but will give you the tax cut you deserve. And this isn't just good for our wallets and public services. It's good for our society, for our future and for our security. Less military expansionism abroad means safer streets at home, less terrorist threats from those who view our increasing military size as a danger to their own security. As a mother, my main concern about our National Security isn't from distant nations, but from terrorists who are fed up with unnecessary Lemmingtopian military adventures around the world.

But we aren't just about cutting our military to sensible, secure levels. We want every Senator to be elected. We want an elected Head of State. We want more democracy, more civil liberties and more privacy in a private lives.

But as we can see from these early results, our usual opponents have already lost major ground. We must look to the traditionally small factions and counter them also. The Theocrats who wish for religion to take over the State, the Royalists who wish to impose a hereditary ruler at the Head of our nation once more, the militarists whose aim is to build an empire based on military might. These factions will take us back hundreds of years. The Liberal faction is now the only faction that can counter these threats.

If you are going to be electing your Senator in the next week, choose one that has pledged to join the Liberal Faction. If you aren't in one of the electing constituencies, lobby your Senator to join the Liberal Faction.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:52 am
by Lemmingtopias
The second in the series of Senate Faction Leaders on the LBC Today programme. On the programme today, incumbent Principle-Senator and leader of the Social Democrat Faction Nikolaos Romankis will give his last major TV address before the new government is decided upon later this week.


"My Fellow Lemmingtopians. Good Evening.

Well, since yesterday's show there has been a shift in the polls. We now are on course to go into a deadlock with the Liberals, the Theocrats, the Royalists and the Environmentalists. I'm sure that, away from the campaign trail, it is exciting to have such a wide array of views going against one another on a far more equal footing than ever before. It must be good to see the mainstream factions, such as my own, squirm at the thought of being beaten by a faction that, just a week ago perhaps, was thought to have no chance of winning more than a handful of Seats. And I know that the prospect of a big and diverse progressive coalition is something that many people are relishing.

But let me remind you something about these so called progressives. Both have freely entered into coalitions with the Conservatives in the past and neither have ruled out doing so again this time. Only the Social-Democrats have absolutely ruled out a coalition with the Conservative faction. Only the Social-Democrats are truly committed to progressive policies in government.

While the progressive vote is divided, the right-wing factions that, if joined together would take our country several steps backward, is having a collective surge and, should current trends continue, will have enough Seats to form a government. We need unity. We need action. We need to win this Senate.

So, I make a pledge to you. If the Social Democrats enter government this week, we will hold a review on military spending where the Liberals, whether or not they are part of the Government alongside us, will have an equal say over the resolution of that review. We make the same pledge of a review on Nuclear Power with the Environmentalists. Why do I make this pledge? Because I do not want these divisive issues splitting the progressive vote so that an ultra-right-wing alliance can make a victory.

So, to those who have voted Liberal or Environmentalist.... you have won. Your vote has made probably the biggest difference ever even if your chosen faction doesn't get into Office. However, if you have still to vote, and were voting mainly for these issues, now consider reuniting with us. Vote for a Social Democrat for a progressive government and the only sure way of ensuring that the ultra Right-Wing do not get into the Government.

Make no mistake. At this crucial stage, a vote for the Liberals or the Environmentalists is one less vote against a Right-Wing alliance dominated by fear, selfishness and and the very worst parts of the past."

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:40 pm
by Lemmingtopias
Due to furious protests outside LBC HQ, the live statement by the leader of the Nationalist Faction has been cancelled. The leader was unable to get into the building as protestors, many brandishing placards reading "No Platform for Fascists", swarmed around it. He briefly spoke to a reporter at the protest:


"Well here you have it. Democracy in action. The losers tonight are the Lemmingtopian people who have one of their candidates unable to campaign on an equal footing. So to put briefly, only the Nationalist Faction can put an end to open borders and...."

A placard then wacked him over the head and the car sped off.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:16 am
by Lemmingtopias
The next in the Today Show Series of Leader's Statements brings Angelos Kleisthenes of the Royalist Faction.


Good Evening.

Not too many years ago, though ancient history to some, our country stood proud of its traditions.

You know what my Faction is about. It is about restoring our ancient, traditional and rightful Imperial position of Lomax. Now the mainstream Factions say that if we are elected we will go back hundreds of years. They insinuate that a vote for us is a vote to... have your computer taken away, to eradicate modern medicine or modern, democratic government. What absolute ridiculous slander!

The restoration of the Lomax would not make our country any less democratic. I mean, the Lomax has to be approved by referendum before taking office - this is an ancient tradition. So I say it is no different to what we have now in terms of democracy, but it will rid us of the inefficient 'interregnum council' which has existed since the abdication of the last Lomax, decades ago.

Our country deserves its traditonal and strong leader. Our country deserves an effecient government. That is what we stand for. So lets hear no more codwallop about how we are a right-wing faction. We have as many supporters of left-wing policies than right-wing ones and our Faction will enter into coalition talks with any party who will give you a referendum on whether or not to restore the Lomax.

'One City. One Empire. One Faith'... One Lomax!"

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:17 am
by Lemmingtopias
The fifth episode in the LBC Today show series on Election leaders. Today, Evridiki Dimitriou of the Theocratic Faction.


"Good Evening to one of the most godless nations in the world!

Our country is full of those that break religious traditions. You can't walk down the street without moral indecency being forced into your face. Whether its the atheismists, gays from the big city or those Crusadist Christians coming over here from the middle-east and turning this into Lemrael.

I say take back moral decency! Enough is enough! Put the temples back into politics and give these godless sinners a spank on the bot! You say that the Lemming Sage and the Priests are against me? Well I say they should be protecting our national soul before giving ground to these godphobic politicians. It is easier for a lemming to get though the eye of a needle than a politician to get into the right neighbourhood of Hades. Well, er... those other politicians anyway. Where was I?

Oh yes. Really, these other parties should be put in the stocks for their lies! We aren't right-wing....we are god-wing!

I am a gods-fearing Lemmingtopian woman and I am god damned proud of it!

Whose with me? Whose with me?"

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:54 pm
by Lemmingtopias
Today, the leader of the Conservative Faction, Alexis Michelakakis, will be addressing the nation.


"Good Evening.

For years, the Conservative Faction has held successive Social-Democrat led governments to account, protecting your interests. Standing up against high taxes, out of control public spending and family values. This year, we want to win. We want to finally put an end to never ending tax increases, to failed social experiments and to ignorance of our traditions and morals.

Our traditional vote has split into break-away factions. We understand why. So we pledge to work harder. Work harder to bring back national service, to protect our veterans, to protect our religious way of life, to preserve our traditional government. These single-issue factions have made it clear that we nee to do better. But the only way that these same issues can be addressed, is with a Conservative faction.

We say to the Theocrats - we will end the government discrimination against religion.
We say to the Nationalists - we will create a Lemmingtopian Border Service to protect against unfettered immigration.
We say to the Royalists - A constitutional referendum will take place within the next five years so that the people of Lemmingtopias get to choose what government they want.
We say to the Militarists - The Strength of our Armed Forces will be protected
We say to the Liberals - That we will make savings across the board, tackling waste rather than services.
We say to the Greens - Our country is beautiful and we want to keep it that way.
We say to the Social-Democrats - Rewarding Hard Work does not have to mean less Health and Education Services.

We say to you all, that we can win this election."

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:29 pm
by Lemmingtopias
The Seventh Address is from Spiro Raptis, the leader of the Militarist Faction.


"My Greetings to all Lemmingtopians. From Lomapolis, to the coastal cities to the tiny colonies around the world.

This is turning out to be quite some election and our Faction has won many Seats. We want to win more!

Why should you vote for a militarist faction? Because our military is one of the very fabrics of our society. It protects our borders, our interests abroad and from internal disasters. Whenever a crisis arises, it is our brave Armed Forces that works hard to put us right. Every seat that our Faction wins is a mark of respect from our people to those that defend us, our land and our liberty.

We say that our society is going down a dangerous path. Teenagers spray painting trains, waging their pocket money at BlackJack tables and all the rest of it. A years military service will give our youth direction, discipline and self-worth. Not to mention how National Service protects jobs for adult citizens, who currently are having to compete with the low wages that our youth command when our youth should be either studying, training or, as will be the case if we are elected, defending our homeland.

Some Factions want massive reductions in the Armed Forces budget. Our Armed Forces are our last line of defence and must be protected from such cuts and this is the platform upon which we stand before you today.

From recruitment to retirement, we will protect our soldiers, sailors and airmen. With decent pay, effective training, a world-class pension and guaranteed employment if they decide to go back into civilian life.

Our Armed Forces personnel are there working hard for you every day... all they ask is a vote for the militarists to return the favour.

Will you honour them?"

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:55 pm
by Lemmingtopias
The Final Address comes from Iason Kretheus, former Principle-Senator and leader of the Environmentalist Faction.


"Hello Friends.

The Environmentalist Faction has been either the 3rd or 4th biggest Senate Faction for 30 years. In that time we have forced the government to enact policies that have made our country one of the most environmentally stable in the world. But there is more to be done.

So you know that the Environmentalists are a single issue party dedicated only to protecting our environment? Wrong.

We see that a happy, secure and prosperous people are people that are able to look towards our green land and dedicated time and resources. That is why we aren't just environmentally progressive, but socially and economically too.

We are the only party that has pledged to protect Citizens Income, our welfare state and social services. The Social-Democrats have called upon you to unify the progressive vote, but we are the only progressive faction in this election. So we ask you to do the same, protect the progressive vote, don't waste it on a Social-Democrat lead government but on real progressive policies. Vote for the environmentalist faction.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:46 pm
by Lemmingtopias
The Election Results are in and all seats have been declared!

Social Democrats: 113 Seats
Liberals: 112 Seats
Environmentalists: 102 Seats
Royalists: 101 Seats
Militarists: 79 Seats
Theocrats: 79 Seats
Conservatives: 67 Seats
Nationalists: 67 Seats

The incumbent Social-Democrat Principle-Senator, unable to form a majority coalition with the Liberals and Environmentalists alone, has to put himself at the mercy of one of the Factions considered Right-Wing. It was clear that the Liberals and Environmentalists were not keen on the idea, but eventually they agreed to go ahead and offer a coalition with the Royalist faction.

Everything counted on the Royalists accepting their offer and, knowing this, the price was steep: The immediate appointment of a Lomax. In return, the Royalist Faction would disband and its Senators dissipate into the other Factions. The Royalist Faction leader said that the same deal was applicable to any Faction that would attempt to form a coalition government.

It wasn't what Romankis, leader of the Social-Democrats, was hoping for. He'd hoped for constitutional reform referendum as the price for Royalist support, not the immediate appointment of a Lomax, a position that has been held in-commission by a council of senior politicians for the last seventy-five years. The deal wouldn't even guarantee him a majority, as some of those Royalists might go over to the Conservatives.

The Social-Democrats, Environmentalists and Liberals met to decide. They had no choice, they agreed. At least if they accepted the deal, they might be able to ensure that a progressive Lomax was appointed - the Conservative appointment would not be.

So it was decided, the deal was agreed. The 101 Royalist Senators left their faction and moved into other Factions. Everyone nervously waited for the recount of Faction Members. (I based the which Factions they would join on the votes in the poll, assuming no Royalist Senators would join the Liberals, the Theocrats or the Greens).

Second Count:
Social Democrats: 148 Seats
Liberals: 112 Seats
Militarists: 103 Seats
Environmentalists: 102 Seats
Theocrats: 79 Seats
Conservatives: 88 Seats
Nationalists: 88 Seats


The second count gave the Social-Democrats, the Liberals and the Environmentalists a combined 362 seats and a coalition was made with the following key pledges, as well as many pages of other agreements:
  • The appointment of a Lomax as Head of State
  • A moratorium on new Nuclear Power Stations and Weapons
  • A Defence Spending Review

Nikolaos Romankis will therefore continue to serve as Principle-Senator of Lemmingtopias with a majority of 2 while the Leader of the Opposition will be Militarist Faction Leader, Spiro Raptist. It is the first time more than two Factions have been in a coalition and the first time the Leader of the opposition is not from the Conservative or Social-Democrat Factions.

Note To Self:
Poll votes reset after removing Royalists. The results were:

Conservatives: 6
Social-Democrats: 10
Liberals: 10
Theocrats: 7
Nationalists: 6
Militarists: 7
Environmentalists: 9
Royalists: 9