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Factbook of Star United States

Postby Star United States » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:30 pm

The Official Factbook of
El Libro Oficial de Información de
O Livro Oficial de Informação da

The Utopian Republic of Star United States

La República Utópica de Estrella Estados Unidos
A República Utópica da Estrela Estado Unidos
Star United States
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Postby Star United States » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:37 pm

The Utopian Republic of Star United States


Motto: "Peace in Harmony"

Population: 72 Million
-Density: TBD

Capital: City of Star, Starix, Star United States
Largest City: SeaShore City, Estrall, Star United States

Official Languages:

Demonym: Starians

Government - Supreme Council
- President: Luciano Avana
- Vice President: Abigail Sperazzo
- Secretary of State: Annabel Spingel
- Treasurer: Santiago Mejia

- Council of Legislation

Independence: Unknown

Land Area: 15,682,352 mile²
25,238,299 km²
Water Area: 5,782 km²
Water %: 12%

Highest Point: 25,000 ft
Lowest Point: 5,3210 ft under sea level

GDP (nominal): S$ 85.63 Trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: 17.42 Thousand

Currency: Starlite (S$)
S$1.00 = 0.93 NS$
1.00 NS$ = S$ 1.08

Time Zones: UTC -8 to UTC -2

Drives on the: Right Side

Calling code: +101

Internet TLD: .sus .ss

The Utopian Republic of Star United States


1. Contents
2. History
....2a. Prehistoric Era
....2b. Ancient Era
....2c. Starian Middle Era
....2d. Starian Post-Middle Era
....2e. Modern Era
....2f. Advanced Technology Era
....2g. Post Blun Communist State Era
3. Government
....3a. Ultimate Council
....3b. Supreme Council
....3c. Council of Legislation
....3d. Government Branches
4. Culture
....4a. Prehistoric & Ancient Culture
....4b. Middle & Post Middle Culture
....4c. Modern Culture
....4d. National Symbols
....4e. Religion
....4f. Food
....4g. Sports
5. Geography
....5a. Cities
....5b. Ecology / Nature
....5c. Water Sources
....5d. Natural Resources
6. Economy
....6a. Energy Sources
....6b. Taxes
....6c. Society
....6d. Transportation
7. Demographics
....7a. Ethnicity
....7b. Languages
....7c. Spatial Distribution
8. Health
....8a. Public Health Services
....8b. Demographic Health Distribution
....8c. Overall Health in Star United States
9. Education
....9a. Educational Structure
....9b. Public Schools
....9c. Private Schools
....9d. Public Colleges
....9e. Universities
....9f. Education Rates
....9e. Overall Education in Star United States
10. International Affairs
.....10a. Agreements / Treaties
.....10b. Embassy Program
Star United States
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2. History

Postby Star United States » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:15 pm

Informational Notice | This article is currently under construction. The information posted below may be edited and removed. New and accurate information may still be added to the article. Please consider this.
Accuracy Notice | This article may lack accurate or up-to-date information about the topic. Please consider this.

The Official Factbook of The Utopian Republic of Star United States


Prehistoric Period

Due to the lack of writing, little is known about this time period in the lands now known Star United States. This period, however, is divided into three smaller period of times, which are known as Early, Middle, and Late Prehistoric Periods. Although little is known, archaeologists around the country have been able to theorizing of what could have occurred during this mysterious period of time. It is also believed that The Great Flood occurred during this time period.

The Early Prehistoric Period is known as the appearance of man onto Earth. Created by God within a limitless time span of six days, humans and animals coexist all over. It was about this time when agriculture appeared, and man learned to domesticate plants and animals. This is the time frame where sin entered the world. Man created tools made of stone in order to plant and cultivate, as well as weapons. Most of the known time is found within this time period. This section of Prehistoric Period ended with the appearance of organized cities. Major cities, such as the Gherti and Aguay, ended the period.

The Middle Prehistoric Period is when man's ideas progressed from stone-making to bronze. As the discovery or bronze was encountered, the ideas of man were able to progress. Cities grew and expanded. Tools and weapons became better and more useful. Kingdoms and Queendoms all over the present-day Starian lands became more diverse and dispersed throughout the region. Artistic objects begun to appear throughout the era.

The Late Prehistoric Period is signified by the use of iron. As iron products begun to replace the bronze-based framework of the Middle Prehistoric. Technological products advanced allowing a faster access to food, such as the iron plow, encouraging the massive growth of prehistoric cities all over the region that aged into the Ancient Period. The Late Prehistoric Period reached an end once the emergence of writing occurred.

Ancient Period

This period begins with the emergence of written history. The most common language found through the Ancient Starian Empires is a distinct tongue known as, Qyzaian. Along with Qyzaian, which is now an extinct language, were the languages of Star, Zameyeron, and Angloizan. Empires around present-day Star United States bloomed. Major rivaling powers emerged during this time period, such as the Kingdom of Estrall and the Queedom of Opangue.

The Kingdom of Estrall and the Queedom of Opangue ruled over most of present-day Star United States. The borderlines of these two regional powers were war zones, as described in various written history. Soon enough, the Kingdom of Estrall rose in power and decreased the territory of the Queedom of Opangue. Becoming to large to maintain the control, the Kingdom of Estrall destroyed itself inside out. Civil War brought devastating repercussions to the governmental branch of the empire. After the brutal assassination of King Ocowyr IV, the Empire official fell, resulting in the creation of three empires.

Those still lose to the royal bloodline of King Ocowry IV, fled to the north of present-day Star United States, in Candean, where they established a smaller and non-powerful Kingdom, under the same name. To the east, arose the Herbeid Empire, who slowly gain power and territory. On the opposite side of the present-day country arose the Principality of Piasxe, that, amazingly, hold control on the area as the least powerful administration regions. In peace, all the four administrations prospered.

Soon enough, in the wild lands towards the center of the present-day state appeared a small city known as Starix. It was composed of those who refused the rule of the other four major states throughout the region. However, this city did not surpass in peace. The Queedom of Opangue refused to tolerate this city, and as Starix expanded becoming a more potent in the region, they attacked, what is known as the Transition War. The ending of this war marked the ending of the Ancient Period.

Transition Period

With the ending of the war, the five states controlled the present-day lands of Star United States. All the borderlines interconnected with each other. Known as shortest time period, the Transition Period covers the time span between the fall of the monarchy and the unity of the five states under one.

Early Star Period

As the arts, architecture, and social standards changed, the Starian lands entered the Early Star Period, which highly set ups the scene for the Middle Starian Period. Artist begun to adorn the rising cities of the region. Beautiful building were present throughout the region, and glorified each city.

A diversity of language appeared during this time period. During the Diversity Reformation, languages, such as Spanish and English begun to be more common. These languages also started to become more popular than the native tongues. Soon enough, many native languages died out. A whole reformation occurred where the administration regions of the Starian lands adopted English and Spanish over their native languages.

Industrialization ended the Early Star Period, with factories and trade centers appearing throughout the region. Agriculture became a corporation-ran business and family farms disappeared. As more people move to cities, a season of urbanization was on the rise. Before than expected, life in the cities were blossoming, yet several problems begin to appear, such as overpopulation in certain cities, such as SeaShore City.

Middle Starian Period

For the best, the crumbling administration systems of the five sovereign states came together at the First Starian Conference. The five states came together in agreement under one title. The Starian lands finally became known as Star United States. The exact date of this event has been lost in time.

Science and International Affairs mark the ending this period. With major scientific advanced, such as the discovery of penicillin and the Starian involvement in World Cup.

Modern Period

Advanced Technology Period

Post-Blun Communist Period
Star United States
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