Embassy Programme: Cyrelia

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Embassy Programme: Cyrelia

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Embassy Programme: Cyrelia

Sir, Madam;
The Federation of Cyrelia invites you to the beautiful Nation States of Cyrelia.
Some information about Cyrelia
The Federation of Cyrelia is a representative democracy. Our economy is that of free market capitalism. It consists of four States: Cardathan, Varangia, Fjorn and Radha. The current party in government is the "Yaiden Party", the First Minister of the Federal Government is Fabian Reghest. A general election is held every five years for the four hundred seats in the Federal Parliament.
Information about the location of the embassy in the country
All embassies will be placed in the centre of Cyrene, the capital of the Federal Government and of the Cardathan State.
Embassies are available in:
* Remembrance Square
* White Park Avenue
* Rorne Road
Embassy building information
All embassies will be placed in office buildings, villa's and mansions. These are situated close to the Federal Government buildings and all have access to emergency services numbers and personal phone lines to the Government Office where the First Minister is situated. The embassy building is not sovereign territory of the Nation that uses it, however the buildings premisses will be protected by diplomatic immunity.
Regulations and rules regarding the Embassy Application

Embassy Staff
* There must be no more then 40 Diplomatic Staff.
* All diplomatic personnel have diplomatic immunity, but if they are revealed to be corrupt or have commited major crimes they can become "persona non grata" and therefore must leave the country within 24 HOURS.
* There must be no more then 40 Support Staff.
* There must be no more then 20 Security Agents/Guards.
* All Security personnel must obey the laws of the Federation while on Cyrelian territory. Security personnel have NO diplomatic immunity if crimes are commited on Cyrelian territory.
* While we would discourage it, soldiers are allowed as security personnel under the following conditions:
1. They must not be on the streets in full combat outfit
2 . We prefer them to wear their Ceremonial Uniform or be Non-Uniformed

Equipment Regulations
* The only weapons allowed on Cyrelian territory are:
- Non lethal weapons
- Pistols and/or revolvers
- Submachineguns [only Semi-Automatic]
* There must be no military vehicles
* There must be no more then 10 vehicles [including 1 air vehicle, e.g helicopter/plane].
* Only helicopters and small planes are allowed to bring along your Diplomatic Mission and must be stationed at the nearest airfield to the embassy.
* Due to stringent environmental laws, if vehicles are to be brought over to Cyrelia they must be less than ten years of age.
Additional Information
All official motorcades of diplomatic personnel will be conducted by our special branch of the Federal Police Service. This branch can utilise armoured SUV's if requested. The normal drives to work and non-official activities will not be conducted by the Federal Police Service.
Application process and approval

If a country fills in an application to have a embassy in Cyrelia, this application will be judged by the Federal comittee on embassy applications and relations. If the applicating country adheres to all regulations imposed then the committee will report such cooperation to the parliamentary delegation, which should after scrutiny end with the approval of said application. The First Minister will then sign the approval and the application process will be complete.

If there are problems with the application process, then the relevant comittee will inform you of any inconsistencies with the application and advise what should be done in order to complete the application process properly.

For more information, please visit our Factbook. Please post applications either in the form of a telegram or in this thread. Thank you for your interest in the Federation of Cyrelia. We look forward to further collaboration between our Nations.

Application Form

Full nation name:
Name of Ambassador:
Background Ambassador:
Family Ambassador:
Criminal Record (Y/N)?:

Number of diplomatic employees:
Number of support employees:
Will you be hiring personnel in Cyrelia?

Number of Guards:
Branch or Agency of Guards protecting Embassy grounds:
Armaments of Personel:

Number of vehicles:
Make and model of above vehicles:

Location Embassy:
Embassy requirements (if any?):

Any requests?
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