The People's United Federation(Factbook)(Outdated)

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The People's United Federation(Factbook)(Outdated)

Postby Mokastana » Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:01 pm



Basic Info:


Regional Flags:

Battle Flag/Traditional Flag:

Peacetime Flag of the Federation:

The Islands:


El Sur:


Aqua Anu:


Nation name: The People's Unified Federation of Mokastana
Official Government type: Confederation/Borderline Federation
Federation Capital: Mokastana City
Regional Capitals:
Mejico City(Mejico)
Mokastana City(Islands)
New Anu(Aqua Anu)

Official Language: Spanish
Official International language: English
Unofficial Languages: Japanese, English, Russian
Denonym: Mokan
Government Leaders/Security Council:
---President of the Federation: Benito Vera, Liberal Party
---Economic Adviser: Manuel Diego, Socialist Workers Party
---Foreign Affairs: Charles Villa, People's Party
---Head of the Army: Generalissimo Major Ivan Canarias
---Head of the Navy: Primary Admiral Jesus Consuelo
---Head of the Air force: Air Marshall Jesus Manuel
---Head of Intelligence: Director in Chief Steven Francisco

Regional Heads of State/Mokan Emergency Council:
People's Republic of the Islands: President Esteban Martinez, Socialist Worker's Party
Republic of Mejico: President Pablo Diego, Liberal Party
Republic of El Sur: President Ben Rodriguez, People's Party
Parliamentary Republic of Wellovia: Prime Minister Frank Noble, Conservative Party
Constitutional monarchy of Aqua Anu: High Duchess Marina Antonioni, No Party affiliation

Total Population: 1,108,811,511
Hispanic(Mokan or other): 32.4%
Caucasian/Russian: 28.2%
Pacific Islander:22.3%
Oriental: 15.4%
Indigenous: 10.6%
Other: 1%
African decent: 0.1%

Main exports: Pharmaceuticals, Minerals, Fruits and Grains, Seafood, Petrols
Main Imports: Precious Metals, Manufactured goods, luxury Items,
Currency: Gold Labor (G$)
Exchange Rate: GL$1.00 = NS$1.2105

Branches of the People's Federal Government:

Executive Board:
President of the Federation/Security Council
Regional Heads of State/Mokan Emergency Council

The Executive power of Mokastana is split into two halves, the Security Council and the Mokan Emergency Council. Both halves have the power to veto any recommendation or approval by the other.The Security Council consists of the Heads of Military and President of the Federation plus Cabinet. The Emergency Council is the leaders of the various regions. In effect, Mokan Emergency Council has precedence over domestic issues and Security Council has precedence over International issues.

Federal Parliament:

Seats are determined by population of each member state, split between the five regions of Mokastana from a total of 250 seats. These seats are elected by regional governments depending on preferred selection method and no single political party has had control over it since 'The People’s Armed Republic Party' lost majority control. Elections reoccur every two years and they meet bi annually. Every 5 years the Mokan Emergency Council decides how many seats each Region will have, based on census.

250 Total Seats:
Islands: 18 seats
Mejico: 47 seats
El Sur: 28 seats
Wellovia: 81 seats
Aqua Anu: 75 seats

Federal Senate:

The Federal Senate is also made of 250 total seats with 50 seats given to each region. How each region decides to vote on their Senators is left up to them, but all methods must be approved of the current Senate Electoral Committee. Typically they are divided into regional or city-state areas, allowing each local area to have a senator who lives close by in the Federal Government. Both Parliament and Senate have the ability to introduce and vote on bills, and both houses must approve a new one. In the event of a declaration of war, an emergency vote is held, and that only needs to be passed in Parliament.

Political Parties

Major Political Parties

The People’s Party(PP): The traditionalist party, successor to the People's Armed Republic Party. This party is considered the 'strongest' party and continues to evolve and grow both in support and beliefs. They aim for a generally socialist society that allows private enterprise to exist, to a point. They believe that everyone that contributes to society should not have to worry about food, water, shelter, or power. However factions in the party are split on how to achieve those goals.

Conservative Party(CP): The major conservative groups in Mokastana, formerly the Livertad party and the Conservative party joined forces to create the Conservative Party. Believing in Capitalism over collectivism as well as keeping the government out of People's lives, the conservative Party has grown to be the main counter party to Socialism in Mokastana.

Liberal Party(OP): For those who are torn between the problems of socialism and conservative a middle ground party was formed. The Liberal Party is still relatively new and yet has grown in power in El Sur and Wellovia mostly. With apsects spreading to Mejico and Aqua Anu, the Islands are still relatively resistant to the idea.

Socialist Workers Party(SWP): Perhaps the oldest party in Mokastana, this party is ran by socialist workers and believes that Mokastana is farther away from true Socialism then it should, often siting the problems of Montana Inc to show the problems of Capitalism. It is also the only political party with a known militant force, called the Socialist Workers Army or the SWA(please see Culture and Domestics for more info)

Liberators Party(LP): A political party that believes it is in the best interest of the People to keep the government on a short lease and as a servant of the People. This party represents a coalition of different philosophies which all can prosper on a small scale, such as libertarians, Collectivist Farmers and borderline anarchists. The Liberators Party's main goals are to have weaker regional governments and decentralized power. Believing that both foreign and domestic governments can be an enemy to the people they often will protest anything that can hinder the farmers, workers, or citizens.

Minor Political Parties

Revolutionary Capitalist Party: A capitalist political party with the stated aim of overthrowing collectivist regimes and establishing a universal capitalist state. The party was founded in 54 by Timothy Wright in Bluth Collective, where in '66 it would have its first success, toppling the collectivist government and replacing it with a capitalist one, as well as renaming the country Bluth Corporation.

Federation Party(FP): They wish to create a Mokastana that feels united by pulling strength from all over the Federation. More conservative then People's Party, they tend to focus on allowing international consumerism work more freely in Mokastana while pulling stronger on the national identity of Mokastana as a whole, rather then seperate regions working together.

World Proletariat Revolutionary Party(WPR): When the rise of the World Proletariat Revolution the Mokan Leftist movement believed it to be the banner to unite under for the most extreme left wing cases. Reuniting former communist, socialist workers, farmers and proletariat alike, it rapidly grew to be a contender in the party ranks.

Iron Hearts Party(IHP): Basing their beliefs and ideology off of the Lyran Military hierarchy, they wish to see a fully unified Mokastana who produces soldiers of the highest caliber. Already all Mokan citizens are to serve two years after education in the military and the Iron Hearts Party sees this as a waste of resources. They want every portion of the country to be contributing to the Mokan War machine, building a navy and army made up of the best resources from around the globe.

Political Factions(Non-Party):

Zapatista(Mejico): Reduce both the power of the National Government and the Mejican Government, anarchic Socialism

Democracy Now(Wellovia): Borderline separatist and capitalist, tend not to get much political backing already due to the more liberal nature of Wellovia.

Islands Forever(Aqua Anu): Monarchist that want to bring the old leaders back and separate from Mokastana, some backing due to the industrialization and militarization of the islands. However Millions of Gold Labors have been spent trying to win the hearts and minds of locals.

The Socialist Phoenix(Islands): 'True' socialist who believe that Mokastana is turning capitalist and desire to see the return of the socialist state, whatever they mean by that. Currently under investigation by the National Investigation Bureau(NIB) for possible terrorist activities.

United Moka!(Islands): Bizzare faction wishing to end the Federation and unify completely the governments of Mokastana, the exact version they want to see is questionable, but they have been receiving support from all across the board (not a lot though) of people who would benefit from a true unified government.

United Companies Against Communism(everywhere): While not really a political party they are still an entity trying to rid Mokan culture of socialism using donations from various companies in Mokastana and possibly outside donors. Under investigation by NIB for espionage and treason.
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Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
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Postby Mokastana » Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:01 pm

Military and Defense:



approx: 19 million Standard Infantry and up
Basic Structure:
Army: 1,000,000 (Approx. 40 divisions)
Corps: 200,000
Division: 25,000
Regiment: 5,000
Battalion: 1,000
Company: 200
Squad/Platoon: 20
Fire team/Patrol: 4
Each division is approximatively 25,000 personnel

Battle Rifle: AM-07, FXJ-07, FX-05, AF-07(circumstance)
Pistol: Jaguar Defense .45 Caliber Pistol (JagD .45)
Sniper Rifle: Dragunov SVD-137
Anti-Tank: M3 Weapons system, MA-14T(MA-14LP), Shape Charges
Armor: 'Dauntless' Ballistic Armor
Grenade: HE Frag, Smoke, Flash bang
Area Denial: Claymore,
Additional: CRBN Gear, Machete, 'Mamba' Tactical Boots, 'Black Talon' Combat Gloves, BALCOTH Advanced Helmet

Army Organization:
The Islands: Generalissimo Ivan Canarias
1st Army: Tierra Y Livertad Generalissimo Ivan Canarias
2nd Army: Zapatistas Generalissimo Gabriel Frahsaw
3rd Army: Revolutionaries Generalissimo

Mejico: Generalissimo Anthony Durkin
4th Army: Northern Fury Generalissimo Anthony Durkin
5th Army: The International Brigade Generalissimo Antonio Martinez
6th Army: The Pride of Lion’s

External Installations: Generalissimo Major Yuri Gorbechov
7th Army: Wolverines Generalissimo Roberto Diaz
8th Army: Drunken Grealites Generalissimo Major Yuri Gorbechov
9th Army: Battle Toads Generalissimo Minor Felix Salazar

El Sur: Generalissimo Juan Dugal
10th Army: Jaguars Honor Generalizzimo Juan Dugal
11th Army: Jungle hunters
12th Army: Peruvian Elite

Wellovia: Generalissimo Jason North
13th Army: Northern Arrow Generalissimo Jason North
14th Army: Cambridge’s Boys Generalissimo Max Cambridge
15th Army: Big Red
16th Army: The People’s Army

Aqua Anu Generalissimo Hiraku
17th Army: Dragon’s Fury
18th Army: Aquarius Swarm
19th Army: Queen’s Pride Generalissimo Hiraku

Typical Divisions:

Iron Heart Division:
23,900 Standard Infantry
200 Humvees
300 Iron heart APCs
400 Iron Heart IFVs
100 Iron Heart ATMGs
50 Iron Heart Command post
200 Iron Heart Mortars
200 Iron Heart Ambulances
200 Iron Heart Shepard
100 LY7 Rottweiler medium tank
100 LY300 Multiple Rocket System
100 AH-64D Apache Longbow
100 transport Helicopters
4,200 Battle transport Trucks

Battle Division:
24,100 Standard Infantry/Conscripts
200 Humvees
300 Ironheart APCs
300 Ironheart IFVs
200 LY4A1 Wolfhound MBT
100 LY6 Werewolf Assault Guns
50 Iron Heart Command post
200 Iron Heart Ambulances
200 Ironheart Shepard
100 AH-64D Apache Longbow
100 205mm Self Propelled Artillery
100 LY300 Multiple Rocket System
100 Transport Helicopters
4,300 Transport Trucks

Shock Division:
24,750 Jaguar Infantry/Standard Infantry/Jaguar Standard
200 Humvees
600 Ironheart IFVs
200 Ironheart Shepard
200 LY4A1 Wolfhound MBT
100 LY7 Rottweiler medium tank
100 LY6 Werewolf Assault Gun
50 LY6 Werewolf Indirect fire
100 LY300 Multiple Rocket System
50 Iron Heart Command post
200 Iron Heart Ambulances
200 AH-64D Apache Longbow
200 Transport Helicopters
5,000 Transport Trucks

Skyguard Division:
20,000 Standard Infantry/Conscripts
500x Hummers
300 APC Ironhearts
243x LY4030 TEL
243x LY4031 TEL
243x 4032 TEL
27x AN/FPS-65 Moat EWR and transporter
27x AN/FPS-66 Bastion IRR and transporter
27x AN/MPQ-71 Keep TTR and transporter
45x Battery Command and Control vehicle (BCCV)
747x Power and maintenance vehicle (PAMV)
4,000x Battle transport truck


approx: 13 Million Service Men

8x Longsword-class Supercapital Guided Missile Warship

Air Attack Flotilla (22)
1x Nietzsche Class Super Dreadnought
2x Nimitz-class supercarriers
2x Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers
20x Arleigh Burke class destroyer
20xZumwalt-class destroyer
20x Hobart Class Air Destroyer
20x Hatchet Class Frigate
10x Seawolf Class Attack Subs
40 x RQ-8B Fire Scouts
10x CH-53 Sea Stallions
10 x HM1 Merlins
20 x SH-60 Seahawks
200x F-18 Super Hornets
100x F-35s
40x EA-18G Growler
10x E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

Wolf Pack Flotilla(20)
20x Seawolf class attack submarine
5x Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Submarines

Coast Guard Flotilla(50)
10x Hachet Class Frigates

Marine Transport Flotilla(10):
24xWasp class amphibious assault ship
24x Canberra class amphibious ships
20x Battleaxe-class cruiser
12x Medical hatchet Class
20x Missile defense Hatchet class
2x RADAR Hatchet Class
50x helicopters

Marine Division:(20)
20,000 Marines
2,000 Humvees
400 Advance Amphibious Assault Vehicle
400 APC Ironhearts 4,800
400 IFV Ironhearts 3,200
200 Shepard Air Defense Ironhearts
200 LY300 Multiple Rocket System
50 Iron Heart Command post
3,000 Transport trucks

Air Attack Flotilla 11
Wolf Pack Flotilla 10
Marine Transport Flotilla 5
Coast Guard Flotilla 15

Air Attack Flotilla 9
Wolf Pack Flotilla 7
Marine Transport Flotilla 5
Coast Guard Flotilla 10

Air Attack Flotilla 2
Wolf Pack Flotilla 3
Coast Guard Flotilla 5

Air Attack Flotilla 11
Wolf Pack Flotilla 10
Marine Transport Flotilla 5
Coast Guard Flotilla 35

Air Attack Flotilla 8
Wolf Pack Flotilla 4
Marine Transport Flotilla 3
Coast Guard Flotilla 10

Wolf Pack Flotilla 3
Coast Guard Flotilla 20

Air Attack Flotilla 3
Wolf Pack Flotilla 3
Marine Transport Flotilla 2
Coast Guard Flotilla 5

Air Force:

approx: 5 Million Service Men
Quick explanation:
TRANSPORT DIVISION: (destination of the following units not necessarily 'division' size)

20x Transport Unit ARMOR(3 wings): ( How many in active service / Unit Type / Wings in Unit)
15x C-10 Minotaur
15x AN-225 Cossack (number and type of aircraft in Unit Type)
18xSukhoi Su-35


20x Transport Unit ARMOR(3 wings):
15x C-10 Minotaur
15x AN-225 Cossack
18xSukhoi Su-35

15x Transport Unit FARMOR (3 wings):
60x C-10 Minotaur
18xSukhoi Su-35

40x Transport Unit HOME(3 wings):
15x AN-225 Cossack
15x Ilyushin Il-76
18xSukhoi Su-35


20x Standard Bomber Unit: (4 wings)
40x Tupolev Tu-95

5x Strategic Bomber Unit: (3wings)
60xTupolev Tu-160

5x Supersonic Bomber Unit: (3wings)
30xTupolev Tu-22M

20x CAS Unit: (5 wings)
50x YA-28E


30x Maritime patrol Unit (3 wings)
20x Tu-141
10x LY908 'Warhawk’

14x Maritime Assault Unit(5 wings)
50x LY908 'Warhawk'


50x Fighter Units:(4 wings)
36x Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut
18x LY908 'Warhawk' Strike Fighter/Interceptor

50x Joint Strike Units: (4 wings):
36x Sukhoi Su-34s
18x Sukhoi Su-35

National Guard:

approx: 19 Million Reservist/Conscripts

National Guard Organization:
The Islands: Generalissimo Ivan Canarias
1st District Guard:
2nd District Guard:
3rd District Guard:

Mejico: Generalissimo Anthony Durkin
1st District Guard:
2nd District Guard:
3rd District Guard:

El Sur: Generalissimo Juan Dugal
1st District Guard:
2nd District Guard:
3rd District Guard:
4th District Guard:

Wellovia: Generalissimo Jason North
1st District Guard:
2nd District Guard:
3rd District Guard:
4th District Guard:

Aqua Anu: Generalissimo Hiraku
1st District Guard:
2nd District Guard:
3rd District Guard:
4th District Guard:
5th District Guard:

National Guard Division:]
24,200 Standard Infantry/Conscripts
500 Humvees
200 APC Ironhearts
200 IFV Ironhearts
300 ATMG Ironhearts
200 Shepard Air Defense Ironhearts
200 LY6 Werewolf Assault Gun
100 LY300 Multiple Rocket System
50 Iron Heart Command post
200 Iron Heart Ambulances
100 AH-64D Apache Longbow
200 Transport Helicopters
4,500 Transport trucks

Shore Guard Division:
25,000 Standard Infantry/Conscripts
400 Humvees
150 IFV Ironhearts
150 Ironheart APC
200 ATMG Ironhearts
200 Shepard Air Defense Ironhearts
100 LY6 Werewolf Assault Gun
100 LY6 Werewolf Indirect fire
400 LY300 Multiple Rocket System
1500 Self Propelled 205mm artillery
50 Iron Heart Command post
200 Iron Heart Ambulances
200 AH-64D Apache Longbow
200 Transport helicopter
5,300 Transport trucks

Skyguard Division:
20,000 Standard Infantry/Conscripts
500x Hummers
300 APC Ironhearts
243x LY4030 TEL
243x LY4031 TEL
243x 4032 TEL
27x AN/FPS-65 Moat EWR and transporter
27x AN/FPS-66 Bastion IRR and transporter
27x AN/MPQ-71 Keep TTR and transporter
45x Battery Command and Control vehicle (BCCV)
747x Power and maintenance vehicle (PAMV)
4,000x Battle transport trucks

Permanent International Military Installations:


Military Installation Alpha
Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Jose Mericoles
Total men stationed: 5,000
Purpose: While it started out as a base to transfer humane supplies into the nation for releif efforts after the Civil war of Zaheran since the birth of the Fegosian Union it has evolved into a large training base between Zaheran and Mokan Forces. It uses the old parts of the base to simulate dock battles as well as amphibious assaults.


Fort Mokan (Sasha, Greal)
Commander: General Hernando Vasquez
Total men stationed: 90,000 soldiers
1 Ironheart Division
2 Battle Divisions
1 Sky Guard Division
Purpose: After numerous incidents in Greal and deployments into Sasha Mokan Military command deemed it more effective to have a permanent station of soldiers in country. Given the nations instablitiy and the populance large ability to combat military forces effectivly it has been nicknamed: "Jaguar Factory" Since nearly every combat soldier in the base has or can qualify for Jaguar Training. Men are often cycled due to this. The base includes a major airfield capable of airlifting more soldiers into it, along with that one skyGuard division is split between Fort Mokan and Fort Carson

Fort Carson(Wormer, Greal)
Commander: Division Colonel Jesus Velazquez
Men stationed: 30,000
one Ironheart Division
Purpose: Stationing a permanent military station in Wormer port this allows Mokan forces access to the sea along with a large amount of ground outside of the city. This Port/base has often been used to escort civilians out of the city during times of high tension. A smaller airfield still capable of taking in more soldiers and supplies is in base along with a port capable of receiving up to medium size ships, mostly troop transports and cruiser size.


Naval Station(Aurora)
Commander: Commander Juan Herrera
Men stationed:5,000
10x OK-PCL-1 Tomahawk Class
5x Hatchet-class modular frigate
Purpose: Given the nature of AHSCA, being a small tropical developing nation Mokan High Command decided that for both protection and coast Guard of the islands they would contribute a small naval station to assist their ally. While only 10 patrol boats are stationed there and the station cannot take much more without being overwhelmed it has been given other assets to assist it in the event of an attack. However the base's primary concern are usually hurricane relief and rescue, with the occasional investigation into an unidentified intruder.


Shilohk Mokan International Compound (Shilohk, Rithian)
Commander: Generalissimo David Barcelona
Total Men Stationed: 30,000
1x Republic Battle Division
1 Sky Guard Division
Purpose: When Mokan forces first entered Rithian to assist the Aziasts in the civil war one of the first cities they landed in was Shilohk. The seige of the city was rather quick and resulted in no civilian casualties, however the counter-attack had causes some damage. High Command then began to use the city to deliver mass amounts of Mokan supplies by ship to the country. Seeing as all things that came from the port had to go through Shilohk, Mokan Revolutionary HQ was set up here.

Shilohk Mokan International Naval Station(Outside Shilohk, Rithian)
Commander: Admiral Jose Cuervo
Total Men Stationed: 10,000
20x Hatchet-class modular frigate
Purpose: Seeing as the war was lasting months on end, if not years, the naval station was constructed to increase ease of supply flow and increase security. As well as to free up civilian ports. To ensure security on the base, Anti-missile systems were constructed and 20 Frigates were deployed to work as anti-pirate and security against enemy naval attacks.

Gentmen International Army Station(Gentmen, Rithian)
Commander: General Miguel Quest
Total Men Stationed: 30,000
1x Ironheart Division
Purpose: Simply a supply depot that was built as an airfield to allow for airlifted supplies into the nation, as well as cycle forces. Gentmen became a primary airfield once the occupation was declared to be in it for the long run.

Nero International Station(Nero, Rithian)
Commander: General Alejandro Smith
Total Men Stationed: 30,000
1x Republic Battle Division
Purpose: This Station was the forwarding operating center for Mokan military operations, and its hostipal was declared a High Value point, due to the fact that Generalissimo Durkin, Sanchez, and other VIPs were located here for quite a time at one point.
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Quotes about Mokastana:
Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
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Moka you are a land of pimps, prostitutes, drug lords, and corruption.
We love you for it.
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Culture and Domestics:

Colonial territory:

Population: 67,800,000
Island Governor: Raul Domingo
Parliament Representative: 1(Mejico) 2(Aqua Anu)
Main Natural Recourses: Oil, Heavy metals (Uranium, Plutonium), Granite, fish.
Economic Value: Mining, oil fields, minor value with rare fish

In the island chain known as Kemeral that is rich in natural recourses five islands are sovereign property of Mokastana. The island chain was discovered by Jacob Kemeral and soon was sold to the international community for profits and soon many found wonderful natural recourses. During the Beginning of the colonization Mokan forces had a yelling match with locals however peace was soon reached with the aide of Tequila. Soon numerous resources were found and the people were soon assembled into Mokan culture.

Population: 32,420,000
Island Governor: Leon Barracuda
Parliament Representative: 3(The Islands)
Main Natural Recourses: Working metals such as iron, aluminum, etc.
Economic value: Trade, fishing (exotic),

A small island group of in the Zacheri Sea it was colonized by Mokastana for pure military and diplomatic reasons. Seeing as this colony would bring closer trade to the Nova region and Zaheran in particular. When Mokan forces arrived many locals were not appreciating Mokans rebuilding their island as they saw fit, however with an ingenious population of only 74,000 no one predicts future problems.

Tatom Annexation
Population: 491,410,000
Parliament Representatives: 5(Mejico)
Main Natural Recourses:Oil, Silicon, mining, gravel, wine
Economic value: Industry, mining,

While not so much a colony as now a part of Mejico, the Tatom Annexation has its own culture and beliefs that differ quite a bit from the Mejican culture that technically rules it. Due the fact Tatom has ceased to be a nation, there is minimal desire for the Annexation to rebel or revolt. However culturally the idea is quite empowering, some radio talk shows call the area 'South Tatom' or 'North Mejico' depending on the context of the show.

When Mejican President Miguel Hernandez decided to support the Communist in Tatom he used the Mejican Army to invade the southwest of Tatom. Soldiers were begging for action and raced across the border quickly capturing border towns and small positions. The Democratic forces were largely disorganized they did cause many casualties and made most of the Mejican Armies pay for the land they gained. However Combined with Communist forces crossing the Midwest of Tatom Democratic forces were forced to retreat. Generalissimo Durkin assumed control of the southwest and for their efforts Mejico was awarded California, Arizona and New Mejico. After the fall of the Confederacy the republic assumed control of the Tatom annexation.



The key to understanding Mokan culture is understanding the concept of being laid back, and most importantly: the siesta. Every afternoon, depending on schedule approximatively one hour is dedicated to relaxing and having a siesta. The only exception to this is the military, for obvious reasons. This coupled with free health care and a generally active lifestyle has led the nation to be somewhat healthier than average modernized nations.

Modern Mokan culture is more concentrated on relaxation and keeping their homes secure. Thus allowing for a large tourist business that has boomed in the last 5 years of internationalism. With such attractions as Cancun, Miamus, Nuevo Orleans, and numerous getaways in the Carribean there is no doubt why people come here. With everything from bars, hotels, resorts, massage parlors and Casinos Mokastana has everything you could want on a vacation, and no this isn't a sales pitch at all.

However despite the laid back-ness of the nation the nation still has a proud military tradition. Armed forces are looked highly upon and those who served in combat are given much respect across most cultures and beliefs. However such actions as Chemical/Biological attacks, or using power to steal land will demonize the actor in the public eye. Both of these are surefire ways to spark the massive warcry of the population in Mokastana. Two year conscription is mandatory for all males, optional for females. If a student pursues a higher education they will still have to serve two years after graduation but will be given more specific tasks depending on the nature of their education. All Education is free in Mokastana however nearly all programs must prove value to the continuance of education or the Sciences in Mokastana.

Most weapons are still legal by the government to ensure the security of the Mokan people. The largest weapon allowed to be sold on the open market is the RPG-7 and heavy machine guns up to a 7.54x54mm or equivalent. Older weapons such as 14.7mm anti-tank rifles have been grandfathered in are no longer allowed for sale.


First things first, never salute a higher up, it is considered a death wish on them, this also steams from the early years of pre-unification. Snipers would hang around enemy camps and wait for a salute to kill an officer, this happened to every faction. To counter this many armies would dress similiar, act like grunts and hang out with the lower men on the pole, also many armies back then were disorganized as well. As the Military grew and got modernized many commanders still preferred to stay in the trenches with their men and to keep the top of the chain to a minimum. This had lead to the short rank system employed by the Mokan army, where rank is based on what you command rather then anything else, and little emphasis is placed on it. Rather they look to a separate rank system to show how good of a fighter you are, it is as follows:

Merit Rank System: Low to High

Conscript: serving your two years, then moving on with life...mostly national gaurd and military units not called to combat
Standard Infantry: Voluntary soldiers, often joining combat oriented units, many hoping to become Jaguars
Jaguar Standard: you must achieve 2 kills in combat and be recommended by your commander for Jaguar training
Jaguar Infantry: Finished Jaguar training in survival, guerrilla and vehicle operations.
Jaguar Elite: Jaguars who have made 5 kills and gone through Elite training, used for embassy security, and commando operations, often they pick a specialization.

Leadership Rank System: Depending on what an Officer commands, they may have a letter in front of their title, signifying what organization they command, for example: a 'Major' and a 'B Capitan' both command a Battalion in a Regiment, however if their commanding officer is unable to command, the Major will assume control of the Regiment and get the title 'R Major'.

Low to High
Private: N/A
Corporal Fireteam/Patrol
Sergeant Minor: Fireteam/Patrol or Squad/Platoon
(C) Sergeant Major:Company or Squad/Platoon
Lieutenant: Company
(B) Captain :Company or Battalion
(R) Major:Battalion or Regiment
Lieutenant Colonel: Regiment
Division Colonel:Division
(C) General: Division or Corps
Generalissimo Minor: Army
Generalissimo Major: Everyone

Regional Culture:

Mokastana City
Mokastana City is the pinnacle of modernization in Mokastana, it has the second largest airport in the country, and the most diversified population. Famous sectors include Little Sasha, the Government Quater, Embassy District, International Boulevard, Fegosian Town, and Union Central. Mokastana City was blessed with the gift of local culture and a flair of internationalism, with cuisines from all over the world sold next door to each other on International Boulevard. Int Blvd was originally a dream to see all the cultures that had influenced Mokastana on one main road, and such architecture from Greal, Lyras, Alfegos, Zaheran and more make up the various resturants and clubs of Int. Blvd. MC is referred as a city that never sleeps, with its constant business and politics, active night life and constantly changing culture. Mokastana City is truly a small nation in of itself where Mokastana meets the rest of the world.

St. Alvido/Islands
Almost as a direct counter of Mokastana City, lies St. Alvido at the opposite side of the Main Island.

Mejico City

Bogota/El Sur



Armed Militias/organizations:

Socialist Workers Army

The SWA is considered to the father of the modern Mokan Army, started by farmers over 50 years ago this militia created the current rank system and guerilla tactics still used by Mokan Armed Forces. However despite the creation of a Democratic-Socialist State 20 years ago, the SWA leaders refused to let it become the official army, due to its membership. However many SWA officers did join the formal Mokan Army and trained new recruits, and the SWA was formally disbanded. It was recreated during the fascist government and a few divisions deserted to rejoin the SWA. Since then it has maintained its own standing army separate from the traditional Military. However many officers and soldiers do belong to both organizations and its leaders do maintain contact and good standing with traditional army leaders.

Overall their bark is worse then their bite, as they are mainly concern with security for protest and labor strikes. However this organization is still the largest non-government military force in Mokastana, including members in the highest ranks of government and military.

All information is classified by SWA
OOC: 1 million soldiers in both the current military and private bases.
Approximately 600,000 currently in the current army, 400,000 are on private bases.

Montana Inc (security sector)

When you deal in international arms market, security is a must. Therefore the Montana Corporation formed the Security Division, which has expanded into a large paramilitary organization.

Air Force:

5x Interceptor Unit: (6 wings)
60x MIG-35

10x Escort Unit: (4 Wings)
40x F-22 Raptors


Paramilitary Battalion: (10)
1,000 Paratroopers
100 Ironheart IFVs
100 LY219 Ironheart Mobile Gun System
100 Shepard Air Defense Ironhearts
5 Iron Heart Command post
50 Iron Heart Ambulances
50 Stormdrake Mortars, Ironheart

Security Company: (to numerous to count)
200 men
20 Stryker APCs
5 LY4 Wolfhound MBT
20 Dingo 2s

Bolivian Army:

A small rebel organization that claims territory from Bolivia to Columbia, their main rival is the National Police and Montana Security. Numbers are unconfirmed but assumed around 5,000 to 15,000. Weapons are based off of 50 year old soviet toys that are on the free market of Mokastana.

Air Force: A few spotter planes, usually disguised as civilian
Army: roughly 50,000 irregulars. Organization structure information is lacking.

Livertad Militia:

A small group of terrorist in Mejico who attacked a military outpost once, possibly Revolution veterans who actually believed in the separatist ideals of the revolution, but due to lack of manpower, weapons, and support, they have not warranted National attention.

Air Force: Not Applicable
Army: hundreds, possibly 1000

Assorted Island Militias:

Various factions and companies in Aqua Anu attack government forces for different reasons, anything from separatist ideals to the joy of terror, high military presence in Aqua Anu for this reason.

Air Force: Not Applicable
Army: Possibly Millions on various islands

Largest Domestic Corporations:


Jaguar Defense Corporation:
Head of Operations: Alberto Lopez
Also known as Jaguar Defense Co. it is the primary Company for defense contracts with the military. Also it is one of the state-owned corporations in Mokastana, while the other two are Mokastana Industries and Mokan Oil. Jaguar Defense used to be a top of the line company producing many innovations for a largely, guerilla army. However as the Mokan army has modernized and Lyras Arms quickly conquered the market Jaguar Defense has evolved from innovation to production. Whereas they could used to be able to draft, design and create 1,000 Liberator AT guns, they can now create, specialize and cheaply produce 10,000 Werewolf AT guns. Many economics use Jaguar Defense to show the need to adapt to survive in the modern markets.
Despite the growing popularity of Lyras weapons Jaguar Defense still produces and designs the small arms, such as the AM-07 assault rifle and the JagD pistol, as well as the 205mm self propelled artillery that backs Mokan Doctrine.

Mokan Industries(MOK-I):
Minister of Infrastructure: Victor Manuel
The largest Infrastructure Company in Mokastana, also state owned. They maintain everything from sewers to railroads to highways to power lines. 80% of national utilities are under Mokastana Industries, rivaling Montana Inc at every turn. When it came to the reconstruction of Mejico City Mokastana Industries had actually sub-contracted parts to Montana Inc. mainly the railways and some factory work. All ports in Mokastana are owned by Mokastana Industries. Mok-I does a lot of work with the Navy and owns and operates the shipyards that produce domestic ships, despite growing outsourcing to other naval contractors.

Mokan Oil:
Head of Operations: Juan Cortez
Formerly a part of Mokastana Industries Mokan Oil grew to fill its job from a few local islands to beginning to mass conquest of the Venezuelan oil fields after the unification of the Sur region with Mokastana. Today they own 70% of the total oil industry in Mokastana, the other 30 belonging to Montana Inc. Of the oil undustry in Mokastana 50% is in Venezuela, 20% is via Gulf of Mejico and the islands, and 30% is from Paradisa. Therefore Mokan Oil has started its own program to get oil tankers to supply the mainland with oil from both Paradisa(which it owns completely) and the Islands(15 of the 20%).


Montana Incorporated:
CEO: Antonio Montana
The largest corporation in Mokastana, they deal in everything from oil, drugs, railroads, shipping, construction and defense. Montana Incorporated’s largest division is Montana Pharmaceuticals and has a monopoly on pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs. However government regulations require the prices be artificially low to ensure everyone can afford them, the drug sector still operates at a profit, thanks to government assistance and insurance companies, also heavily regulated.
Montana Inc gained it introduction to defense work after the purchase of the Domestic Production rights to the Iron heart APC. Since the Jaguar Defense Corporation couldn’t complete the order for Generalissimo Canarias he had gone to a non-state owned company to get better results. Rumor says that Montana intentionally bid low to get it and ensured Canarias a cut of the profit; however these can not be confirmed.
As Montana Inc grew they became a rival force in every market and even began to purchase ports and shipyards for their private use. However the most recent socialist government ruled that all ports are to be owned by Mokastana Inc. and to be used by any company.
Rumors also state that the start of Antonio Montana was as a drug lord who got rich by selling cocaine and other drugs to the world. However these also cannot be confirmed and many Public relations officials of Montana Inc are busy at work to smother out these myths.

Wellov Mining:
CEO: John Burton
After the assimilation of Wellovia into Mokastana the company Wellov Mining quickly took off to capture a large unoccupied market in Mokastana. Mokastana Industries Mining Division was the main rival of the Company but once it began producing rubies and diamonds from the mines in quickly bought the mines that Mokastana Industries owned. After a deal was made for the mines in Paradisa, Wellov Mining gained control of all mines in colonial territory. From there they grew to expand into any work dealing with mountains, including blasting and digging. In the Colonies where Montana Inc has a larger hold on the markets the two often pair up for construction projects and it is believed that Wellov Mining will soon expand to foreign markets.

Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals:
CEO: Zaibatsu Hiroki
After the beginning of the modernization of Aqua Anu and its islands, many business and corporations began to expand into Aqua Anu. However the local government, while supporting some modernization, preferred to keep tabs on what was going on in the region. Montana Pharmaceuticals was locally nationalized and thus gave birth to Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals. For a time the company was under government control until the company was allowed to compete in the rest of the Federation, which required it to be privatized(or controlled by the Federal Government).
May or may not have criminal connections to growing mafias in Aqua Anu.

Mokan Airlines (Mokan Air Alliance)
CEO: Rudy Ortega
Mokan Airlines, or the Mokan Air alliance, is a conglomeration of all Airline companies domestic to the Federation. While any airline can use the airports of the Federation (after applying proper charges), local business had to deal with contracts in order to handle outbound flights. To combat this the various Airlines united under an Alliance, to create one base firm to handle most, if not all International contracts for the organization. Each member is still technically a separate airline, but the lines get fuzzier as time goes on.

Mokastana News Network(MNN)
CEO: Chet Ubetcha

Foreign Corporations in Mokastana:

VLT Automotive Group N.V
Subsidiary: Monteluci di Mokastana, Lepanto Mokastana
Domestic Property:6 factories(producing VLT L1through L6 / 2.5 million vehicles each) and approx 90 dealerships
Employees: Approx 300,000 factory workers, approx 3,000 dealership employees

Shaf Motors Inc
Vendors: 200 Private Dealers
Domestic Property:N/A
Employees:N/A (4,000 employees at private dealerships)

SkyGourmet Ltd
Contracted out to: Mokan Airlines, also all airlines using Mokan Airports
Domestic Property:N/A
Employees: N/A

Cute Bunny Burger Corporation
Domestic Property: 4,750 branches and growing
Employees: approx 200,000

Lambda Financial
Domestic Property:307,745 branches
Employees: approx 8,000,000

Hillman Motors, Inc.
Subsidiary: N/A
Domestic Property: 100 Dealerships, one factory
Employees: 2,000 in dealership, XX factory workers

Fegosian Union Companies:

Union Bank of Zaheran
Creutz & Karhoff(Mining)
Rauchbucht Geodynamics(Power)
Aquila Corporation(Electronics)
Piranha Incorporated(silk)
Drauzden Automobiles(Vehicles)

Alfegos Aeronautics(Aircraft manufacturing)
Fegosian Airshipping Consortium(Air shipping)
Vu'eno Quality Clothing Emporium(Clothing importing)
Alfegos Rare Earth Metal Co.(Mining)
The Clean Green Energy Co.(Power)

Greater Bank of Gataway
Azura Construction Inc(construction)
Hira aerospace(Aircraft Manufacturing)
Telfar Communications Inc(Electronics)
Enigma technologies(IT and Application)
Imperial News Network(News)
Atlantis Fishing Inc.(Fishing)

Györ Motorworks(Manufactured goods)
St. Istvan National Bank

Major Government Agencies
(ones you might actually see in a RP)


Also known as the Mokan Pacific Aerospace Defense Command, MOPAD is in charge of Mokastana's Strategic Weapons as well as counter attacks in the event of WMD attack. In addition MOPAD is in charge of insuring safe and clear skies for the Federation and all aircraft in the Federation are tracked by MOPAD in some way. With two Command centers, one on Juventud Island, and one in the mountains of Wellovia, an attack on one will allow the other Command Center enough time to react. Both command centers (Juventud and Normandy Mountain) have the ability to request the launch of Nuclear Weapons however they both also have the power to veto the other command center's requests. MOPAD uses the following DEFCON System:

DEFCON 5:Peacetime Readiness
Full Federation Radar coverage, Satellite scans, Bear radar scans authorized, 10% sub assets at sea, maintenance flights for Strategic bombers, Planes deployed with nuclear arsenal must go be authorized by both Juventud and Normandy Mountain.
DEFCON 4:Threat Possible or awaiting confirmation/Wartime Readiness
Full radar coverage increased with Bear radar flights, satellite scans increased, required non-nuclear aircraft patrols, Sub assets in area deployed, routine 5% first strike bombers in air armed with Nuclear Weapons.
DEFCON 3:Confirmed Threat/Major War Declared
All aircraft in Federation required to pass military checks or be brought down, constant patrol flights, backup aircraft patrols on standby, sub assets deployed as needed(50% nuclear strike at sea), 10% first strike bombers in air armed with Nuclear Weapons, Genesis Space Station handles MOPAD Traffic and prepares Exodus beacon, Classified code system used
DEFCON 2: Possible WMD Attack/Invasion Imminent
All civilian aircraft/airports/radar assumed under command of MOPAD, 25% or 50% First Strike Bombers in air armed with Nuclear Weapons, Secondary and tertiary communication lines activated, all MOPAD command centers under lockdown, Missiles prepped, All nuclear subs activate classified orders and are deployed.
DEFCON 1:WMD Attack Confirmed/Imminent loss of strike capability
MOPAD gains full authority over Mokan airspace, Launch orders are given, all available aircraft get airborne, First Strike bombers commence launch, Missiles launch, Submarines are given final orders or allowed full independence to use nuclear weapons at Capitan's discretion.

National Police
La Policìa Nacional

The National Police was the first national level law enforcement agency to be established. However at it's founding it was only in the Sur Region of the Confederacy and its main concern was dealing with the local Bolivian rebels. At its founding the President of Sur, Maria Montana teamed up with her brother, Antonio Montana, CEO of Montana Inc to fund it, creating the first government agency funded by private corporations. It was believed that Antonio used the National Police for some slightly illegal reasons, but once again, that can not be proved. After Maria Montana was arrested for Treason the National Police was nationalized into the Republic, and now operates over El Sur, with expansion offices in all regions of Mokastana.

National Investigation Bureau
El Departmento de Investigaciòn Nacional

Rather then the more militant National Police force the NIB is more along the lines of the FBI suit kinda of investigation. They have some of the best special forces and elite squads in Mokastana for capture of suspects. The reason for this is that most weapons, up to the RPG-7 is legal to own under the People's Army Act. Therefore when the few and far between major suspects need to be taken in they call in their expert forces. Many times though they just handle cases involving hunting down the remaining members of Anarquia and other small terrorist organizations.

Mokastana Bureau of Secret Actions(Affairs)
Bureau de Actividad Secreta de Mokastana

The MBSA handles many things including Intelligence gathering, research, and political operations. The vast majority of its work is classified and considered state secrets. While the NIB and NP both run each other's internal investigations, there is no such external oversight of the MBSA due to the sensitive nature of the projects the MBSA has.

Divisions of MBSA:(note: this is not all of the divisions, just the most applicable)

VIP Division: Security for government officials and other important figures in Mokastana, including visiting ambassadors. While the 2nd Jaguar Elite Division supplies the infantry and military equipment for security the VIP Division supplies counter-espionage and specialized agents.
Intelligence Division: The branch of the MBSA that is in charge of all overseas Intelligence gathering. Operations include everything from espionage to regime change.
Special Operations Division: Purpose of the Spec Ops Division is be the arm and hammer of the Intelligence Division. While spies can get the information, these 'ghosts' are the ones who use it properly. Main styles of operation include: snatch and grab, assassination, extortions, target specific attacks, and others.
Biological Division:The Bio Division's purpose is to protect against chemical and biological attacks on Mokan Soil by any means necessary. Also in charge of all chemical/Biological weapons and research in Mokastana.
Oversight Division: Oversight is designed to check the MBSA for enemy spies/corruption within the MBSA, possibly even other organizations. All agents in this division are handpicked from other Divisions and receive specialized training for these operations.
Special Situations Division: Officially this Division is to handle 'Internal and External threats by unusual means'. A very broad term and this Division is the most difficult to get into, for reasons that do not officially exist.
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Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
-United Gordonopia

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We love you for it.
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Pre-Open border history(backstory)
Mokastana started out as a large Caribbean Island, while much of the history before Alex Zapata's Unification is lost there is enough to assume what happened.
in about 1400 the island had 36 different warlords vying for control, it is believed Columbus had landed on Mokastana but there is not real evidence to back that up, but the rumors say that he landed when the Viraxia tribe was being overran and fled the island.
In 1689 British colonial forces landed and fought against the remaing warlords, which is assumed to be between 12 and 15 at that time. The British exterminated most of the warlords but three remaining ones had formed an Alliance, calling themselves "pale's terror" they ransacked and killed many colonist, forcing the British to flee after 12 years of war. The reason was the king believed the resources of the island weren't worth the cost of maintaining it, or so they said.
During the war one of the warlords had been captured and after the exodus of British forces the two remaining warlords began to fight. The island civil war lead to the remaining indigenous population to over through the warlords and they eventually returned to a tribal lifestyle.
In 1790 The Spanish Empire had landed and quickly claimed the island for themselves. The locals had long forgotten their history of violent fighting and quickly was assumed into the Spanish empire. However in 1810 the island joined with Mexican Forces and rebelled and one against the spanish crown. This period became known as La viva Mexicana or in local dialect, The Mexican Life, the locals and Mexicans reproduced the race today known as Moka's of the island Mokostan, as it known as.
Unfortunately the Mexican instability of governments quickly turned the small nation into a death trap of political turmoil. Mokostan signed there independence in 1856 to try and escape the chaos of Mexico. Unfortunately many Moka's wished to remain Mexican and rebelled against this new government,starting the Mexican-Mokastan war.
The war ended in 1864 when Mexico, after losing many men to Guerrilla tactics gave them there independence. Immendiently the western portion declared independence from the Mokan Government. The First Mokostan civil war began, eventually leading many landowners to arm themselves against either faction. Soon the landowners and farmers formed the "People's Defensive Army" under the leadership of Alex Zapata. With growing support and constant attacks by either government Alex Eventually overthrew both governments and formed the first republic of Mokostan in 1872.
The republic swore to keep foreigners out and remain isolated. This government survived until 1906 when the first military coup occurred. This lead to many governments and regimes until 1936 when General Wata opened the borders to allow many Russian refugees escaping Stalin's Reign of terror.
General Wata formed the third Republic of Mokostan and Ruled until 1943.
When another period of Political instability rose. In 1976 the current dictator in power was assassinated leading to many of his aides to war between each other for the power over the island. In this Civil war the first few corporations of Mokostan formed the Mokostan Army of United Corporations (MAUC) to protect their interest. Soon after in 1978 the Mokostan's People's Army MPA, was formed by a Teacher/Socialist named Miguel Zapata, who is believed to be a descendant of Alex Zapata. In 1982 the remaining governments managed a Cease Fire that lasted until 1989 when war broke out again. Then in 1993 MAUC and the MPA were the only factions left. They both signed the Agreement of St. Alvido in 1995 promising peace between the two governments and democracy for everyone on the island. The northwestern was to be called Mokastan and the southern Mokastana

International History(Early Game history)

Birth of a Nation:The first Internationalist Civil War

In 2006 Field Marshall Anthony Durkin lead a coup against the Republic of Mokastan and invaded the south claiming was going to “free Mokostan of the weak conservatives and evil leftist.” However after much international support FM Durkin was overthrown and the republic of Mokastana assumed the Island. Which was renamed the Sovereign Socialist Nation of Mokastana.
This was the first war in which Mokastana had outside support in the ending of a civil war, this lead to the creation of embassies and many years to come of international Cooperation.

Fall of Serenity: Second Civil War

However peace was not held due to major insurgency problem, as the weak socailist government could not contain the ever growing revolutionary armies that had grown and prospered from the war. When the presidents’ flight was shot down he ordered martial law and civil unrest lead to civil war. However Mokan forces were assisting the prevention of a Genocide in Hexon, which resulted in failure. Mokastana was then attacked and the factions ceased fighting to defeat the outside enemy, Kroando, which ended in a defeat and surrender at sea. Soon after the public disowned the socialist government for surrendering and not offering protection and it stepped down resulting in the coup of Generalissimo Franco Martinez.

The Fascist years/Period of Expansion

The Rule of Franco Martinez was one of tyranny and genocide. His first act as Generalissimo was to rebuild the strength of Mokastana and create a powerhouse of the small island Nation. What he did was convert the largely jungle Nation into a minor industrial powerhouse. Factories were going up left and right, everyone had jobs and everyone was taken care of, those unemployed were promised that if they joined the army they would be taken care of. However he had plans to use them for his own goals. He then procceded to declare war on the small and agricultural nations of Mejico and quickly conquered them. Rebuilding the sense of pride Mokastana had lost to Kroando. However as Martinez's power grew so did his tyranny, he began persecution of socailist and non-party members. Mainly the socialist. This lead to a revolution in St. Alvido where a nuclear weapon was detonated, it is still unclear as to who is responsible for that, but after the assassination of Martinez a massive socailist/democratic uprising forced the government to step down.

Empire Conquest
see here for the downfall

Rise of the Confederacy/The second Civil War

During a National Conference lead by Nicolas Villa it was eventually determined that the best way to ensure security and unity of the Mokan nations was to form a Confederacy. The confederacy lived and worked for a while, however when the Mejican president decided that he would take advantage of Tatom to the north The Confederates was decided that they could not allow that. No military conflict occurred Inside the Confederacy the confederacy but Mokastana did gain California, new Mexico, and Arizona. However it did begin a downward spiral that would lead to the end of the Confederacy.

Decline and Fall of the Confederacy/ The Mejican Revolution

When Civil war broke out in Greal Mokan forces were deployed to help protect the national government as well as protect Mokan Interest in the area. However after deployment the Mecjican Revolution had begun. Mejican civilians, backed by a portion of the Mejican Army staged a revolution against the Confederacy to regain their independence. Many nations joined up to fight for both sides and both sides committed horrific war crimes, the city of Mejico was demolished. The Mokan Army was recalled out of Greal once it was determined that they could not fight both in Mejico and Greal. Of the four presidents of the Confederacy, one was dead, one was arrested for crimes against the Confederacy, one suffered a military coup and the other lead his private army to overthrow the remaining confederate government, Nicolas Villa of the Mokastana People's Army. After the war the independents surrendered to the MPA, and the MPA was forced to assume control of the nation, luckily with the support of the Generalissimos.

Regime Change and period of Dimplomacy

Under Nicolas Villa Mokastana had made many friends and enemies. Soon he decided that it was time for Mokastana to join up with foreign nations for mutual benefit. He signed Mokastana as part of the Fegosian Union and helped it become a mutual pact between nations with Alfegos as the leader, and Mokastana's primary trading parters outside of Verusa. After the Joining of the FU Mokastana soon joined the Scandinavian Confederacy, initial motives are merely speculative, however given the power of The Scandinavians many Political Scientist believe it was a move to ensure future peace between the nations.

On another note, after the Civil war Nicolas Villa had read reports on the war and learned that he no longer lead a revolutionary nation as he had always believed, on seeing this he resigned as president and soon another government was elected, many of the old leaders still ran their departments, such as the military, but most civilian positions were replaced.

The Greal Incident(s)

When The Peoples Freedom took over Greal Mokastana protested the war but did not engage in war. However when the new Republic came to be many Grealites were given permission to leave Greal by the Republic Government, Mokastana came in to escort the Refugees out. TPF forces gave an order to the Mokan fleet to leave and when they didnt a skirmish broke out between fleets. The Mokan Admiral surrendered after taking many hits out of fear of losing innocent lives. However before the surrender was issued Binarian forces had fired and some of their missiles did sink refugee ships, resulting in 814 Greali deaths. Eventually peace was worked out after Mokastana agreed to leave Greal alone and in returned gained back their ships and crew.

Greal/Mokan Relations:

After the Release of Greal from TPF control they had almost a month of stability followed by an invasion by Leocardia, which has caused quite a bit of problems in Mokan history, as you will find out as you continue to skim this over. The invasion of Greal by Leocardia had brought in many nations from both the Hegemony and allies to assist Greal in the counter attack, while the details of this war are long and chaotic; the end results were not to be forgotten. Mokastana had joined the Hegemony, perminate military installations in Greal were put up, the third Mokan embassy in Greal was being constructed, and war had broken out in The American Privateer.

further information on Greal/Mokan relations:

TAP war:

During the Leocardian/Greal war TAP forces had attacked the “technically” neutral ally of Leocardia, The North Baltic, resulting in an invasion of TAP. While modern intelligence shows that The North Baltic was going to assist Leocarida the attack gave them the international permission to come into the war. However Leocardia pulled out of Greal and then the alliance focused on TAP. When the space elevator fell on the TAP capital Mokan forces were launched to assist. Leading the charge was Primary Admiral Alex Franshaw, who died in the battle. In the seas of TAP was the largest naval battle in Mokan History, involving nations such as Leafistan, North Baltic and The Thorn vs. Dawood, Mokastana, Greal and TAP. While the total tonnage of ships sunk in the fighting will not be known it can easily be inferred that none of the nations here walked away uninjured. While nearly half the Mokan Alantic fleet was lost survivors point out that compared to the enemy fleet, ships were lost on about a 2 if not 3 to 1 basis, many thanking the wonders that came out of Lyras shipyards, such as the Longsword Class, who without those ships, the fleet would have been entirely wiped out.

While TAP did plunge into anarchy no formal peace treaty has been created

Reclamation of Juventud:

During the TAP war on the home front something was going on. First off, the island of Juventud, lost to Kroando during the second internationally effected civil war, was being watched very closely. Mokan forces had planned a recapture as a last option for ages, watching every nut and bolt that Kroando brought to that island. Rumor had it you couldn’t smoke a cigarette without the MBSA knowing about it. So when boats stopped coming from Kroando to support and cycle troops, the government noticed. Around the world Kroando forces had pulled out, or disappeared, leaving their colonies up to grabs. The island was reclaimed without hostilies and farmers are rebuilding thier long lost farms as the navy is using former kroando Bunkers in designing the modern naval Headquarters.

Rithaian Civil war

An ongoing civil war in Rithian has held 3 million Mokan troops in the former enemy of Mokastana, as revolutionaries tried to overthrow the “Rith” Government, it was determined to be in Mokastana’s interest to convert the former enemy into an ally via coup. Currently the situation vaguely resembles what some military historians call: “Korea” with two heavily armed sides and no one attacking across the “DMZ”

Government Acts:

Issue of Independence from the Unstable Nation of Mejico 1856
Original copy was destroyed during the civil war of 1943 by Militarist forces. No true accepted text exist.

Declaration of the People's Rebellion 1867
Original copy was destroyed during the civil war of 1943 by Militarist forces.
NOTE: While many copies(believed to be around 50) existed until 1943, only 3 exist today

Founding of the First Republic of Mokostan 1872
Original copy was destroyed during the civil war of 1943 by Militarist forces. No true accepted text exist.

Constitution of the First People's Government 1915
Original copy was destroyed during the civil war of 1943 by Militarist forces. No true accepted text exist.
NOTE: A portion surived and currently rest in the Museum of Our History

The King's Law ???
Original copy was destroyed during the civil war of 1943 by Militarist forces. However text was well known and many copies exist.

I hereby Decree, in the year ??? of our lord, that in the nature of sovereignty and peace in our fair Island, that the right of the People to bear firearms or weapons shall not be infringed. May the militias of the island work with our armies in time of peace and war to ensure peace, security and life and home for all Mokans.

Mokan Orthodox Church:
The Mokan Orthodox Church was founded in the 1860s during the political strife between the Mejico Region and Mokostan as an attempt to unify the island. While the vast majority of the Island was Christian, there were many variations of the views of the faith. Founded by a Pastor, this section is still under work.

Other Religons:
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Quotes about Mokastana:
Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
-United Gordonopia

Moka you are a land of pimps, prostitutes, drug lords, and corruption.
We love you for it.
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Character Bios:

Mokan Government:

Nicolas Villa, Current President/Revolutionary
Born 1960
Age 51
Campaigns- Farmers Rebellion, Political Wars (Socialist Solider/Commander/Politician)


1x First Medal of Honor- For service and commitment to the Socialist Workers Army
4x Blood Star- For paying in blood in the name of the Revolution
2x Revolutionary Heroism- For realizing the faults of the current Regime and facing overwhelming odds to combat it.
3x Red Star- For leadership and excellence combat ability demonstrated on the front
2x Example of the Revolution-(Highest SWA award) For leadership and heroism demonstrating what every revolutionary should strive for.
Numerous other awards

1956- Born in farm outside of St. Alvido on the Villa family Estate

1958- Charles Villa is born on the Family Estate

1969- At age 13, The Villa estate is burned down by Nationalist Forces. Father is killed defending the Estate, Charles and Nicolas survive due to shopping in St. Alvido market during the attack. Receive Refugee Status by Militarist forces.
1971- At age 15 Charles and Nicoals run away from home to join a Socialist Faction promising a bright future for farmers and families.

1972- He meets Ema, his future wife in a guerilla camp, and David Billard, fellow revolutionary

1975- (January)At age 19 Nicolas marries Ema Fortune

1977- Nicolas has one son named David Villa in honor of family friend David Billard later that year

1978- (Janurary)The Mokostan's People's Army (MPA) is formed by a teacher named Alex Zapata, Charles and Nicolas join later that year(April).
(November) Due to success and age Charles and Nicolas are promoted to Field Commanders of the Northern Guerilla Campains

1979- (May)Traitor gives an enemy faction the location of Villa family village. Attack destroys village, Ema and child are murdered. Nicolas goes rouge.

1979-1982 Three year gap in history on one knows about. Numerous officer deaths and attacks on Mokstana City attributed to him.

1982-(June) Socialist assault on Mokastana City, Nicolas successfully blows up Presidential Palace on his own with stolen explosives. Nicolas found taking pop shots at soldiers in a tower waiting to be killed. Rescued by Charles and brought back to a Socialist Base.
(August)Political Wars end with Peace Treaty Between the MPA, Generalissimo Vulgar’s Army, Mokastana Army of United Corperations (MAUC) and two other factions.
(September) At age 26 Nicolas goes into hiding, at the remains of the Villa family estate. Refusing to acknowledge the world around him, with his family dead, revolution failed, he stays a simple farmer.

1983-Unoffical records show an attempted suicide, prevented by fellow unnamed soldier. Nicolas admitted to hospital for help

1984- Released from hospital and formally retires from the military, despite being the second highest ranked officer in the MPA. Returns to farm life.

1989- Political Wars begin again, Nicolas is called in to help rebuild the MPA, he formally turns down the offer

1990- Villa Farm attacked, Nicolas organizes resistance and takes a bullet for his nephew George Villa. Afterwards joins the MPA to ensure his family is safe once more

1992- Leads attack onto Santa Cruz with Charles as second in Command. Allows 12 prisoners from a MAUC company to return to their lines rather than executing them, a sign showing he began to feel human again

1995- Peace Treaty splits the nation in half between the MAUC and the MPA, both form separate nations and begin rebuilding the nation. Nicolas is one of the top Generalissimo’s of the MPA but attempts to retire once more at age 39.

2000- David Billard appoints Nicolas Foreign Minister, to help create a strong international organization for when Mokastana greets other nations.

2006- War breaks out, All high MPA command and President David Billard killed in the war, Nicolas and Charles forces to assume control of a broken nation/ Nicolas turns down presidency to allow a Dugal to take the place.

2007 and on- Various smaller conflicts and political turnmoil has left Nicolas practically President for Life of the Federation. At age 56 (2009) Nicolas abandoned the seat of President to train military forces for the eventual invasion of Blackhelm Confederacy.

Charles Villa, Foreign Minister, brother to Nicolas, Revolutionary
Born 1962
Campaigns- Political wars,
Bio-preferred weapon 9mm fully automatic pistol

Miguel Castro, Head of the Fegosian Union Trading Commission
Born 1969
Age 40
Campaigns- Political Wars (conservative soldier), First International Civil War(Conservative Militia),
The Corporate Honor- For bravery and heroics commanding his squadron in the Battle of Santa Cruz, capturing strategic positions to protect the retreat against overwhelming odds.

The Service Pin - For paying with flesh and blood to the duty of Capitalism and the Company

Revolutionary Heroism- For realizing the faults of the current Regime and facing overwhelming odds to combat it.

1969- Born in La Fe on Juventud Island

1987- At age 16, is elected out of conscription by being selected for higher education under the short lived government of the the Northern Republic of Mokostana. He begins classes in Ecomic Theory at the Private University of Mokan Arms.

1990-At age 19, the political wars spills into the Private University of Mokan Arms, where it is bombed by socialist terrorist. Voluntary Joins the Mokan Arms Army, who unites with other Major Companies to form the Mokostana's Armies of United Corporations

1992- Battle of Santa Cruz, where his squad is cut off from main lines by both Anarchist and Socialist factions. After days of starving and fighting, the remaining 12 men of his Company make it back to MAUC lines. Receives numerous medals from parent Company.

1995- Peace talks split the island in half, The Northern Capitalist Republic of Mokastan, and the Southern Socialist Nation of Mokastana. Drops out of military duty to continue study International trade, only at Mokastan United University.

1999-Graduates with Masters in International trade and has bachelors in Economic Theory and Business. Begins work as a trade consultant for various Mokan Firms.

2003-The Castro plan is signed into law. This plan allows for free trade with neighboring Mexican nations, however due to products and abilities, all trade is designed to give Mokan Firms the upper hand.

2006-First International Civil war Breaks out after a Field Marshall declares a coup and invades the southern republic. Miguel responds by joining the Conservative Militias to fight the military regime from behind enemy lines. However the militias were overlooked and often ineffective. Resulting in capture by militarist forces. By the end of the war international efforts overthrow the militarist and Castro is awarded the medal of Revolutionary Heroism, being on of the key members in the militias.

2007- Under the socialist government Miguel goes into politics to try and gain support for a more conservative government. By 2008 the Conservative party puts him up front for the presidential candidate.

2008- During the first conference of the Fegosian Union, Miguel is recommended as the Trading Commissioner due to his record. By accepting the position Miguel is removed from the presidential race, essentially splitting the conservative vote and allowing Nicolas Villa to become President once more.

Steven Francisco, Head of MBSA
Campaigns- First International War,

Mokan Military:

General Manuel Diego, Leader of the Socialist Worker’s Party
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Mejican Civil war(homefront)

Jorge Gonzalez Leader of the World Proletariat Revolutionary Party(Mokastana)
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Fall of Serenity,
Bio(fought Kroando, controlled the military when the war occurred)

Generalissimo Ivan Canarias, Generalissimo Major of the Mokan Military/Head of Military Adviser Board
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Fall of Serenity, Mejican revolution, Sasha One(the incident), Greal Communist Uprising , Red Skull War, Third Greal Commie Uprising, Greal-Leocardia War, A War of Vengeance, Rithian Campaign,
Bio-SAW squad support weapon

Generalissimo Juan Dugal, Commander of the 10th Army/Sur Regional Defense
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, First Bolivian Uprising, Second Bolivian Uprising,
Bio- Desert Eagle .50 Caliber magnum

Generalissimo Yuri Gorbechov, Commander of the 8th Army, Headquaters in Sasha, Greal
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Sasha One(the incident), Greal Communist Uprising , Red Skull War, Third Greal Commie Uprising, Greal-Leocardia War
Bio-Thomson machine gun

Generalissimo Anthony Durkin, Commander of the 4th Army, Mejico Regional Defense
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Tatom Conquest, Rithian Campaign
Bio- duel .45 pistols

General Robert Sway, Commander of 1st Corps 8th Army, Sasha Security
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Red Skull War, Greal-Leocardia war,
Bio- crazy, likes classical music, preferred weapon: sawed off shotgun, wears like a pistol

Generalissimo Antonio Martinez, Commander of the 5th Army
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War,

General Leon Turner, Commander 1st Marines Corps
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War,

Primary Admiral Jesus Consuelo, Commander of the Fleets, Member of the Military Advisory Board
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War,

Air Marshall Jesus Manuel, Commander of MOPAD, Member of Military Advisory Board
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War,

Admiral Miguel Peron(Atlantic Fleet)
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Second Cyncian War

Admiral Jorge Fernando(Pacific Fleet)
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War, Second Cyncian War
Bio-Former primary Admiral, gave up Juventud position for life at home in the Pacific

Major Albert Cruz, Bio Division MBSA
Campaigns-Welcome to the Jungle

Sergeant Minor Alexis Cruz 8th Battalion,Hell's Angels 2nd marine division

Montana Incorperated:

Antonio Montana, CEO of Montana Inc

Nicoli Kuskev, Montana Inc

Joseph Jovanovich Head of Security, Montana Inc

Emilio Cortez, Commander of the Offensive Security Forces, Montana Inc

Eva Lomengo, VP of Public Relations, Montana Inc

Mokan Civilian:

George Villa, Son of Charles Villa, husband of Shino Villa, co-Leader of AHSCA,
Campaigns- Political wars, First International War,
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Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
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Moka you are a land of pimps, prostitutes, drug lords, and corruption.
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Montana Inc

Quotes about Mokastana:
Trust the Mokans to be armed even when among their allies

The fact that the Mokans hadn't faced the same fate was a testament to their preparedness, or perhaps paranoia
-United Gordonopia

Moka you are a land of pimps, prostitutes, drug lords, and corruption.
We love you for it.
-The Scandinvans

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