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Australian Asia
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Australian Asia

Postby Australian Asia » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:08 pm

From today the Confederacy of Australian Asia is fully independent - last australian soldier has left the territory of our country. Our police and army now fully control the territory of our country. Because of this fact, we would like to somehow introduce our nation.

Prime minister: George Mahmud Wahidam
Minister for Foregin Affairs: Abdul Muhhamad
Defence minister: John Wei-Ban
Social minister: Phoumi Larsen
Economy minister: Nguyen Lien Son

Confederacy consist nine republics, one federation, one sultanate and one autonomical region:

*Socialist Republic of Vietnam
*Democratic Republic of Laos
*Republic of Cambodia
*Republic of Burma
*Republic of Thailand
*Republic of Indonesia
*Republic of China (that consist Hainan and Taiwan)
*Democratic Republic of Philippines
*Republic of Singapore
*Brunei Sultanate
*Republic of Malaysia (changed status)
*Autonomical Republic of East Timor

Our army is 0,75% of population:
0,35% - land army
0,10% - air force
0,30% - navy

Brief history:
South-east Asia since last 15 years was torn with wars. United Nations decided to intervene. Australia began to occupy these terrains. To prevent the wars, foregin republics were united into one country, called Confederacy of Australian Asia. The Temporary Government were created, as it is now. First elections will be in September.

Muslim - 34%
Atheism - 21%
Buddhism - 19%
Hinduism - 12%
Catholicism - 8%
Protestant Reformers - 4%
Other - 2%
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Democratic Socialists

Re: Australian Asia

Postby AHSCA » Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:15 pm

We of the United Island States of AHSCA want to congratulate you for your independence and wish you a prosperous future.
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