Laws in your nation

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Laws in your nation

Postby Albul » Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:15 pm

How are laws handled in your nation? Are laws illegal in your nation? Does the ruler send out a decree for all to follow? Is there a parliamentary process?

In Albul, laws are handled by a legislative branch known as Parliament. There are unicameral Municipal Parliaments and Regional Parliaments, which are filled with elected representatives that write and vote on laws. These laws are then passed to their respective council (Local or Regional) for approval and review. If the law passes, then it must be enforced within the council's jurisdiction. If the law is vetoed, then the parliament may pass the law with a 3/4 vote. If a law is deemed unconstitutional by a judge, then it is annulled.

A similar process goes for the national government only with a bicameral National Parliament, split into the Senate and the National Assembly. Both the Senate and the Assembly must agree on a law before it may pass for review into the Albul Council. The Albul Council review and discuss the law. If the President of the Albul Council passes the law, then the law goes into effect throughout all of Albul. If the President vetoes the law, then the National Parliament must have 3/4 of votes in favor of the law in order to pass the law. The law may be repealed either by a plebiscite vote or through a Albul Supreme Court judge.

Often, there are committees that start the process of a law by asking representatives to make a law.
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The Iberian Peoples
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Postby The Iberian Peoples » Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:53 pm

Iberia is a Soviet Democracy, all political power (executive, legislative and judicial) belongs to the Soviets.

People directly participate in their workplace and local Soviets, and they directly elect representatives to their State Soviet. Every State Soviet elects a number of delegates to the Supreme Soviet, with every Delegate being subject to recall to make sure they carry out the wishes of their electors.

It's a very indirect system, but it's very accountable: A proposal reaches the Supreme Soviet, it's debated on all levels and the decision of the masses is transmitted up the pyramid through Imperative Mandate.

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