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The Allied Republics (FT, Factbook - Kiruri)

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by Kiruri
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The Allied Republics
The Vardune Kingdom
The Kiruri Republic
Hotu Kingdom
Dagomei Federation
The Theocratic Kingdom of Tenvahr
Mi'í Republic
Vanadune Republic


The Allied Republics is a collection of seven autonomous nations (which make up a total of 10 planetary systems) located within the Milky Way Galaxy (Delta). It was established firstly as a loose alliance (Nino Aracatá Alliance) between the three strongest forces that fought during the Kiruri Civil War and subsequent wars of succession, which sought to protect and prevent the millennial Kiruri Empire from collapsing. After the destructive wars, the alliance disbanded and the Kiruri Empire was reestablished as a vassal of the Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia (KEX). Emperor Vulpe, 5 years after being crowned, voluntarily dissolved his empire and thus released it from its treaty obligations to the Kitsune. Thereafter, the Allied Republics rose up, which are protectorates of the KEX as a whole. The Allied Republics' Charter consolidated the union of the seven ( out of 8 ) independent nations that arose from the Empire's ashes. The Allied Republics has been in existence for 20 turbulent years.


Statistics and General Information:
*Official Name: The Allied Republics
*Common Name(s): The Alliance
*Government: Democracy
*Current Speaker of the Alliance (Head of State and Government): Morgyyk Kahn
*Capital: New Vardune City, Kiruria
*Official Language: Kiruri Basic, Mayok, Korrian, Rusani, Galactic Basic Standard, Hotu, Tchiscapi Trade Language (all languages are written in aurebesh)
*Official Currency: Alliance Cedi (Image)

*Total Population: 95.365.129.009 (95,36 billion)

Racial Demographics and Related Data
*10% Rusani (Human)
*27% Hotui
*6% Dagomeisi
*10% Kiruri (Vulpes Lagopus)
*35% Korrian
*5% Mayoki
*5% Tchiscapi
*1% Xiscapian
*1% Other

Language Distribution:
Native Speakers
*30% Kiruri Basic
*7% Mayok
*15% Korrian
*6% Rusani
*4% Galactic Basic Standard
*27% Hotu
*6% Tchiscapi
*5% Other

Note: Most inhabitants are either multilingual (3+ languages) (25%) or bilingual (65%)

Religious Distribution:
*30% Followers of Sanagaí
*35% Hotu Traditions
*15% Others
*20% irreligious

[*]Xiscapia's wonderful factbook. Thanks for also helping with the brief introduction and with establishing TAR's background ^.^
[*]Alversia's unique factbook
[*]Huerdae's awesome and painfully long factbook

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by Kiruri
The Vardune Kingdom


The Vardune Kingdom is the direct remnant of the former Kiruri Empire. The Kingdom is the smallest member of the alliance; limited to the Kiruria System and the distant Mistofeyia System. It is a constitutional monarchy with its capital established on Kachiria by the last member of House Da'taal (the former ruling house of the Kiruri Empire). Its current monarch is King Vulpe of House Moro.


Statistics and General Information:
*Official Name: The Vardune Kingdom
*Common Name(s): Kingdom of the Kiruri
*Government: Constitutional Monarchy
*Current King (Head of State): King Vulpe of House Moro
*Current Speaker of the People's Council (Head of Government): Maga Seto
*Capital: Kachiria, Kiruria

*Total Population: 6.867.150.599 (6,86 billion)

Racial Demographics and Related Data
*3% Rusani (Human)
*3% Hotui
*2% Dagomeisi
*80% Kiruri (Vulpes Lagopus)
*1% Korrian
*5% Mayoki
*4% Tchiscapi
*2% Xiscapian/Other

Language Distribution:
Native Speakers
*80% Kiruri Basic
*2% Mayok
*2% Korrian
*6% Rusani
*2% Galactic Basic Standard
*2% Hotu
*6% Tchiscapi

Systems owned: 2 (Kiruria and Mistofeyia System)

Kiruria System (Delta Quadrant):
[*]Total Population: 5.510.150.599 (5,51 billion)

Moons: 3 (Meto Kiruria, Santuria, Curridabatia)
Rotation period: 18 standard hours
Orbital period: 563 local days

Climate: Cold, Arctic, Tundra
Primary terrain: Mountains, Frozen rivers, lakes and seas, frozen plains.
Water: 58% (45% frozen year-round, 9% unfrozen during summer, 3% unfrozen year round, 1% hot springs or underground)
Former Major Cities:
+Royal City of the Kiruri (currently City of Ruins, inhabited)
+Old Vardune (currently Vardune Ruins, inhabited)
+Uliakia (abandoned/uninhabited)
Major Cities:
+Kachiria (capital)
+New Vardune City (Formerly Vistrion Spaceport)
+New Xiscapia (Formerly Milion's Head Spaceport)
-Capital City: Kachiria
-Largest City: Kachiria
Planetary Defence Systems: 3000 Orbital defence Platforms (ODP Baku 2), 1 Allied Republics Navy HQ Orbital Fortress.

Major Exports: Manufactured goods, Medicinal Products, Ores and other mined material.

Kiruria was the capital of the Kiruri Empire and it currently serves as capital of The Allied Republics and The Vardune Kingdom. The Kiruria planet is also home to the Kiruri species. Once a world of temperate and even tropical climate, it changed dramatically by the time the Kiruri appeared (though scientists are still unsure why this happened). It was one of the most valuable worlds of the empire, however, it suffered significant destruction during the civil wars. It does not have much vegetation but it does have a respectable amount of unique biodiversity. This nation was once in constant need of foodstuffs for its ever growing population but it is currently self sufficient (thanks to government sponsored agriculture programs). Its moons are all habitable, with planet-like qualities. The moon, Meto Kiruria, is an ecumenopolis (a moon-wide city) but does not belong to the Vardune Kingdom.

Moons: 2 (Sisuqepia, Jijugú)
Rotation period: 12 standard hours
Orbital period: 165 standard days

Climate: Frigid
Primary terrain: Mountains, Frozen rivers, lakes and seas, tundra, underground lakes, caves.
Water: 49% (19% frozen year-round, 20% unfrozen, 10% underground)
Major Cities:
+Mi'él Spaceport
+Monomo City (Formerly Morok Spaceport)
+Royal City of Sororia (Formerly Duneèspa)
-Capital City: Royal City of Sororia
-Largest City: Monomo City
Planetary Defense Systems: 2000 Orbital defense Platforms (ODP Baku 2)
Major Exports: Mined products, Foodstuffs, raw material, electronic components and other high tech products.

Sororia is perhaps the richest and most developed out of all the Kiruri home planets. Its largest city, Monomo, once was the most transited in the entire Kiruri Empire. Apart from its wealth, the planet is also quite attractive to the non-kiruri citizen due to its warmer climate and more cosmopolitan vibe. Monomo City also hosts the HQ's of many large corporations. During the Civil Wars, the planet was heavily bombarded, which damaged much of its infrastructure.

Moons: 5 (Neista, Deil, Resumia, Sasumia, Maanaan)
Rotation period: 26 standard hours
Orbital period: 380 local days

Climate: Varied, Colder as one reaches the polar regions
Primary terrain: Mountains, rivers, flatland, caves.
Water: 76% (50% saltwater, 24% freshwater, 2% underground. NOTE: 90% freshwater and underground water polluted, 85% other waters polluted)
Former Major Cities:
+Buhtuno (abandoned/uninhabited)
+Viv'aj'túli (Viv'aj Ruins/uninhabited)
+Ancorga (Ancorga Ruins/uninhabited)
+Simbermaa City (on the moon Resumia. Ruins/uninhabited)
Major Cities:
+New Buhtuno
+Royal City of Desumia
+Moro Spaceport (Formerly Sam'bejmel Spaceport)
+New Ancorga
+Dutuung Mekel
-Capital City: Royal City of Desumia
-Largest City: Dutuung Mekel
Planetary Defense Systems: 2000 Orbital defense Platforms (ODP Baku 2)
Major Exports: Foodstuffs, raw material, Various mined ores, Processed Foodstuffs, Luxury Items.

Desumia is one of the most Industrialized planets of the kingdom. It is also one of the least populated in the system, due to its extreme pollution and the significant destruction it suffered during the Civil War. Resumia, one of the planet's moons, was once covered by its only city, Simbermaa, however, the city was heavily bombarded and the moon itself is considered hazardous for all forms of life due to that bombardment. The government's efforts to clean the planet and the moon have not proven effective but plans are set in motion to continue with a planet wide clean-up.

Mistofeyia System (Delta Quadrant):
[*]Total Population:357.000.000 (357 million)

Moons: 2 (Mistofeyia, Akáa)
Rotation period: 34 standard hours
Orbital period: 241 standard days

Climate: Warm, humid, tropical.
Primary terrain: Mountains, dense jungle, lakes, rivers, swamps
Water: 60% (50% freshwater, 10% saltwater)
Major Cities:
+New Fanntang Colony
+Mistofey City
+Caanyu Colony
+Chá'taun Outpost
+Lío Colony
-Capital City: Mistofey City
-Largest City: Mistofey City
Planetary Defense Systems: 1600 Orbital defense Platforms (ODP Baku 2)
Major Exports: Raw material, bio-toxins, Ores, Minerals, Spices.

Mistofeyia, in the Kiruri language, means "home of the unknown" and it is exactly what this system is. Perhaps the most remote territory of the Allied Republics and the least populated of the Vardune Kingdom, Feyucamii, a complete backwater planet, is rich in minerals, ores and spices that are extremely difficult to access due to the hostility of the world's natural environment and fauna. Most factories and mining operations are set up on one of its two moons due to the planet's extreme conditions and what population centers there are tend to be insulated and inhabited by hardy settlers with few creature comforts. Despite this, Xiscapian corporations currently survey the planet, as they are interested in its untapped resources. The fringe nature of Feyucamii, combined with its low security and dangerous ecosystem, has made it an attractive hideout for criminal groups and, in recent times, terrorists.

During the Civil War it was the loyalists' hideout and main base of operations.
(thanks Xis for writing that summary ^.^)

There are a few ruins scattered throughout the surface of one of Feyucamii's moons. Nothing more is known about these strange ruins other than the fact that they exist and are not natural formations./spoiler]

[spoiler=Government]The Kingdom is officially a constitutional monarchy with its current monarch being King Vulpe of House Moro.

According to Section 12 of the Constitution of Vardune:
Subject to the limitations laid down in this Constitution Act the King shall have the supreme authority in all the affairs of the Realm, and he shall exercise such supreme authority through the Ministers.

The ultimate executive authority over the government is still by and through the monarch's royal reserve powers; in practice these powers are only used according to laws enacted by the People's Council (legislative assembly).

Royal powers are exercised by the Speaker of the People's Council (an office elected by the legislative assembly) and the Cabinet (appointed by the King).

The office of Head of Government (Speaker of the People's Council) is formally elected by the People's Council and must be approved by the King. The Speaker of the People's Council presides over a cabinet that is formally appointed by the Monarch and is "first among equals".

The current Speaker of the People's Council is Maga Seto.

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The Kiruri Republic


The Kiruri Republic has its origins during the civil war and has been able to position itself as the most prosperous of the "Kiruri" nations. Its capital is Meto Kiruria, the ecumenopolis moon orbiting Kiruria, It was the former capital of the Kiruri Empire during the Civil War.


Statistics and General Information:
*Official Name: The Kiruri Republic
*Common Name(s): Meto Kiruria
*Government: Presidential republic
*Current President (Head of State and Government): Allulo Krioth
*Capitol: Government Sector, Meto Kiruria

Racial Demographics and Related Data
*Rusani (Human)
*Kiruri (Vulpes Lagopus)

Language Distribution:
Native Speakers
*80% Kiruri Basic
*2% Mayok
*2% Korrian
*1% Rusani
*7% Galactic Basic Standard
*2% Hotu
*6% Tchiscapi

Systems owned:

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by Kiruri
Hotu Kingdom

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by Kiruri
Dagomei Federation

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by Kiruri
The Theocratic Kingdom of Tenvahr

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by Kiruri
Mi'í Republic

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by Kiruri
Vanadune Republic

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+*+*+The Allied Republics+*+*+

"Onward, toward prosperity"

~~ Government ~~

Location: New Vardune City, Kiruria

Executive Branch

- Speaker of the Alliance: Morgyyk Kahn
- Vice Speaker: Elilo Koy

Legislative Branch

- Council of the Alliance

Judicial Branch

- Supreme Court of The Alliance
* Chief Justice: Boruca Vihns

Government and Administration of The Allied Republics

It is a representative democracy, composed of seven autonomous nations bound by the Allied Republics' Charter. The central government is composed of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The first branch is the Alliance Council, an entity consisting of elected or appointed representatives from each planet. Its main duties include mediating disputes between member nations, regulating trade between the Alliance and foreign powers, declaring war, establishing diplomatic ties with sovereign nations and in theory, representing the interests of all its citizens.


Alliance Council Building, New Vardune City.

Executive powers are vested in the Office of The Speaker of The Alliance. Its leader, The Speaker of The Alliance, is elected from among the members of the Alliance Council. The holder of the title of speaker is the leader of the Alliance Council and overall representative of the Allied Republics as well as head of government and head of The Allied Republics Diplomatic Corps.

The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court of The Alliance and the lower System Courts. The Supreme Court is composed of twelve justices, one of whom holds the leadership position of Chief Justice; "the first among equals" elected by those twelve justices.

The government is located in New Vardune City on Kiruria (a city under The Vardune Kingdom's jurisdiction).

Member nations are allowed to determine their own form of government and its structure independent from that of the Alliance's, however, the Alliance Charter (which includes a section dedicated to the Rights of All Sentient Beings) must be ratified and held above each nation's own constitution.

Citizenship is only granted by the Allied Republics and not by individual member nations; as such, there are only citizens of the Allied Republic. Regardless of the form of government adopted by the member nations, all citizens are allowed to vote for Alliance elections (such as that for the Council).

Law Enforcement:

Member nations do not have their own independent law enforcement, rather, the government of the Allied Republics is tasked with enforcing both nations' individual laws and alliance laws. They are funded and administered directly by the Alliance.

Status of Religion:

Freedom of Religion is guaranteed to all citizens. Despite this, the Alliance actively promotes atheism and limits most religious activities.

Internal Affairs Department:

Colloquially known as "The Department", it is a somewhat notorious government entity borrowed from the Xiscapian Empire (based off the Xiscapian Internal Bureau). It is tasked with tax collection, conducting an bi-annual censuses and maintaining a population database (through its sub-department: Census and Information Recollection Agency) and identifying and neutralizing threats to the Alliance within its borders. They are also tasked with evaluating, approving and banning propaganda in accordance to the laws which heavily regulate advertisements and related propaganda.

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Humans and Alien Races

This is a list and description of most of the sentient beings that populate The Allied Republics.

Vulpes Lagopus
(plural: Kiruri)

The Kiruri species, known scientifically as Vulpes Lagopus, is a fox-like people native to the Kiruria System. The species retains the up-right posture common to most humanoids aliens. They are covered, from head to toe, with deep thick fur which is brown during the summer months and white in winter. There is no visible skin (perhaps due to the fact that their natural habitat is cold and frigid) except for on the nose, however, it has been established that for more than a millennium and a half the Kiruri purposefully shaved their fur off completely from specific areas of their body (namely the abdomen and chest) while maintaining certain areas trimmed. The Kiruri have, by nature, a rounded body shape. With proper exercise, this can be changed to more toned appearances. The species also has significant athletic capabilities such as greater speed and agility, among others. It is important to note that the Kiruri have significantly developed senses, including hearing, smelling, and sight.

A Kiruri Kit sleeping

The Kiruri are also great at hand to hand combat due to their physiology. They have developed various unique combat styles that only Kiruri are capable of using.

Kiruri are almost always white furred (with fur that changes color according to the season). Despite this, there are some variations when it comes to fur color. Some light grey fur colors have been observed as well as colors which are strictly brown (without changing). Baby Kiruri (known as Kits) are born with their full fur coat and characteristic color changing properties right from the get-go. Very few Kiruri have a set of different and unique physical traits, such as changing eye colors (from light blue to light green). The only known Kiruri that have these unique properties are some members of the Da'taal lineage, including the Queen of The Vardune Kingdom.

The Kiruri, in order to better adapt to their traditional cold environment, have developed traits such as deep, thick fur (which can be trimmed as needed) and a system of counter-current heat exchange in the circulation of the paws to retain core temperature, among others. They also have 'furry paws', which are paws cushioned and warmed by extra fur.






Scent glands:

The tail is perhaps the most prominent feature of the Kiruri. Its length is usually 35 to 40% of total body length for males and 34 to 38% for females.

It has been argued that the Kiruri species had originally two tails of same length but it is unknown why this trait lost prominence or if its gene is still within the species' gene pool. There hasn't been a Kiruri with more than one tail since the start of recorded history.

The tail is easily manipulated, so much so that kits are able to control it even before they fully develop control over their other extremities. The Kiruri's tail is not significantly strong, however, it can wrap around certain objects and lift them if not too heavy.

Contrary to what one may think, the tail plays no significant role in Kiruri body language.

Kiruri are naturally very sexually active, and this is especially true during periods of "sexual heat". Despite having "periods of sexual heat", there is no such thing as a mating season. These periods of sexual heat usually last 2 to 3 months (but longer periods of even 5 months have been recorded). During these period, sexual desires intensify and females as well as males tend to be more fertile than usual. In most individuals, their senses intensify and their pleasure receptors become more efficient. It is perhaps due to their sexual openness and natural periods of heat that the Kiruir are commonly viewed as a hedonistic sexually driven race, but contrary to this common belief, Kiruri are strictly monogamous (once one has decided to settle down with his or her mate). This monogamous attitude is not only cultural, but biological as well. Scientists have discovered that once a Kiruri finds his or her mate, they produce a hormone which intensifies pleasure and positive emotions when around their significant other.

Almost 90% of the Kiruri population considers itself fully bisexual and this has been shown to be true throughout the race's history as artifacts, scripts, paintings, etc, depict sexual and romantic same-sex scenarios (mostly male-male).

Gestation Period: 8 months

Females usually give birth to one kit, however, twins and triplets are not uncommon and in recent decades their incidence has increased. Quartets or higher numbers of offspring are completely unheard of and there is no historical evidence that there have ever been more than triplets.

Kits are born blind, toothless and fully furred. They're capable of hearing after the first trimester of development. Kits begin teething after three months of life. They typically feed on breast milk for the first year. After the first year, they can switch to solid food.

It is impossible for male humans to produce offspring with Kiruri as females produce natural spermicide (hostile only to human sperm) that covers the entire uterus. Offspring from male Kiruri and female humans have not been produced in all recorded history and it is unknown why fertile kiruri males cannot impregnate fertile human females.

Currently, the only other species with which the Kiruri can produce an offspring is with the Xiscapian Kitsune.

Kiruri have the capacity to digest both plant and animal foodstuffs and as such are naturally omnivorous. They can also live a completely herbivore or carnivore diet.

Historically, the species had been able to fully digest raw meat, however, due to an unknown genetic mutation, this is no longer possible. Meat has to be thoroughly cooked for a Kiruri to properly digest it.

Body Language:

Xiscapian Kitsune:
Please refer to this article for a complete description.

Also known as the Vulpes Vulpes, this race comes originally from the Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia. They are somewhat similar to the Kiruri and a Kiruri may even be mistaken for an Xiscapian Kitsune, however, they have significant differences and are not related to one another.
A Vulpes Vulpes male

There was Xiscapian presence in the Kiruri Empire before the Civil War, namely individuals going into hiding, escaping imprisonment or evading death. Within this group is The Syndicate, an Xiscapian criminal organisation. However, some of those first Xiscapians returned to their places of origin once the wars ended. As for The Syndicate, it is unknown what their status within TAR currently is. Some records and documents hint at Syndicate involvement during the Civil War, supplying the loyalists.

King Vulpe, as emperor of the Kiruri, invited Xiscapians into the nation with the hopes of repopulating and rebuilding some sectors, particularly during the first few years of his reign.

Currently, Xiscapian business investment is encouraged with some businesses evaluating possible exploration and development of resource rich remote planets. There is also a fairly large population of adventurers and scavengers exploring the sector and finding and selling various things that were lost during the war.

Some soldiers that came during the Civil War have settled down as well, and there are those currently deployed with their families. Xiscapians in TAR range from officials and soldiers, criminals and businessmen, to thrill-seekers and average Joes who are putting their lives back together.
(*Thanks Xis)

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by Kiruri

This is a list and description of most of the languages used within The Allied Republics.

Due to the large number of different languages used throughout the entire nation, the pertaining authorities have decreed that all officially recognized languages must use, in their written form, the Aurebesh alphabet.

Kiruri Language:

Also known as Kiruri Basic, it is the most spoken native language in the entire nation, with around 30% (22.609.538.702 individuals) of the total population.

It has suffered extreme changes throughout its entire existence and has been directly influenced by many other languages and cultures. The most significant influence on the Kiruri language comes directly from Rusani.

It is generally divided into four historical periods: Ancient Kiruri, Old Kiruri, Middle Kiruri and Modern.

Ancient Kiruri:

Old Kiruri:

Middle Kiruri:


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+*+*+The Allied Republics National Defense Force+*+*+
"Through Adversity to the Stars"

~~ Basic Information ~~

Service Branches:
*Army of the Alliance
*Alliance Naval Forces
*Military Health Service

HQ: Meto Kiruria, Kiruria


- Commander-in-Chief: Morgyyk Kahn
- Commander of the AR-NDF: Cait Siit

The Allied Republics National Defense Force

The Allied Republics National Defense Force, also known as AR-NDF, comprises the nation's army, navy and military health service. The Speaker of The Alliance is the one responsible for naming the commander of the AR-NDF and the commander is accountable directly to the Speaker.

The AR-NDF was established soon after the creation of The Allied Republics.

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Alliance Naval Forces

Captial Ships
Manufacturer: Tamaar Naval Industries
Class: Battlecruiser
Length: 2200 meters
Crew: 1485
Speed Rating:
FTL Drive Rating: Class 1

6x Long Range Heavy Ion Cannon
35x Dual Heavy Ion Cannon
1000x Point-defense lasers
850x Flak guns
350x torpedo tubes
250x missiles batteries
Starfighter/Other Compliment:
1200x starfighters
200x Drop ships
100x shuttles
Assault Troops Compliment: 15,500
Numbers in Existence: 40

Sub-Captial Ships
Manufacturer: Tamaar Naval Industries
Class: Cruiser / Frigate
Length: 1000 meters
Crew: 950
Speed Rating:
FTL Drive Rating: Class 1

4x Heavy Turbolaser Cannon
35x Twin Turbolaser Cannon
15x Light Turbolaser turrets
35x Point-defense lasers
4x Light Ion Cannon
1x Long Range Heavy Ion Cannon
300x missile launchers
Starfighter/Other Compliment:
60x starfighters
15x Drop ships
10x shuttles
Assault Troops Compliment: 2,500
Numbers in Existence: 480

Manufacturer: Tamaar Naval Industries
Class: Cruiser
Length: 680 meters
Crew: 1,250
Speed Rating:
FTL Drive Rating: Class 1.5

4x Gravity Well Projector
6x Medium Turbolaser turrets
20x Point-defense lasers
40x torpedo tubes
64x missiles batteries
Starfighter/Other Compliment:
25x starfighters
5x shuttles
Assault Troops Compliment: 3,500
Numbers in Existence: 150

Manufacturer: Tamaar Naval Industries
Class: Missile Cruiser
Length: 550 meters
Crew: 350
Speed Rating:
FTL Drive Rating: Class 2

4x Light Turbolaser turrets
200x torpedo tubes
300x missile launchers
Starfighter/Other Compliment:
12x starfighters
2x shuttles
Assault Troops Compliment: 300
Numbers in Existence: 125

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Economic Information

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Very Important People

Queen Ashika of House Moro-Da'taal

A younger Queen Ashika
Daughter of the last Kirurian Emperor and prominent leader of the Loyalist faction during the Civil Wars that followed the fall of the Kiruri Empire, she currently serves as Queen of the Vardune Kingdom. Queen Ashika is married to King Vulpe of House Moro.