The Empire of Whoseit and Whatnot welcomes you!

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The Empire of Whoseit and Whatnot welcomes you!

Postby Whoseit and Whatnot » Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:51 pm


The Empire of Whoseit and Whatnot


The Nation of Whoseit and Whatnot is a hard working, industrial Nation. While the people struggle with little civil rights and horrible crime, the Nation does not complain to their leader, Czar Dee Cook. The businesses run the country as the strong Economic base is all that is keeping people streaming in to Whoseit and Whatnot. The military is still quite young and developing, like most of the country and the struggle for immigrants is very harsh.

Government Structure

To be point blank, the Empire has very few higher ups in it. It goes as:

Czar: Dee Cook
Commander: Dominic Sislebook
Head of Media: John Telitch
Voice of the People: Jared Smith

The rest is run by either "representatives" of the people *although they are not elected* or CEO's of business.


The weather of Whoseit and Whatnot is quite grim. The cold, harsh winter and the mild summers make it attractive to some, but unfortunately drives away any potential visitors. The land is quite green, although nine months out of the year it is either white with snow or brown with pure mud. The mountain ranges are quite jagged and the travel around the entire country is a mess. Public transportation is number one on the docket for Jared Smith.


As it is often said about this place, the Economy is the only thing keeping people in Whoseit and Whatnot. The strong manufacturing and solid job security makes the turnover and unemployment rates very low. The main export is actually military goods as it brings in 7% of all income of the people in WW. However, there is many other jobs available, although not many high tech jobs are often or always available. The people of WW are not going to be thinking about needing welfare after retirement nor do many require food stamps or government aid. It is why the government does not provide any such services because too few would use them.


The Empire has been known to take brutal steps to ensure that their military is the best that their money can afford. The safety of any sort of invasion of Whoseit or Whatnot is extremely high, while the crime is another problem. Both air and ground forces have the option of serving for their commander or offering their services elsewhere. While many are equip by the government, often professional soldiers do not use the government issue and use their own weapons or vehicles. Men are drafted to serve from age 18-24.


The communication of Whoseit and Whatnot is varied. The radio is severely outdated in favor for the Empire newspaper or television...and while they may be biased, they offer all the news you could want. Cell Phones, especially texting, are outlawed in The Empire and phone conversations are monitored. While you have the appearance of a strong communication base, the government does not care for your privacy. There are public phones located on every block and each have an open line to the emergency department, which is in use quite a bit.

The People

The Empire only collects two sorts of people: People looking for a job in industry or people with weapons. The Empire has had notorious gang warfare that has paralyzed the nation many times over with no end in sight. Their public policy is that as long as they pay up, the government will turn a blind eye to any sort of organized crime. With a population of five million individuals, one would expect roughly forty percent of all people have some sort of connection with organized crime. Outside of the crime waves, the people are mostly happy with their lives, despite the drawbacks.

Capital City: White Fringe City
Other major cities:
Cook City
Black Fringe City

If you wish to establish contact with our government, we are setting up embassies in WFC. Just know that full diplomatic immunity is available to all ambassadors.

Good luck and Success!

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