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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:27 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh
news contributions from other international press welcomed


Cekalisto Hotels to continue pursuing business growth in Benmills, Radiomatics Moorburgh

by Kim Horgath
Cekalisto Hotel in Benmills

Cekalisto Hotels, which opened its doors in Benmills recently will continue to lure more visitors to the city known for being Radiomatics Moorburgh’s cultural capital, tapping on the rising number of tourists, especially from worldwide.

In the year ending March 2014, Benmills welcomed more than 260,000 international visitors from every parts of the world, representing an average annual growth rate of 13.1%.

The Radiomatics Moorburgh Secretary of Finance & Trade, Dr Ian Krenbury Toft met with Cekalisto Hotels Group Chief Executive Officer Simon Vert Falkman to discuss growth plans ahead of Cekalisto Hotel Benmills’s first anniversary in October.

RM Unicorn Petro makes oil, gas discovery in Rybone E5 field

by Liam Dexler
Rybone E5 field

RM Unicorn Petro (RM UP), a wholly subsidiaries of RM Westlake Corporation reported making an oil and gas discovery in the Ry-H1 tier’s sediments of the Carboniferous period in Rybone E5 field. On test in reservoirs of the Bashkirian period, the U-24 well flowed at maximum rates of 1,900 b/d of light, dry crude oil and 6 MMcfd of gas through a 9½-mm choke. U-24 was drilled in 2013 in the northeast wing of the field. Previous exploration at this part of the field targeted hydrocarbons in the Bobrikovskiy and Tournaisian horizons, RM UP said.

RM Titanitex buys Ogosts

by James Intoft
Ron Mogass, Titanitex CEO

RM Intan Group today announces it has sold its marine related subsidiary Ogosts Marine to RM Titanitex International. In the last 7 years, RM Intan Group has transformed Ogosts Marine from a pure operator into a fully integrated shipowner with a fleet of 5 modern tug vessels, dedicated to ocean towage operations.

Thanks to the Ogosts Marine team skills and know-how and the Intan Group expertise, the company has been successfully reorganized from an operator structure into a shipowning company, able to expand its various businesses and develop an excellent track record.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:57 pm
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

RM Uthman Motors and RM Azeezion Group Combine to Create National Group

by Liam Dexler
RM Azeezion outlet

RM Uthman Motors (RM UMo) and RM Azeezion Group (RM AG) have entered into a definitive agreement to combine their companies. In the transaction, RM UMo will acquire 100 percent of the outstanding shares of RM AG, one of the 10 largest dealer groups in the country, for an estimated price of approximately $340 million in cash and $22.5 million, or approximately 300,000 shares of RM UMo common stock. Upon closing, RM AG's 20 stores, located in Southern Estenford, Torfham and Carbonstock, will be combined with RM UMo's 87 stores in the Western Radiomatics Moorburgh. The RM AG stores are estimated to generate approximately $2.3 billion in annualized revenue, and are expected to increase 2014 earnings per share by approximately $0.12 to $0.14, excluding acquisition costs. On an annualized basis, the RM AG stores are expected to increase earnings per share by $0.65 to $0.75.

CFO leaves RM Etex Energy for LongLife

by Ken Otter
RM Etex Energy Foxborough Field

Radiomatics Moorburgh’s RM Etex Energy has advised that effective July 18, 2014, Alicia Kontwell, Chief Financial Officer, will be leaving the Company to pursue other interests. He will be joining the compatriot energy company LongLife.

“We appreciate Kontwell’s contribution to the Company during his tenure here and wish him every success in his future endeavours,” said CEO Dr Mark Welburner.

Etex Energy is well-positioned to continue to execute on its balanced growth strategy.

“We maintain a strong, investment-grade balance sheet to underpin our ability to consistently invest over the long term while delivering solid results to our shareholders,” said DR Welburner. Etex Energy said that an announcement of a replacement would be made in due course.

RM Trident Energy launches its second seismic vessel ‘Trident Typhoon’

by James Intoft
Trident Typhoon

Recently, RM Trident Energy has launched its first seismic vessel, Trident Typhoon, for Etex Energy and now the company has announced that her sister Trident Tempest has been berthed at their shipyard for completion by autumn.

Both newbuildings are special offshore seismic ships for Etex Energy and will in future search for oil and gas reserves below the seabed of the world’s oceans.
Trident Energy has already said it regards the order for these ships as marking its successful entry into the global offshore business sector. However, in the light of these and further prototypes which the yard has taken into its construction portfolio over the past two years, one particular aspect carries particular weight – quality.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:11 pm
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

New Airport Open

by Liam Dexler
Estenford International Airport

Estenford reveal their new airport today, Estenford International Airport, Located 12km southeast of central Estenford. It was built because Morpheus Memorial International was not large enough to meet the booming passenger demands (both domestic and international). EFO's international terminal capacity was five million passengers per year and the domestic terminal capacity was 0.5 million passengers per year.

In June 2007, Radiomatics Moorburgh conglomerate RM Westlake Corporation and RMA Airport Holding International (RMAAHI) consortium gained the contract for upgrading and maintaining the airport. In mid-2008, ground was broken to upgrade the international terminal to handle 25 million passengers annually.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:13 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

Cekalisto AirRest to open at Estenford International Airport

Cekalisto hotel brand has secured a site by Estenford International Airport, with plans to open in early 2016.

The Cekalisto AirRest will have 200 bedrooms and be situated in the Estenford International business park next to the airport. This will be the third hotel to be located in the business park, which Estenford International said will help Estenford’s hotel bed shortage.

Estenford International are expected to submit a planning application to Estenford City Council by mid-May for development of the 60,000sq.ft building. Work on the hotel will begin immediately when planning permission is granted and is expected to cost £15m.


PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:22 pm
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

RM scales down anti-terror taskforce in Unsale Isle

by Jon de Follet
Members of TF201

The RM is scaling down a taskforce that has been hunt down local extremists, Estenford's defence chief said Thursday. The group of 300-400 RM service personnel rotating through the strife-torn southern Unsale Isle was cut back to 200 starting this year, Defense & Intelligence Secretary Lisa Thambo Kirsten told reporters.

The RM military deployed the TF201 in the Unsale Isle in 2002 to help counter the threats posed by the local terrorist group known as Hux Cell. The TF201 is based in Camp St Venpir in Ukno City. TF201 personnel assist local troops in the fight againt terrorism, through training and by gathering intelligence.

The RM forces, who were there in an advice, training, and intelligence capacity, managed to reduce Hux Cell from a few thousand fighters to about 300. The success has led the RM. military “to begin working on a transition plan where theTF201 as a task force will no longer exist,”

RM Etex Energy to invest RM16bil over 15 years in Penham

by Jon de Follet
Penham Independent Petro Terminals (PIPeT)

RM Etex Energy Group Bhd will invest about RM16bil over 15 years to develop its Penham Independent Petro Terminals (PIPeT) complex here on a 404.68ha site. Executive chairman Rick Blanco Heartmill said that the next five years would see the company investing between RM5bil and RM6bil, followed by RM10bil from 2020 for 10 years. He said works on the first independent storage terminal complex in the region were taking place as planned, with phase one of the project to be completed in December this year.

“Our deepwater terminals can play a vital role as a catalyst towards the transformation of Penham into a regional oil and gas hub like what Rotterdam is to Europe,’’ said Heartmill at a press conference yesterday.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:44 pm
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

Greyfirst new ambassador to Ardoki

by Nancy Palamo
Ambassador Watson Innskler Greyfirst

The Department of Foreign Affair issued a circular on Wednesday appointing Mr Greyfirst as the country's ambassador in Ardoki for three years. The retired diplomat has served in many positions both at home and abroad. Mr Greyfirst served as the RM ambassador to numerus country. He also served as the assistant chief of protocol of the ministry of foreign affairs.

Nancy Kerman Holdforth officially named Radiomatics Moorburgh’s Rodrania ambassador

by Ed Norton
Ambassador Nancy Kerman Holdforth

President Galfar named Nancy Kerman Holdforth as Radiomatics Moorburgh’s next ambassador to the Rodrania . The President’s Office announced Tuesday in a statement that President Galfar had decided to appoint his former aide to the post.
“Ms Holdforth has all the qualities necessary to successfully fill this important post,” President Galfar said in the statement. “I have known her for many years and I know that Nancy will faithfully represent the Radiomatics Moorburgh in the capital of our potential ally.

Wilson Andrew Kydd officially named Radiomatics Moorburgh’s Swith Witherward ambassador

by Pam Fixor
Ambassador Wilson Andrew Kydd

Ambassador Kydd, the 45-year old former vice-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will formally begin his new assignment in December, said a statement by the ministry of foreign affairs on Friday. The government of President Galfar had taken the decision of his appointment last month. However, it was not officially announced because ambassadorial appointments are made public once ‘agreement’ (consent) from the host government is received.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 5:53 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh
Estenford Regional Air to welcome its first RegioWind RW50A

Estenford Regional Air has taken delivery of its first RW50A in a bid to modernize its fleet. The aircraft is part of the firm order for 12 latest-generation RegioWind aircraft ordered in August 2010 and December 2012 (12 RW50As and five RW50Fs). The other aircraft will be transported over the following three years. In summation to the delivery being a notable first for Estenford Regional Air.

RegioWind Opens Moorburgh Branch Office

RegioWind announced today the opening of a new marketing office in Plainton International Airport, Moorburgh as part of their ongoing expansion in world segment. The expansion further confirms RegioWinds position in the regional aircraft maker market within this significant area. Allen Farms, Country Manager for RegioWind, leads a dedicated team as they expertly service throughout Moorburgh.

Fast7 Airlines takes delivery of its first RegioWind RW50A

Moorburgh’s Fast7 Airlines has taken the provision of its first RegioWind RW50A. The RW50A was furnished over to Rick Holberg Inn, CEO Fast7 Airlines, by Jeff Gregham Poll, Chief Operation Officer of RegioWind, during a special formality. Fast7 Airlines have ordered ten RW50As, driven by RMA RM- TF16 engines. All seats are furnished with the state-of-the-art OWiFiS (on-board WiFi System) and on-demand in-flight entertainment systems.

RegioWind expand sales to Reino do Brazil

RegioWind widen its sales to finalize the sale agreement made aircraft to the royal Brazilian Ltd and BrazCargo Ltd. Reino do Brazil-based company became the biggest customer to date with the value reached 900 million. Addressing at a news conference, CEO of RegioWind confirmed the purchase in a press conference, he added, the bundle includes the purchase of specific maintenance plans for aircraft purchased.

RegioWind To Sell Stake In LIVOSoft

RegioWind Aviation sold its 24 percent stake in LIVOSoft to LIVOGroup, for U.S. $ 15.9 million. LIVOGroup, shareholders of LIVOSoft, holds most 52 percent of the entire issued and outstanding share capital. President / Chief Executive Officer of RegioWind Aviation, Collins Barnes Lotow said RegioWind has always stated its purpose to dispose of non-core business at the right time and to concentrate on its core business of aviation manufacturers.

"The sale of LIVOSoft reflects the persistence of our strategic direction," he stated in a statement here on Wednesday. LIVOSoft engaged in the job of providing instant wireless data services and mobile content, and on-board mobile service.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:55 pm
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

RM Navy start receiving the latest Offshore Patrol Vessel

by Jeff Gregham

RM Navy is reported to have received fifteen Enforcer class offshore patrol vessel built by the Moorburgh Naval Shipyard. In line with the joint defense agreement known as Osmord Treaty signed by both countries.

Enforcer class or will know as Alberto Cary Wadlinger class will be deployed to the three newly formed patrol squadron of 54th, 55th, and 56th squadrons of patrol. Speaking with journalists, the Chief of Navy, inform them also in the final stages for a number of diesel-powered submarines from Tigerfish class to be coupled with four submarines from Parlham class

Naval strength is very important for the island country such as RM, he said.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:15 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

The new RM 8×8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier

by Jeff Gregham
Tampest APC 8x8

At latest news release, National Defense Studies Center (NDSC) from RM unveils a new venture of 8×8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier (APC). A first model of the vehicle was showed for the first time at NDSC website. 8×8 wheeled Armored Vehicle Platform called Tampest, with the potential of being utilized for a number of variants including: APC, IFV, and Tank killer armed with up to 105mm caliper main gun.

Concept Dimensions (LxWxH) : 8.5 x 2.8 x 2.7 m.
Average Weight: 25 tons (depending on installed armour of mission payload).
Max Speed 100 Km/h.
Climbing capacity: 60%.
Operation Range : 700 Km. S
uspension: Independent tetra back bone suspension.
Driveline 8×8 System.
Steering: 4 wheel steering.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 6:20 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

Exercise National Shield 2015 commence shortly

by Patrice W. Curtis
Element from 60th Mech (Infantry) Battalion during National Shield 2015

Starting October 7, Radiomatics Moorburgh implement military exercise named Exercise National Shield 2015. A statement from the Department of Defense & Intelligence, the Military Exercise this time conducted by the National Security Committee with the primary objective was to test the ability of the country as a whole in the face and tackle the security crisis and its challenges.

Accordingly, the public are reminded not to take the photos related to the exercise which can cause immediate danger to the public.This exercise will involve neighborhoods and commercial streets and major highways in several parts of the country, especially in the area of Bennyham and Mistyham District.

Members of the public who live near these areas are advised to exercise not alarmed by the movement of security personnel or uniformed including vehicle convoys by land, air and sea transport aircraft and the sound of explosives and pyrotechnics will be used during training. The public is advised to avoid from entering the area where the exercise is being carried out.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:52 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

Bay of Ali Coorperation Organisation Press Release

by Allen Bonner

  1. BACO has dispatch three Special Representative to Regional Dialogue Partners which as; Ambassador Sarah Lewett Cornsburry, of Atok as BACO Special Representative to Tanah Melayu; Ambassador Datuk Bentara Dalam Abdul Aziz of Darul Takzim as BACO Special Representative to Commonwealth of Jeltronia, and Ambassador Dr. Ramon Fleetbury, of Radiomatics Moorburgh as BACO Special Representative to The Crown Federation of Recon
  2. Establishing Bay of Ali Enviromental Studies Institute (BAESI), Kenneto Bay, Atok with collabration with The Global Nature Society (GNS) of Hundredstar
  3. Establishing of BACO International Exposition Center, Ajaxfield, Carbonstock, Radiomatics Moorburgh. A NS$145 million dollars infrastructure donate by Legion Foundation of The Recon Empire
  4. List of our Dialogue Partners
    1. Tanah Melayu
    2. Commonwealth of Jeltronia
    3. The Crown Federation of Recon
    4. Hundredstar
    5. Saltbridge
    6. Jeltronia
    7. Wataniah
    8. Reino do Brazil
    9. The Recon Empire
    10. Foreign, Defense & Security Affair Center, of Darul Takzim
    11. Rustcourt Valley Alliance (RVA)
    12. RETCON of Moorburgh
    13. Global Nature Society (GNS) of Hundredstar
  5. Our next event is BACO Port Clayshire Leaderships Talks which held on May 10, 2017 at Port Clayshire Harbor Convention Center, Moorburgh and will be attended by Mayor Jay Reymonte, Mayor of Port Clayshire, Moorburgh; Ms Juanna Kydd Loftus, Vice President of Radiomatics Moorburgh; Dr Ricky Anibal Rehnberg, President of Atok Foreign Affair Adviser; Tunku Idris s/o Sultan Ibrahim, Darul Takzim Foreign Secretary, and, Dame Angelina Putnam, Foreign Commissioner, The Recon Empire.

The Bay of Ali Coorperation Organisation (BACO) is an international organization established with a vision to promote peace and common prosperity among the Moorburgh, Radiomatics Moorburgh, Atok and Darul Takzim which located around Bay of Ali. Upon the agreement signed and ratified by each of the four governments, the BACO was officially inaugurated in Carbonstock, Radiomatics Moorburgh, July 2016. BACO can be contacted at

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:51 am
by Radiomatics Moorburgh

Radiomatics Moorburgh to set up maritime technical college to train future shipbuilders

by Pam Landbridge
Collierwarps Maritime Technologies College

Radiomatics Moorburgh will establish a maritime technical college (Collierwarps Maritime Technologies College - COMTEC) to identify, train, or retrain Radiorians workers for the country's shipbuilding programme, Secretary of Industrial & Domestic Affair Mr Eddy Clarke McAtus said in a 24 March statement.

Bay of Ali Trade and Development Bank will invest an initial NSD5 million into the Collierwarps-based college, which will commence operations in early 2018 and provide training in areas such as steel fabrication, welding, and naval engineering.

Bindu company Al Hajj Construction was awarded a contract to design the new college in February 2016. Mr. Akhtar Hajizi, the general manager of Al Hajj Construction 's Radiomatics Moorburgh subsidiary, said that while the domestic market is the company's priority over the coming year there are increasing opportunities for expansion in the wider region.