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The Regency of Stars
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The Regency of Stars Factbook

Postby The Regency of Stars » Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:47 pm

The Regency of Stars is a nation who exists mostly on a craggy coastline. They claim a small area of said coastline and more then a few islands. Previously bordering The nations of The Mildly idiotic and Brittanica, it's only major neighbor is the nation of Muffala. From the island farthest out, they claim an additional 12 nautical miles worth of water. Besides the Dangers of the crags overlooking the sea pose to careless travelers, a few islands of the chain are volcanic, carrying the dangers any volcanoes bring.
The climate is rather cold all year, with temperatures rarely reaching eighty degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, snowing almost continually during winter, and sometimes even into the summer.

The economic system of The Regency of Stars is very capitilistic, with next to no trade restricting laws and even fewer Tariffs. A lack of nearby oil deposits has made geothermal energy a important source of power, along with Hydroelectric dams. The automobile industry doesn't really exist to the extent that it does in other nations, overtaken by boating, a more commonly used method of transportation. A close second would be ultra-light aircraft which while not a common sight, are occasionally seen flying about islands. A third large industry is recreational drug use, which despite having perhaps some of the more stringent laws on it, is fairly successful within the nation. The most heavily imported substances are Oil and Food.

The History of the Regency of stars is heavily influenced by their need to spread from Island to Island quickly. To facilitate this, their Naval technology was favored heavily. This is reflected today in how many people use boats as transportation still, and due to that, their craftsmen build arguably superior sailing ships then what one might normally expect.

The Regency of Stars House of the Sword divides the entire military spending as they see fit. Often, this amounts to a uneven spending of the budget slightly favored to the army and navy, considering that the army has to foot the bill for defensive emplacements, makes it very pointed towards the navy.
The army and navy use a demi-live fire simulation to train their soldiers, with classes mainly being used to teach them how to fire a gun and any specialties they may have. Due to the extensive training, it's not unknown for people to join in for a specialty to learn a trade they plan to use in their life outside of the military, even if they would prefer another position. Considering that joining the army is mandatory for citizens who have turned of age, even if they drop out of primary education; due to this, many people do not go into college after they are finished with their mandatory one and a half years of service. The mandatory training also allows for a fairly competent militia, who almost always have second jobs in times of peace.
The 'elite' troops of the RoS are in the household guard, which is mostly made up of elite soldiers of which many are from noble lineage. They are not under the House of the Sword, but much like the House of Nobility, are under the King himself.

Government and political Structure
The Regency of Stars is a unitary Monarchy that refuses to die. Most noble families govern a small island with a appointed official, who (traditionally) answers to the state advisor, who answers to the King. The King truthfully can do whatever he wants, but throughout his childhood, he is usually indoctrinated with history lessons to explain why these laws are in place and so forth.
There are three main sections to the government under the King. The first is the House of Nobility, the second is the Department of Diplomacy, and the third is the House of the sword.
The House of Nobility, made up of nobles, put forth issues and offer suggestions on potential laws, and for the most part govern the nations many islands. The king, who doubles as head of the House, has the ability to ennoble someone he feels deserves a particular position, or cast out someone who he feels has dishonored the nation. Despite the title, not all nobility belong to the house, several serve under the king in other positions, most commonly as part of the Household Guard, or high ranking officers.
The Department of Diplomacy is responsible for peace treaties, trade agreements, and just about anything to do with foreign politics. Currently the leader of the department, a position known as Senior Diplomat, is held by Reginold Wilkes.
Finally, the House of the Sword is a combined command of the army, navy, and air force. Normally led by noble families, the army's Commander is Non-noble. One of the most important things the House of the Sword is tasked with is Defense of Territory, and Leading the army. They also dictate training regimen and where any grants for weapons research may go.

People and population
Most people live on Various islands, with a few cities on their Continental property. The capital city of Frostvale resides on one of the city-islands.
The most common form of transportation is boat, with a close second being bicycles. Due to space constraints, most cities have grown upwards instead of outward, leading to large buildings, some of which have scenic overlooks over the coast.
Snowball fights tend to happen year round, along with snowforts and other snow-based fun, Generally in the large piles of snow that accumulates over the course of a year.

The prefered method of communication is by telephone. The nation has a ccTLD of '.RC'. Their Country code for telephones is 967.
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