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New Factbook For The POF -CLOSED WIP-

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:49 pm
by Paddy O Fernature
The Dominion of Paddy O Fernature

The Dominion Standard, Adopted March 2014

Motto: Semper Pro Grediens, Always progressing

Population: 14.1 Billion
-Density: +/- 1,500 per Sq Mile

Capital: New Galway
Largest City: Lough Shay

Official Language: Runic Paddy
Common Language: Nationstatesese
Demonym: Paddies

- President: Melissa C. Stern
- Minister Of Defense: Evan D. Dwyer

Establishment: from The Empire of Lustaria
- Independence: April 1st, 1833

Land Area: 4,969,907 sq mi
Water Area:
Water %:

Highest Point: Tessel Mountain 7,312 Ft
Lowest Point: Lake Eyre -50 Ft

GDP: N$ 228,705,928,977,661.00
GDP per capita: N$ 30,902.03
Unemployment: 2.55%

Currency: Universal Standard Dollar (N$)

Time Zone: UTC +08:00

Calling code: +151

The Dominion Of Paddy O Fernature

Short Disclaimer:

Please note, that this Wiki is ever changing and as such should be considered under a constant state of work in progress, or wip for short. While I strive to keep everything current, it should be noted that some pages may be out of date and are not equipped with current information. If you have any questions about this or have a suggestion on how I can improve the factbook, please feel free to TG myself and I will do my best to fill you in, depending on the situation

Long ago, in a century long since forgotten, there was a vast and grand nation that possessed global influence and reach across nearly the entirety of the known lands. This empire prided itself in the advancement of various fields such as mathematics, cultural advancement, the arts, and personal freedoms. For centuries, this nation had an extremely prosperous history through politics and military action. It expanded it's borders and brought other numerous cultures and people into it's empire, and instilled upon them their various views and beliefs.

Early on however, it was soon discovered that not all people were willing to fall in line and allow themselves to be integrated into the great empire and that a way to properly dispose of these nuisances quickly and quietly was needed. On the eastern fringe of the empire, far away from daily shipping and travel lanes, a desolate island frequently ravaged by volcanic activity and little in the way of easily obtainable resources was discovered. This landmass would become known as Lustaria, and became home to the empires criminals, outcasts, rebels, and anyone else it deemed unworthy as the island itself became a massive living prison.

So isolated in fact were Lustaria inhabitants, that during the Age Of Strife when the empire collapsed and was ravaged by civil war and barbarian raids, that the only change noticed by it's inhabitants was the sudden stop of shipments of new prisoners. When outside contact was finally re-established years later, and word of the fractured empire fell found there way to them, a massive uprising against the limited garrison took place and the prisoners for the first time in years regained their freedom.

During the following decades, volcanic activity decreased on the landmass and soon plant life flourished in the rich black volcanic soil. The citizens established trade with the outside world and soon the groundwork for a fledgling government was established that would later become the Republic Of Paddy O Fernature.

During the next century after it's founding, the Republic with help from outside nations quickly transformed itself into a political and economic powerhouse through trade, politics, and direct military action when needed. Embassies were established, trade ports constructed, and treaties with grand nations such as Holy Roman Confederate, NW Canada, and New Hayesalia ensured a secure and prosperous future for the nation and it's people.

The Dominion today is a thriving economic nation that prides itself on scientific and militaristic endeavors to further it's goals, both abroad and domestic. It's cities and architecture are both technologically advanced and engineering marvels to lay eyes upon, while throwing aesthetics back to the Gothic age long since past. Tall spires intertwine with dark stone and blackened steel, while clean energy vehicles powered by hydrogen move in the shadows below. Lavish Gothic parks and recreational areas dot the landscape, and hero's from past and present are honored in several national memorials easily accessible by the general populace.

The Dominion sports a very diverse geography and several unique features due to how the physical landmass was slowly formed, over the course of millions of years of tectonic plate movements. The landmass itself was formed, when a series of prolonged volcanic activity on the ocean floor pushed up part of the seabed and formed the landmass that the Dominion now inhabits. Over the course of the next thousand years, several active volcano's lava flows slowly added to the overall landmass, turning it into it's own continental landmass.

The Dominion language functions very similarly to traditional English, with various symbols known as Runes forming separate words and working as letters, as opposed to symbols representing whole meanings in the way that Chinese, for example, works. The Dominion Alphabet contain 26 symbols.

There is no one central religious preference within the Dominion, as it's populace have full freedom of religion as a basic guaranteed right. However, all churches are privately funded, as the government is completely hands off when in terms of religious funding as part of a true and complete separation of church and state. Religious fanatics however, are not tolerated by either the general population or the government.

As of 2016, the Dominion has switched over from being a totalitarian democracy to a modified version of a military dictatorship with the successful internal assassination of former president Wallace McBeth by his most trusted advisors daughter, Melissa Stern, who also turned the gun on her father as well when he attempted to intervene in the coup. Now Supreme Ruler Melissa Stern rules the Dominion with an iron fist, with absolute unchallenged authority.

Foreign Relations
After being oppressed for so long, and with the instability that rages across the known world. Citizens and Big Brother alike are extremely suspicious of anyone not born withing the nation. Immigration is non existent, and anyone caught illegally crossing the borders faces up to 20 years in a Federal Prison before being dumped back wherever they came from. Very few nations are trusted well enough for the local population to be accepting of them, let along granted permission to settle in the nation.

Due to the ever expanding size of the Dominion, it's economy is focused around renewable technologies and consumer products that are designed to last and not be thrown away to save on already strained resource chains. New processes and methods are ever being researched and implemented to insure maximum efficiency and as little waste generation as possible, with recycling being mandatory across the nation. What cannot be processed or developed domestically, is imported from a very small group of nations that the Dominion has long lasting and close ties with. Strategic reserves of raw materials are bought openly on the global market, and held at specially designed government depot's for distribution in times of emergencies that would otherwise overwhelm the fragile logistical system of the nation. Products exported from the Dominion are known to be high quality, often over engineered, and built to last with no expense spared going into their construction.

The POF mindset is centered around giving something back to ones community. Citizenship is not considered a right, but a privilege and must be earned through blood and sweat. One must successfully complete his/her five years of mandatory military service to be given the status of citizen. Without it, one cannot vote, own land, run for any public position or hold any federal job. This also serves to install values and morals into a majority of the population.

In the Dominion, private ownership of firearms is legal with the only restriction being private ownership of military grade weapons/systems. Recreational shooting is a major sport in the POF with national matches being broadcast country wide.

With its criminal history still in the minds of its citizens, the Law and Order public services are well funded almost to the point where a cop is on every street corner.

Long ago, it came to the attention of the POF that traditional means of construction of a nations Infrastructure left it vulnerable and fragile to both natural disasters and possible foreign attack. Then acting President James C. Shanty signed into law the unprecedented Safety and Construction Act of 1988 which laid forth the groundwork for all future endeavors to protect The Armed Republics fragile infrastructure.

With the signing of this act, drastic and sometimes costly changes were made across the board. Some of the changes (but not all)were simple ones, such as constructing all power lines underground instead of on traditional wooden or metal poles. While others, such as all power plants having to have their fragile reactors constructed or moved to specially designed and hardened underground facilities for protection, were not so easy.

Thanks to this act, within 10 years all critical systems and assets were in compliance with the new laws, making The Armed Republic's infrastructure one of the safest (and costly) in the world.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:43 am
by Paddy O Fernature
The Dominion Armed Forces Breakdown


Population: 14.1B
Population %: <1%
Total Manpower Available: 30M
Active: 10 Million
Reserve: 20 Million

Military Budget: N$40T
Percent of National Budget: 30%

The Dominion Armed Forces

"There isn't a foreign threat facing our nation, that can't be solved by the unwavering determination and unholy amount of firepower contained within my beloved infantry core."
-General Stern at the onset of the land invasion of GEIJD.

*Notice! This user uses his NS base population for all RP's that he is involved in unless otherwise noted, as it is a right that I have justly earned for years of dedicated service to this forum. As such, military percentage numbers are based around that number and the GDP/Spending as outlined by the trusty 3rd party NS Tracker for economic stats. If you don't like this because you're a new member of the forum and feel that it's an unfair advantage, suck it up and deal with it. We all at some point when we first joined this site had to learn how to pick and choose our battles or risk a curb stomp by an established player, you need to as well.

That being said, I'm not the type that's going to hit you with 10 Million infantry and a billion aircraft in a MT setting. That's just absurd. I believe in realistic deployments and maneuvers, and as such use my military in a fairly realistic and reasonable manner, tailoring my deployments to each individual situation as it presents itself.

My goal isn't to win at Rp's through number spam, but to collectively tell a story, as many established role player on this site will attest to.

The Crucible - How The Dominion Forges Citizens Into Soldiers

Unlike most nations encountered in NS, The Dominion military has developed a view much like that of the modern United States Marine Corps, in which they believe in the mindset that "everyone is a riflemen first", no matter your branch or specialty job. As such every new recruit no matter what branch you enlisted under must attend a single service wide basic training with light infantry tactics being the strong focal point. Upon completion of the nine week course, recruits are then sent to their specialty school tailored for their specific job in the military.

Week One:
-Intro And Re-adjustment week.
Soldiers are subject to total mental and physical break down and all the intro level classroom instruction. Extensive use of the obstacle course. Soldiers are issued all Ta-50 and Training manuals (Smart Books) that they will need and be expected to learn.
-5km Road March (RM)
Week Two:
-Physical and mental break down continues with extensive Drill and Ceremony (DNC). Failure will result in mass punishment via obstacle course.
-5km RM
Week Three:
- Start Of Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM).
Soldiers are subject to layered training starting with classroom instruction with rubber ducks. They then get hands on time in our 3D simulators, finally by the end of the week soldiers are shooting live rounds and qualifying. A failure to qual is an automatic recycle to the beginning of week 3.
-10km RM
Week Four:
-Tactics Training.
Soldiers at this stage learn the basics of Light Infantry. Hand and arm signals, communication, squad formations, reacting to contact, cover vs concealment classes, fighting position construction, Land Navigation (day/night), Basics of NBC warfare/protection, Bayonet/Grenade Training and general first aid are all learned and conducted during this week.
-10Km RM
Week Five:
-Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Soldiers will spend four days and nights in the field putting to use everything they have learned so far at a series of stations to include live fire, night ops, Force On Force, First Aid and field testing.
-The FTX ends with a 20km RM back to the barracks
Week Six:
-Vehicle Familiarization
Soldiers will spend this entire week learning everything they can about the various vehicles employed by our armed forces.
-Testing will include:
Live fire crew serve weapon systems, day/night land nav, convoy operations and communication, react to contact (to include NBC), vehicle familiarization and maintenance.
Week Seven:
This entire week, soldiers are instructed in hand to hand fighting and taught how to attack/defend against armed/unarmed enemies.
Week Eight:
-CQB/CQM and Battlefield Tactics Training
Soldiers are subject to everything pertaining to close quarter battles and marksmanship. They are also subject to training and tactics and how to apply them to various battlefield terrain (not limited to) Urban, Mountain, Desert ect ect.
Week Nine:
-Final FTX and Graduation
Soldiers this week will spend a majority of it in the field much as before putting it all together to complete a series of day/night missions against Op4. Upon completion soldiers must complete a 25Km RM back to the parade grounds, where they will conduct their graduation ceremony.
-Soldiers then spend the rest of their time until they are shipped out cleaning their barracks and equipment.

-=Graduation Cadence Anthem=-

Dominion Armed Forces - Branches

Originally founded shortly after the founding of the nation, the DA has gone through several overhauls during it's millennia spamming lifespan. Today, the DA is a cutting edge (MT) force that specializes in all aspects of modern warfare, across a variety of environments. The DA is highly trained and motivated, made up of mainly dedicated volunteers trying to earn their citizenship rights through federal service. It's overall mission, is to preserve the peace and security, while providing for the defense of the Dominion, and any areas occupied by the Dominion, by overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the Dominion and her Allies.

Also founded shortly after the nations founding, the DN for years was neglected by elected officials until the 1970's, when it was discovered that a fully functional and properly equipped blue water force was needed to adequately project national interests on the international level. Since then, the Navy has seen a complete transformation, from a small coastal force to a international force projection force capable of full spectrum operations at home and abroad.

Dominion Air Corp (DAC):

The Highland Guard is the newest military branch in the Dominion. Implemented in 2011 by President Wallace Mcbeth and backed by a 81% congressional vote, the Highland Guard is a military branch dedicated to homeland defense from possible hostile foreign aggression.

After years of foreign observation and several offshore wars conducted by the Dominion, it was noted that one of the biggest flaws in a nations defense was a lack of dedicated troops in prepared and hardened fighting positions specially trained for fighting a defensive war.

Most nations rely on the tactic of waiting for the enemy to come to them then rushing fighting forces toward a "front" in the hopes of countering the enemies moves. This tactic is flawed on several levels, mainly being that it allows your enemy to dictate the ebb and flow of the engagement and could ultimately force one to fight on his terms and not your own.

Out of the need to counter this train of thought, the Highland Guard was born.

The Highland Guard is also funded under Article 31 from the nations national police budget.

Unlike some nations who boast large numbers of so called "Elite" forces, the Dominion Special Forces Command has taken it upon itself to harness a handpicked elite force recruited from only the top one percent of it's standing armed forces.

This force does not rely on numbers to get the job done. Instead it relies on the latest cutting edge technology mixed in with superior personal skill and training to accomplish any mission given to them.

Funding allotted for the training and equipping of this small and elite force is nearly ten times that of a normal combat line unit. Which means that an average "company" sized element will have the available funding comparable to a standing brigade.

Training for these men is brutal and is designed to push these men passed the breaking point. Minimum PT requirements for even being considered for selection are:

* 100 PU in 2 min
* 100 SU in 2 min
* 2 mile run completed in less then 12 min
* Able to do 20 pull ups non stop from a dead hang
* Must score expert on Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM)
* Must have 5 years remaining in current contract, or be willing to re enlist for a min of 5 years
* Must have a Bachelors Degree in an appropriate field

Once a soldier meets the minimum requirements, he is then given a green light to attend one of only two training cycles held each year. Each cycle takes roughly 96 weeks to fully complete from start to finish.

During these almost two years of training, candidates must successfully complete a dozen of the toughest schooling's available in the Armed Republic while becoming experts in both conventional and unconventional warfare with both domestic and foreign weapon systems from small arms handling to disarming nuclear warheads.

Once soldiers have successfully completed their training, they are tasked out to one of several Special Operations Groups (SOG) for the remainder of their military careers and continuously train and hone their skills when not deployed.

Due to the extreme nature of their training and operational duties, Soldiers who successfully complete their initial training will have whatever their base pay is tripled in compensation.

As part of the GEIJD Reconstruction Act of 2013, which was drafted after the close of The War Of The Setting Sun, The 55th Army Group was formed under the command of newly promoted Colonel Jacob E. Hawken. Following lessons learned from the small wars manual, the main body of the 55th would be comprised of former GEIJD citizens and soldiers in good health who have physically renounced their former citizenship and leadership. However, rank advancement is limited within the 55th with all officer positions being pulled from the POF's Special Forces Officer School (SFOS).

The 55th is structured as a front line combat unit and trained in the same manner as standard POF soldiers. However, given the history between the two nations, the 55th was deliberately given a distinctive uniform to help further distinguish and segregate them from the standing army. They would also be given what many soldiers within the POF would consider second rate, or simplified equipment when compared to the cutting edge gear found issued throughout similar "pure" regiments.

"Loyalty through honor, honor through duty, duty through service, service equals redemption."
-55th Motto Adopted At Un Casing Of The Colors Ceremony, 2013.-

Dominion Manpower And Financial Breakdown:

The Ministry Of Defense currently employs 1% of it's population in it's military. This number includes active duty and reserve units, both combat and logistic from all branches of the armed forces. This number however, does NOT include The Highland Guard as it does not fall under funding from the military.

Current Population: 14.1B
Current Enlisted: 30.2M



Air Force:

Currently, yearly spending of the Ministry Of Defense caps out at around 63T N$. This does not include funding for the Highland Guard, as it is requisitioned from the Law & Order budget, or funds acquired from co-ownership of multiple storefronts in GE&T. As such, a rough breakdown of how this money is spent is as follows:

10% - Personal Upkeep (Pay, housing, medical, ect ect)
10% - Emergency Wartime Funds (Savings account that can only be accessed in times of war)
10% - Research And Development (how to kill you better and survive longer, ect ect)
20% - Logistics (Fuel, spare parts, bullets ect ect)
20% - Training
30% - Reserved for Mainstream Use (Buying ships, tanks, planes, ect ect)

Please Note: All funds not spent at the end of the fiscal year is automatically consolidated into the Emergency Wartime Fund.

Emergency Wartime Fund Currently: $51.2 T (As of 8/25/12)

Military Equipment Information:

NOTE: The stats for these weapons are either publicly available from the manufacturers NS storefront, or a quick Google search. If you have any questions until I get the links up, I suggest you look there for any information you may have on them.

Rifle: TN RDI Ripper MK4
Rifle: TN RDI Hardline Mk1
SMG: TN RDI Slasher MK2
Shotgun: Modified Saiga 12
Squad Automatic Weapon: TN RDI Stubbed MK1 LMG
Squad Grenade Launcher: TN RDI Roundshot Mk1
Anti-Air: NW Canadian C9K38 Needler
Anti-Tank: TN RDI Black Dragon Mk1 *Prototype*
Long Range Rifle: CheyTac Intervention .408
Anti-Material Rifle: Barrett XM109
Heavy Machine Gun: M2 .50 BMG
Pistol: Specialist Dynamics 10mm SA
Pistol: Specialist Dynamics 10mm Revolver
Grenade: Lynn Arms Hellsbreath

MBT: NW Canadian C-2A7 Snow Leopard
MBT: VMK AG Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E 'Panthera Tigris'
Field Arty-Howitzer: VMK AG Panzerhaubitze 2E Armoured Howitzer
Field Resupply: VMK AG AY2 B variant
Field Arty-General Purpose: CAESAR 155 self-propelled
Field Arty-MLRS: Specialist Dynamics Thunderer MK1
Anti-Aircraft: NW Canadian Viper Air Defense System Mk1
Multi Mission: NW Canadian MMES
General Purpose Vehicle: NW Canadian Lynx Armored Vehicle
- Basic Lynx Armored Vehicle
- Infantry Fighting Vehicle -3
- Cav Fighting Vehicle -3
- Armored Mortar System -1
- Self Propelled Anti Air Sentry Gun -1
- Command Post Vehicle -1
- Recovery Vehicle -1
- Cargo Utility Vehicle -1
- Ambulance Vehicle -1
Unmanned Ground Vehicle: NW Canadian CSGV-1A2 SQUIRE
Patrol Vehicle: TN RDI Belwood LPV
Recon Vehicle: TN RDI Reachlong ATV
Utility Vehicle: TN RDI Gunn HUV
Amphibious Landing Craft: TN RDI Whisp
Support: M1075/4 PLS

Ship-Battleship: TN RDI Starfire Class
Ship-Cruiser: NW Canadian Next Gen Narvik class CGN
Ship-Cruiser: NW Canadian Horus class Nuclear Battlespace Defense Cruiser (being phased out)
Ship-Cruiser: NW Canadian Next Gen Aurora Nuclear Battlespace Defense Cruiser CBSN (being phased in)
Ship-Destroyer: NW Canadian Polaris Class DDGN
Ship-Destroyer: NW Canadian Tribal Mk 2 class DDG
Ship-Frigate: NW Canadian Decatur class FFGN
Ship-Frigate: NW Canadian Province class FFG
Ship-Carrier: NW Canadian Beurling class Fleet Carrier
Ship-Assault: NW Canadian Modified Mistral Class LSD
Ship-Support: TN RDI LS-2 Crucible Class AWS
Ship-Support: TN RDI MS-15 Immaculate MCV
Ship-Support: TN RDI FO-4 Conveyor
Submarine: TN RDI Ambush Class GMS
Submarine: TN RDI Chammoro Class FDS

Aircraft-Interceptor-Stealth: NW Canadian CF-205 Arrow Mk2
Aircraft-ASF-Stealth: TN RDI F-220 DIABLO
Aircraft- Transcontinental Super Sonic Stealth Bomber: TN RDI B-71 Excaliber
Aircraft- Fighter Bomber-Gen 5: TN RDI FB-220 STRIKE DIABLO
Aircraft- UAV: TN RDI F-209 RAPIER
Aircraft-Support-Cargo: TN RDI C-68 Eclipse
Aircraft-Support-Cargo: TN RDI C-65 Aurora
Aircraft-Support-Tanker: TN RDI KC-65 Aurora
Aircraft-AWACS-Carrier: TN RDI EC-110 Peregrine
Aircraft-AWACS: TN RDI DCHE-4 Caribou
Aircraft-ABM: TN RDI ALI-150 SAINT
Aircraft- Maratime Patrol/ASW: TN RDI S-9 Seahorse
Helicopter-Multi Role: HRC Monsoon Gen 1
Helicopter-Spec Ops: HRC Monsoon Gen 2

Nerve Agents -
GA - Tabun
GB - Sarin
GD - Soman
GF - Cyclosarin
VX - Methylphosphonothioic Acid

Blister Agents -
HD - Sulfur Mustard (Yperite)
HN - Nitrogen Mustard
L - Lewisite
CX - Phosgene Oximine

Choking Agents -
CG - Phosgene
DP - Diphosgene
Cl - Chlorine
PS - Chloropicrin

-=(WIP -Researching)=-

-=(WIP -Researching)=-

Silo Based: LGM-30G Minuteman-III (Fully Updated Version)
Mobile Based: MGM-134A Midgetman In Hardened Mobile Launchers (HML)
Submarine Based: UGM-133 Trident II

Speciality Munitions:
Medium Atomic Demolition Munition (MADM)
Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM)
Cobalt Jackets that can be attached to atomic arty munitions

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