The Most Serene Republic of Alacc Factbook

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The Most Serene Republic of Alacc Factbook

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The Most Serene Republic of Alacc

    This is under construction. I will add more stuff as time permits. Need to add: Economy, transportation, education, history,

Nation Name: The Most Serene Republic of Alacc
Government type: One-Party Royal Alaccian Socialist Serene Republic
Head Of State: The Greatest Chancellor King Amiek the Wise and the Kind of the Most Serene Republic of Alacc.
King's Residence Royal City, The Most Serene Republic of Alacc
Party: Alacc Common Party
ACP(Alacc Common Party is the only party allowed to exist in Alacc)
Party(Alacc Common Party)
Judiciary(Independent for the government)

Military: Alacc Defense Force
Responsibility of: Chairman of Alacc Defense Force, Alacc Defense Group, Military Branch
Standard Issue Rfile:
-Royal Alacc Army
-Royal Alacc Navy
-Royal Alacc Air Force
-Home Guard

Military Motto:
"Defend and Conquer for a Greater Socialist World!"
All soldiers say this chant before and after training, and before every battle.

Government ideals:
1)Government Officials picked through testing process that test the intelligent of government officials. But their actions are accountable by the independent Judiciary Branch and the People of Alacc. People of Alacc can impeach a corrupted or incompetent official.
2)Government provide everything for the people. There will be no poverty.
3)Elimination of Money. All citizens who work will receive all the necessities and entertainment of life. Again, if government officials are corrupted(bribing, taking public funds for self interest), people and the judiciary branch can impeach the officials.
3)Elimination of family. Children are raised in Government nursery.
4)No Income. All workers in Alacc received the same compensation in food, living place, entertainment. An Engineer earn the same as a nurse, artists don't work for the commercial sector to allow maximum artistic freedom.
5)Inalienable rights: speech, religion, sexual orientation, assembly, trial by jury,

1)Capitalism. Unequal distribution of wealth.
2)So called "democracy" in the democratic countries.

Language: Alacconik
Nationality: Noun-Allaccian Adjective:Allaccian
Population: 40 million

Religion: 99% agnostic or atheist, 1% other religion
National sport: Fencing and Table tennis

Average Housing:
Everybody live in the same government issue housing.

There's no concept of a family in Alacc. So Everybody lives alone. But millions of these house are built in close proximity.
When a couple have a baby, the father will visit the woman's place and can stay if he wants to. It's not Alacc's custom to live together.
Babies are sent to government nursery. People don't know their parents and last names dont exist.



A trans-nation high speed monorail network connects people from all parts of Alacc. Cars are banned and bicycles are a popular form of transportation. Bicycle are encouraged by the Act of Transportation 1.9 in 1997. There are 120 international airports in Alacc.

Television Boardcast Stations: 300
Internet Country code: .ac
Internet Users: 40 million(2007)

There's no concept of a family in Alacc. So Everybody lives alone.
When a couple have a baby, the father will visit the woman's place often and can stay if he wants to. It's not Alacc's custom to live together.
Babies are sent to government nursery. People don't know their parents and last names dont exist.
Alaccian don't believe in marriage and found marriage of other place strange and foreign. Men and women have multiple sexual partners and that is totally acceptable in Alacc.
Since People don't become fathers and mothers, there is a job called Maturity Administers that basically raised children in nursery from age 0 to age 17. After seventeen, everybody must get a job assigned by government job administrators and live alone in government's housing. All housing are the same for all professions and everybody.
Of course when a woman decided to give birth to a baby, she and her partner must signed up for something called "birth spot" in government's infant's quota administration. If the baby quota for that year is fulled, then the woman has to abort her baby and signed up for a "birth spot" for next year. This is government's policy against over population. Alaccian views this policy as normal. Alaccian feels it is social responsibility to have a baby, but woman can choose whether they have baby or not.
Without family concept, Allacians only have first name given by their nursery. And when they're 17 they can decided a name for themselves.


The Government(Alacc Common Party) provides free education from age 4 to 19. Schooling is compulsory from age 4 to 19. Schools are co-ed.
Kindergaten, Primary, Secondary, and Upper Secondary are the responsible of the Ministry of Education headed by Kolimi, with approval from the king.
University Education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education headed by Oppomi,

From Age 4 to 5 students enter Kindergarten, In Alacc it's called olikqoomiden
From Age 6-12 students enter Primary School, In Alacconik(the language of Alacc) called Ildindmin
From Age 12-15 student enter Secondary School, called Yoldindmin
From Age 15-19 students study in Upper Secondary School, called YoldindminLoimn

After finishing Upper Secondary School, students take a test to get The Alaccian Certificate of Education, Allaciaki Oliomi di dimini. Students leave the government nursery and get their own housing(4x4 House) from the government, assign to a job by the government. Almost 100% of Alaccian passed and receive the Certificate.

Alacc's Official Secondary language is Chinese because of China's emergence in the world stage.
All graduates of Alacc's Universities are givened the title The King's Students.國王的門生
They can attached the initial K.S. after their name,(like, J.D, Phd)

Universities are also free of charge in Alacc by the Free Education Law 3.1
Alacc has 6 National Universities(Nommidin), 1 more University is coming up next year:

Language of Instruction: Alacconik
University of Alacc(Alacc di Nommidin)
Royal Academy of Fine Arts(Acedmi di Misart Olyke)(Relatively small school, each student study under a master as an apprentice)皇家艺术學院
Royal Academy of Music(Acedmi di Yierke Olyke)- will accept first class next year.皇家音樂學院

Language of Instruction:Alacconik and Chinese
University of The King(The King's University)(Kilikm di Nommidin) 國王大學
University of The Queen(The Queen's University)(Quelien di Nommidin) 王后大學
University of Social Science(Ceqreske di Nommidin)社會科学大學
University of Technology(Falini di Nommidin)科学技術大學

Literacy rate: 100%
Education of Population:
University(basic degree-The King's Students)- 89%
Upper Secondary- 100%
The King's Students of Science and Technology Royal Alaccian Certificate of Science Expertise)- 7%
The King's Students of Social Science Royal Alaccian Certificate of Social Science Expertise) -7%
The King's Students of Fine Arts K.S.fa. (The Royal Alaccian Certificate of Fine Art) - .3%
The King's Students of Music K.S.m.(The Royal Alaccian Certificate of Music)- none yet

Prestigious Title of Honor:
Royal Art Academicians(Olyke Masert Acemim)皇家艺术院士- Winners of the Annual Art competition Prix de Alacc- 52 winners.
Royal Science Academicians(Olyke Ceqreske Acemim)皇家科学院士- Winners of Annual Scientific Prize- 61 winners.
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The Most Serene Empire of Alacc, FT Nation
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The Factbook of Alacc

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