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Short Factbook

Postby Jenrak » Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:06 pm

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So I've decided to compile most of the basic information on my MT nation, my MT state, and my FT nation. Each of these three are pretty important things to consider when RPing with me, and the purpose of these is to provide a handy link when someone asks 'Do you have a Factbook?' This isn't a traditional Factbook in that it's written like a CIA Factbook or a Wikipedia article, but rather it's an OOC and informal rant on the most important details in as concise a fashion as I can put it. There's little things and intricacies that won't be here, but for most people who want to get a good idea of what my IC stuff is like for the sake of RPing more easily with me, this Factbook should provide all necessary information.


Azumethronnia is a union between myself and New Azura. The name is a neologism of Azura and Methronnia, and it's more commonly known as Azumeth. When RPing with me, the central component you'll be working with is Methronnia, which is currently under the rule of Avox Sauzarum.

The political system consists of a collection of city states - 95 in total - that span the territory around them, called 'Nakros'. Each individual Nakros has its own form of government, its own means of legitimacy, and its own representatives and rules. The leader and representative of each Nakros is called an Azhuj. A collection of Azhuj for any political, economic, or military matter is called an Azhujurius. Each Nakros is given one vote, and the Nakros with the most votes ends up being the capital, and its Azhuj is considered the leader of the Amalgamate.

Almost every leading Nakros has been dominantly Methronnian. Oftentimes, I'll refer to my MT country as 'The Amalgamate', and other times I will refer to it as 'Methronnia'. Methronnia is the national collection of civilians who identify along a political, ethnic, and religious line. Those falling outside the Methronnian label, but are still Nakroses, fall under the larger umbrella term of 'the Amalgamate'. The Amalgamate consists of all Methronnian Nakroses, but Azumethronnia is only Methronnia. Nakroses like Horsingra, Uvuhla, and Vaazka are not Methronnian Nakroses, and thus they aren't part of Azumethronnia.

So what is Methronnia? Methronnian territory is essentially territory controlled by the Amalgamate by those subscribing to Tsellian doctrine. Sar Tsellian believes in a polytheistic religion that tends to revere the god-Brother Enkur, who has a somewhat promethean backdrop. The Tsellian Church, while the litmus requirement for Methronnian identity, is also an independent organization of its own.

Situated in the holy city of Arazego, which is a Nakros of its own, the Tsellian Church is an international religious institution that acts independently of Azumethronnia. Most of Azumethronnia's power struggles and its actions are determined by this central balance of power established by the Tsellian Church, the Azhujurius, and the Methronnian versus Amalgamate label. You must be careful when dealing with the Amalgamate versus Azumethronnia versus the Tsellian Church.

Azumethronnia doesn't have a traditional royal family that travels through blood. The 'royal family' in Azumethronnia are only called thus because the native Ascheran language (the dead root language of Methronnians) of the ruler is 'Azhuj'Vizith', and while in function they act as the monarch of the Amalgamate, the Nakros is more important as a determining factor of rulership than bloodline. If a Nakros falls from favour or dominance during the Azhujurius, then the ruler is no longer the monarch.

At the moment, Avox Sauzarum is the leader of the Amalgamate, currently in power because of her incredibly fortuitous marriage of Caius Anaximander. She is the leader of Nakros Sasz Kerenuk, and the capital ruled from there.

Central to the relationship are the Temsplaces, who are warrior priests for the Tsellian Church. The best education, training, and job opportunities in the Amalgamate - a country already famous for its considerable education - is controlled by the Church, and requires Temsplace training. Therefore, most of the politicians, engineers, scholars, academics, and military officers are Tsellians to some degree, or have had Temsplace exposure to some degree.

Full warriors priests are called Temsplaces. Their purpose is to go and start new churches in other cities, though they are often content with being and organization military arm for the Tsellian Church. Temsplaces control each other through legal and moral vows, called Sistemnosra, where they swear their life to others. There is no need for a Temsplace to swear a Sistemnosra to a Tsellian. Temsplaces that have sworn vows of Sistemnosra from other Temsplaces are called Tempestras. The Tempestra that has the most Sistemnosra is considered the Therax. Traditionally, the Therax is a male position, but the position being male-only is a myth that's widely perpetuated by members of the Church.

Above the Therax is the Church's administrative leader, the Zakakorn. The Zakakorn is always female, and is a standing mother figure for Enkur's human mother, Tsalil. The Zakakorn has a very specific and special Atara Sentarum. This will be explained later.

Theraxes come in all sizes - the minimal requirement for a Therax is that they must be a Tempestra, and they must be in charge of a functioning Church. Though the Church in the Amalgamate is the largest and most famous, there are churches in Neo Disith, The United Dominion, etc., all with their own Theraxes. A Therax has a very special ability, known as a Sentarum Hahrab, meaning 'Forced Reconstruction'. When a Sentarum Hahrab is declared, all members of the greater Tsellian Church MUST, without question, prepare for war.

The purpose of the Sentarum Hahrab is usually a defensive doctrine against hostile religions, though because Theraxes do not need a reason to declare one, it has the potential to be abused. A Sentarum Hahrab does not necessarily mean an immediate alliance between all Tsellian communities - communities often choose to wait until a confirmation from the Zakakorn, known as the Atara Sentarum. In other words, for a Sentarum Hahrab to be successfully enacted, it must be done so with the approval of the Zakakorn. This rarely happens.

In short, when RPing with me, understand that the Azumethronnian line covers the majority, but not all, of the Nakroses. The Amalgamate is a separate entity in its entirety from the Methronnians. Though Avox is technically the most powerful person in the Amalgamate, she is kept in check by a myriad of equally powerful forces, most notably the Temsplaces, who carry their allegiance to the Zakakorn, NOT the Methronnian crown. Though the Methronnians are Tsellians themselves, and have a good relationship with the Temsplaces, they are sometimes at odds with Temsplace policy.

Ciehne Abrahene

There are two central languages we have to consider for my FT counterpart. The first is the Young Tongue and the second is the Old Tongue. The Young Tongue is called that because it's the newer language, while the Old Tongue is the older one. Pretty simple.

'Ciehne Abrahene' is the Old Tongue. 'Ikrahk' is the Young Tongue. Both of them mean 'Starchildren'. Most of the labels use the Young Tongue, so I will refer to them as the Ikrahk.

The Ikrahk are a collection of roving organisms, ideas, metaphysical beings, mechanical beings, and phenomena that are all united under a central banner: The resurrection of 'Saathog'. Saathog is considered by the Ikrahk to be the great mother, and the universe is simply Saathog's womb. The Ikrahk believe that Saathog must be wished into existence by being birthed by her own children as a loophole for her own creation. In other words, Saathog is God to the Ikrahk, and Saathog's own creation was in turn from her own creation's birth of Saathog, whom birthed her creation in turn. An endless loop of birthing would allow Saathog to choke out the universe, and fill it with her splendor.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Saathog cannot be born, because the only thing capable of birthing Saathog by Saathog's own decree was locked away in another, lifeless dimension. However, during the birthing process, Saathog did create seven major, dominant beings that in turn fueled the rest of the Ikrahk. They are called the Arkas, or 'Ibrahim'.

The Arkas are immortal beings that go into a state of retention and rejeuvenation when their physical bodies are obliterated. Their essence drifts around in matter for a long time, and then they re-emerge. Each Arkas is unique, and each one of them is a manifestation of a general sin, though they've moved beyond that label considerably over the aeons. The most important about the Arkas is that they don't get along. While they are all children of Saathog and argue to be supportive of her, they spend much of their fighting each other or those around them rather than trying to birth Saathog. They are, in short, beings that have been given freedom and do not want to give it up.

The size and makeup of each Arkas is unique. The Arkas can be immense, like Totalius, or they can be very small, like Ermeriel. However, they are generally capable of warping reality to a very limited means, whether it is through consumption, manipulation, or anything else. Most Arkas can be reasoned with, and while they are not irrational, they generally prefer to keep to themselves instead of being aggressive.

What makes an Arkas unique is that they have the ability to impose an unbreakable bond with a mechanical or biological being, called an 'Imprint'. The Imprint allows the Arkas to modify, manipulate, torture, command, or consume its subjects however it pleases, regardless of the subject's will. The subject may resist, but ultimately it contorts and agrees to the Arkas' wishes. Though imprint control is argued by all Arkas to be 'rare', understanding where choice begins and the imprint ends is difficult to ascertain.

All other Ikrahk have a lesser form of Imprint, which are simply duplications of an existing Arkas' imprint. Instead of being able to apply their own imprints, Ikrahk forms like Cyst Princes (the usual commanders of an Arkas' military force) or Tyrants (the Ermerian version) tend to replicate their own cells or parts that already have Imprints ingrained into their being, and then replicate the imprints in new things. No new imprints are made.

The most famous Arkas (and most prolific) is Totalius, a moon-planet sized spider-like Arkas that is a serial eater. Totalius consumes planets through the act of copulation, and though Totalius has the fewest of Ikrahk under its imprint, and instead chooses to incorporate them all into its being, Totalius is the largest Ikrahk threat.

The least threatening Arkas is Avhuvria, an Arkas that carries one of the larger fleets but chooses to drift around the galaxy. Avhuvria, while possessing considerable firepower, prefers to act more like a cosmic tourist and visit friendly places.

The one with the biggest potential to destabilize the balance of power is Ermeriel. A painting that can inhabit any piece of perceived work of art anywhere in the galaxy, Ermeriel's abilities are limited personally, though he is also the only Arkas capable of creating controlled parallel systems on his own. From his capital of Akhenphire, Ermeriel prefers to spawn barely noticeable threats instead of waging war. He is most famous for being the owner and creator of the Red Room, which is often used in dreams as a means for Arkas to communicate with their hosts.

Though Arkases such as Vixxevahm, Ubuthoet, Umenmnan, and Maladonn exist, they are not very active participants in the galaxy.

Central to the Ikrahk is that they are mainly uninterested in war. Though they may seem grotesque, most are incomplete parasitic hijacking of other objects to form a unified, siphonospheric being. Inter-Ikrahk fighting is a realistic and frequent occurrence, with Ikrahk of varying Imprints unafraid to jockey for power and territory. For the most part, they are harmless against well-armed and prepared individuals. Only against highly aggressive, expansionary, Ikrahks with active Arkases such as Totalius, Vixxevahm, or Ubuthoet are the Ikrahk a major threat.

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Postby Jenrak » Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:08 pm

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to ask me and I'll try and answer them.

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Postby The IASM » Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:30 am

Did you make the photos and how?

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Postby Jenrak » Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:37 pm

Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Paint Tool Sai.

Both of them used a pre-existing base in google for placement. Nose lighting and forehead size I had to steal from Britanny Snow, but the lips and the hair, as well as the suit (ie. everything else) was all drawn from scratch.

For Totalius, I took an empty base from White Knight Chronicles for the head, and then painted the legs manually. I mainly needed it for the texture.

It's about 30 percent Photoshop, 70 original work? To answer your question, yes.
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Postby Viritica » Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:46 am

Awesome factbook, but your pictures are truly something to behold.

Well done.
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Postby Cuprum » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:02 pm

Nice work!

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Postby Neo ORB » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:28 pm

As always Jenrak, you are my star and guide for creation for the Nare.
also thanks for the indirect tips on the Art formatting.
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Postby Jenrak » Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:12 am


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