The Federation of Khantari Government Database (wIp)

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The Federation of Khantari Government Database (wIp)

Postby Khantari » Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:02 am

The Federation of Khantari Government Database

  1. President Executive Office
  2. Ministry of Defense
  3. Ministry of Police
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affair
  5. Ministry of Trade/ Technologies & Mining
  6. Ministry of People Affair
  7. Ministry of Finance & Tax
  8. Ministry of Foods/ Agricultural & Fisheries
  9. Ministry of Internal Safety
  10. Ministry of Transport and Maritime

  11. National Security & Intelligence Agency (NASIA)
  12. Council of Joint Safety Coordination (J Council)
  13. President Advisory Board
  14. Economic & Investment Coordination Committee (EICC)
  15. President Safeguard Command
  16. President Science & Technologies Advisory Board (STAB)

President Executive Office
  • President of Federation of Khantari: Most Honorable Dr Adrian West
    Dr Adrian West was born December 24, 1961 in Witchington Moors. A politician, he took over from his father General Caspar Igorav West as president of Khantari in October 2003. West began studies at the Old Khantari Univ. in 1977, graduating in 1982 and receiving a PhD in Petroleum Technologies in 1985. For the next five years he lectured at the university and researched Khantari’s oil strategy.
  • President Chief of Staff: Ms Dorothea Anthony
  • Deputy President Chief of Staff: Mr John Leary Bortoft
  • President Military Assistant : Lt General Igor D Vantaera
  • Head, President Research Office: Dr Murray L Colbert
  • Counselor to President: Robert T Grasstree (former Director, Contolla Institute of Global Peace)
    Ben L Noah(Appointed as Ambassador to The Confederacy of Meritocratic States)
  • Associate Counselor to President: Ms Mira F Sturraty
  • President Speechwriter: Mr Jeremy K Kincaid
  • Associate President Speechwriter: Ms Pam C Trentin
  • President Foreign Policy Researcher: Dr Ian R Moontin

Ministry of Defense
  • Minister of Defense: General (ret.) Tom Brantner
  • Deputy Minister: Dr Lina T Westgorg (former Head of Foreign Affair Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affair)
    Mr George K Ermin (Appointed as Ambassador to New Frenco Empire)
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Mr Killen R Byfort

Ministry of Police
  • Minister of Police: Mr. Jimmie Manzer
  • Deputy Minister: Ms Alice J Brenburgh
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Mr Rodger L von Troft

Ministry of Foreign Affair
  • Minister of Foreign Affair: Dr Curtis Castonguay
  • Deputy Minister: Ms Jena T Veromm
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Mr Krefford Y Bluros
  • Head of Foreign Affair Academy: Jennifer H Silton (Former Trade Attache to Moorburgh)
    Dr Lina T Westgorg (Promote to be Deputy Min of Defense)
  • Head of Diplomatic Global Security Office (DIGSO): Amy Rapahel Kidd

Ministry of Trade/ Technologies & Mining
  • Minister of Trade/ Technologies & Mining: Mr Clancy Snuggler
  • Deputy Minister: Ms Isabel Ivana Bumford (Former COO, Logwind Cargo Ltd)
    (Mr Costin Benjámin Ruotsalainen - Appointed as Minister of Transport & Maritime)
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Ms Lina Yordan Martel
  • Assistant to Minister for Trade Affair: Ms Rosie Benito De Vroome
  • Assistant to Minister for Technologies: Dr Marcus Bálint Myska
  • Assistant to Minister for Mining: Mr Ronald T Fortbrig (former Director, Mining Safety Agency)
    (Mr Zephyros Péter Fodor - Appointed as Ambassador to Reino do Brazil)

Ministry of People Affair
  • Minister of People Affair: Mr Ward Lech Duval
    (Ms. Paulette Delbosque - Appointed as Ambassador to Legendardisch)
  • Deputy Minister: Mr Lyward Keen Cornbridge
    (Mr Ward Lech Duval - Promote as Minister of People Affair)
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Mr Hartwig Imam Jephson

Ministry of Finance & Tax
  • Minister of Finance & Tax: Dr Mike Alva Desloge
  • Deputy Minister: Mr Robbie Charlott Zittel
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Mr Garry Elliot Hughen
  • Assistant to Minister for Finance: Dr Monica Carry Curnow
  • Assistant to Minister for Tax: Mr Marco Hugh Farve
  • Chief Economist: Daphne Nickie Vives
  • Director General, Khantari Central Bank: Mr Philip Stanton Rouillard
  • CEO & President, National Economic Development Corp (NEDCORP): Dr Courtney Cherly Shoats

Ministry of Foods/ Agricultural & Fisheries
  • Minister of Foods/ Agricultural & Fisheries: Ms Tracy Gregg Mondoux
  • Deputy Minister: Mr Gregory Julio Scarfo
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Ms Mayra Latoria Embly
  • Assistant to Minister for Foods: Ms Tamika Vida Dolores
  • Assistant to Minister for Agricultural: Mr Brent Kurt Merrifield
  • Assistant to Minister for Fisheries: Mr Aaron Michel Haubrich

Ministry of Internal Safety
  • Minister of Internal Safety: General (ret.) Adrian Davis Thyng
  • Deputy Minister: Ms Jodie Sharita Westpfahl
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff: Lt General (ret.) Alejandro Gil Vrablic
  • Commander, Federal Internal Order & Restoration Command (FIOREC): Commandant Kerry Harlan Cohoon

Ministry of Transport and Maritime
  • Minister of Transport and Maritime: Mr Costin Benjámin Ruotsalainen (former Dep Minister of Trade/ Technologies & Mining)
  • Deputy Minister: Ms Amy Marissa Soper
  • Ministerial Chief of Staff:Mr Jim Garry Madson
  • Assistant to Minister for Transport Affair: Mr Casey Sindy Bergreen
  • Assistant to Minister for Maritime Affair: Mr Troy Sid Feldner
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Postby Khantari » Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:11 am

Council of Joint Safety Coordination (J Council)
  • Chair: Mr Jack Ayanna Hultberg
  • Hon. Secretary: Mr Thomas Otis Stansel
  • Members: Dr Patti Gertude Milam
  • Members: General (ret.) Andre Michale Nissen
  • Members: Mr Owen Trensa Bollack
  • Members: Mr Kenneth Tory Riggins
  • Members: Mr Stacey Maurice Caracso
  • Members: Prof. Antonio Rosendo Bates
  • Members: Prof. Allan Johnie Vost
  • President Special Envoy: Dr Tony Cornell Soderquist

Corruption Eradication & Enforcement Commission - CEECOM
  • Chair: Dr Hanna Kenwell Rockfort
  • Director General: Mr Kenwood Lewis Parks
  • Deputy Director General: Mr James Henrick Cassa
  • Associated Deputy Director General: Police Commissioner (ret.) William Andre Cochran

National Security & Intelligence Agency (NASIA)
  • Director General: Mr Oliver Johnathan Ratner
  • Deputy DG: Ms Catherine Britta Grames
  • Assistant DG for Security: Mr Isaac Dick Mathie
  • Assistant DG for Intelligence: Mr Max Lupe Hogen
  • Assistant DG for Technical Support: Ms Cecilia Charlette Gadwah
  • Assistant DG for Admin.: Ms Dallas Daren Derose
  • Assistant DG for Research: Dr Garry Lauren Salvatierra

President Advisory Board
  • Chair: Prof. Nathaniel Granville Casdorph
  • Board Members: Ms Janine Angelika Peckham
  • Board Members: Mr Dustin Bertram Millett
  • Board Members: Dr Margarita Yuonne Sgroi
  • Board Members: Mr Bobbie Hildegard Woller

Economic & Investment Coordination Committee (EICC)
  • Chair: Dr Micheal Ty Bultron
  • Committee Members: Ms Agnes Despina Fell
  • Committee Members: Ms Naomi Dovie Kriek (former Minister-Counsellor (Economic), Khantari Embassy at Atok)
  • Committee Members: Dr Deana Emelda McCluney
  • Committee Members: Mr Francis Vincenzo Palso
  • Ministry of Finance & Tax Envoy: Ms Monique Kristeen Herr
  • Ministry of Trade/ Technologies & Mining: Mr Zachary Len Klarin

President Science & Technologies Advisory Board (STAB)
  • Chair: Prof. Taylor Jerrod Impson
  • Board Members: Dr Shawn Josie Belasco
  • Board Members: Dr Calvin Frances Fannin
  • Board Members: Mr Garrett Alec Placzek
  • Board Members: Mr Salvador Jewel Millay
  • Board Members: Ms Fannie Dalene Creger
  • Ministry of Trade/ Technologies & Mining Envoy: Dr Johnathan Trenton Broomhead

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Ministry of Defense

Postby Khantari » Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:31 am

The Federation of Khantari Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Defense Agencies
  • Central Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency (CAFPAA)
    Role: Provides, on a tri-service basis, the data and systems for the payment of, and the personnel management for, all military personnel
    Director: Mr Leo Merlin Grosenick
  • Military Defense Corporation (MILDEC)
    Role: MILDEC is an engineering service, repair and re-manufacturing organisation offering a worldwide capability to defence, emergency service and other governmental and non-governmental organisations. MILDEC capabilities range from small arms to battle tanks, from motorcycles to commercial fleet management, and binoculars to thermal imaging equipment. This ensures MILDEC can uniquely offer customers a comprehensive one-point service, repair and re-manufacturing solution.

    A highly flexible and strategically sited workforce of 2,500 ensures that MILDEC is capable of meeting largescale repair and overhaul requirements. An unusually wide range of skills and expertise together with detailed knowledge allows MILDEC to compete effectively in a wide range of equipment types and
    technologies, across world markets.
    CEO: Mr Wilbert Donovan Stones
  • Defense Training & Recruitment Agency (DETRA)
    Role: Responsible for providing recruitment and training services for the Khantari Military. The Agency Headquarters is based at Fogington, close to many of the training units. Recruiting is carried out from 63 sites in towns and cities throughout the country and individual training is conducted at some 10 schools.
    Commandant: Brigadier Andrew Dario Malinsky, Khantari Army
  • Defence Communications Services Agency (DeCSA)
    Role: Aims to provide its customers with the optimum end-to-end wide area information transfer services to meet defence needs..
    Commandant: Naval Brigadier Morgan Dong Lorden, Khantari Navy
  • Defence Procurement Services Agency (DePSA)
    Role: Responsible for the procurement of equipment for the Armed Forces. Equipping the Armed Forces is the Defence Procurement Agency (DePSA)'s central mission. It procures new equipment for the Armed Forces and provides other procurement-related services to its customers. Based at Abbey Wood. The DePSA's objectives are to buy weapons systems and platforms and manage major upgrades deliver projects within defined performance, time and cost bands; provide certain procurement-related services, guidance and standards
    Commandant: Lt General Alvin Oswaldo Romrell, Khantari Army
  • Defence Joint Intelligence and Security Training Centre (DEJIS)
    Role: Trains the armed forces and other intelligence organisations in security, psychological and intelligence operations.
    Commandant: Lt General Ben Tyson Longfork, Khantari Army
  • Defence Logistics Organisation (DELO)
    Role: Provides joint logistic support to the Khantari's Armed Forces. The DELO consists primarily of five major Business Units - each providing specialist logistics for Air, Sea, Land, Communications and Defence Logistic Support (e.g fuel, warehousing, food).
    Commandant: Aeroforce Major General Allen Marshall Caris, Khantari Air Force
  • Defence Medical Training Institute (DEMTI)
    Role: DEMTI is responsible for the individual medical services training of personnel from the Khantari Navy, Army and Air Force, including Reserves. This training is carried out through a mixed programme of
    internal courses - at the Khantari Defence Medical College in Guiltydump and at the Defence Medical Services Training Academy (Service Academy) in Witchington Moors - and in external academic and clinical institutions
    Director: Dr Doreen Joe Eckerle
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