The Allanean Factbook [OOC]

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]
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The Allanean Factbook [OOC]

Postby Allanea » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:24 am

A Brief Introduction to Allanea

Greetings, NS player. This is a brief, and constantly-updated guide to the United States of Allanea as it pertains to our interactions during NS roleplay. Before you set off to read this thread, I would like to explain certain OOC realities regarding my nation. These, if not clarified, may cause misunderstandings during RP.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask them and I will add more things to the factbook.

About my Relationship with Realism:

In brief, me and realism are not friends. Even at the barest minimum, you're dealing with a nation ruled by a demigod. If you insist on entirely realistic RP, you will probably not like this nation.

About my Relationship with MT and FT:

This is not a solely FT or MT nation. This is a multi-tech nation. As such, it operates simultaneously in all time streams, rather than maintain an alternative continuity for each tech level.

Therefore, as far as my nation's perception is concerned, and to what extent possible, events in my nation occur in the vague order they were RPed in. Suppose I were to fight Stoklomolvi (an MT nation) in a war, and then go off to attend a peace summit with Sskiss (an FT nation), and then fight GWO (another MT nation). As far as my nation's internal narrative would be concerned, the events would have occurred in that order.

However, for the purpose of RP, I will utilize a dialable-scale system of wank – i.e., the power level of my nation in all war RP's will be kept appropriate to the RP. Alexander Kazansky and other demigod characters will not cast magic spells on your tank armies. FT battleships will not graze you from orbit.

The only exclusion from this rule is if you make an I MAKE WAR ON ALLANEA thread without clearing it with me first. I reserve the right to fry you with any insanity I see fit, or ignore you outright.

About my relationship with time:

I operate on a faster scale than most roleplayers. This should normally not be an issue during actual RP, as fluid time is generally employed there. Otherwise, I try and employ a 1 day/1 year storefront system.

About my policy on nukes, planetkillers, etc.:

I do not use mass-nukings, planetkillers, nation-killers and similar weapons without clearing it ahead of time with the other roleplayer. This is because, no matter how IC justified its destruction may be, people put a lot of work into their nation and are loathe to see them destroyed. I will also ignore/handwave away any mass-nukings directed at myself without clearance. In this matter I am entirely fun-over-realism.

Having read this, feel free to go on to the actual content of this thread [under construction]:

What Is Allanea?
Crime in Allanea
Races of Allanea
Allanean Territory [MT/PMT Only]
Allanean Territory [FT]
The Allanean Military [PMT/MT]
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Postby Allanea » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:34 am

What Is Allanea?

In 2003, AD, a large segment (about 2-3%) of the American population (and some smatterings of Russians, too!) felt disenchanted with their nation. Government was growing too big. The culture was growing too repressive. But it was then that the Big Event happened – the world became fractal. [In other terms, the alternative universe my people come from became part of the NS-verse].

It was then that Alexander Kazansky had organized the Great Exodus. Hundreds of thousands fled into the fractal-verse. Very soon, a group of settlers set foot on the shores of Kalandia (Greater Prussia). It was there that the first capital of Allanea – named, inauspiciously, Port-Allanea – was founded. Over the next several decades, the Allaneans spread out to cover the entire subcontinent – from Axackal to the East to Daikatana and Aissur to the West. When the continent was wrecked by war, the Greater Prussian Emperor donated to the Allaneans a swath of land – the 'Allanean starfish', upon which the new capital, Liberty-City, was established. Thus, the Allaneans call the original homeland 'their homeland', but the 'word' mainland is used for the giant island housing Liberty-City.

To understand the culture of Allanea, you must understand the people who first left to found the new country. Not merely were they libertarians or crypto-conservatives of various stripes – they were the representatives of the most marginal groups out there. A swarm of nerds, gun nuts, otaku and gamers descended upon what became Allanea – and forged out a nation of their own out of the cruel world around them.

To this day, Allanea's environment fosters a mosaic culture – thousands, in fact, of differing tiny subcultures, forged together both by their dedication to individual liberty and capitalism and by the popularity of certain figures.

The next development was the implementation of SENS anti-aging technologies. It became possible for every Allanean to fix his physical age at any moment of his choice. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the trend was towards perpetual physical adolescence – a trend to which Allanea's capitalist, consumerist culture already catered.

Allanean culture is not 'perfect' by any means. Violence, inequality, automobile theft are rampant. The Allaneans have a disturbing tendency towards personality cults. But the Allaneans like their country – and in fact, are persuaded that it is the best, freest nation in the world.
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Postby Allanea » Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:06 am

Allanean Demographic Breakdown by Species:

Humans: ~17000 million

As Allanea has been founded by a mixture of Old Russian and Old American refugees, homo sapiens represent the majority of Allanean population, approximately 17 billion Freemen in total.

Dohwar: ~ 1500 million

Since the settlement of Egeruo, up to 1.5 billion Dohwar live throughout Allanea. Dohwar are a race of trade-oriented penguinoids. In Allanea, the majority of Dohwars are descendants of Deathsquealers, Dohwar warriors that were resigned to pariah status in their society for their 'unreasnable' bravery. Still, for a foreigner a Dohwar is extremely mercantile.


A hybrid of Middle-Eastern human and Sindarin genes produced by genetic manipulation, Allanea has a population of approximately 600 million Khristians.


As many as 500 million Noldor, Sindarin, and Avari elf immigrants live in Allanea. Emigration to Menelmacar is a regular drain on their community, but it continues to exist.


Valaquine are a self-designation for the sapient variant of Xenomorph X121. 400 million of them live in Allanea

Mirkaian Avians:

Avian humanoid creatures genetically engineered based on a human biology, the Mirkaians suffered a genetic flaw that caused them to fly into uncontrollable rage if they did not eat human flesh at least once a year. However, the Allaneans solve this issue by supplying the Mirkaians with commercially-available synthetically-grown human flesh. - 150 million are present.


Misshapen descendants of elves corrupted by Morgoth himself, Orcs are nevertheless capable of free will. Allanean Orcs have a rough, brutal culture, and are fond of elemental violence. They’re often found participating in violent sports, or fighting at the front lines of Allanea’s wars. About ~ 150 million live in Allanea


Over 100 million sapient undead of various kinds - liches, sapient ghouls, vampires, etc. - live in the United States of Allanea.


Approximately 50 million Nekos of various subtypes live in Allanea after its victory over the Grand World Order.

Hobbits: 40 million hobbits live in Allanea.

Giff: Giff are bold, physically strong humanoids that somewhat resemblant of hippopotami walking on their hind legs. ~ 20 million of them live in the Free Kingdom of Allanea.

Tieflings: About 10 million souls have been rescued by Alexander Blaken-Kazansky during his invasion of Hell. Equal numbers were rescued by Menelmacari and C’tani forces, and are now living in peace in these countries in Tiefling bodies (although some emigrated to Kouralia and the Greater Pony Herd).

Dwarves: Typically speaking dwarves settle in tightly-knit colonial communities. Some of the dwarves - primarily immigrants from Herdite Terradin - have linked up with the Cossack culture of the Iolead Province, thus founding the Khazad Cossack Host. The dwarf population is approximately ~10 million, of which perhaps 150,000 are Cossack Dwarves.

Doppleganger: While their abilities are not always fully appreciated by all Freemen, generally speaking Dopplegangers have assimilated well in Allanean society. They are shapechangers, capable of imitating nearly any humanoid species’ shape to fool a photographer or a visual observer. It is generally considered socially acceptable for Dopplegangers to attend social gatherings, work, and other duties, in their natural shape, but naturally if one of them broke this rule casual observers would not know this.

Klingons: Immigrated after the War on the Federation. ~10 million are present

Twi’leks: Up to 5 million Twi’leks live in Allanea after being recovered from various counterslavery operations.

Dragons: At least 16 are known.

Aranyafiri: 3 are known

Ponies: 10,000+

Beastlings: Several hundred.

It is approximated that up to 2.5 billion Allaneans are not accounted for in demographic surveys due to a lack of proper funding and the refusal of many to fill demographic surveys out for ideological reasons.
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Postby Allanea » Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:08 am

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Postby Allanea » Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:09 am

[not current]
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Postby Allanea » Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:09 am

A Guide to the Allanean Military [MT/PMT Version]

One of the most prominent features of the United States of Allanea is the Allanean military. It is large, and comparatively well-funded – its budget constituting slightly under 5% of the Allanean GDP, or about 30 trillion dollars (if one includes in this number the expenditures of other departments that are de-facto defense-oriented, the number would rise slightly, but not significantly higher). At a total military size of 80,000,000, the United States spends roughly $375,000 dollars per soldier. However, certain parameters prevent the United States military from being as competent as it could truly be.

The United States military is broken down into three branches – the Army, Navy, and Air Force. While other militaries, like the Praetonian or Doomani, will spend the majority of their funds on air or bluewater naval assets, enabling them to project force with greater efficiency, the Allaneans maintain a large, and competent ground Army. However, the relatively small Air Force and Navy hobble the Allanean military in contess with Havenic naval powers. Furthermore, the Allanean counterintelligence efforts remain extremely limited in scope. In the past, that had allowed Cottish military intelligence to infiltrate the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, and to present misinformation to the Allanean government that had led, combined with the naval limitations of Allanea, to the loss – without a fight – of the entire scope of Havenic colonies. Today the counterintelligence service has undergone major reforms, however Allanea is still unable to conduct major intelligence operations.

However, it has to be said that while Allanea's navy is smaller than that of Praetonia or Doomingsland, it is by no means nonexistent. Perhaps a better clue of the situation of the Allanean military should be given in numbers.

In personnel, the breakdown is approximately as follows:

Naval Personnel: 1,466,792
Air Force Personnel: 10,180,800
Army Personnel: 88,436,000

In funding, the breakdown is even more lopsided. The annual expenditures budgets are displayed below:

Navy: 2,052 billion
Air Force: 3,016 billion
Ground Forces: 35,650 billion

Furthermore, approximately 3,300 billion per year are allocated towards the procurement of new equipment, however, the imbalance is obvious between the units. Detailed information about the size and scope of the Allanean Armed Forces and their equipment can be found here, however, the following information presents key points about the Allanean Army:

The Air Force is comprised of 150,000 active aircraft, including trainer and utility planes. The Navy possesses 13,000 ships, including replenishment tankers and so forth.

The ground forces operate Lyran-like division structure, and are heavily trained
(an Allanean mechanized infantryman will partake in a Basic Training course that lasts between 8 or 9 months. Training proceeds after that throughout the period of service), and equipped with electronically-augmented gear, .308 rifles, and advanced camouflage equipment. Quite often (i.e., I will not stress this too hard when RPing with MT combatants), troops undergo cybernetic augmentation on a volunteer-only basis.
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Allanean Possessions [MT/PMT]

Postby Allanea » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:21 pm

Greater Prussia

What most people don't know is the fact that, after leaving their original homelands, the first Allanean settlers founded their civilisation in Greater Prussia. As such, it became the beginning of their expansion in the world.

Kalandia: - This is the birthplace of the Allanean nation. It has a population of 500 million people. The most important city in this area is Port-Allanea, stretching (through urban sprawl) through the majority of the state. It is here that Allanea was initially founded, and it is here that Alexander Kazansky and the Founders (also known as the First Freemen) first stood in the Founding Ceremony.
Axackal – First Allanean, then Edolian, then Allanean again, this state has changed hands many times. perhaps this is why it has an ethnically diverse population [41% Edolian] of 80 million people.
West Axackal – What it says on the tin. Just west of Axackal, the state has a population of 70 million farmers.
Aissur: Formerly a Stalinist society known as Communist Aissur, the people in Aissur had once invaded Allanea. Now Aissur is an ordinary Allanean state, though somewhat left-leaning. Population is now 21 million.
Daikatana: Same as Aissur, but with an extreme Muslim, rather than Communist, background, Daikatana was conquered by the Allaneans after the original population had declared a Jihad against the Allaneans. Now boasts a population of 130 million people.
Atlantic Island: After Edolia conquered Allanea at its early history, the pro-independence posters used this island to stage a re-invasion and finally liberation of the area. Has a population of 35 million people.
Mainland Allanea a large, star-shaped island in Southern Greater Prussia, the area was gifted to the Allaneans by the Emperor of Greater Prussia, Ian Paisley the 1st, after the Sentient Peoples' occupation of Allanea during the One-Day War. It subdivides into the following states:
Merkaz: Hebrew for 'Center', this state is almost completely taken over by the sprawling capital, Liberty-City. Almost two hundred million people live here. Due to the almost complete lack of building and housing regulations, most of the Allaneans in Liberty-City live in family homes rather than appartment buildings, which are reserved to the poorest of the poor. High-rise buildings are still in evidence near the shores of Liberty-Harbor, which are almost all taken over by luxury hotels, casinos, and corporate offices, and on the grounds of the city's numerous colleges. The most famous in this regards are the two Concord University Dormitories – each of these is 900 meters long, dominating the skyline of Liberty-City.
Tzafon: Hebrew for 'North, the northern tip of the mainland Allanean continent. It has approximately fifty million inhabitants. The southern half of the peninsula is essentially a suburb of Liberty-City.
Severo-Zapad: Russian for 'North-West', the [suprise!] North-Western 'tip' of the giant star that is the Allanean mainland. It's population is small compared to that of the above areas (a mere 25 million), and the capital is called Grafton.
New-Attica: Yet another area in mainland Allanea, New-Attica's population has been inspired by the legacy of Ancient Greece. As such, the capital is called Athens. Population 56 million.
Darielle: Borders New-Attica. Named after the first Governor, Darielle Anderson. Population 52 milion.
Darom: Hebrew for 'South', the southernmost peninsula on the mainland. Population 60 million.
Sunrise: South-Eastern peninsula with a population of 26 million.
Krasivaya: The state has a mainly Russian population, and the very word itself means 'beautiful' in Russian. An artifical canal has been dug upon the border to make it an Island. Population is 23 million, by the way.
New Iceland: The settlers who founded it have been inspired by Iceland's anarchist example, and many of them vote Anarchist to this day. Population is only 10 million. The state lacks tax-funded police or schools.
Yurka-City: It has once been the living place of a small nation called Yurka, but after Allaneans nuked the place to glass, killing 99.9% of the population and forcing the rest into exile, they annexed the remaining ruins and waited for the radiation levels to drop. Then, they populated the island and made it a Casino resort. Population 10 million.

New Bavaria – granted by the Emperor of Greater Prussia to compensate for the loss of Havenic colonies, population 500 million.


Svoboda: Originally, this has been the first Allanean possession in Arterus. After the purchase of nearby Izistani possesions, the state has grown, and now has a population of 30 million people.
Rothbardia: Transferred to Allanea from Illior, the state has a population of 11 million Allaneans. Part of the state's jurisdiction (though merely formally) is Kazansky's giant ranch, the Nuevo Rancho del Cielo, and the Oyster Coast Military Camp.
New France: This oil-rich island has a population of a mere 1.3 million Freemen, and is named due to havong fallen under Allanean jurisdiction after the shameful surrender, to Allanea, of Griffincrest forces in the area.

Other Earth Possessions

Hash and Ngmweni: Once a single, socialist nation, the Hash and Ngmweni were liberated by Allanean forces and granted statehood. The population of each is approximately 250 million now.
Orange Republic Liberated by the Allaneans during the Doomani-Allanean war, this former segment of Doomani Africa contains 206 million Freemen.
Old North America – the main origins area of the Allaneans, North America [the former United States of America and Western Canada were reconquered almost peacefully by the Allaneans. Between them they posess a population of 351.5 million people. Further, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (total population: 60.5 million) have been purchased from Praetonia.
Old Russia - a place of origin for some of the Allanean people, now a protectorate, population 146 million

New Kentucky has been purchased from The Silver Turtle and is barely settled, with a population of 38.2 million.
Ferrum Province: – Former Orderite Iron Province heavily irradiated and populated by aggressive zombies. As well as about ten million Sapients.
Dragkon: Captured during a conflict with New Nicksyllvania, Dragkon is sparsely-populated and ill-developed. 25 million sapients.

Kurzweil: – Former Orderite Latin America. 150 million sapients, includes Eastern Guayana, the Carribean, Technitium Provinc

Naphta Province: - Former Orderite Petroleum and Suzez provinces, merged. (Similar in geography to the combined territories of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Yemen 40 million sapients.

Iolead Territory: – The former Orderite Lead and Iodine provinces, merged - identical in geography to Siberia and North Eastern China.

Socal-NEU Territory: Orderite territories in North America, merged for administrative reasons. (South California and NE half of ORderite New Endgland

Pacific Territories: Formerly, Orderite Pacific Islands -Identical to Polynesia + Marshall Islands in geographical outline.

Glerk: - Former Orderite Glerk Province

Jackson: - Former Orderite Canada

Zhongguo: - A former Maoist republic, liberated by Allaneans and their allies. Current population: 800 million

Freedonia: Territory purchased from Raziac, its capital named Wilberforce, populated with 1,000,000 freed slaves.
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Off-World Colonies [FT]

Postby Allanea » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:38 pm

General Milky Way Colonies

Of necessity, the below colonies are FT-only. Feel free to ignore their existence or whatever.

Karintha: Allanea's colony on Mars.

Allanean Mercury: A small tourist resort and several military training facilities on Mercury.

Eris, now known as New Alaska, used to be owned in part by Allaneans and in part by Jordaxians. Now Allanea reigns there alone, with 2 million settlers.

Egeruo: Homeworld of the Penguin-like Dohwar, the planet is almost competely clad in snow, water and ice. It has, however, 932.6 million Dohwar and 100 million humans and is 35.7 LY from Sol.

Icycle: A world purchased from the Fedral Union, it became an instant attraction for the enterprising Dohwar. 100 million Dohwar and 11.5 humans live here.

Zarahemla: A former Capsule Corporation posession, Zarahemla is an industrial world with a population of 856.4 million. A small part of it has been sequestered for Zara-Krishta, the Khristian state, with a population of 504.1 million.

Archon IV: A former Zarahemlan world, population 46.3 million

Xenon III A system purchased from the Federal Union. One of the habitable planets has been transferred to the C'tan, the other maintains a healthy population of 384.3 millnion people.

New Idaho is a name of both the system, and its habitable planet. The latter has statehood and 621.9 million people living on it, but the former has also the asteroid ring, inhabited as New Montana. 10.1 million people live there.

Neo-Savant: Originally purchased by Allanean Arms from the Fedral Union for expansion purposes, the planet holds 50 million people.

Julia: Received by Allanean Arms from the Crazed Marines as payment for the Allanean ringworld, it holds 60.3 million people.

Neo-Tarren: Purchased by the Allaneans from the Fedral Union, population is 148.1 million people.

Droplet: water world, populated by sapient sea creatures of various kinds. Purchased by the Allanean government for the purposes of incorporation into the United States. Population 248.3 million dolphinoids and other sapient sea creatures, 40 million humans in underwater bases and floathomes.

Darwin: Population is 30 million people.

Perfection: Habitable world classified as “badlands.” Population 10 million.

Feanoring Stars: Two stars with habitable worlds (Maedhros, Maglor, and Amras, population of 300, 300, and 10 million respectively (Amras had been devastated in the Fustercluck).

Athens - a system with two habitable worlds developed by the Nivenski-Ringworld Foundation. Population 2.5 million total.
Golevka - Boy Scout base.
Alcarinqua: Purchased from Otagia and renovated by Alexander Kazansky into a palace world, population 1.
Parsis Nine: The Parsis system was among the first secured by the Allanean Army during the First Freemen's Crusade. Approximately 60 million slaves have been liberated throughout the fighting, and it is among those slaves that the territories of the system's only inhabited planet have been mostly parceled out, though approximately 10 million Allanean Freemen also live on the planet. The planet is on the waiting list to receive statehood.

Felrune: A forgeworld captured during the First Freemen's Crusade. 20 million Allaneans live and work on the planet.

Taikhagu: A Tzeenchian world captured during the First Freemen's Crusade. About 600 million local civilians who surrendered to authorities during the war are kept in stasis on various hidden moons. Annually, several hundred of them are unfrozen and treated for Chaos influence before being released.

Atraxes IV: Minor Chronosian planet, captured during the first Freemen's Crusade. About 5 million freemen live here.

Ghalle: A minor world captured during the First Freemen's Crusade.
Beta Dallas: Our colony on Mars-B, population 15 million. Allanea's only colony not based in this universe.

Libertas Sector

Perhaps the most important of Allanean systems is the Libertas Sector of the famous Prates Cluster – a group of habitable worlds of unknown origin. Its discovery is a moment of unprecedented importance in Allanean history, for had it not been discovered, population density would have, no doubt, suffocated the Allanean dream of freedom. Now, of course, no such threat exists – and this is, among other things, due to Allanea's possession of so many habitable systems.
Carmel: C'tanist colony with a population of around 500,000 people.
Gaines' World: Two habitable worlds owned lock, stock, and barrel by Joshua Gaines, his wife and three daughters. Population is naturally 5.
Laumer: Two habitable worlds, one developed under the aegis of Allanean Arms, Laumer Alpha and the other, Laumer Gamma owned by the military as a POW camp. Laumer Beta was rendered uninhabitable in a Federation strike.
Population total: 3 million
New Numenor: Three variously populated worlds, with a population of 101 million in total.
Lucas: Colony worlds being developed under the aegis of Allanean Arms, Incorporated, population goal will be 100 million when all development is complete.
Neo-Dallas: Sector capital, has it's own status of statehood, population 200 million on the main habitable world, shipyards under construction on secondary system.
Serena: A settlement of the Allanean Church of Scientology, houses approximately 30 million people.
Stalinvast: A tourist resort with a population of 110 million. A cold, snowy place, attractive to skiers.
New Clondike: Quite as frosty as Stalinvast, with a population of 15 million, of them 5 million Tidanian avians.
Roddenberry: Named after the science-fiction writer, the planet is moderate in it's climate. 50 million inhabitants are clustered around its main spaceport under the same name, and about fifty million more live in various small communities around the planet. A large population of ethnic Hashi, as well as ideological Ambivalentirans, live here.
New Nashua: New Nashua is adesert planet, with a surprisingly large amount of semi-anarchist and independent minded settlers – over sixty-six million in small, secluded communities clustered around water-sources. They have a tendency of shooting tax collectors.
Nashua Beta is water-covered, and houses twenty million Dohwar.
Laura: Named after Petrarch's beloved, this world is famous for its scenery, and often visited by lovers. The locals are actually few in number – only five million of them, and they run a fine tourist business.
Beatrice: See above, but substitute Dante for Petrarch.

Libertas I: Libertas Alpha is a comparatively warm planet, covered in savannas and jungle. It is a popular hunting resort for the wealthy inhabitants of the cluster, but the local population is only five million.
Libertas Beta, on the contrary, is a fully-earthlike world, famous for its light industrial products. The population, 50 million strong, covers one of the subcontinents of Beta in amazingly overdone urban sprawl.

Greenleaf: The single earthlike world of Greenleaf is famous for nothing, except for its lush forests and majority-elven population, a full 30 million of elves.
Elhe Niennah: Again, a single, low-population world, populated by two million fans of Elhe Niennah, a fantasy writer from the Twentieth Century, living in small, secluded communities with a population of no more than 1,000 people each.
Constanza: Mostly composed of religious communities, with a large following for some radical branches of Seventh-Day Adventism and various NRMs. Population – 10 million.
Torvalds: While generally Allanea is a libertarian nation, the state laws of Torvalds mandate that any software published on this world come with a declared source code. This, however, does not prohibit people from importing or downloading software from other states, which means that many of its 75 million inhabitants do exactly that – bring computer stuff from off-planet.
Gates: A population of about 65 million gamers and various computer and anime fans make this place their home.
New Ngmweni: This world, due to being covered in jungle, was happily colonized by the Mgweni. 157 million of them live on this planet.
Weaver: The triple inhabitable worlds of the system – Vicky, Randall, and Samuel – are inhabited by what has at one point been described as “thirty million irate rednecks with lasguns.” Fifteen Allanean Revenue Service agents have been shot here in the first quarter of the fiscal year.
Giger: Nobody quite knows whom Giger Alpha and Giger Beta were named after. But the Valaquine love it here, and around 200 million of them live in-system.
Birch: While it has just one planet, it's just like the Weaver system – except only five milion people inhabit it. Five agents of the Allanean government have been shot here in the first quarter of the fiscal year.
New Maine: See Birch and Weaver. Population of the sole planet is 4 million.
The Libertas Worlds: The other 10 Libertas systems are extremely sparsely populated – between their 13 inhabitable worlds, they have only twelve million inhabitants. Their description matches that of Birch and Weaver, and sometimes, people here even shoot Census agents.
Severus: Rumor has it it is inhabited by magicians, witches, and fantasy fans driven ecstatic. by the fact their authors' deranged visions are true here. The rumor, unfortunately, is true, and there is at least one lich hailing from the area. Thirty-five million various sapients.
Weber, Carthage, Spencer, New Formosa, New Iowa: Systems secured by the military. Population so far insignificant.
The other worlds on the cluster map have not yet been significantly settled.


Total Population:
Total Statehood-Endowed Entities: 100
Senators: 200
Congressmen (on a good day): 20,000
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Postby Allanea » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:38 am

Among the various people and creatures that surround President Alexander Kazansky, most prominent are the Four Disciples. These men and women have learned from Kazansky the various military arts, wizardry, and different forms of knowledge. Each has his own special skills and expert fields of knowledge.

Baron Wilhelm Stossel: Descends from the Prussian Stossel family. Where the elder Stossels have only immersed themselves in military service as much was necessary so honor would be satisfied, and returned to tend to the family farmlands (and, with Wilhelm's father, Baron Friedrich Stossel – to oversee the vast tea plantations he had purchased in the Hash), Wilhelm had never truly returned to the peaceful life after attending the Robert E. Lee Military Academy. Instead, he had become a star cadet, an Allanean infantry officer, and finally, after fighting bravely in the counter-coup that overthrew fascist rule from Allanea – a disciple of the President himself. He has also trained

Today, Wilhelm is a consummate infantry officer. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for high command positions, he had been elevated to the rank of Colonel in the President's Personal Regiment (formally referred to as the Fieldmarshal's Own Assault Regiment). While officially Wilhelm is a deputy-commander in the regiment, everybody knows he actually runs and administers the place. Like all disciples, Wilhelm is fiercely dedicated to the President on a personal level, and has selected members of the Regiment for a similar dedication.

He carries a shin-gunto made by President Kazansky in person, it grip covered in slaver-skin, and two silver-plated Hellhammer pistols, to imitate Kazansky's own use of twin, gold-plated Hellhammers. Similar pistols are used by all four Disciples.

Baroness Priscilla Conde: The Baroness attracted Kazansky's attention at the age of 16, when, as a Wing Scout, she participated in a daring raid against a Doomani dam, in which Wing Scout A-1 Skyraider aircraft cooperated with Air Force Bombers. Priscilla had been lucky enough to deliver the killing torpedo, which caused the dam to collapse. The rushing water drowned 80,000 Doomani troops.

Later on Priscilla's killing beauty had made her a multibillionaire supermodel, and her skills as a pilot, together with Kazansky's teachings, had made her an Air Force career. Today, Conde heads the Strategic Air Command, and has overseen many strategic air offensive, including the bombing campaigns against Greater Tezdrian and other nations. She is fiercely dedicated to the President, and views foreign media criticizing Allanean interventions for their heavy-handed nature as personal attacks on Kazansky and herself.

Abdullah Ghassan Al-Ghazi Originally an insane Kahanistani General (for his early career, see here), Al-Ghazi had been kidnapped by Kazansky after Kahanistani forces turned on their Allanean allies. Al-Ghazi had been treated for his madness, and his aged body augmented by extensive cybernetic surgery. Today, Al-Ghazi is Grand Marshal, an expert armor commander. Enemies suggest that his insanity had merely taken a new, inhuman form. Whatever the case, his discipline and intelligence, his new-found skill as an armor commander, and his loathing for slavers and anything to do with them has made him a terrifying opponent on the battlefield.

Shiunji Watanabe Known best by his nickname The Emperor's Taxidermist, Shiunji has a fascination with all things dead. While every Disciple is a skilled jeweler, Shiunji is a true artist, having trained with the Khazad of Erebor. He is famous for his horrifying works of taxidermy, including slavers fashioned into jackets, books, cups, and so on and so force, but has also designed statues and monuments from more conventional material. In battle he carries an axe made by the Khazad of Erebor.

Every one of these men and women is a skilled Force User, and mage.

[OOC: If you play D20, visualize everyone here as a fighter/mage/jedi of a high level, say somewhere around 15. This is mostly a visualization aid. Magic things will obviously not be used in a pure MT/PMT RP]
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Key Events in Allanean History

Edolian Wars: Soon after its founding, Allanea attempted to invade neighboring Axackal, to stop the Socialist Empire's war on religion. The young nation had been soon defeated – but thus began a chain of five devastating Edolian Wars. On its second try Allanea had been completely conquered, its leadership exiled to Atlantic Island. In the Third Edolian War the Allanean homeland had been reconquered. In the Fourth, Allaneans attempted to conquer Axackal again, after four Allaneans had been captured in a cross-border terrrorist raid, and executed without trial. This latter – opposition to executions without trial - had been used by the Allaneans as a pretext for invasion, which had been repelled by the might of UNAPS – but Allanea did conquer a Goobergunchian colony known as The Prophet.

Finally came the Fifth, and final, Edolian war. Allanea was by this time a member of the Greater Prussian Empire. Overwhelming Prussian forces crushed the Edolian military from every direction, and a new government was installed. Still formally socialist, and hewing to a standard of a 'Swedish welfare state', the Socialist Empire of Edolia is these days rumored to be controlled by the Greater Prussian Crown.

Yurkan War: Conflict with Yurka and Zenti over the issue of slavery. After Zenti triggered an Allanean atomic weapon, the United States struck Yurka and Zenti with cruise missiles. These caused one of Yurka's atomic power plants to detonate with the force of 200 megatons. Approving of this effect, Allanea continued strikes until 800 million Yurkans were dead. Only 30,000 residents remained alive in refugee camps. Allaneans were persuaded by the world community to avoid bombing the camps at the last minute.

One-Day War: After attempting to colonize the Martian North Pole, Allanea had been repelled by the entire force of Mars, in a series of acts of agression that had led to the occupation of Allanea. The Allanean government escaped to Menelmacar.

Four-Day War: Allanea had sided with the powers of Gholgoth against Questers (at this time a slaver power – in a vicious and devastating was spanning the entirety of Haven. By the end of the war, the Allaneans had laid waste to the capitals of Questers and Azaha and destroyed Azaha's military – but the war was not won, due to the treason of Kahanistan and its total collapse in the face of the Doomani.

Javivalentiran Coup: During Allanea's brief experiment with a regularly elected Presidency, Javivalentira (an evil being of unknown origin) had used her powers (and limited turnout) to get herself elected. Once on the throne, she attempted to enact totalitarian reforms – and was overthrown by the Allanean public, after several days of vicious street-fighting.

Siecle's Coup: Edmund de Siecle was smarter. He had enacted a series of acts of terrorism, forcing the abolition of the President's guard. Then, de Siecle (whose participation in the acts of terror was kept well hidden) persuaded the Vice President at the time, Victoria Sheshet that Kazansky's love for Miriel nos Feanor represented a form of obsession, a mental ilness. Then, Sheshet persuaded Kazansky to voluntarily commit himself.

Little did she know that soon Sheshet herself would be deposed, and De Siecle took over as President. He was overthrown by a Menelmacari and Necron invasion.

Amistad Wars: A great success for Allanea's diplomacy was finalizing Allanea's concept of bellum aeterna – the notion that Allanea is in a state of permanent war against slaver countries – in an international agreement with dozens of participants, providing backing for bellum aeterna in international law. Many wars were fought under the Amistad banner, including Operation Catherine against Vorindun, Drackonisa, Atomosea, Albicia, Tehraan, the Dei Consortium, Parthia Magna and others.

First Freemen's Crusade: Allanea's crusade against the powers of Chaos. Summary here.

The Second Freemen's Crusade: Current war against slavery powers, especially Smullania [defeated, slaves liberated], and Emperor Pudu [ongoing.]

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Allanean Crime Report

With the Allanean Crime Report published once more by the Concord University's Department of Criminology, this year we have seen a fairly typical year in Allanean crime. As usual, the rates for murder and forcible rape remain fairly low (1.9 and 25.8) per year, as do the rates for robbery and aggravated assault and burglary. We believe that these rates remain low as crime is deterred in this department in part by Allanea's economic success, and in part by the armed populace.

On the other hand, one has to remind decision makers of the high rates of non-violent crime, and in particular larceny and automotive theft, which are significantly higher than in other, neighboring countries. This is in part because these crimes are not treated with sufficient care by law enforcement, and in part because they are so difficult to prove in court. Even in proven in court, the penalty for stealing a car, or committing fraud in most states is far less severe than that for a burglary.

Violent Crime

All rates are established as per 100,000 population
Murder: 1.95
Forcible rape: 25.8
Robbery: 50.7
Aggravated Assault: 100.5

Other Pertinent Statistics

While dueling is not a crime, and neither is self-defense, we would like to quote below the amount of dueling casualties (per capita), as well as justifiable homicides

Dueling Casualties Per 100,000: 1.9
Justifiable Homicide (total): 17,940.

Property Crime

Burglary: 350.6

Larceny: 4,056.9

Motor vehicle theft: 600

Arson: 29.5

Drug Crime:

Not a category in Allanea.
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Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.

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Postby Allanea » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:52 pm

Natural Rights: The Allanean population generally believes that the Rights of Sapient beings are not drawn from laws passed by governments or other entities, and in fact pre-exist them. This principle is seen as self-evident, and it is believed that the role of government is to primarily support these rights. All laws in Allanea are drafted in an attempt to follow this principle. For this reason, the Allanean political discourse is typical skeptical of concepts such as the ‘sovereignty’ of nations Allaneans view as unfree, as well as democracy (to an Allanean, a government is legitimate inasmuch as it does not violate Natural Rights, Democracy is seen as a way to maintain this legitimacy, rather than an end in itself).

Freedom: Allaneans believe in freedom - the right to do as one pleases, if one is not harming others or infringing on their own freedom, and needlessly intervening on this freedom is a moral crime.

Private Property and Self-Ownership: Allaneans believe in an inherent right to own property - not only earned property, but any property one has rightfully received, say by inheriting, receiving it as a gift or capturing it in a battle (providing the force has been justified). More, the individual owns himself,, and thus can undertake even actions that would harm him (his property). An example often used by Allanean educators and lawyers is the following:

Imagine a homeless man - the most sad, horribly-sick, homeless man, with rotting clothing and black teeth. Imagine I had kidnapped him, and kept him prisoner - in the most luxurious five-star hotel room imaginable, and the best food possible was brought to him, and his clothes were replaced by the best clothing I could buy. Still it would be within the homeless man’s rights to shank me and fight his way out. This would be self-defense.

In terms of actual physical property, Allaneans believe taxation to be a merely necessary evil. As an Allanean judge stated once:

We cannot deny that taxation is theft. It is however preferable to have theft to the things we would have if taxation were abolished outright.

For this reason, Allanean believe taxes should be both low, and kept to the strict role of gathering money for the purposes of the state. Using taxes for any other purpose - through ‘sin taxes’, or tax breaks for any individuals

Dignity: It is the general belief in the Allanean populace that there is an inherent spark of dignity of every sapient being, even if this being otherwise lacks talents, or is for some reason horrible. This, however, comes into tension with another Allanean cultural meme...

Variety: Allaneans believe that all sapient creatures have, on the ethical level,the same rights. However, they also believe that there is a great variety of talent and ethical qualities among sapient-kind. Some men are cowardly and treasonous, greedy or stupid, and yet others are heroes who may by their actions shift the fate of worlds. Nor is this variety limited to ethics. One can be good and cowardly, or completely evil and heroic (To an Allanean, the definition of a ‘good’ person is merely a ‘passing’ grade, it is generally argued that the average person who just lives and minds his business and harms nobody is being ‘good’). For example, the Allaneans would argue that an inhabitant of a police state who is afraid to speak out might be good, but cowardly, whereas the Smullanian warrior who ripped his own heart out to throw it at an abolitionist soldier was evil and heroic. Thus, sapient creatures have all a right to basic dignity, but are regardless endlessly varied. This variance, to an Allanean, is the basis for all sapient creature’s relations, for it is on the basis of this variance that men (and other creatures) choose whom to love, hate, follow or oppose.

Arms: The Allaneans believe in carrying arms. To be armed with a weapon of self-defense is not only a practical idea for an Allanean, but a reminder of that basic dignity.

The fact that you are armed implies that you are free. You can make moral decisions - between good and evil - and are, as most human beings anywhere, constantly choosing the good. You are not currently chewing on a neighbor’s skull, are you? Your liberty, your personal autonomy, your status as a Freeman is confirmed by the fact the state does not have a monopoly on armed force. It is merely a contractor doing the same job you are doing, except with bigger guns.

In days past, nobles would carry swords to denote their independence. Cowboys carried revolvers. So do today Freemen carry guns, or knives, or swords. Where they cannot do this, they carry empty scabbards and holsters. But the principle remains: you are Freemen. Independent, self-reliant, free. This is why we are armed. Not bandits, or monsters, or even Communists. It is because of our freedom that we are armed.
~ Rederick Smith, Marksmanship teacher.

As such, not only are most Allaneans in possession of some manner of defensive weapon, but various shooting sports are taught in schools, and practiced by many individuals in their free time. Shooting ranges are available in most neighborhoods, and in rural areas, simple outdoor plinking is often a substitute. Generally, practicing a martial skill - whether shooting or somethng else - is seen as a wholesome activity. Firearms are such a symbol of Allanea two crossed rifles are portrayed on top of the building of Congress, and the national anthem references gun ownership extensively:

A most welcome, that smell
As long as we hold the guns
And anyone trying to take them
Won't, without a fight
They might start it, but we will finish
Just like Finns did in 1918
We'll blow smoke from rifle muzzles
And say "Dead reds smell like freedom"

The Humanities: The Allaneans believe that the most important avenue of knowledge are the humanities - history, literature, philosophy, etc. (Economics is also taught as a sub-branch of the humanities. It is believed that having a keen knowledge of history and human culture prepares one to be a better sapient being, with a better understanding of the varied nature of sapient life around us, the flow of the world, and of one’s role as an active citizen (although the word Freeman is more commonly used).

For this reason Allaneans hold researchers in these fields in high esteem. Historians, Literature researchers and Archaeologists are very respected, while exact sciences such as physics and chemistry are seen as merely ‘auxiliary’. Engineering and computer science are not truly seen as sciences at all, but merely as ‘applied learning’.

Subjective and Objective Value: Allaneans are believers in objective values. They believe some things are always evil - such as slavery, for instance - and others always good, such as freedom. But they also believe in subjective value.

A thing is only worth as much as you’re willing to pay for it. In other words, for example, different people assign a different value to different works of art, or even to deeper things such as love or even one’s own safety. One man can desire to be loved, and seek a relationship with someone he cares for, and another may believe that the loss of independence in a stable relationship is a price too high to pay, and remain a loner. One man may seek out a life of wealth and work for 14 hours a day to try and earn more money, and another man may accept a life of poverty and even personal degradation as a homeless drunkard to avoid work. (Allaneans understand fully that most of the poor are poor by misfortune, but if it is a choice, it is respected.).

Love and Romance: Allaneans view love and romance as intensely beautiful and nearly-sacred, viewing them as the highest expression of one’s deeper nature. Stories of lovers who are attracted to each other in spite of cultural tradition or obstacles are favored in Allanean cinema, and often portrayed in films and popular culture. It is accepted also that love can take various forms, and polyamory, bisexual, and other various relationships are well-accepted by society. That said, Allaneans tend to have a romanticized view of love.

Because Allaneans believe that the truest love is an expression of one’s innermost nature, of finding someone whom one is most fit to love and to whose personality one’s tastes and personal qualities are most attuned, love at first sight is certainly believed to be possible and is also the topic of many fictional narratives. For example, the Tale of Beren and Luthien was the subject of several Allanean films (one particular is considered a classic in Allanea), as is Romeo and Juliet.

Of course Romeo and Juliet loved each other. What kind of special stupid are you? ~Eoihanna Soraski, English Literature TA at the University of Concord, Liberty-City, to a reporter.

Sexuality: Sexuality is viewed as a separate issue from love. While the best sexual contacts are believed to be those motivated by true love, this is not to discount that sexual contacts for other motivations are also considered legitimate.

Imagine, if you will, food. Imagine eating a delightful meal with the love of your life. Won’t the food taste better, and no doubt you’ll enjoy it far more that way? But this doesn’t mean that when you eat delicious food all on your lonesome, it will not be tasty at all. Just because a hundred-credit chip is great, doesn’t mean a ten-credit chip isn’t money. ~ Alexander Blaken-Kazansky

Allaneans generally argue there’s nothing wrong or humiliating with prostitution, and it is considered a legitimate profession. In general, sex itself is regarded as a fun activity which carries with it certain physical and emotional risks - falling in love with the wrong person, injuring yourself during the act, or having children before you are ready to. Thus the main issue is to minimize or avert those risks, rather than control the sexual behavior itself.

Violence: Allaneans are not opposed to violence qua violence. Using violence to defend yourself or another man, or to free a man from bondage is considered to be a benign activity and a positive good - the man who is attacking an innocent, or oppressing him, has basically suspended his own status as a moral status (thus the philosophical expression, ’a slaver is not a human being’). A lot of Allanean legal concepts are based on this idea - the Lex Bellum Aeternae, the law prohibiting peace from being signed with slaver countries, the use of combat trophies such as the skulls of the enemy dead, in decorations, etc. However, revenge is generally frowned upon.

Another way in which violence can be acceptable is if both sides agree - in the context of duels, for example, or various voluntary blood sports, which are practiced in Allanea.

Hedonism: Allaneans believe that the world is inherently a good place, that suffering is transitive, to be defeated by sapientkind through science and moral exertion. Further, it is believed that the economy is a zero-sum game - by consuming items of luxury, you are encouraging their production and thus indirectly improving the world. There is nothing wrong, to an Allanean, with enjoying yourself.

We haven’t come into this world to have fun? Says who?

Safety vs. Adventure: The Allanean culture experiences a tension between two values. On one hand, Allaneans seek to minimize death and suffering through progress. For this reason a variety of immortality technologies - from regular anti-aging technology to undeath and the Athan - have been developed, various diseases vanquished. On the other hand, adventure is considered to be a desirable thing.

For this reason, there exist a variety of cultural outlets allowing men and women to experience adventure in ‘measured’ ways - from computer games and simulations, to hunting, dueling, and extreme sports, to actually joining bands of adventurers or smugglers, or joining the military. De-facto, about 1-2% of the population are members of various ‘adventure professions’, such as smugglers, soldiers (0.5% are in the peacetime military), teachers in Allanean private schools in dangerous countries, and so forth. Space colonization is also a popular effort for this reason.

A World All Figured Out: Allaneans believe that their civilization has answered the main ethical questions already - that the answer of how society should be built and constituted is already generally known, and that the proper way is the Allanean way. For this reason, the purpose of social leaders - government leadership, corporate leaders and celebrities - in terms of social progress is not so much to find solutions to social problems, but more to avoid a swerving from what is already (as Allaneans view it) the discovered truth of social makeup.

The Old American concept of ‘a City on a Hill’ is sometimes used to describe Allanea. Allaneans believe that one of the more noble tasks before their nation is to encourage the world to become more like Allanea. In this context one can also understand Allanean skepticism about democratic change - after all, they have the world already figured out.

Patriotism: Not only are Allaneans fiercely patriotic (since they think they have the world already figured out), they are tolerant of patriotism (and perhaps even racism) in others. The Allanean saying goes, “every boy’s Mom is the best in the world.” It is only natural that foreigners love their own countries, although perhaps they are wrong (some countries are awful, says the Allanean). For this reason Allaneans love military parades, the national flag, and various other expressions of patriotism.

Cult of Youth: Allanean culture centers in many ways on a positive image of youth. Many of the views and positions that are stereotypically (and pejoratively) associated with adolescence are viewed positively in Allanea. Many foreigners see adolescents as unwilling to compromise - Allaneans believe refusing to compromise on principles as a positive. Adolescents are often seen as overly sexualized and hedonistic - Allanean culture praises hedonism. In short, Allaneans respect their young adults, and often seek to imitate the stereotype.

Teenage rebellion is classical liberalism in its simplest form. ‘Get out of my room’ is the earliest declaration of freedom. ~ Cassiopeia Blaken-Kazansky.

Threat denial: Allaneans thinking that threatening a man to try to get him to do something is an insult. To do something because you have been threatened into it is a humiliation, and Allaneans will go sometimes to such an extent as to refuse doing something the threatening party wants purely because it has been delivered via threat, while previously they might have been willing to cede the point.
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Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.


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