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Principality of Datsh Factbook

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12th March 1950: James Onner declares a military outpost in the Great Northern Ocean Independent from Greater Swarmia.
19th March 1950: James Onner crowned Prince James I of the Principality of Datsh
16th May 1951: A territory of the mainland joins the Principality. Greater Swarmia accepts the will of the people. Population hits 5,000,000
12th May 1954: 1st Datsh summit of nations takes place.
1st January 1960: Following discontent in the country, Prince James I decides to give the people democracy- free and fair elections.

Economic Details


Budget Details

Administration: D$ 336,477,120.00
Welfare: D$ 0.00
Healthcare: D$ 0.00
Education: D$ 0.00
Religion: D$ 0.00
Defense: D$ 807,545,088.00
Law & Order: D$ 1,547,794,752.00
Commerce: D$ 942,135,936.00
Public Transport: D$ 1,547,794,752.00
Environment: D$ 807,545,088.00
Social Equality: D$ 807,545,088.00

Constitution of the Principality of Datsh

1.1 All citizens must swear an oath of allegience to the ruler of The Principality of Datsh: "I __________ do solemly swear to defend the Prince/Princess of this state as the rightful ruler of the territories under the control of the Principality"
1.2 All citizens must pay taxes administered by the Prince
1.3 All citizens must take part in National Service when called upon.
1.4 All Citizens are bound by legislation enacted by the Prince/Princess

Article 2- THE STATE
2.1 The State claims the Datsh military emplacement and the territory of Minros as its sovereign territories.
2.2 The state shall be obliged to defend these territories and the citizens resident in those territories.

Article 3- JUSTICE
3.1 The Prince/Princess of the day shall have the final say in all matters of justice.
3.2 The Prince/Princess has the power to set up two courts- a Civil Court for non criminal offences and a Criminal Court for criminal offences.

4.1 The Datsh Armed Forces shall be the sole legitimate Army of The Principality of Datsh.


Donation of Organs Act

This act makes provision for the following:
1.1) Compulsory harvesting of organs by the Datsh National Health Service upon the death of a human being
1.2) Organs shall be harvested on the advice of a registered DNHS consultant only
1.3) Organs shall only be harvested at DNHS facilities

It shall be an offence:

2.1) For any other person to withhold the deceased's organs from DNHS authorities
2.2) For any person to sell organs for profit
2.3) To remove organs or to authorise removal without appropriate DNHS medical licenses
2.4) To remove organs at any other place than a DNHS facility


The Dissolution of Monarchy Act

Purpose- To provide for the dissolution of Monarchy and replacement with a democratically elected government as per the wishes to the people of Datsh.

Recognising the will of the people:-
1.1 This Act dissolves the Monarchy in its entirety.
1.2 All members of the Monarchy shall be credited a lump sum not exceeding 100,000 Datsh Marks, to be determined by a new independent Compensation Commission.
1.3 Compensation shall be determined by the Commission based on the role each living member of the Monarchy played in the governance of the state since it foundation.
1.4 All Armed Forces under the command of the Monarchy shall pledge allegiance to the newly elected government as soon as this Act comes into force.

Granting of powers to the government.
2.1 The new government shall assume the role formerly occupied by the Monarchy as soon as it is sworn into power.
2.2 They shall hold powers of governance and control of the Armed Forces in trust for the people of Datsh.
2.3 The new government shall have the power to draft a new constitution for the state for approval by the people in the form of a referendum.
2.4 This Act will become law once signed by the Head of State.
2.5 The provisions contained within this Act shall come into force as soon as the new elected government is sworn into office.

Signed into law by Prince James I, Datsh Head of State, on the 16th day of February, 1960.

All nations of the world are invited to comment on our factbook
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