Slang for a citizen of your nation

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Britannia I
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Slang for a citizen of your nation

Postby Britannia I » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:16 pm

British are called Brits and Tommies, Americans are Yanks, Germans are Jerries and Russians are Ruskies. What is the slang name for your Citizens?

Britannians are mostly called Brannies or Imps.

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Postby Lonbonia » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:24 pm

Lon is a slang for a citizen in Lonbonia, while Lons is a slang for a community of citizens.
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Postby Themiclesia » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:26 pm


The correct demonym for a person from Themiclesia is

Themi (1 person)
Thēma (2 people)
Themioi (3 or more people),

the (politically) oppressed peoples in the colonies calls full citizens "them," to emphasise the fact that they are not "one of us" and all three forms of the actual noun begin with "them."

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Postby Auzkhia » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:27 pm

Kooks. It comes from the phrase Kaiserlich und Königlich meaning Imperial and Royal. That phrase is shortened into K.u.K.
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Postby Durkmoor » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:30 pm

Durks or citizens of Durkmoor are often effered to as Durps or Dories
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Postby Sedikal » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:34 pm

Seds is a common slang turn but locally the word "Źajâk" is a popular slang turn for a citizen.
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The Soviet League
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Postby The Soviet League » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:38 pm

Ruskies as stated, or Reds.
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Postby Densaner » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:39 pm


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Postby Ruridova » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:39 pm

Ruris or 'Dovans, frequently.
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Postby Matta » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:39 pm

Mats or Matters
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The Buk Lau Nation
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Postby The Buk Lau Nation » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:40 pm

Buks/Laus. Also, Viets for the majority of the Vietnamese population.
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Postby Marroman » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:40 pm


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Postby Estainia » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:41 pm


We blame the Beusuans for it sticking.
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Postby Diopolis » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:41 pm

The correct demonym is Diopolisite, and the slang term is diop.
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Neo-Assyrian Empire
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Postby Neo-Assyrian Empire » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:41 pm

Assyrians or Assyies. Even though Assyies is a term used to put down Neo-Assyrian citizens, it has been adopted as a slang term for a citizen
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Postby TaQud » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:42 pm

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Postby Kalckalinkd » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:42 pm


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Postby Polkopia » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:43 pm

Polkopians are commonly referred to as 'Polks' or "Polkas"
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Postby Anollasia » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:44 pm

Anolls and sometimes even hippies.

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Novia Soviet Socialist Republic
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Postby Novia Soviet Socialist Republic » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:44 pm

Ivan or Ruskies.
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Postby Meryuma » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:47 pm

Merries. The proper term is Meryumi.
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Kedri 2
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Postby Kedri 2 » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:50 pm

Kedrians have a variety of nicknames: Pirate, Privateer, Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Swashy, Bucky, Corsair, Scalawag, and Sea Scum.
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Postby Rodorm » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:54 pm

Roddies, Rods, or Cuckoos.
Although the last one is Derogatory.

The proper term is Rodormite.
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Postby Blewog » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:56 pm

While the proper term is Blewogi, the popular slang term has become "Æl"

For example,
"My name is Æthryful, and I'm an Æl."
"Did you see those Æls at the soccer game?"

This slang comes from the fact that over 85% of our population has a name that contains the vowel "Æ", including the last 3 Kings of Blewog.
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Postby Pavonistade » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:56 pm

  • Messed-Up (Pavonistade is decentralized)
  • Twelveland (People at the age of 12 may marry and have a child)

Capital State
  • Fed/Federal (Capital State has Pavonistade's capital, Pavonistade City)

North Pavonistade
  • Children (North Pavonistade has the most amount of people under 18)

Western Pavonistade
  • Liar (Western Pavonistade pledges to give lots of rights, but outlaws many things such as tobacco and alcohol)
  • Cons/Conservative (Western Pavonistade is the most conservative in Pavonistade)
  • Wester (Western Pavonistade is the western part of Pavonistade)

Central State
  • Center (the center of Pavonistade is part of Central State)

Toloupum Sector
  • Infector (Toloupum, the capital of Toloupum Sector, is the origin of a nationwide contagious disease called Toloupum Fever)

Eastern Islands
  • Freer (Eastern Islands has the highest amounts of freedoms and rights - quite a bit are bizzare)
  • Lib/Liberal (Eastern Islands is the most liberal in Pavonistade)
  • Easter (Eastern Islands is the eastern part of Pavonistade)
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