Querria: National info.

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Querria: National info.

Postby Querria » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:39 pm

This is an unofficial info. thread about the nation of Querria.

See the official Factbook
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Map Information

Postby Querria » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:23 am

    Map of Querria
  • Megacities: Grey
  • Military zones: red
  • Forests/vegetation: green
  • Roads: black
  • railroads/train-tracks: purple

Area: 1178590.8 sq. miles(length/width: 1086 miles)
Capital: Shepsberg
Largest megacity: Aidistan
Other megacities: Old Haven, Pirate bay, NorthStar, Iraugh, Aidia city, New Haven, Chechville, Camsburg, Black city, Longbeach, Fitia
Largest military Zone: Querria Military Zone(eastern Querria)
Other military Zones: Aidia Military Zone; GoodHope Military Zone; Wilauhf Military Zone; Akira Military Zone
Airports: Querria International Airport; High Lady Aidia Airport; Saint Shepherd Airport
Description of land: A majority of "The Homeland" is desert region with little to no plant life. This is due to a mix of the natural climate & deforestation of the small forests by human beings.
Special notes: There's several areas to note:
~One is Querrian national park(largest green area), it is the only government protected park in the homeland, set aside to preserve the wildlife of the region with very limited human interference.
~Another is Lake Aidia(eastern area of blue not connected to the sea) It is a freshwater lake with a few species of fish.


The Island that is the nation of Querria is a barren, nearly inhospitable desert island that rests just above sea level. The average elevation of land is just 30 feet above sea level, and can range from 15-40 feet. There is no average temperature, since in the daytime the temperature outside of Querria's megacities and urban zones can reach a sweltering 110 degrees farenheit, and -5 degrees farenheit at night, and shifts wildly. There is some forests and vegetation mostly concentrated around rivers and lakes. The largest is Querria national park, which is located in Querria's national wildlife preserve for native plant and animal life in the country.

Querria's coastlines consist almost solely of white sandy beaches - there are no cliffs that surround the island. However appearances can be deceiving. Much of the coastline and inner land hides quicksand and sand-traps, a result of the eroding landscape and excessive mining & drilling. It is speculated that at some point in the future, the entire island that Querria rests on will suddenly "break apart" and be swallowed back into the ocean, although it's just theory.
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Treaty of Shepsberg

Postby Querria » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:25 am

Treaty of Shepsberg: A pact with Sankji to improve relations between the two countries. The terms of the treaty are listed below:

1. Both members agree to defend each other without hesitation if one is under attack.
2. Members are not allowed to declare war on an other nation without consulting each other.
3. To improve economics, both nations will establish a free trade zone
4. To improve military capability, members can participate in military exercises.
5. Citizens from both nation are granted tourists visas, and access to each others nation.
6. To improve the diplomatic relationship between nation a embassy can be established.
7. Each country promised respect for the sovereignty and territory of each side, to not enter the others territory without permission, and to cooperate against terrorism. This included thwarting border attacks, smuggling, preventing any hostile attack against the other and not cooperating with any terrorist organization against the other.
8. Both nation agree to cooperate to help foreign war-refugees.
9. This Treaty shall remain in force indefinitely, either Party may terminate it one year after notice has been given to the other Party

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