Recruits passing your Basic Military Training?

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European Prussia
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Recruits passing your Basic Military Training?

Postby European Prussia » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:16 am

So far what's the number of recruits passing your nation's BMT?

In the United Confederation, an annual of 10k-15k volunteers enroll to join the Confederate Armed Forces and out of those numbers, only 500-1000 only passes B.M.T as the C.A.F has a high failure rate due to the harshness of the training particularly during Selection phase where by 80% of volunteers either quit or leave the phase injured(especially leg problems) while intakes are only open on January and July whereby the instructors are seasoned men with the rank of NCO(Non-Commissioned-Officers;particularly Corporal's and Sergeants).

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Postby Jedoria » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:19 am

Several thousand each completion cycle. It's somewhere around a 75% passing rate.
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Grand Britannia
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Postby Grand Britannia » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:38 am

Depends on the training academy.

Hovers around 50 to 20 percent.
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Civil Servant
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Postby Slavorum » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:40 am

Twenty five thousand recruits volunteer yearly.

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Postby Simtropia » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:20 am

Since military service is compulsory every men has to do basic military training and the pass rate is high at about 92% although those who don't, well, don't.

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The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness
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Postby The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:28 am

If you don't pass. you'll be assigned to the front/meatshield ranks of the military. So basicallly, everyone passes.
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Victorious Decepticons
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:25 pm

99.7% of our conscripts pass basic training. This high pass rate is made possible by our robotic nature.

1) Every conscript's body is upgraded to mil-spec levels if it is not already at or above this state. Most will receive some upgrades. If someone comes in as a barely-moving heap of junk, that just means he needs more upgrades. Occasionally we get lucky and the conscript will be a badass raider strongbot who is already at full-mil or even above it.

2) Anyone who is insane or stupid upon entry is routinely debugged/upgraded as necessary.

3) We are used to people who think they can refuse to obey orders. That's how most Decepticons are when they come in for the first time. We fix that - *menacingly taps reinforced iron bar against hand* - and then make them de-dent their own bodies afterwards.

4) Pacifism is treason. Any "conscientious objectors" go to the smelting pit. Needless to say, any lily-livered lump decides that he is warlike after all once he is reminded of that!

5) The sapience test. Every conscript must pass it. Those who do not pass are put into an extra sapience-enhancing program. This program is basically a series of exercises specifically designed to promote conscious thinking and penalize the reliance on the "base code" - the code that provides young Decepticons with a set of actions they can perform before they are self-aware.

Most Decepticons who aren't fully sapient at conscription age are simply lazy. They realize that the base code will take care of most daily tasks, so they just don't bother thinking further. The sapience-enhancing program will almost always break them of this habit and make real Decepticons out of them. For this purpose, a "real Decepticon" is one who is fully self-aware and able to consciously react to any situation he encounters.

The 0.3% who do not pass basic training are the ones who do not become fully self-aware even after two courses of sapience-enhancing training. These machines are deemed hopelessly defective and are permanently shut down. An inquiry will also be opened against the Coders since this problem shows gross negligence on their parts.
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Postby Mallaska » Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:26 pm

About an 85% pass rate among our conscripts, those who fail are required to continue taking the BMT until they pass.
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National Socialists of America
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Postby National Socialists of America » Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:33 pm

80% passing rate. Those who fail, continue until they pass or we find other ways they can serve.
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Postby Carena » Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:16 pm

Usually 70-80% max. How ever in homeland wars in which Carena is defending, untrained male civilians who age 20-40 must choose to join National Carenian Militia Infantry, National Carenian Militia Navy, or National Carenian Militia Air Force. Also, if recruits wish, they can choose to take a IQ test and if they score over 130, they could join the National Scientist Military Force, or NSMF. NSMF pretty much find new technology and such for the military, but do not actually partake in fighting

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East Ormania
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Postby East Ormania » Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:24 pm

Compulsory Military Service, with the following passing rates:
Air Force-75%
Army Special Forces(Volunteers from the Army)-30%
Navy Special Forces(Volunteers from the Navy)-35%
Air Force Ace Program(Volunteers from the Air Force)-29%
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The Merchant Republics
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Postby The Merchant Republics » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:38 pm

The amount of tributes that fail basic training in the Legions averages out around 10%, despite usually being the very best the militias can offer.

For more prestigious or demanding Legions that rate can climb as high as 40%.

The militias tend to shuffle some 70% of those who enter basic off into non-com roles. Although probably 10% of the troops that make it, should not rightfully be called combat ready.
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Eaischpnaeieacgkque Bhcieaghpodsttditf
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Postby Eaischpnaeieacgkque Bhcieaghpodsttditf » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:50 pm

about 5% passing rate.

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Postby Aristoleia » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:07 pm

The training regiment depends upon the specific branch one enters in the Aristoleian Armed Forces. The Air Forces carry a pass rate of around 77%, the Navy carries a pass rate of about 78%, the Infantry Command carries a pass rate of around 71%, and the Space Fleet carries a pass rate of about 65%. Because each, even at a basic level, are somewhat differentiated under Aristoleian procedure, it is logical that they would show these different pass rates.

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Awesome Break-Away of 250land
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Postby Awesome Break-Away of 250land » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:36 pm

Out of nearly 80,000 poor immigrants turned soldats-for-cash a 75% pass rate is obtained, with most who fail not having had survived to examination day.

For more information telegram the Ministry of Military Enquiries and Death Certificates in over 55 languages covering most of the multi-verses nation states.

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Postby Pavonistade » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:41 pm

88.37% is the amount of recruits that passed the Basic Military Training. The other 11.63% would have to redo previous procedures and try to pass the trainings again, serve in other military services or jobs, or be moved into other jobs such as military vehicles and armaments manufacturing.
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Postby Estainia » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:46 pm

The average percentage is 43.56%

If that seems low it's because we make Prussians look nice.
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The New Dog Nation
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Postby The New Dog Nation » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:36 pm

Are success rates differ based on what people are doing. We have a Different BMT for each branch, but on average, about 78% of dogs and 82% of ponies pass.
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New Hayesalia
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Postby New Hayesalia » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:01 am

Your job, no matter what it is, puts you at the forefront of the defence of New Hayesalia and is one that is highly satisfying, highly respected, and highly attractive to other employments if you decided to leave after serving your Initial Period of Service.

For more details on a job that suits you, contact a recruiter at 1602 2211 1122.

You can also join as a reservist in any service, where you'll spend 40 days a year as a serving member of the Military and receive valuable training and experience.

Recruitment tests are carried out when a prospective soldier, sailor, airman or officer first arrives on a recruitment office. All potential personnel are rigorously tested in psychological tests and aptitude tests. They also undergo a medical. Only candidates with a probability of qualification will be brought to recruiting. After a medical examination they undergo a day long series series of challenges designed to test mind and body to the absolute limit.

Recruitment tests are designed to explore a candidate's known strengths and weakness. For example, a candidate who is scared of heights may be asked to jump from the highest point of the obstacle course.

Any candidate who breaks down during this testing is unlikely to be able to last 100 days of basic training.

To join the New Hayesalian Military, you must be:
· A New Hayesalian, POF or Zellatian citizen, although some waivers may be given;
· No younger than 17 years of age on joining;
· No older than 45 years of age on joining;
· Complete successfully a uniform military physical;
· Pass a fitness test;
· Pass an aptitude test;
· Have no major criminal history and undergo a police check;
. Have a checkable background for the past 10 years;
· Be prepared to travel to a Military Training Station and perform strenuous physical and mental activities.

New Hayesalian Military Basic training is well-known around the world and is unique in that Basic Training is applied to all recruits. Service members of the Army, Navy and Air Fore conduct Basic Training under the instruction of their service, but the schedule remains the same. Officer candidates then gain further military training, and enlistees (later officers) transfer to single service training and then job specialisation courses.

WEEK ONE: Reorientation & Fitness
Recruits are issued with fnew financial details and issued with equipment. That includes service dress and Wraith camouflage fatigues in the Naval or Coniferous pattern. Personnel can be sent anywhere in the world at short notice. As a result, all personnel must have up to date inoculations for all the major diseases, which is usually done before training. A full medical check is conducted.

All personnel are expected to stay in top shape. There are two particular targets behind military fitness training:

(1) The ability to run a long distance at speed, which could be essential where it is necessarily to escape a dangerous situation. Basic parkour and some advanced parkour is also taught over the course of training.

(2) Strength. Basic resistance training with body mass (e.g. push-ups) and weights can quickly double a person’s strength. Combined with skilled application of martial arts techniques, most New Hayesalian Military personnel have the strength and ability to fend off a larger assailant.

All personnel undergo quarterly medicals, where they are given dietary advice and a set of training targets. They are allowed to pick from a range of fitness programs. Football and rugby squads are popular, but some prefer more solitary activities such as running or working out in the gym. This is necessary, as road marches ranging from 5km to 18km will take place. However on basic training, physical training is dictated by the instruction staff. Recruits will be introduced to the obstacle course.

Recruits are taught military ranks and respect, as well as how to properly maintain and wear uniforms. Every recruit will be issued with a smart book which contains information of training, the Military, all three services and the history of the NHM. In this week, all administrative checks will have been completed and recruits will take their oath to serve the NHM. The week will end with a 1km road march.

WEEK 2: Drill and Ceremonial
Recruits are instructed how to properly conduct drill, such as marching and saluting. The week is extensive and culminates with a parade for directing staff. Should a section (usually 30 recruits) commit an offence, they will run the obstacle course as a form of beasting. Fitness training continues, culminating this week with a 5km road march.

WEEK 3: Hand to Hand Combat
In hand to hand combat training, emphasis is placed on developing powerful punches and kicks, especially targeting the weak spots of larger opponents including eyes, fingers and testicles. Most responsible martial arts schools refrain from teaching students these techniques because they may be used inappropriately. However, soldiers are placed in dangerous situations and it is vital that they have the most powerful martial arts techniques at their disposal. The week culminates with a 7km road march.

WEEK 4: Weapons Handling
Each week, hours are given to learning how to use the standard military equipment for all ground troops such as the Ripper Mk3, CGPMG and Model 9 handgun, as well as more advanced techniques in using these weapons. All troops during this time must carry with them at all times a Ripper Mk3 rifle and keep it cleaned and maintained at inspection readiness at all times. Marksmanship training is consistently carried out, and the week ends with all recruits expected to meet marksmanship standards. The week culminates in a 9km pack march with weapons.

WEEK 5: Basic Infantry Training
Recruits at this stage learn the basics of Light Infantry. Hand and arm signals, communication, squad formations, reacting to contact, cover and concealment classes, fighting position construction, Land Navigation (day/night), Basics of NBC warfare/protection, Grenade Training and general first aid are all learned. Personnel are subject to everything pertaining to close quarter battles and marksmanship. They are also subject to training and tactics and how to apply them to various battlefield terrain (not limited to) Urban, Mountain, Forests, etc. Recruits will spend an entire week learning everything they can about the various vehicles employed by the NHM. This includes live fire crew served weapon systems on the Model 50, day/night land nav, convoy operations and communication, react to contact (to include NBC), vehicle familiarization and maintenance. The week ends with an 11km pack march with weapons.

WEEK 6: Field Test One
Recruits will be put through a series of exercises designed to test their ability to use the military tactics taught to them previously. This includes live fire, night operations, force on force, first aid and other field tests including leadership. The exercise ends with a 13km pack march with weapons.

WEEK 7: Revision
Recruits are given remedial training on any issues spotted by instructional staff during the Field Test, as well as the weeks previous. This week is dedicated to 'ironing out the problems.' The week ends with a 15km pack march with weapons.

WEEK 8: Close Quarters Combat
Combining skills of hand-to-hand and weapons handling, recruits are instructed how to perform close quarters battle with the Model 9 pistol and Ripper Mk3. This module is considered important as CQB could occur during an enemy infiltration- if New Hayesalian personnel cannot react, they would be left highly vulnerable. The week ends with a 17km pack march with weapons.

WEEK 9: Field Test Two
Using all acquired skills, recruits conduct a full series of operations. Concludes with a 20km pack march with webbing.

WEEK 10: Pass Out
Recruits do a final parade for high-up military personnel before moving onto the next step of their career.

Fitness remains very important. Any personnel who misses their fitness target without an excuse (such as an injury), will be assigned to a tough fitness program under the direct supervision of a military training instructor. This compulsory training is unpleasant and very few personnel allow their fitness level drop below an acceptable level more than once.

Information Technology and a computer hacking module has been included in the New Hayesalian training program since the late 1980s. All personnel are taught basic hacking skills, enabling them to bypass simple passwords and find hidden or deleted data. More secure data, such as encrypted data, can usually be copied onto a portable hard disc drive or memory key and passed on to the Intelligence Corps, where specialists have a strong record of decoding even the most strongly encrypted information. Personnel are trained in the best use of cameras and other equipment, particularly with regard to getting good quality photographs of documents and intel.

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Postby YellowApple » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:04 am

It depends on the military department, as well as the position. Range of 40-80%.

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Novus Niciae
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Postby Novus Niciae » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:23 am

Military basic training is Incorporated into our schools program with the cadets program for most recruits, where training takes place over the course of their entire primary and secondary education, the length of this training program promotes mastery of all the basic military skills and hones recruits bodies into a state of physical perfection and successful graduates of our high schools are basically trained riflemen with a secondary MOS.

Foreigners who become citizens and wish to join the armed forces are placed in a 2 year accelerated training program to bring them up to this standard.
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Postmaster of the Fleet
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Postby Veceria » Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:13 am

BMT itself - about 78% of all recruits.
BME (Basic Military Evaluation - less physical, more mental tests) - about 98% of all recruits.

Those who pass neither get 'special' jobs during their conscription phase.
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Postby Fatatatutti » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:45 am

We consider a high failure rate to be an indication of a poor training program. Basic Training should aim at making recruits the best that they can be, not some idealized super-warrior.

In Fatatatutti, there is no such thing as pass or fail. The best recruits from each class are offered the available positions and the rest go on the reserve list. While in the reserves, it is their own responsibility to improve their skills to the point where they may be offered a position. Many of our best regular soldiers are former reservists.

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Postby Olwe » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:20 am

Roughly 30,000 volunteer annually... about half make it through.
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Acheron Systems Union
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Postby Acheron Systems Union » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:27 am

I'd estimate around 95% pass. The 5% that "fail" are mostly people who are ejected due to medical issues or failing drug tests.
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