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The Free Republic of Libertarian Governance : Factbook

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Introduction : Libertarian Governance
Libertarian Governance was founded by an organization of pirates called Nemesis Incorporated in 1735. Nemesis Incorporated was notorious and highly successful in their raiding. The country of Libertarian Governance, a remote sparsely populated Isolated continent surrounded by islands housed a number of secret bases and camps. After 20 years (1715 to 1735) of plunder the groups members organized a national charter establishing their new nation The Free Republic of Libertarian Governance.

During the 19th and 20th centuries the new government expanded its control over the entire continent and acquired a number of nearby island possessions. As a beacon of freedom and equality Libertarian Governance has experienced rapid population growth. The most traumatic experience in the nation's history was the Old States War (1771-1781), in which an alliance of formally plundered nations attempted to arrest Nemesis Incorporated members and their descendants while forcibly seizing the continent, resulting in the heavily armed population repelling the invaders in a hard fought guerrilla war. The economy is marked by rapid growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid advances in technology.

Geography : Libertarian Governance
Libertarian Governance is located in the Unified Realm
Geographic Coordinates:
16 10 N, 107 50 E

Total: 10,826,675 sq km
Land: 9,261,966 sq km
Water: 1,564,709 sq km
Land Boundaries:
0 km
Maritime Claims:
Territorial sea: 35 nm
Contiguous zone: 100 nm
Exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Controlled Areas
Libertarian Westphelia
Urstanian Governance
Mostly tropical with some temperate regions on Troy Island and in parts of the North East.
Vast jungles, mountains in center, hills and low mountains in north; broad river valleys throughout, plains in east, rugged, volcanic topography south west giving way to arid lands in West
Elevation Extremes:
Lowest point: Deadmans Canyon -1186 m
Highest point: Mount St. Martin 9,198 m
Natural Resources:
Wide natural resource base including major deposits of oil, natural gas, coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, manganese, diamonds, platinum, chromium, antimony, vanadium, and timber.
Land Use:
Arable land: 15.01%
Permanent crops: 1.21%
other: 83.78%
Natural Hazards:
Tsunamis, volcanic activity and earth quakes
Environmental Issues:
Libertarian Governances' large use of nuclear reactors for power and its strict anti-pollution laws have left a small human footprint on this nation.However, the recent discovery of uranium in the South west have led to deforestation.

People : Libertarian Governance
Age Structure:
0-14 years: 24.2% (male 51.8%/female 48.2%)
15-64 years: 70% (male 49.1%/female 50.9%)
65 years and over: 6.8% (male 47.5%/female 52.5%)
Median Age:
Total: 27 years
Male: 26.8 years
Female: 27.2 years
Birth rate:
40.24/1,000 population
Death Rate:
3.5 deaths/1,000 population
Life Expectancy at Birth:
Total population: 84.36 years
Male: 81.39 years
Female: 87.47 years
Total Fertility Rate:
5.15 children born/woman
noun: Governor(s)
adjective: Governors
Ethnic Groups:
White 44.41%, Black 25.85%, Mixed 18.54% Asian 4.43%, Hispanic 3.8%, Native 2.97%,
Christian 53.9%, Muslim 25.3%, Atheist 14.97%, Jewish 1.7%, Buddhist 0.7%, Other 0.6%
English 100%
definition: age 12 and over can read and write
total population: 99%
male: 99%
female: 99%
School Life Expectancy:
total: 16 years
male: 16 years
female: 16 years

Government : Libertarian Governance
Country Name:
Conventional long form: The Free Republic of Libertarian Governance
Conventional short form: Libertarian Governance
Abbreviation: LG
Government Type:
Constitutional Republic, highly anarchistic
Name: Liberty
Population: 28,065,585
Administrative Districts:
Libertarian Governance uses cities as its main administrative centers after the national government. It also allocates national voting districts for the national Senate by population with 1 Senator being elected per 500,000 people.
January 1st, 1735
National Holiday:
Founders Day on January 1st
Victory Day on November 15th
National Anthem:
Hoist the Colours
Click here to listen
Approved January 1st, 1735
Legal system:
The Constitution establishes local and national courts based somewhat on the piracy code practiced by Nemesis Incorporated. It establishes compulsory trials by Jury and civil and criminal sections. A high court has the power to review any decision and there is a mandatory review of all criminal and civil convictions by a national court of review. The jurors are Constitutionally mandated to judge the facts and nullify unjust state action.
12 years of age; universal
Executive Branch:
Chief of state: Chief Executive Robert Wilhelm Stratton
Head of government: Chief Executive Robert Wilhelm Stratton
elections: Chief Executive is elected by popular vote to a single ten year term of service. (Constitution forbids re-election); election last held 1 November 2005 (next to be held on 3 November 2015) election results: Robert Wilhelm Stratton elected president; percent of popular vote - Robert Wilhelm Stratton 62.4%, John Lewis Austin 36.3%, other 1.3%;
Legislative Branch:
Senate consists of 7320 seats, 1 member is elected from each voting district by popular vote to serve five-year term; no person can serve in the office more than twice in a life time and no person can serve a consecutive term.
Elections: Senate - last held 1 November 2005 (next to be held November 2010)
Election results: Senate - seats by party - Sons and Daughters of Liberty 60%, Republican Party 16%, Libertarian Anarchist 15%, Democratic Progressives 9%
Judicial Branch:
High Court (Thirteen justices; nominated by the Chief Executive and confirmed with the advice and consent of the Senate; appointed to serve for life); National Review Courts; National Courts; City Courts

Military : Libertarian Governance
Military Branches:
The military consist of the Libertarian Governance Defense Force (LGDF) and the Home Guard Militia (HGM). In war time the National Police Force (NPF) reports to the Office of Defense Chief.
Military Obligation and Age:
Minimum enlistment age is 12 years. LGDF service is 6 years and 8 years for special forces. All persons 12 years of age or older are members of the Home Guard Militia and are required to maintain minimum levels of training.
Personnel Available for Military Service
Total Population: 7,000,000,000
Population Available: 5,200,132,774
Fit for Military Service: 4,960,415,683
Reaching Military Age Annually: 188,115,410
LGDF Military Personnel: 75,000,000
Home Guard Militia: 253,120,000
National Police Force: 10,000,000
Military Ground Units:
Katana MBT: 180,000
Panther MICV: 270,000
Lynx IFV: 180,000
Cougar Jeeps: 600,000
3 ton MTV: 1,200,000
5 ton MTV: 900,000
Heavy Equipment Transport: 300,000
Warhammer SPH: 180,000
Sickle SP ADG: 36,000
Spartan SP MLRS: 90,000
Mars SP SAMS Battery: 36,000
Military Naval Units:
Carrier CVN: 400
SuperDestroyer DDGN: 48
Cruiser CGN: 800
Destroyers DDG: 1800 ; 100 Svarog-class Monitor (rearmed)
Littoral Combat Ships: 1800
Attack Submarines: 2400
Missile Submarines: 600
Amphibious Assault: 1000
Fast Combat Support Ship: 6000
Merchant marine: 6000
Military Air Units:
Ah-3 Archangel: 12,000
UH-5 Wwyvn: 60,000
C-7 Titan VSTOL: 24,000
C-9 Atlas: 12,000
E-7 CatsEye: 3,600
Corporate SST: 1800
Jinn II UCAV: 9,000
Skua UCAV: 4,400
Chimera ATF: 36,000
Valkyrie IDS: 60,000
B-1 Stormshadow: 6,000
SM-10 Daimyo: 4,200
Nuclear Forces:
Seahag : Mk-22 640 kt fusion warhead : 40,880
Mk-5 Parachute Bomb : 640 kt fusion cobalt 60 warhead : 6,000
Saracen : 10 Mirv 100 kt Fusion cobalt 60 warheads; Fractional Orbital Bombardment ICBM : 30,000
Mk-17 Multipurpose Tactical Warhead : 2 kt neutron warhead : 8,000
Mk-12 Satellite Launched Warhead : 100 kt fusion cobalt 60 warhead : 30,000
Mk-3 Atomic Demolition : selectable fission yield of .5kt, 1kt or 10kt : 6,000
Chemical and Biological Weapons:
The LG Government initially refused to confirm or deny the presence of chemical or biological weaponry. However, after several articles reported their ownership of such weapons, including a well sourced and documented article in the New Rome Centurian, evidence suggest a very large and well maintained stockpile of binary weapons and gene-spliced biotoxins.

According to the New Rome Centurion Libertarian Governance possess the following binary chemical and biological weapons:

VX2 : 4,000,000 tonnes - persistence of 240-720 hours in temperature of 21-32°C and 720-2160 hours in 4-16°C
Phosgene Oxime : 5,000,000 tonnes - persistence of 2-4 hours in temperature of 21-32°C and 3-6 hours in 4-16°C
Cyanogen chloride : 1,400,000 tonnes - degrades filters; persistence of .25-.5 hours in temperature of 21-32°C and .5-1 hours in 4-16°C
Recourser-10 : 5000 tonnes - largely on satellite delivery system and some bombs; a genetically enhanced version of small pox with botox gene; 28 day persistence
Ebola hemorrhagic fever : 2400 tonnes - aerosol delivery with Seahag warhead, Tigershark warhead and aircraft pods.

Space Based Systems:
Libertarian Governance maintains satellite based military communications, surveillance, GPS, anti-satellite and anti-ballistic missile systems. The nation ties most of these infrastructure into a system called the Reaper Strategic Defense Network. Reaper maintains large numbers of nuclear and biological weapons in geo synchronous orbit. The nation maintains the OS-3 space station. The OS-3 space station consists of 14 pressurized modules and an extensive integrated truss structure. Power is provided by 20 solar arrays mounted on the external truss. The station is maintained at an orbit between 278 km (173 mi) and 460 km (286 mi) altitude, and travels at an average speed of 27,743.8 km/h (17,239.2 mph). The station is used by Libertarian Governance largely for research and has a length of 51 m (167.3 ft) a width of 109 m (357.5 ft) and a height of 20 m (c. 66 ft) with a pressurized volume of 837 m3 (29,561 cu ft).

Libertarian Governance maintains heavy lift rockets as well as a fleet of semi-reusable space vehicle through its military. The heavy lift rockets are the HL-10 (38,000 kg mass to LEO and 24,000 kg mass to GTO) and the HL-9 (24,000 kg to LEO and 14,000 kg to GTO). Along with its heavy lift rockets Libertarian Governance operates a fleet of 8 semi-reusable shuttle craft through the LGDF. The shuttles have the ability to place 24,000 kg into LEO and 4000 kg into GTO. Additionally, there is a burgeoning private space transportation industry which uses the aforementioned equipment plus a wide variety of additional systems.

Greater Prussian Empire
Unified Realm

Economy : Libertarian Governance
Economic Overview:
Libertarian Governance has a large and technologically powerful economy. In this free economy, private individuals and business firms make the decisions, and governments buy needed goods and services in the private marketplace. LG business firms enjoy greater flexibility than their counterparts in decisions to expand capital plant, to lay off surplus workers, and to develop new products. While, environmental protection is a major expense for businesses in LG few other laws or regulations affect any industry.
Unemployment Rate:
Population Below Poverty Line:
Agriculture Products:
Wheat, corn, other grains, fruits, vegetables, hemp; beef, pork, poultry, dairy products; fish; forest products
A leading industrial power, highly diversified and technologically advanced; weaponry,petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining, luxury goods
Agricultural products (soybeans, fruit, corn) 9.2%, industrial supplies (organic chemicals) 26.8%, capital goods (transistors, aircraft, motor vehicle parts, computers, telecommunications equipment) 49.0%, consumer goods (automobiles, medicines) 15.0%
Agricultural products 4.9%, industrial supplies 32.9% , capital goods 30.4% (computers, telecommunications equipment, motor vehicle parts, office machines, electric power machinery), consumer goods 31.8% (automobiles, clothing, medicines, furniture, toys)
Gold Coin

Communications : Libertarian Governance
3.600 billion main lines
4.475.9 billion cellular
Telephone System:
General assessment: a large, technologically advanced, multipurpose communications system
domestic: a large system of fiber-optic cable, microwave radio relay, coaxial cable, and domestic satellites carries every form of telephone traffic; a rapidly growing cellular system carries mobile telephone traffic throughout the country
Radio Broadcast Stations:
AM 37,878, FM 52,922, shortwave 508
Television Broadcast Stations:
Internet Country Code:
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History to 1785: Libertarian Governance

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First Arrivals
Archeological evidence indicates that humans arrived on Libertarian Governance at least 60,000 years ago, probably by sea during an Ice Age period when the sea was lower and distances between islands shorter. Although the first arrivals were hunters and gatherers, early evidence shows that people managed the forest environment to provide food. There also are indications of gardening having been practiced at the same time that agriculture was developing in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Early garden crops--many of which are indigenous--included sugarcane, pacific bananas, yams, and taros, while sago and pandanus were two commonly exploited native forest crops.

Arrival of Nemesis Incorporated
When Nemesis Incorporated first arrived, native inhabitants of Libertarian Governance and nearby islands--while still relying on bone, wood, and stone tools--had a productive agricultural system. They traded along the coast, where products mainly were pottery, shell ornaments, and foodstuffs, and in the interior, where forest products were exchanged for shells and other sea products. Nemesis Incorporated traded with the natives and established several camps and operating bases. The areas around the cities of Hyphae and Liberty contain several natural deep water ports. The first base was established in 1715 by Captain Daniel Defoe.

The Nemesis Incorporated crew members freely mingled and in many cases married with the natives. The crewmen had beliefs often liberalized in comparison to their home countries. Despite being from various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds there was little racism and discrimination as a mans worth was in his ability to do battle along side you. The groups leadership further did not tolerate such distinctions as it was deemed bad for unit cohesion and morale.

The early regulations, the so called Nemesis Incorporated Covenants were solely concerned with performance and even penalized members for using such criteria as skin color, religion or nationality in any decision making. This attitude and their prevailing dislike of authority within the ranks of the membership led to astonishing restraints on the leadership.

Nemesis Incorporated crews could vote and remove their Captains. Although clearly in the laws the times that this were tried let alone actually successful are very few. Nemesis Incorporated crews also had a intricate method of due process for those accused of wrong doing. This included a trial in front of the crew and the vote of the crew to convict.

An Amphibious Army
Nemesis Incorporated was unlike any other pirate group of the time. It was more accurately an alliance of pirates backed by a secret society of merchants. Based around allegiance to the Nemesis Incorporated Covenants and with a membership policy based solely on ones acceptance of those covenants the group grew quickly. Nemesis Incorporated had capital, access to large amounts of equipment and a means to sale its ill gotten gains. Then there was the organizational prowess of Captain John Locke.

Captain John Locke was borne in Hadlex in the Reformed Empire of Ithera on August 5th, 1690. He was the son of a lawyer, Samuel Locke. His mother, Anna Forester, was a silversmiths daughter and reputed to be very beautiful. John Locke was born in a Tudor home in Hadlex where he spent the next 14 years of his life. Hadlex was the closest city for commoners to the Imperial City and as such was a major area of commerce, trade and court intrigue. Samuel Locke had several influential members of the Imperial Court as clients.

In 1705 Locke was sent to the prestigious Aerimonium School in the Imperial City. This was under the sponsorship of Nec'tapht Orenson a high ranking officer in the Imperial Guard and a long time client of Samuel Locke. John Locke excelled at his studies and graduated with honors in 1709. He was accepted into the Jahnt College. While his grades were high, Locke became involved with a group of student philosophers during his first year of school. A month into his second year he dropped out.

He then enlisted in the crew of a Captain Shaun Nowland. A pirate who operated from the gulf of Totanka to the Itheran Straight. HE was cited for his organizational skills and fearlessness in battle. He quickly gained his own ship called Anna's Revenge. After several successful raids he was able to establish an alliance of pirates called Nemesis Incorporated.

Captain Locke was the author of the original Nemesis Incorporated Covenants. Organizing the pirates and instilled strict military discipline. Their fighting style was unlike the well drilled national militaries of the time. Instead of moving in formation they utilized stealth and modern small unit infantry tactics that relied on their heavily armed ships cannon in a fire support role and superior hand to hand fighting abilities. Not only could these pirates capture ships at sea but they specialized in capturing cities and would over the course of 2 to 3 days sack them. At their height Nemesis Incorporated controlled a navy of 82 war ships and 110 armed merchants.

Notable exploits include the 1717 capture of the EagleLand Silver Train, the 1718 capture of the six cities, the sinking of Gaston's Fleet in 1718, the sacking of Alavana in 1719, the raid on Devils Island Prison in 1721, the capture of the Silver Train in 1722 and 1724, the sacking of Jamestown in 1725, the kidnapping and subsequent ransom of Frederick the 2nd, Duke of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg in 1727 and the capture of October in 1730.

Formation of Libertarian Governance
In 1734 Nemesis Incorporated, still under the leadership of John Locke, voted to end their piracy and establish their 17 bases as The Free Republic of Libertarian Governance. Captain Locke along with Captain Daniel Defoe, Captain Hassan Nganda, Captain James Crockett and merchants Johnathan Hancock, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson developed a constitution based loosely on the ideas enshrined in their code of conduct and operations.

On January 1st, 1735 the Constitution was announced approved by vote of the population which at the time numbered some 98,000 persons. The government sent formal announcements to many world capitals and the Republic of Peirogu, Morocco and Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg established diplomatic recognition. Over the next 100 years Libertarian Governance experienced rapid population growth due to its liberal immigration policies.

The Old States War
The Old States War begin officially on August 9th, 1771 but is a conflict that had been festering since the pirate raids of Nemesis Incorporated. The war begin after a The Empire of Spectare attempt to establish a colony on the North West of LG was met with a raid by LG militia. The Empire of Spectare colony was burned to the ground and the colonies inhabitants were slaughtered. The Empire of Spectare , Eagle Land and The Reformed Empire of Ithera retaliated by reissuing arrest warrants against hundreds of Nemesis Incorporated members and then issued arrest warrants against any descendants as well. All three nations invaded in force. The Empire of Spectare immediately burned the LG capital of Liberty.


The three world powers quickly occupied many Libertarian Governance cities but became bogged down in a bloody guerrilla war.The LG population was armed to the teeth and knew how to use those weapons with deadly efficiency. It has been estimated that each citizen in LG at the time of the invasion had on average 32 musket and 6 cannon. The Reformed Empire of Ithera pulled out after just 8 months of fighting and Eagle Land followed 2 months later. The Empire of Spectare tried to make a fight of it.


Groups Like The Dragons led by Senator Davey Crockett

Bleed the occupying army dry with sophisticated ambush tactics

The Empire of Spectare suffered serious loses throughout the conflict. On November 14th, 1781 Senator Davey Crockett along with General Francis Sanderson attacked Lord Scott's camp near New Rome. The Empire of Spectare army was taken by surprise, and the Battle of New Rome was essentially over after just 18 minutes. Lord Scott, the Supreme Commander of all The Empire of Spectare was captured the following day. Lord Scott signed a peace treaty pulling all Empire of Spectare troops out of Libertarian Govenance.
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History 1785 to Present : Libertarian Governance

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The Crockett Doctrine
At the defeat of The Empire of Spectare forces Libertarian Governance begin to rebuild. This heretofore insignificant nation had bested three major powers and established itself as the freest country in the region. Senator Davey Crockett was elected as Chief Executive in 1795. During his inauguration speech he stated that world powers should no longer colonize or interfere in Libertarian Governance. Under Chief Executive Crockett a professional Army and Navy was finally developed relegating Militia forces to a secondary defensive roll.

The Homestead Act
The Homestead Act is a Libertarian Governance law that gives an applicant freehold title of up to 250 acres of undeveloped land outside of the designated original settlement areas. This free land was available to all citizens of Libertarian Governance. Passed in 1825 the new law required four steps: designation of an area as a homestead zone by the Senate, filing of an application, improvement of the land, and filing for deed of title. The Act was signed into law by Chief Executive Stephan Esperanza on May 20, 1825.

The Homestead act not only facilitated high domestic birth rates but it sparked a period of high immigration. From 1825 to 1925, the foreign born population of Libertarian Governance increased to 15.2 million. The Immigration Act of 1830 mandated that all immigrants be educated in LG customs and traditions and further pass a citizenship test before citizenship would be granted. While immigration played a large role in growth the native born population grew remarkably as well thanks primarily to the Homestead Act's economic effects.

The Rise of Industrialization
The Industrial Age of 1865 to 1900 was rooted in heavy industry like factories, railroads and coal mining. New access to deep natural resources were the raw material for economic and corporate expansion during this era. Timber resources, mineral deposits, fisheries, and arable land were only recently available due to immigration and large population growth. The completion of the rail system not only facilitated military presence in many isolated areas but enabled the massive export of resources.

The Great Constitutional Debate
As LG men, women, and children toiled away in the factories of the 1880s, many of them dreamed of one day living the myth of moving from "rags to riches." While some Governors enjoyed unparalleled success as compared to their counterparts, many Governors still struggled to make ends meet. Workers began to organize labor unions to take responsibility for their own improvement. The courts struck down every collective bargaining agreement bought before them prompting many workers to take up arms and result to violence.

Many Governors saw the unions as a threat to freedom while acknowledging an equal threat in unrestrained monopolistic industry. Poor working conditions and low wages were often joined with corruption, kick backs, threats and indentured servitude. The situation became so unbearable that on May 17, 1905 the Ithaca Militia was called out by referendum and ordered to arrest every business owner and seize every business. The militia and its mob of supporters begin to set fire to factories when several business owners defended their properties or had private security services fire on the mob. 17 people were lynched and 48 shot to death in the ensuing violence. As it continued to swell mobs rose up in New Rome and Arcadia.

The National Army was ordered to put the mob down at all cost. Naval vessels opened fire on Arcadia and 2400 naval infantry moved in and fought at times hand to hand with the Arcadian Militia and its supporters. Casualties were severe. In New Rome the Militia was split and savagely went after each other. It took the Army two days of heavy fighting to pacify New Rome. The Army had a harder time reasserting government control over Ithaca. On May 20, 1905 the government declared the mob violence suppressed. In all 1896 people lost their lives and more than 3000 people were wounded.

The first thing that happened was the courts threw out all charges against the rioters under the Constitutional Declaration of Rights that says all citizens have an absolute right to resist tyranny and oppression by force of arms. Next was the first Amendment to the Constitution of 1735. A section was added allowing the national government to break up and or impose regulations on any business controlling more than a 50% share of any market. The courts were also given more leeway to allow groups of workers to contract their labor at specific rates but still refused to impose bargaining agreements on subsequent hires or workers that opted out.

Technological Revolution
The Constitutional changes eventually led to an era of greater stability and prosperity. Throughout the next 104 years everyones economic clout increased. Scientific advancements saw the harnessing of nuclear power in 1969, the move towards space in 1978 and the ongoing computer revolution that begin in the early 1980s. In 1982 the Army, Navy and Air force were combined into the Libertarian Governance Defense Forces. In 1992 the country begin a concerted effort to end its voluntary isolationism and take a more active role in regional and world affairs.

Election of Robert Wilhelm Stratton
On November 1, 2005 Robert Wilhelm Stratton, aged 30, of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty Party was elected Chief Executive. On a platform of strict constitutionalism he advocated taking a radically new approach to international affairs, business and civil rights. On the international front there was talk of promoting Libertarian Revolutionary movements around the world. Businesses were promised less taxes and civil rights were held to be inviolable under any circumstances.

Chief Executive Robert Stratton pulled Libertarian Governance out of the World Assembly calling it a meddlesome organization filled with communist demagogues. He begin the development and production of chemical and biological weaponry by LG. Chief Executive Stratton also deployed an extensive space based weapons program and presided over a massive build up of military forces.
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Notable Facts:

Postby Libertarian Governance » Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:54 pm

Intervention in Bergnovinaia:
Official documentation released by the Government show that Libertarian Governance special forces were involved in the overthrow of General Ruldoph Holtler. Though the extent of the operations are unknown it would seem that at the very least LGDF commandos were deployed on a definite assassination mission.

However, the New Rome Centurian ran an article quoting unnamed sources which stated that a Bureau 24 covert operation engineered the removal of Prime Minister Zunkowsky. The operation was launched apparently in response to the Prime Minister seeking to deploy a death ray in space. Sources also stated that the LGDF was prepared to launch a preemptive nuclear strike if the covert operations failed.

Unrest in The Democratic Socialist Commonwealth of Joesavi:
Libertarian Governance naval forces and special forces were briefly deployed to Joesavi during a Capitalist uprising. During the struggle the LGDF engaged a naval force from The Empire of Yousefria. The battle ended with 35 Yousefrian ships sank. The LGDF did not lose any forces. There is some talk that Special Forces carried out combat operations on behalf of the rebels but no conclusive proof.

Intervention in Urstanian Civil War:
The Urstanian Civil War was a conflict in Urstania that quickly became a communist effort at overthrowing the government. In response Libertarian Governance intervened with over 100,000 troops and a large fleet of carrier battle groups. This LGDF expeditionary force eventually grew to 800,000 personnel and 8 Carrier battle groups.

The LGDF was able to support a local capitalist guerrilla force called the Urstanian Free Army. Some say it was actually created by LGDF Phoenix Strike Commandos. Eventually, the LGDF aided the UFA to establish a capitalist enclave under charismatic and youthful leader Commander Zero. That enclave became Urstanian Governance, a free state with a Constitution very similar to that of LG. Its current leader Commander Zero aka Chief Executive Cody Connors has fostered close and mutually beneficial relations with Libertarian Governance.

Chief Executive Cody Connors during Urstanian Civil War

Advanced LGDF weapons dominated the battlefield with the LGDF suffering just 392 KIA and 876 WIA while inflicting 43,789 KIA on the enemy forces and wounding 94,603. Though the UFA did the bulk of the fighting, special forces, air power, artillery and LGDF tanks exacted a heavy toll. here you see a picture from the so called highway of death which destroyed some 2000 military and civilian vehicles during a coordinated offensive by LGDF and UFA forces. After this battle much of the governing regime surrendered.


Today Urstanian Governance is a nation of 1.77 Billion that is among the freest countries in the region. UG is also exceedingly prosperous having benefited from heavy investment of LG companies. Urstanian Governance maintains a treaty of mutual defense and has entered a economic, military and political confederacy with Libertarian Governance.


Defense of Ceruleo:
Communist forces of The People’s Republic of Cerulean Liberation launched a bloody attack on government members that eventually lead to the intervention of over 100,000 LGDF troops. This force eventually destroyed rebel resistance and moral to the point that the rebels arrested and turned over Victor Steelman, the Communist leader of the revolt.

The actual fighting was done in the Cerulean Jungle and was a very successfully fought anti-guerrilla campaign. The LGDF suffered 315 KIA and 435 WIA. The war was brought to a successful conclusion. During the war the LGDF captured several thousand foreign communist troops who died in a gun battle when their planes were fired on by LGDF forces after being forced to land.

The Advanced Slave Trader Incident:
Libertarian Governance commandos effected the arrest of the CEO of Advanced Slave Trader Zakaev Brashir in a early morning raid on his estate in Apachawk. The commandos eventually returned Zakaev to Libertarian Governance where he was arrested by the National Police Force and put on trial for Crimes Against Humanity.

Libertarian Governance invoked universal jurisdiction in its claims against Zakaev and the trial progressed to a jury. On the day of the jury trial Zakaev Brashir agreed to a plea bargain that guaranteed a ten year prison term but that also ceded Advanced Slave Trader to Libertarian Governance.

Additional details of the plea included a 2 trillion NSD payment as aid to Apachawk in return for the country banning slavery and forming a democratic and free government. Libertarian Governance also agreed to help the nation revamp its military and grow its economy. As a result of the plea agreement 1,293,394,113 slaves were freed.

Libertarian Governance was recognized as an Aquilar Realm of the Greater Prussian. This honor by Emperor Kazansky of Greater Prussia was considered a great honor by the citizens of LG.
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Freedom For Eastern Arcadia:
Libertarian Governance joined efforts to reform the Democratic Republic of Eastern Arcadia politically and economically. This initially went well with the LG government successful in improving ties between the two nations. Numerous businesses moved to invest in Eastern Arcadia. Relations improved more as the Libertarian government begin to sponsor pro freedom events and discussions within the DREA.

Things went well until several criminal incidents occurred that the DREA blamed all Libertarian Business people for. The DREA launched a directive that illegally targeted all LG business people. Consequently, relations between the two nations plummeted. The LG Senate moved to seize Arcadian assets and property as retaliation for the secret Directive 78. These actions led to LG deploying aircraft carriers off the DREA coast and backing fully a push for independence by the Montana Development Corporation.

A fire fight erupted between the DREA and the MDC when DREA forces attempted to seize the commercial enclave of Heaven. MDC responded to the attack with overwhelming military force that included the use of aircraft, tanks and artillery. The DREA forces were repulsed with heavy casualties. A standoff ensued with Allanean forces acting as peace keepers.

During the fighting the DREA bombed the Montana School for Economic Development killing hundreds of children. Open calls for regime change echoed throughout Libertarian Governance following this attack. The government openly called the DREA a communist regime.

Civil war erupted following Allanean arrest of senior DREA ministers and the exposing of their communist plot publicly. MDC declared its enclave an independent state called the Directorate of Heaven. Libertarian Governance immediately recognized the new state and pledged support and defense.

Civil War in Velgrae:
Libertarian Governance intervened in the civil war in Velgrae largely to stop foreign meddling in the Unified Realm pursuant to the Crockett Doctrine. The war begin after the people of Velgrae became fed up with perceived neglect on the part of Reformed Brittannia. Several nations attempted to support the Republics size and further attempted to move military forces into the region.

Libertarian Governance responded by introducing combat troops and a quarantine of the area by air and naval force. The resulting conflict ended despite the unhappiness of those involved with a cease fire imposed by the introduction of large numbers of LGDF. Sciox was forced to agree to a treaty in which it surrendered 2.5 trillion in reparations. The nation of Lykosia was attacked as well and forced to cede a large island to Libertarian Governance in order to come to peace terms.

Following the war a vote was held in Velgrae that established an independent regime.

Underium Invasion:

Libertarian Governance participated in a war against Underium known as Operation Swift Wind due to the nations system of slavery. The attack begin with some 50 carrier battle groups under the command of Grand Admiral Nerissa Robertson. The attack showcased the advanced weaponry of the LGDF and also a number of tactical Underium mistakes.

Once the fleet launched their attack the Underiums retreated to underground shelters. This in effect let the Libertarian Governance Defense Forces take control of the country with few casualties. With control of the surface the LGDF set about finding Underium hiding spaces and attacking them.

The Underium regime utilized radiological weapons and summary executions of civilians and slaves in an attempt to break the Libertarian Governance siege. This did not shake the LG resolve and eventually the LGDF found and killed the Underium regime's leaders, forcing their successors to accept a peace treaty.


To: Underium Regime

This is our final offer for a cessation of hostilities. You have 48 hours to comply or total war will be brought against you. The terms are non-negotiable. These terms are made due to Underium involvement in the slave trade, its abuse of children in subjecting them to slavery, its establishment of military organizations to promote and defend slavery, its usage of radiological weapons against LGDF troops and against unarmed and peaceable Underium civilians, its threat to use radiological weaponry indiscriminately against nations around the world.

1. All slaves will immediately be released to LGDF forces. Full documentation and cooperation in freeing and resettling these people shall be given by all Underium authorities.
2. All persons 12 years of age or younger, legally defined as minors by Libertarian Governance law will be surrendered to the LGDF immediately. Full documentation and cooperation in freeing and resettling these people shall be given by all Underium authorities.
3. Once both populations are released a cease fire shall be effected between Libertarian Governance, the Unified Realm and Underium.
4. Those persons who ordered or carried out these reprisals against civilians will be surrendered to the LGDF for trial. Each will be charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes. Full documentation and cooperation in prosecuting crimes against humanity and or war crimes shall be given by all Underium authorities.
5. Underium shall surrender all weapons of mass destruction. A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans (and other life forms) and/or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g. buildings), natural structures (e.g. mountains), or the biosphere in general and are commonly identified as though not limited too chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear.
6. Underium agrees to a regime of permanent monitoring to be instituted at all nuclear facilities, chemical facilities, biological or radiological facilities and all such facilities that may be utilized for the support, research or creation of weapons of mass destruction. This equipment shall be combined with unannounced inspections by inspectors from Unified Realm nations.
7. Underium shall pass and enforce laws making slavery and involuntary servitude illegal. Lawful imprisonment for crimes where appropriate levels of due process are accorded the accused shall not be considered slavery or involuntary servitude. Slavery shall be defined as - The act of economically exploiting or enslaving an individual, without that individual's consent, and denying that individual the benefits of his or her labor.
8. Underium shall recognize the authority of the Unified Realm Peace Keeping Force (URPKF). Said force shall be composed of up to 20,000,000 soldiers with appropriate equipment. The URPKF shall have free movement throughout Underium, right to establish bases, and power to enforce and insure compliance with this agreement. The forces mandate shall extend to a period of 18 months following certification by Libertarian Governance that Underium is in full compliance of this agreement. At the end of the mandate all URPKF forces shall be withdrawn from Underium.


Tom McWain
Chief of Foreign Affairs

The action freed 200,000,000 persons, all of which were moved to Libertarian Governance.

Attack on Drackonisa:

Libertarian and Allanean forces launched a devastating attack on the slave state of Drackonisa. While the brunt of the warfare was handled by the Allaneans initially, Libertarian Governance Defense Forces carried out a successful wild weasel operation against heavily fortified positions at Heavens Gate. The LGDF also led the way in enforcing a naval blockade on the Drackonisans that resulted at one point to a cruise missile attack that caused the deaths of 500,000 slavers attempting to run the blockade.

The next major action by the LGDF involved the nuclear bombardment of Heavens Gate and its anchor islands. The Libertarians used 300 100 kiloton fusion weapons in the attack. Heavans Gate toppled into the water. The force of the fall was so great that a massive tsunami washed towards Drackonisa. A short intense battle took place between orbital weapon platforms and the LGDF fleet in which 137,000 LGDF soldiers were killed.

The Tsunami washed ashore in Drakonisa killing millions upon millions. All slaves were freed immediately after this disaster struck Drackonisa. Libertarian forces took 750,000 prisoners in the action. Many of these people were tried for various crimes against humanity including aiding and abetting slavery. Of those placed on trial in Libertarian Governance courts 287,727 would be sentenced to prison or the gallows.

In the wars aftermath an agreement was reached with the Drackonisan ally Yellowapple that freed millions of people living under servitude. The agreement also resulted in serious restrictions on that nations contractual servant program. These restrictions including the elimination of children from the program.

The Second Underium Invasion:

LGDF returned to Underium relatively quickly after having ended the previous occupation. The cause of conflict covered two issues, the first having to do with the Underium government threatening Libertarian Governance ally Aquitayne. But perhaps more so was the Underium usage of nuclear and biological weapons. Underium surrendered signing a treaty that among other things guaranteed the Libertarian Governance all the rights gained under the treaty ending the first war.

Agreement of Policy towards the Powerful Collective of Underium by the Allied Powers

WHEREAS the the Commonwealth of Norvenia, the Armed Republic of Aquitayne, the Independant Nation of the Republic of Lanos, the People's Republic of Izarius, the United States of Allanea, the United States of Gharin, and the Free Republic of Libertarian Governance (henceforth referred to as "the signatories" and/or "the Allied Powers") have recently with great difficulty resisted the unprovoked aggression of the Powerful Collective of Underium, and

WHEREAS the indiscriminate use of biological weaponry against civilian populations, resulting in the illness of thousands of citizens of the Armed Republic of Aquitayne and the deaths of over a million citizens of the Commonwealth of Norvenia, shows that the Powerful Collective of Underium cannot be trusted with such weapons, and

WHEREAS the Powerful Collective of Underium has unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Powers, thereby giving the Allied Powers the legal right to take any actions they please with respect to Underium, it is hereby

RESOLVED that the territory of the Powerful Collective of Underium shall be administered by a joint council of representatives from each of the signatories, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that the signatories shall use military personnel to occupy and execute this administration via an occupation of this territory, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that one responsibility of this joint council shall be to draft a democratic constitution for the Powerful Collective of Underium, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that a two-thirds vote of this joint council in favor of holding general elections, supervised by the Allied Powers and held in accordance with the new constitution, shall represent a transfer of power from the joint council to a democratically elected government, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that the Allied Powers shall systematically dismantle all weapons of mass destruction (as defined by the Allied Powers) which may be found in the territory of the Powerful Collective of Underium, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that the Allied Powers shall, to the best of their ability, prevent the Powerful Collective of Underium from reacquiring any weapons of mass destruction (as defined by the Allied Powers) until such time as the Allied Powers may see fit to edit this provision, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that the practice of human slavery shall never be permitted by the Allied Powers within the territory of the Powerful Collective of Underium, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that the Allied Powers shall uphold and enforce the legal validity of all prior treaties between the Powerful Collective of Underium and the Free Republic of Libertarian Governance, and it is hereby

RESOLVED that all leaders of the Powerful Collective of Underium for whom there exists evidence of involvement in the planning and execution of war crimes and crimes against humanity shall be tried by an international tribunal adjudicated by citizens of the Allied Powers - the time and place of which shall be determined at a later date - and it is hereby

RESOLVED that upon the approval of this treaty, all hostilities with the Powerful Collective of Underium not undertaken in self-defense by the Allied Powers shall cease at once. But to prevent the exploitation of this treaty for immoral and illegal ends, the above resolutions are

SUBJECT to editing, adjustment, and addition by a two-thirds vote of the Allied Powers at any time until the handover of power to a democratically elected governemnt in Underium.

SIGNED this twenty-eighth day of August in the Year of Our Lord 2011 by


Gwillem Thomas
Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Norvenia

Amelia O'Donnel
Foreign Secretary of the Commonwealth of Norvenia

. . .


Thomas Riech
President of the Armed Republic of Aquitayne

. . .


Marina Arthuryan
President of the Republic of Lanos

General Norman Rezantia
Supreme Commander of the Military of Lanos

. . .


Supreme Commander Neva Silon

Mikhail Ostrak
Councilman of the People's Republic of Izarius

Danil Helios
Councilman of the People's Republic of Izarius

Svetlana Azarova
Councilwoman of the People's Republic of Izarius

Gennady Drogoshenko
Councilman of the People's Republic of Izarius

Matvey Ulyanov
Councilman of the People's Republic of Izarius

. . .


Alexander Kazansky, Emperor of Greater Prussia, President of the United States of Allanea, King of Reichskamphen, Emperor of the Thousand States, Archduke of Dragkon, Liberator of Torontonias, Count of Centreville, General-Secretary of the Confederacy of Sovereign States and the Coalition of Drug-Exporting Nations, and President of the CAPINTERN

. . .


General Steven Ricker
Field Commander of the Gharinian Army, on behalf of

The Honorable James Steiner
President of Gharin

. . .


Tom McWain,
Chief of Foreign Affairs by direction of Chief Executive Robert Stratton


- Konstantinos Likas, President of the Orthodox Federation of the Eagleland
- Mixalis Daskalakis, Chief Diplomat, Office of Diplomatic Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Orthodox Federation of the Eagleland


Following acceptance of treaty terms Libertarian Governance moved into Underium seizing control of weapon of mass destruction, nuclear and chemical sites. Phoenix Strike commandos were first to land seizing airfields across Underium. Sporadic combat occurred but overall Libertarian Forces captured the sites with the acquiescence of the Underium regime.

Some resistance was met by several allied countries during the occupation. Conflict arose with Libertarian Governance claiming violation of treaty terms with several of the occupying powers regarding the right of the LGDF to seize Underium WMD facilities. This eventually led to Libertarian Governance seizing control of most of Underium.

After a search for a superweapon called Q.A., the Libertarians made a deal with the Underium Coalition that ended violence and ushered in an era of democracy. Q.A. was turned over the the Free Republic. In the agreement the new Underium regime ceded to military facilities to Libertarian Governance, Fort Carson and Fort Cross.
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Art and Culture

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Best Motion Picture--Drama: Bastard
Director: Jean Michel Girard
Actors and Actresses:
* Bradley Cutter as Ismail Nganda
* Ed Hammer as Thomas Defoe
* Blake Weiss as Michael Defoe
* Alan Thomas as Ismael Nganda - age 14
* Dmitri Orlov as Thomas Defoe - age 15
* Andrei Orlov as Michael Defoe - age 16
* Richard K Kruegar as Senator Davey Crockett
* Trent Barber as Lord Byron Scott, Commander of Spectare Military
* Nicholas Solari as Augustine Messina the Mayor of New Rome
* Jennifer Marshall as Maria De Luca
* Vera Snow as Janet Lombardi
* Norma Pickering as Constance Thorne
* Chance Corbitt as General Francis Sanderson
* Martin McMasters as West, 15 year old Forced Conscript in Spectare Military
* Jordan Taylor as Michael Mitchell. Captain in Spectare Military
* Silas Banning as Cord Bryant, Captain in Spectare Military
* Charles Ray as Captain Hassan Nganda
* Leia Fenin as Eva Lombardi
* Naum Rogozhin as Florintino Bercolli

Synopses of the Movie:
The film takes place during the Old State War of 1771 to 1781 and chronicles the life of folk hero Ismail Nganda. Nganda is the illegitimate brother of Spectare Commander in Chief Lord Byron Scott. Born by Lord Admil Scott and an African mother Asma Nganda, Ismael is sent to claim an inheritance promised by his father, Lord Admil Scott following the formers death. What awaits our hero at the Scott Estate is a vicious attack from the Scott family which boils over when 12 year old Ismael and 19 year old Lord Byron Scott, the future invader of Libertarian Governance, come to blows after several insults directed at Ismael's mother Asma. During the fight Lord Scott pulls a dagger and attempts to kill Ismael but the youth manages to disarm the larger opponent and with a series of swift strikes cuts deeply into Scott's arm and cheek.

Ismail flees the Scott Estate and after informing his mother of what happened he is sent to Libertarian Governance to live with his Great Uncle Hassan Nganda. Captain Hassan Nganda is one of the founders of Libertarian Governance and a former Chief Executive that takes the boy in. Ismail is just 14 years old at the start of the Old States War when he witnesses the invasion of Libertarian Governance and capture of the Capital City of Liberty by Spectarian Knights and naval forces with the aid of traitor Florintino Bercolli. The city is burned afterwards and its population massacred but not before Ismail sees his Great Uncle at 70 years old fight off two dozen attacking Spectarian Knights while defending the Libertarian Governance flag.

As Captain Nganda falls Ismail is carried off by his cousin Ali with the help of Michael and Thomas Defoe. The four youth make their way to New Rome where they arrive to see Senator Davey Crockett trying to gain recruits for a militia force. Many merchants are arguing against fighting what are at the time the strongest nations on Earth Spectare, Eagleland and the Reformed Empire of Ithera. Ismail walks in front of the Senator and denounces the men for cowardice. He then tells a powerful tale of his Great Uncle Captain Nganda defending the LG flag and fighting off Spectarian Knights until he died. He coins the phrase remember Liberty which becomes a rallying cry throughout the war. When he finishes his tale several hundred men are present with weapons and he turns to Senator Crockett and says "I will be the first to join."

A sometimes-humorous subplot throughout the film concerns Michael Defoe and Thomas Defoe, two famous warriors and grand children of Captain William Defoe, who become commanders in the Crockett's Dragons militia forces and who engage in a contest of courage and fighting skill throughout numerous battle scenes until the climatic Battle of New Rome in order to decide which of them will win the hand of Maria De Luca, a New Rome maiden whom both of them are courting. After both of them have been seriously wounded, Thomas publicly states that neither he nor Michael was the bravest in battle: that honor goes to Janet Lombardi, the daughter of a Tailor in New Rome killed by the Spectarians who had joined the Dragons as a front-line soldier several years earlier. Thomas says Michael was second bravest and he ends up marrying Maria while Thomas chooses Janet's sister Eva as his bride-to-be with her unspoken consent.

The battle scenes of this epic war movie that follow are perhaps the most powerful scenes ever captured on film. They capture the chaos, emotion and savagery in a way that puts the viewer in the heart of the battle. One such scene shows Ismail skipping around a formation of Spectare soldiers only to suddenly bury a hidden tomahawk in the head of one of the commanders. Instantly dozens of Crockett Dragons pop from behind trees and fire at close range into the marching soldiers. Two successive groups of Dragons fire on the stunned Spectare soldiers while Ismail hits two more with the tomahawk and a third with a close range pistol shot killing the soldiers before the can return a single shot.

Over the next 10 years the bloody guerrilla warfare and repression of Spectare forces are shown from the prospective of guerrilla fighters, Spectare and allied soldiers. Many historical events involving Crockett's Dragons and many other legendary figures are covered as is the intense friendship and loyalty developed under fire. This is interwoven with the growing love affair of Ismail and Constance Thorne which begins after Crockett's Dragons cut down a large force of Spectare troops outside of Ithaca in 1775. Following multiple acts of heroism, repeated routing of enemy forces and his twin abilities of recruiting and motivation Ismail is elevated to command and at the final climatic battle of New Rome on November 14th, 1781 Ismael's forces execute a flanking maneuver that cuts off any chance of retreat by Lord Scott's army. It is Ismail that captures Lord Scott disguised as a private the next day. With the words "I remember the day I gave you that scar" Ismael exposes the gaped mouth General and takes him into custody.

The musical score, a concert cantata by the Liberty Symphony Orchestra results in a match of music and imagery that sets a new standard for filmmakers.

Rating: 5

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture--Drama:
Actor: Bradley Cutter
Role in Movie (specifically in relationship to the plot): The Adult hero of the film with his role as legendary militia leader Ismael Nganda. His role fleshes out a very complex character that becomes somewhat of a rallying cry to the people fighting occupation.
Picture: Bastard

Won Bergnovinaian Actors Guild Award Best Motion Picture
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Libertarian Governance Defense Forces (LGDF)

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Basic Combat Training
Basic Combat Training is the starting point for all LGDF soldiers. BCT is a demanding 16 week course that challenges recruits physically and mentally. All LGDF soldiers must attend and pass BCT. Female and male recruits train side by side in integrated units and must meet the same standards.

The intense nature of recruit training lends itself to competition and rivalry between recruits at every level, from squads and platoons up to the rivalry between the four recruit depots. Each platoon in a given company competes to win trophies for having the highest collective scores in marksmanship, close order drill, academic testing, and the final physical fitness test. Individual soldiers also compete for the coveted appointments to Officer Training School and to special promotions at the end of training.

Phase One covers the initial 4 weeks. Over the first 72 hours the recruits do paperwork, receive an AR-9 Assault Rifle, receive vaccines and medical tests, and storing belongings under the eye of drill instructors set aside specifically for receiving. All recruits are then shaved bald. This takes approximately three days without the opportunity to sleep, and ends with the Initial Strength Test (IST). The IST is to assess if a recruit is physically fit enough to begin training. To pass, a recruit must complete at least 2 pull-ups, 35 crunches in two minutes, and run 1.5 miles in 12:30 minutes or less.

Recruits are then assigned to their permanent drill instructors. Discipline will begin to be instilled in recruits by disorienting them and effectively cutting them off from civilian habits and mindsets, as well as reinforcing the mental and physical standards needed to perform under stressful situations that will be simulated in subsequent phases, and experienced in combat situations. Recruits are required to learn and strictly use language and terminology of the LGDF.

The bulk of first-phase education consists of classes about the LGDF and Libertarian Governance, their history and culture, first aid, rank structure and insignia, protocol, customs and courtesies, the General Orders, aspects of the five paragraph order, preparing equipment for use, regulations regarding uniforms, initial hand to hand combat training and other topics. Recruits learn through the use of rote memorization and mnemonics; recruits are expected to be able to recite a passage or quote in unison, without error, and on demand.
Close order drill is an important factor in throughout BCT. In the first phase, they learn all of the basic commands and movements, memorizing the timing through the use of mnemonics which help synchronize a recruit's movements with the rest of his or her platoon. Constant repetition and practice are used to facilitate muscle memory, so that any given movement can be rendered immediately and accurately upon order without hesitation.

During this phase, recruits are familiarized with their rifle. Recruits must memorize the rifle's serial number, the four weapons safety rules, the four weapons conditions, and go through preparatory lessons in marksmanship. In addition, recruits use the rifles in close order drill, and will spend considerable time cleaning their weapons.

By the end of the first phase, recruits can march, respond to orders, pass the first written test, and keep up in physical fitness. Recruits have performed a 5 mile forced march and completed 4 miles runs.

Phase Two consist of 8 weeks of training in the field. The training starts with 7 days of continuous training, with a maximum of four hours sleep total. This week is designed as the ultimate test of one's physical and mental motivation while in Phase Two. Hell Week as it is often referred too subjects recruits to a series of demanding individual physical tests including frequent sets of push-ups and sit-ups, ocean swims and timed 4 mi (6.4 km) runs in full combat gear, in soft sand (to be completed in 32 minutes).

The next week is spent swimming and on water survival training. Recruits learn small boat operations and the runs are now 5 miles in length each day. On week three recruits begin marksmanship training. This week is partly spent in a class setting to learn about marksmanship principles of the AR-9 and how to shoot efficiently. When not in class, recruits are practicing their firing positions. The fourth week is spent performing live fire drills with the AR-9 and with physical training. At the end of this week recruits qualify on a range engaging targets out to 914.4 meters in the standing, sitting, kneeling and prone position. Recruits who fail to achieve a minimum score of sharpshooter are separated from the service.

The final 4 weeks of Phase Two consist of learn to fire their rifle under more realistic combat conditions, such as unknown distances, at night, and wearing a gas mask while learning the fundamentals of combat and operating in the field. Skills taught include camouflage, low crawling, land navigation, basic squad tactics, rappelling, and other foundations of military skills. Recruits are now conducting 7 mile runs in full combat gear and forced marches of 45 miles are achieved.

Phase Three is meant to polish the recruits. During this phase recruits learn to operate from mechanized vehicles and helicopters. All recruits undergo firefighting and damage control training for ship board and airfield operations. During the final week of BCT recruits must qualify for hand to hand combat, physical readiness, take final drill and written test and are then classified into one of seven legions according to their psychological make up. The final test is a 72 hour field test during which LGDF troops are dropped by helicopter on a course with only their knifes. The fire team must transverse a 100 mile range and complete obstacles using teamwork and all the skills they have learned in BCT. This while avoiding frequent aggressor patrols. Recruits who fail to complete this test are dropped. The last day is graduation. The top recruit in each company is assigned to Officer Training School, while the top two recruits in each platoon receive meritorious promotions.

After ten days of leave, LGDF Troopers will attend the School of Infantry (SOI). Non-infantry LGDF Troopers will attend a course called LGDF Combat Training for 4 weeks, then proceed to the appropriate school for their Military Occupational Specialty (which vary in length).

Military Occupational Specialty Training
Military Occupational Training ranges from 4 weeks to 52 weeks of instruction. Infantry Troopers attend the Infantry Training Battalion for 12 weeks where they become experts with all LGDF small arms and jump qualified. Infantry graduates are also given the opportunity of trying out for the D.R.A.G.O.N. special forces. Immediately after infantry training soldiers undergo a 4 week course in advanced hand to hand combat called SCARS. Following all MOS training troops are assigned to their first units. D.R.A.G.O.N candidates must pass a grueling 26 week training course and extend their term of service by two years.

Officer Training School
All Officer Candidates begin their career by enlisting. Candidates are chosen from among the top graduates in BCT, MOS and D.R.A.G.O.N. training courses. A small percentage of candidates are referred from the fleet as well. OTS is a 24 month training course concentrating on developing leadership, administrative skills and proficiency in the candidates chosen area of expertise. Candidates must extend their term of service by 4 years.
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Bureau 24 Intelligence Agency

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Bureau 24 is the premier espionage and counter espionage agency in Libertarian Governance. It was formed in 1735 within the nations first Constitution and holds a unique place within the Libertarian Governance establishment. Bureau 24 predates the establishment of the Libertarian Governance Defense Forces and the professional military formed in the aftermath of the Old States War.

Bureau 24 is led by 55 year old William Bennett. It has acquired a number of responsibilities but also functions as a connecting point for all the countries intelligence gathering efforts.The known activities of this agency are listed below:

Department 17

Department 17 is a cyber warfare unit within Bureau 24 Intelligence. It is led by Chuck Billos. Department 17 is designed to provide Bureau 24 a robust cyber warfare capability. Cyber warfare involves units organized to conduct offensive and defensive operations, using computers to attack other computers or networks through electronic means. Bureau 24 has organized Department 17 to include both the ability to conduct attack and defense along with the ability to coordinate actions by non-state actors.

Department 17 not only hires and maintains an elite group to conduct operations in house but it zealously recruits civilians while working with experts in the IT sector and academic community to build its capabilities. If one or two per cent of any population has an IQ over 139, as studies predict, then Libertarian Governance must have tens of millions of people in this category. That is a huge grass roots effort that can be directed towards cyber warfare. The agency regularly scouts potential targets around the world.

Department K

Department K is responsible for pulling together intelligence from space based assets, the countries airborne reconnaissance platforms and its early warning systems. Department K is primarily responsible for the nations Reaper Strategic Defense network. Reaper consist of hundreds of intelligence gathering satellites, SIGint and missile launch warning and missile defense satellites. Reaper also consist of a network of satellites designed to initiate nuclear and biological attacks from orbit. Department K is led by Eva Giovanni.

Libertarian Governance maintains extensive early warning systems including SOSUS networks, long range OTH radar systems, missile warning both by satellite and airborne systems to name a few. The Department maintains list of potential targets and terabytes of missile guidance information for use in potential conflicts. They also track every launch into space by any nation around the world, monitoring orbits of satellites and similar data.

Phoenix Strike

Phoenix Strike is an unconventional warfare task force engaged in highly classified operations throughout the world. They consist of personnel usually with prior service experience. Though, that is not a hard and fast rule and some new recruits are new to military life. The unit is capable of sustained operations behind enemy lines and has been known to carry out infiltration, ex-filtration, extraordinary renditions, intelligence collection, raids, sabotage, psychological warfare and spotting operations. Phoenix Strike maintains a number of hostage rescue units. Phoenix Strike Commandos are trained to operate for the air, land or sea in all weather condition and in all environments.


Medusa is a unit designed to operate for prolonged periods behind enemy lines with complete autonomy. It is a specialized assassination team, designed to go after VIPs in the military, economic and political circles.
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Awards of Greater Prussia

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Official Message from Alexander Kirillovich Kazansky, Emperor of Greater Prussia, President of Allanea, King of Reichskamphen, Emperor of the Thousand States, Liberator of Torontonias, Archduke of Free Dragkon, Count of Centreville, General-Secretary of the Confederacy of Sovereign States, and President of the CAPINTERN

Hearken, people of Libertarian Governance.

Hearken, people of the world.

This is the Emperor of Greater Prussia.

I am pleased with this development, and I am pleased with the contribution of the nation of Libertarian Governance to the cause of sapient liberty world-wide. It is of great credit to that nation that literally millions of slaves could be freed without a shot fired, at the single unfortunate cost that no slaver was killed. Because of this, I hereby award to Libertarian Governance the status of an Aquilar Realm of the Greater Prussian. And those of them who so choose to join the Prussian military or the institutions of the Empire shall be among my favorite subjects.

And furthermore, given the need of the nation's new citizens for additional land, and by the power invested in me as the Emperor of Greater Prussia, I hereby transfer to Libertarian Governance a slice of territory in the region of Azdun, to be used as they see fit. My faithful servants in the Greater Prussian government are even now drawing up the precise borders.

Further, I extend a hand of friendship to the nation of Apachahawk. Should they wish to become part of our alliance, they are now welcome to.

That is all.

May God Bless Libertarian Governance.

May God Bless the Empire.

And May God continue to Bless Allanea.


Official Message from Alexander Kirillovich Kazansky, Emperor of Greater Prussia, President of Allanea, King of Reichskamphen, Emperor of the Thousand States, Archduke of Dragkon, Liberator of Torontonias, Count of Centreville, General-Secretary of the Confederacy of Sovereign States, and President of the CAPINTERN

Greetings, warriors of Libertarian Governance.

This is the Emperor speaking.

For many years, your nation has been a valued member of the Greater Prussian Empire. We had respected your warrior spirit and your love of liberty. Even as the Libertarians have been condemned by others, for their aggressive approach to world issues, the Imperial Crown had always trusted in you, knowing that you were capable of judging the appropriateness of your actions better than the diplomats of the 'world community', who value 'peace' and 'negotiations' over the freedom of billions of people.

And yet the Libertarian Governance has shown itself to be a peace-loving nation. Behold: they have negotiated and reached a peace deal with the people of Underium – and the people of Underium remain at peace. The wails of their women do not rise to the skies, their cities are not ablaze. Even their slaver officials, who are at fault in all this, have not been put to the sword. Truly, the Emperor's allies are merciful.

The Emperor of Greater Prussia hereby institutes the Imperial Order of Wilberforce, to be issued for great efforts and successes in the field of slave liberation. The first Order of Wilberforce, First Class, shall, by my Imperial Will, will be issued to Robert Willhelm Stratton, President of the United Realm, Prince Imperial of Greater Prussia and Chief Executive of The Free Republic of Libertarian Governance. The Emperor hopes that this award does not encourage Prince Stratton to rest on his laurels, but to free more slaves and kill more slavers.
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Stand up, it's time to rise. It's time for revenge, opposition must die
Chaos, violence, revolution now! - GG Allin

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Stand up, it's time to rise. It's time for revenge, opposition must die
Chaos, violence, revolution now! - GG Allin

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Stand up, it's time to rise. It's time for revenge, opposition must die
Chaos, violence, revolution now! - GG Allin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Libertarian Governance » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:48 pm

Q: How can Libertarian Governance have such a large military?

A: Libertarian Governance (population: 1,070,000,000) is roughly three times the size of the United States with a GDP ($48,166,557,556,853.64) roughly three times the size of Americas and a defense budget ($2,938,659,657,504.48) over four times that of America. Therefore, we essentially took the amounts of American military equipment from this page: ... med_Forces

Then we multiplied by four. Some equipment is less then four times the American numbers while other is slightly higher this is due to our equipment types and doctrine.

Q: How can you have weapons that do that?

A: LG Defense Systems Inc., weaponry are based on real world designs and capabilities. We further constantly tweak the systems to improve the designs taking into account input by other players and designers. Our products are often reviewed at the high tech forums of V-10. Our weapons could be built today and used by militaries today.

As for doing what they do look at the world. Our military is likely to fight at a numerical disadvantage all the time so it developed weaponry to kill lots of enemy soldiers and equipment all of the time.

Q: How can you realistically have a budget like that?

A: Because we aren't a communistic state. Libertarian Governance is a Libertarian/Anarchist nation. Our government is very limited in what people believe it should do. Therefore, it funds the things that a government ought to fund like defense while providing no funding to areas like welfare that government has no business being involved in.

Q: Do you only role play with MT nations

A: No. If what you are doing makes sense to me according to the explanation you give me when I ask where do those dragons come from? I have no problem with your role play. I have a problem with players calling non-sense casualties, telling me what my weaponry can do because they can't stand to get beat, retconning, bitching, whining and moaning. Examples of such countries include the anglo saxon empire.

If we are having fun and its a decent role play I am cool with it. Be advised though, if you go all PMT on me we may pull experimental systems off the shelf.

Q: Aren't you breaking international law?

A: There is no international law in this here. We abide by regional law and we do recognize some WA resolutions though we aren't a member of the WA. International law is he who has the biggest gun makes the rules. Understand too that the biggest gun doesn't always equal the largest country. There are issues that we will nuke you out of existence for. Irregardless of what you claim my weapons will get you.

Q: Are you violating national sovereignty?

A: Universal jurisdiction allows states to prosecute people for crimes that they consider so bad as to nullify any attempt at hiding across someone's border. Libertarian Governance exercises universal jurisdiction regarding crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, slavery and genocide.

Q: Are there nations you don't rp with?

A: Yes, people who are known for poor sportsmanship, poor role play, constant themes in their role plays involving ethnic cleansing, slavery and genocide (but who refuse to allow invasion to stop that), known to retcon when things go against them, or who are just people we dislike.

The following countries are forbidden from rps involving my nation and their actions will be uniformly ignored:

Angle Saxon Empire

Q: What is your stance on use of weapons of mass destruction?

A: Libertarian Governance operates on a policy of mutually assured destruction. Libertarian Governance will retaliate with nuclear, chemical and or biological weapons for any attack by a weapon of mass destruction. There exist some evidence that Libertarian Governance will use WMDs in a first strike. Libertarian Governance has openly stated that it could retaliate with nuclear weapons under several conditions, including for attacking overwhelming troop superiority and should its own strategic assets be targeted.

Q: What is the Libertarian Governance stance on War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity?

A: The Libertarian Governance Defense Forces have policies against engaging in crimes and are prosecutable under the Crimes Against Humanity Acts. LGDF forces will accept surrendering troops, provide food, water and medical care. Civilian casualties happen due to doctrine since an underlying principle is putting as much firepower as possible on target. Civilians are acceptable targets. The considerable paramilitary forces in Libertarian Governance often have an opposing view. Specifically, paramilitary units belonging to Libertarian Governance intelligence agencies are exempted from domestic laws regarding war crimes or crimes against humanity by the Libertarian Governance constitution.

Q: What is the Crimes Against Humanity Acts?
Crimes Against Humanity Acts

Crimes Against Humanity are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more sentient beings. They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government, business entity or of any other de facto authority. Said crimes shall include slavery; murder; extermination; torture; rape; sexual assault on persons under the age of 12; political, racial, or religious persecution where they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.

Human, Persons, People - For each of these words the term applies to sentient beings whether human or non-human.

Slavery - A system in which sentient beings are held against their will and forced to work or perform other duties while being deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation.

Material Support - The act of giving the slightest financial, military, physical or political assistance to any person, organization or nation engaged in the practices of any crime against humanity.

Trafficking - The act of moving an individual, either within a nation, across borders, through international waters or airspace, for the purposes of delivering that individual to a person, organization or nation that will commit a crime against humanity against said person.

1. Crime Against Humanity are any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
(a) Murder;
(b) Extermination;
(c) Enslavement;
(d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
(e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental individual inherent rights and or of due process;
(f) Torture;
(g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
(h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender to include persons defining themselves as gay, lesbian or homosexual, or other grounds;
(i) Sexual assault of any person under the age of 12;
(j) The crime of apartheid;
(k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.

2. Libertarian Governance courts shall have jurisdiction over any and all crimes against humanity committed anywhere in the world regardless of whether said crimes were committed outside the boundaries of Libertarian Governance, regardless of nationality of the accused or victims, regardless of the country of residence of the victims or accused, regardless of any other relation with Libertarian Governance.
(a) Crimes against humanity shall be considered a crime against all sentient beings.
(b) Libertarian Governance law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies are explicitly authorized to act to stop crimes against humanity anywhere in the world and to further kill, seize or prosecute perpetrators of such crimes.
(c) Libertarian Governance law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies are explicitly authorized to seize or destroy property used in the commission of or furtherance of crimes against humanity anywhere in the world.

3. Any person, organization, or other entity who provides material support to any any person, organization or nation engaged in the practices of any crime against humanity shall themselves be guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime against humanity.

4. Any person, organization, or other entity who provides for the transport of persons that are the victim of any crime against humanity specified herein shall be guilty of trafficking the victims of a crime against humanity.

5. Enslaved persons may only be found guilty under this law as stated in accordance with the rulings made in Libertarian Governance v Charles Ling.
(a) Persons who have not reached the age of majority in their home countries may claim the protections provided enslaved persons under Libertarian Governance v Charles Ling as it is recognized by Libertarian Governance that such people are in fact treated as slaves and as such are often not acting on their own free will.

5. Punishment for any conviction under this law shall be death by hanging.
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Stand up, it's time to rise. It's time for revenge, opposition must die
Chaos, violence, revolution now! - GG Allin

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Postby The Montiarian Empire » Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:16 pm

Impressive, nice work. :)
The United Montiarian Galactic Empire (FT)

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