.::The List of National Capitals::.

A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. [In character]


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Civil Servant
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Postby Juzade » Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:17 pm

Juzade -- Beishang

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Eol Sha
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Postby Eol Sha » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:18 pm

Eol Sha -- Jisia
You'd better believe I'm a bitter Bernie Sanders supporter. The Dems fucked up and fucked up hard. Hopefully they'll learn that neoliberalism and maintaining the status quo isn't the way to win this election or any other one. I doubt they will, though.

"What's the number one method of achieving civil rights in America? Don't scare the white folks." ~ Eol Sha

Praise be to C-SPAN - Democrats Should Listen to Sanders - How I Voted on November 8, 2016 - Trump's Foreign Policy: Do Stupid Shit - Trump's Clock is Ticking

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Soviet Tankistan
Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Soviet Tankistan » Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:21 pm

Soviet Tankistan -- Stalingrad
☭Welcome to Soviet Tankistan!☭
In Soviet Tankistan, everyone is considered a worker if they contribute. Fascists and terrorists are not welcome.

Humanity, Socialism, Order Political Compass: 8 left and 1 upwards.

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The Glass Oasis
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Democratic Socialists

Postby The Glass Oasis » Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:33 pm

The Glass Oasis (the Glass Oasis) -- Glæzi
A nation in the northwest Glass Desert of Rængo, 1k ly from Earth. So far basically the only Slime Rancher theme nation!
Redoing sig, probably.
Im not gonna be very active on here for a little while, but don’t worry im ok
Year: 2570 Name: Federation of the Glass Oasis, (the) Glass Oasis
1 NB = 50 NC(newcents) = .36 NS dollars
If statedn't in factbooks or forums, imagine, and/or go by SR things,or not,I don't care. NSstats loosely followed.
Adjustable PMT?-FT-FFT? + FanT mix. Kinda just SR tech.

I have Scratch!
shame I’m sometimes making accidentally wrong choices but oh well, JUST LIKE REALITY!Ha,ha,hah..ha

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Benevolent Dictatorship

Postby Northrop-Grumman » Sat Aug 24, 2019 5:41 am


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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Nunavutialand » Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:32 pm

Nunavutialand -- Salalah

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Political Columnist
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Postby Lirsene » Sat Aug 31, 2019 7:21 am

Lirsene -- St. Marysburg
Visellia Holden
The President of the Matriarchal Polity of Lirsene

My nation is not meant to represent my personal political beliefs or ideologies.

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Political Columnist
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Postby Ayatheera » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:47 am

Ayatheera -- Kria
Last edited by Ayatheera on Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:48 am, edited 1 time in total.

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Left-wing Utopia

Postby Cronica » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:50 pm

Cronica -- Königspunkt
    ------ Großherzogtum Kronika | The Grand Duchy of Cronica
    Die Großherzogin und das volk über alles

      FactbookNews | Member of the CFME | Other nations └ ValehartElvectica (Main Nation) └ Freilibre (Retired)
      Guten tag! I'm currently learning German and this nation helps me learn more and more, as well as stay interested in the language and culture, so please excuse some minor grammar mistakes every now and then. This nation RPs in PT, but mainly MT.
      Basically a small Oceania/Asian nation comparable to Qatar or Singapore- but an ex-German colony. ~5.6 million citizens. Strong tourist, shipping, and finance industry. Monarch still has ties with German royalty. Citizens prefer to be called Kronikier.

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Postby Rhirewen » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:54 pm

Rhirewen -- Dracwynne

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The Blackcat Isles
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Postby The Blackcat Isles » Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:56 pm

The Blackcat Isles -- Felisport
Last edited by The Blackcat Isles on Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:02 pm, edited 2 times in total.

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New York Times Democracy

Postby Slavokstan » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:30 am

Slavokstan -- Jarilograd
Last edited by Slavokstan on Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:45 am, edited 2 times in total.
The Federal Republic of Slavokstan

A large, fictional Slavic nation situated in Europe.

Our Leader: President Pyotr Zuykov | Our Capital: Jarilograd | Government type: Federal presidential constitutional republic | Technology level: Modern Tech | Civilization index: 16

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New Day
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Father Knows Best State

Postby New Day » Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:04 am

New Day - Unicorn Central

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Sao Nova Europa
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New York Times Democracy

Postby Sao Nova Europa » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:18 am

Sao Nova Europa - Brussels

"I’ve just bitten a snake. Never mind me, I’ve got business to look after."
- Guo Jing ‘The Brave Archer’.

“In war, to keep the upper hand, you have to think two or three moves ahead of the enemy.”
- Char Aznable

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
- Sun Tzu

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Postby Cappuccina » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:21 am

Cappuccina - Prodezpol
Muslim, Female, Trans, Not white..... oppression points x4!!!!
"Latinx" isn't a real word. :^)
Automobile & Music fan!!! ^_^
Also, an everything 1980s fan!!!
Left/Right: -5.25
SocLib/Auth: 2.46

Apparently, I'm an INFP

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The Vexian Union
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Postby The Vexian Union » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:23 am

Vexia - Kranzen

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Greater Seludong
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Postby Greater Seludong » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:25 am

Filipinas – Manila
Republikang Federal ng Filipinas
Maka-Diyos, Makakalikasan, Makatao, Makabansa
ᜋᜃᜇᜒᜌᜓᜐ᜔᜵ ᜋᜃᜆᜂ᜵ ᜋᜃᜃᜎᜒᜃᜐᜈ᜔᜵ ᜀᜆ᜔ ᜋᜃᜊᜈ᜔ᜐ᜶

A MT federal republic in OTL Philippines, Sabah and Micronesia. Formed by the 1823 Revolution, now a progressive regional power.

 THE MAYNILA TIMES: COVID-19 Bulletin: Infected 12,891 Recovered 9,823 Deceased 287 | Science ministry: Covid vaccine near completion | 8901 people arrested for violating quarantine since March | 1-year old baby recovers from Covid | Pres. Poe: Sugbo is new COVID epicenter | Filipinas to send support to ASEAN, India | Chinese caught not wearing mask, splashes soya to policeman
 SPECIAL NOTES: a Tier 6, Type 5 civ., according to this index. | This nation does not use NS stats.

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United America
Civil Servant
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Democratic Socialists

Postby United America » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:10 am

United America – Lincolnton
President of United America
"Out of Many, One"
United America's Factbooks

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Post Czar
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Luziyca » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:42 am

Rwizikuru - Guta raMambo
|||The Kingdom of Rwizikuru|||
[13:38] Vnik [Hardhiara] Luz is obviously the worst scout Kylaris has
IIwikiFacebookTwitterKylaris: the best region for five years runningAbout meYouTubePolitical compass

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Civil Servant
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Postby Illiros » Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:50 pm

Illiros -- Orlene
Last edited by Illiros on Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:57 pm, edited 2 times in total.
The Aristocratic Republic of Illiros
"Await the dawn, trusting in God"

Please be aware that this nation is played in a way which is not meant to be reflective of my own personal beliefs or political convictions. While some things may align, most will be borne out of me wishing to role-play this nation in a specific way.

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Postby Jerbasa » Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:24 am

Jerbasa -- Barsalia
Pro: capitalism, democracy, liberalism, multiculturalism, secularism, LGBT+ rights, globalism
Meh: libertarianism
Anti: communism, socialism, fascism, authoritarianism, theocracy, discrimination

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Postby Vaukiai » Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:48 pm

Vaukiai - Taivuné
Vaukiū Teokratiné Valstībé

Male, 33, Lithuanian, Traditionalist Catholic.

Pros: Lithuania, Catholicism, traditionalism, conservatism, theocracy, clericalism, nationalism, agrarianism, rural world, protectionism, nativism, third position, patriarchy, white race, monoculturalism, authoritarianism, creationism, marriage, pro-life, state religion, conscription, death penalty, life imprisonment, military marches, folk music.

Cons: Paganism, judaism, atheism, freemasons, antichrist, liberalism, progressivism, anarchism, communism, capitalism, secularism, globalism, transhumanism, EU, NATO, UN, Israel, non-white races, multiculturalism, LGBT, feminism, drugs, abortion, divorce, veganism, pornography, suicide, anime, hip hop, reggaeton.

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-The Thai Republic-
Political Columnist
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Postby -The Thai Republic- » Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:26 pm

The Thai Republic -- Bangkok
Last edited by -The Thai Republic- on Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:27 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Geska » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:39 am

Geska -- Mulby

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Raikus » Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:10 am

Raikus -- Raikus
• The Principality of Raikus •



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