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McCullen Hegemony Factbook.

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(~(So I originally started The Imperial Commissar, didn't care for the name and I wanted to try a new direction, thus my new nation! I also have a boring job so it gives me time to write my nations info, enjoy... or not. Project is on-going more to be added at a later date.)~)

Table of Contents
A. Introduction
B. Information
1. Geography
2. Economy
3. History
4. Military
5. Government Structure and Political Structure
6. People and Population
7. Communications

A. Introduction

Welcome to the Hegemony's national information database.

In these pages you will find all the information about our lovely island. If your looking for work, a summer vacation or just to buy your first firearm, or possibly M203 grenade launcher welcome! If your looking for information that is not displayed here please feel free to contact the Ministry of Truth and have a wonderful day.

B. National Information

1. Geography

The McCullen Hegemony is located on an island that was once filled with lush forested regions. These regions have since been demolished to make way for their cities and large weapons factories. Few areas have been left unaffected for the aesthetic value. The average temperature is between 21-28c with a winter temperature averaging -5c.

2. Economy

The McCullen Hegemony's primary mode of income is based in its large weapons manufacturing facilities. The Military Armaments Research Syndicate (referred to as M.A.R.S) is the sole producer and supplier of the countries weapons and weapon systems and also sells to foreign countries, territories, militias, private armies and anyone who has the money for their expensive and battle proven weapons technology.

3. History

M.A.R.S grew from a simple weapons supplier during the English civil war into one of the largest weapon manufacturers in the world. With wars and militants running rampant through many countries in the world and governments in need of weapons and technology to combat these threats they turned to M.A.R.S Corporation. The company was more than pleased to supply these nations their weapons and were well compensated in the form of funds and even land to which new factories sprang up. What M.A.R.S failed to inform these nations were they had also supplied the arms for the militant groups they were battling, supplying both sides at a reasonable profit.

With the large amounts of wealth M.A.R.S hired their own private military, manly from ex-military, police and special forces personnel. They also secured a deal to supply the small nation of the Markus Dominion arms and vehicles for their struggling military in exchange for a medium sized island off the eastern coast.

With the deed for the land now in their possession M.A.R.S set their sights on their biggest goal, creating a completely independent nation where they could control everything. The first city created was to be their capital, Syndicate city and was their crowning achievement making several more powerful nations capitals look like slums in comparison. Once the first city was completed they began moving their employees, from across the globe they were relocated along with most of the corporations assets and put in place on the island.

With the populace, government structures, factories and a well funded over equipped army now in place MARS claimed the territory under the authority of the McCullen Hegemony.

Post Declaration

Many of the worlds nations relied on the weapons MARS supplied and did not dispute their claim while others did. Many MARS managed to pay off with money or arms but several prominent nations caused problems and demanded the corporations fall under one of the worlds governments claiming that no business, no matter the size, should be able to have the power of an independent nation.

The McCullen Hegemony is a disputed territory but because of their well equipped military and the reliance of many world governments on their weapons they have remained independent, for the time being.

4. Military

The territories military is small, but well funded and equipped. It originally started as a band of ex-military, police and special forces hired by MARS to safe guard their facilities but has grown into a full fledged armed forces. They have a large military training compound located in the capital of Syndicate city. They have two Army bases located on the east and west sides of the island, a naval station located to the North and an air force base with fighter and bomber squadrons located to the south.

5. Government and Political Structure

The Hegemony is an absolute monarchy, lead by the head of clan McCullen who is also the heir of the nations largest corporation, M.A.R.S. Cabinet ministers are hand picked by the Prime Minister and are all members of the M.A.R.S board of directors. The Cabinet is made of 7 ministries,


The nations current Prime Minister is James McCullen XXVII.
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