The Republic of The Imperial Commissar Factbook.

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The Republic of The Imperial Commissar Factbook.

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Table of Contents
1. Geography
2. Economy
3. History
4. Military
5. Government Structure and Political Structure
6. People and Population


The Republic of The Imperial Commissar is largely a hot and dry climate with the exception of the western most state of Illyian which is a damp forested region. Typical Commissariate temperatures can reach a high of about 38c and a low of 21c. Due to the high temperatures experienced the nation does not experience a winter cycle. The nation is largely surrounded by land except for the two western regions of Illyian and Oberon.

There are 5 city-states within the Imperial Commissar,

Illyian: A damp forested region that experiences rainfall most of the year located on the North-Western border, home to the nations naval base and fleet.

Arc-Royal: Located in the centre of the nation Arc-Royal is home to the Commissar's training academy and basic training centre and contains the nations Capital of Marian.

Umayyad: A dry hot region located to the North-East where average temperatures reach a high of 38c. Home to the nations agriculture development project, turning much of the unused land into farms to increase their sustainability.

Oberon: Located to the South-East, Oberon, is home to many of the Imperial Patrician families. There are many artificially constructed parks and lakes to increase the districts aesthetic appeal.

Neuva: Located South-West, Oberon, contains the largest portion of middle to lower class Plebeian families and also houses the prisons and slave pens.



The Republic of The Imperial Commissar started as five minor colonies within the Federated Markus Combine. Due to their size they were often neglected in political circles and their needs often went ignored while the larger more influential colonies received the most support. In 2000 the colonies of Arc Royal, Oberon, Umayyad, Illyrian and Neuva formerly separated from the Federated Markus Combine and signed a unified Defence treaty, officially forming the Republic of The Imperial Commissar and starting the Imperial Independence War of 2000.

The War lasted for only 5 months, the Markus Combine had a small and inept military that relied on neighboring nations for protection but were unwilling to devote their forces to what they considered a civil war, and on Oct 21st 2000 the Republic of The Imperial Commissar was officially recognized as a separate nation.

Rule of Markus Stone

The former Governor of Arch Royal Markus Stone was instituted as the Governments first Imperator. His first order of business was to secure the border of the new nation and adopted a closed border approach to diplomacy, cutting the Republic off from the International community. This caused many issues over the next year, the states had limited farmland and couldn't produce enough food to sustain themselves and this lead to the food shortage of 2001. With supplies running low the borders were once again opened but only for trade with a select few nations. For a while the issues seemed to slow but other problems soon took their place, because so many had gone without food people resorted to looting which lead to violent attacks and caused the Imperator to enact article 17.

Article 17

The military had shrunk after the war and because non-nationals were not permitted to enlist Article 17 was passed requiring anyone over the age of 14 to receive military training and serve in some manor (Medical, Logistics, Supply...etc).

In August of 2002 during a parade promoting the restored military an unknown assailant shot and killed the Imperator while he was taking the podium. An Investigation was launched but no charges were laid, some speculate it was a government organized assassination plot.

The rule of the son

After the shooting death of Markus Stone, his son, Adam Stone took control of the nation. This era again saw the expanded might of the military. The biggest and most noteworthy article enacted during Imperator Adam Stone's reign was Article 32 which allowed foreigners after living in the nation for a period of 5 years and received endorsement from a Patrician family permission to join the military.

In December of 2005 Imperator Stone feel ill, Doctors examined him but were unable to find the source concluding it was a genetic abnormality in his heart. The Imperator died a week later and during his autopsy Doctors found an unknown substance that had coagulated near his heart leading them to change the cause of death from natural to poisoning.

After the death of Imperator Stone everyone who worked close to him were examined for a possible connection to his death. One of his former aids were brought in for questioning by the Imperial Security Corps but no formal charges were ever filed and he was never heard from again.

Rule of Imperator Jonathan Damian

Late in December Jonathan Damian was voted into the Imperator's office by the senate. His first order of business was article 43 that called for the immediate end to required military service and allowed anyone who wished to leave the service the ability to, this of course did not fair well with the higher echelon of the military and he was heavily criticized.

His reign would be short lived, on January 7th 2006 he was killed in his home during a military coup lead by General Joseph Steiner and a small contingent of his Legionnaires.

Damian died with no heir.

Rule of Steiner

The Senate were in agreement, Joseph Steiner was to take the Imperator title and on January 14th 2006 he was officially voted into office and after only 1 hour had article 44 issued returning mandatory military service to the nation.

This era has seen the largest increase in military spending to date, increasing the budget by almost 20% and continues to be on the rise.

The current leader of the nation is Imperator Joseph Steiner who currently has 1 heir, Dominic Steiner.

Leaders of the Imperial Commissar:

'00-'02 - Imperator Markus Stone (Assassinated)
'02-'05 - Imperator Adam Stone (Heart failure, later ruled as poisoning)
'05-'06 - Imperator Jonathan Damian (Killed in Military Coup)
'06-Present Imperator Joseph Steiner (Currently serving)


The Imperial Legion is the largest organization within the nations borders, and are responsible for the welfare of the nation and its citizens. Within the Legion is the Army, Navy, Air Force, Commissariate Commando's and the Commissar Police Commission (CPC).

Everyone above the age of 14 is required to serve in the armed forces and as such are fully trained in an assigned trade determined by the Commissariate Skills and Aptitude test administered on their 14 birthday. Military service is required for a period of 5 years after which citizens are moved to the primary reserve force and required to serve 1 week a month until their 65th birthday.


The Imperial Army makes up the largest number of the military. The Army is comprised of the Combat Arms trades of Infantry, Engineers, Artillery and Armoured soldiers among others.

Primary Equipment:

Air Force

Second largest military organization is the Air Force. The Air Force's primary objective is Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare and Communications in support of battlefield units but also has a sizable fighter and bomber squadron.

Primary Equipment:


The Navy comprises the smallest portion of the Armed Forces. The nation's only water way is connected to the state of Illyian and because of this all Naval Force and personnel are stationed at the Republic Naval base Liberation on the western coast.


Commissar Police Commission:

The Police force are not considered a part of the formal military and are the only organization outside of it that is permitted to carry weapons and perform security and police related duties within the lands border. Their primary function is protecting the nations people and property from harm and are tasked with criminal investigation and apprehension.

The Ordo Vigilis is an organization that appeared after the death of Imperator Markus Stone. The group is shrouded in secrecy and operates with its own guidelines, outside of law. It is the head of the Imperators security detail and only specially selected and devote individuals are initiated into the organization.

The organizations selection process is so rigorous the attrition rate is over 90% with several training related deaths a year considered a "norm".

Since the organizations inception in 2002 there are reportedly as few as 50 members.


Miles - All members are given this rank upon enlisting.
Miles Gregarius - Enlisted personnel who demonsrtate leadership potential are promoted to Miles Gregarius and are often placed in charge of a work group.
Immunes - The military's specialist rank, surgeons, engineers, craftsmen etc.


Non-Military positions:


The nation is comprised of three classes, the Patricians, Plebeians and Slaves.

The Patricians : They are the nations nobility, they make up the military's upper command structure and only they are allowed to serve as a member of the senate.

The Plebeians: They are the middle and lower class citizens and have little political power. They rarely progress into higher form military positions, forming the base of the nations forces.

The Slaves: The Hegemony openly supports slavery. Its slaves are made entirely of convicted criminals and prisoners of war.

The government is an absolute monarchy ruled by an Imperator. There is also a senate made up of Patricians from the various districts within the 5 city-states. The senators are elected though only the districts Patricians class families are eligible to vote.
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Illyrian Current Party Holding Power not listed. (experiencing coup?)

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6. People and Population

Total population:

Average Life expectancy by gender:
Male: 64
Female: 68

Average Life expectancy by Class:
Patricians: 84
Plebeians 58
Slaves: 49

Population growth rate:


United Commissarian Church of Atheism - 98.7%
Other: 1.3

The government is officially atheist and has created the national church as a way of combating the belief in a higher deity instead teaching its citizens to believe in the power of the Imperator.
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National Flag


The white background represents the nations relative neutrality in world affairs, the laurels represent the nations Roman inspired government structure and the fist symbolizes the strong unified military power.
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