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1 Academy Way, Disciplina District, City of Vulpes, Imperialis Provinciae, Imperium of Kauvara
Est. 1342, ReFnd. 1861
The sculptor of Ultima Vulpae's Warriors

The SGO academic/administrative building, Marcus Kazden Memorial Hall


The Collegium Bellatorius saw its beginnings as a training academy for Centurions and other officers in the original Vulpesian Legions. Established in 1342 as simply "Academia Vulpae," it was the source for some of the greatest military minds of the second millennium. While it was certainly not the first college to be created for such a purpose in the city-states of what would become Kauvara, it continues to be one that endures throughout the years. The officers from the Academia Vulpae were some of the foremost in military strategy and prowess, delivering victory after victory for the city-state of Vulpes. In 1861, after the city-states of Danik and Bonsa joined under the banner of Vulpes, it was decided that the Academia Vulpae would open up to non-Vulpesians, and it was renamed the "Collegium Bellatorius." Finally, in 1997, the city-states were united by Vulpes under Gaius Kauvus and Aleksandr Or'yan, and the nation of Kauvara was born. The Collegium Bellatorius threw open its doors, seeing young minds coming together to learn, instead of being cultivated against each other. When 2004 came, it was decided that the university would expand further, and foreign students were permitted entry, so long as they did one term of civil service for the Imperial Kauvaran Armed Forces (IKAF). Prizyetsi students were some of the first to experience this, many going into the School of Seaborne Studies, contributing heavily to the Imperial Kauvaran Navy (IKN).

The Collegium Bellatorius continues to be the premier center for martial education in Kauvara, on the continent of Alania, and debatably the world of the Darklands as a whole. The Imperium of Kauvara is known for its high education standards, as well as its superior funding and focus by a factor of 2.32x and 3-5% in the Darklands, respectively. Taking these into account and putting them to good use, the Colleguim Bellatorius is the place to send any student wishing to both learn about the world, give back to their countries, and gain new insights about themselves.


Room and board:
Student housing varies widely by the School they are in. However, what is guaranteed is that they will likely be placed with anywhere between two and nine other students in a barracks or dormitory. Sharing such personal space is a requirement in any armed forces, and the students must become accustomed to it. Such arrangements are necessary, and help the cadets grow and bond as units. However, these rooms will only be ocuppied for about half of the time that the cadet is enrolled; the other half will be spent in the field undergoing hands-on training. Due to housing being a part of their education, rooming is factored into the tuition costs. Meals are also provided in mess hall-style surroundings in one of several dining halls around the campus. The meals themselves are included in the cost of the tuition, and are offered three times per day at appointed time slots that the students choose for themselves, given space and availability.

The Collegium Bellatorius is somewhat unique in terms of how it maintains its funding. While the majority comes from the Departments of Education and Defense, as well as generous donations from global gifters, there is a different slant. Once a student graduates, they are given a choice of how long they wish to serve in the branch that their School prepared them for. If they choose one full term of service (five years), then the cost of the school amounts to nothing, and they graduate with no Kauvaran terises being owed. However, for each year they remove, 25,000NSD are added to their bill. Some students choose to remove the service entirely, and go on to a career in the private sector that the Collegium Bellatorius prepared them for; these students often earn enough money in their initial year to pay back the college. In short, it amounts to the student's choice, and there is no wrong one.

The Collegium Bellatorius is an academy of war. While the loss of life is a tragedy that must be avoided, there is a chance that a student may become a casualty for any number of reasons, especially during in-field work. Th SDS, for example, often goes in-field to hunt and take down the dangerous beasts of Kauvara. While instructors try their best to ensure safety, sometimes loss of life does occur. Currently, however, the mortality rate for students is <1%.


Code: Select all
[box][b][u]APPLICATION FORM AUGUSTUS-8492[/b][/u]
[b]Current address:[/b]
[b]Prior school(s) (list as GPA, degree, name, city, and nation; ex. "4.0, Leadership Studies MA, Collegium Bellatorius, Vulpes, Imperium of Kauvara"):[/b]
[b]Have you had any contact with Kauvara in the past? (Y/N):[/b]
[b]If yes, what? (for orientation purposes upon arrival)[/b]

[b]Reason for attending (one paragraph will suffice):[/b]

[b]Further comments:[/b]

[i][b]"Keep your mind ever-open; Ultima Vulpae shines not on the shadowed"[/b][/i][/box]

School of General/Basic Education (SGBE) (required for all students classified as “Anno Primaris”):

Minimum score required from Anno Primaris: not applicable
Dean: Lieutenant General Felix Erudio
Description: The SGBE is where students will spend their first year as Anno Primarii, learning the basics of being an officer in the Imperial Kauvaran Armed Forces (IKAF). They will learn what makes a Kauvaran officer the best of the best in the world, but also learn how to keep a humane touch in their actions in all situations with one of the best ethics courses in the world. Not only that, but they will learn the multiple types of physics (nuclear, thermodynamic, etc.) required to maintenance any vehicle in the IKAF. Beyond that, they will learn staples such as how psychology can effect their troops, the international protocols and processes that come with representing Kauvaran interests abroad, and coordinating with other IKAF branches and the orbital systems that give Kauvara its edge. At the end of the first year, cadets take the Aptitudinem Temptamen, and that score will determine which School(s) they have the option of choosing based on their score, where they then become Anno Secundii.
-Military doctrine
-Leadership studies
-Psychology of warfare
-International relations and political science
-Orbital coordination systems
-Inter-branch operations and cooperation
-Not applicable (all cadets must complete this year; second school chosen after student is classified [i]”Anno Secundus”)

School of Ground Operations (SGO) (Generally leads to IKGF posting; “Sky Soldiers”):

Minimum score required from Anno Primaris: 55/100
Dean: Major General Huang Xi
Description: The SGO is seen by many as where the “screw ups” go, for it has the lowest Aptitudinem Temptamen score requirement. In a way, that is half true. However, what is guaranteed, is that once Huang Xi is done with you, you will be the model of total efficiency and command ability. Cadets initially learn the day-to-day operations that their commands will entail, such as maintenance of their platoon’s transport, the logistics of running a unit, and utilizing tactics that combine infantry with other armored aspects. Next, they will be placed in Command Tactics and Operations I. If they excel, cadets will be moved up to II. In rare cases, they may even make it into the Honors program, where graduation as a Major is guaranteed. Finally, once they have their graduating rank locked down, they will learn what role that rank and the troops is commands will have in coordination with the Skyfleet and their ability to deploy anywhere on the globe within 24 hours.
Combat exercises
with full-gear in
real time factor
heavily into a student's
-Mechanical engineering (ground vehicles)
-Ground logistics
-Combined arms operations
-Command tactics and operations I (platoon-level)
-Command tactics and operations II (company-level)
-Command tactics and operations Honors (battalion-level+)
-Ground Forces cooperation with the Skyfleet
-Global deployment procedures
-Captain Matthias Gavenson, Hero of Kauvara
-First Lieutenant Ryu Hakasho, famed scout and infiltrator of the 13th Light Infantry
-General Marcus Kazden, former-commander of the IV Legion (KIA Aldard)
-Major General Huang Xi, the Chinese-born head of the SGO (prior education received at the Imperial Academy of Wangzhong, China)
-First Lieutenant Julius Kydno, leader of the Cell which halted the Kommandoria-Lolzieristan War

School of Seaborne Studies (SSS) (Generally leads to IKN posting; “Wave Riders”):

Minimum score required from [i]Anno Primaris: 70/100
Dean: Admiral Arnbjørn Skovaldsen
Description: Many call the “Triple S” a pointless school. In a nation where bigger ships and carriers roam the skies, what point does a blue-water navy have? Admiral Skovaldsen spares no expense in reminding students why they are necessary, both for national/natural defense, and for force projection/inter-branch coordination. Initially, cadets will learn the basics of seamanship, with navigation and tidal charts being driven into their heads. Next come the concepts of the logistics of being an officer in the Imperial Kauvaran Navy (IKN), as well as the general mechanics of maintaining a boat, and recognizing silhouettes of other vessels. Once the cadets pass the basics, they move forward to what it takes to coordinate sailors at sea, at the duty group, ship, and even squadron level (if the cadet does well enough in I and II). A cadet will graduate with a rank based on that they manage to achieve in I, II, or Honors.
One of
many training
vessels in 3S
-Aquatic navigation
-Tidal charts
-Naval logistics
-General mechanics (naval systems)
-Fleet coordination I (DutyCom-level)
-Fleet coordination II (ShipCom-level)
-Fleet coordination Honors (SqdrnCom-level)
-Admiral Cadus Vorens, commander of the Second Imperial Fleet
-Vice-admiral Duro Septimius, the “Savior of Sadria”
-Commander Titus Marcellus, hero of the Battle of the DeGama Strait
-Ensign Mascius Appo, Emperor’s Merit recipient (posthumous)
-Admiral Arnbjørn Skovaldsen, Prizyetsi-borne leader of the SSS
-First Lieutenant Sarah McGran, former leader of Naval Commando Group 1
-Captain Gustav Haraldsen, famed Prizyetsi naval officer

School of Domestic Security (SDS) (Generally leads to Guardian Regiment posting; “Shield Bearers”):

Minimum score required from [i]Anno Primaris: 80/100
Dean: Director-Tertius Atia Sitonia
Description: Director-Tertius Atia Sitonia is the youngest of the deans, and is often herself an attraction to join SDS in Anno Secundus. While most question why such a unit should draw from the Collegium Bellatorius, it quickly becomes clear when the caliber of officers is put forward to serve Kauvara’s cities. Some of the most supreme counter-terrorism scholars have come from this program, many of which can end insurgencies before a bullet is even fired. Beyond them are the famed ”Angelica Venatores,” or “Angelic Hunters,” some of the premier anti-beast soldiers in Kauvara, many of which have never been defeated in battle against the monsters that stalk Kauvara. What can be assured, however, is that the Guardian Regiment graduates from the SDS are some of the best soldiers in the IKAF.
Drctr-III Sitonia
-Emperor's Merit
-Wings of the Fox
-Crimson Star (3)
-Valedictorian SDS
-Public relations
-City bureaucracy
-Non-lethal force training
-Crowd control
-Kauvaran law
-Beast hunting techniques
-Kauvara’s bestiary
-Director-General Michael Raines, head of the IKGR
-Staff Sergeant Yelena Federova, the “Voyevoda of Vulpes”
-Second Lieutenant Richard Letkov, whose data averted war between Lolzieristan and Kommandoria
-Major Lucius Norvenus, former-Centurion of the original VGR and “Hero of the Fifth Barricade”
-Director-Tertius Atia Sitonia, dean of SDS

School of Air Mobility Command (SAMC) (Generally leads to Skyfleet or IKAC posting; “Fox’s Angels”):

Minimum score required from Anno Primaris: 85/100
Dean: Major General Cael Nimbus
Description: The SAMC is arguably the pride of the Collegium Bellatorius, similar to how the IKAC is the pride of Kauvara. The graduates of this program are often called ”Angeli Vulpae,” or the “Angels of the Fox.” Some even believe that the graduates have been blessed by Bellator Vulpae and Ultima Vulpae Themselves. What is true, however, is that these pilots are the ultimate embodiment of what Kauvara stands for. Speed. Efficiency. Grace. Power. Potential positions that an SAMC graduate may earn include flight lieutenant, airship commander, and more.
The college
operates a small
Skyfleet flotilla
for training
-History of the Skyborne
-Kauvaran emphasis on aerial combat
-Flight training
-Aerial mechanics
-Airship combat
-Mass aerial operations
-5-star General James McCloud, head of the IKAC
-Lt. Colonel Donius Ajax, commander of the 8492nd Interceptor Squadron
-Colonel Marcus McCloud, commander of the 0001st Honor Squadron
-Lt. Colonel Paul Harris, advisor and second-in-command of the 0001st Honor Squadron
-Major Slipsonius Toddus, co-designer of the KF-12 and primary engineer of the 0001st Honor Squadron
-Colonel-Captain Adonius Wulff, captain of the IKGS [i]Aurastys
-Second Lieutenant Sydney Dunn, who personally extracted over two hundred people over her IKAC career

School of Extraterra Activities (SEA) (Generally leads to KAMC posting; “Star Foxes”):

Minimum score required from Anno Primaris: 90/100
Dean: Lieutenant Colonel Quintus Varro
Description: The newest of the schools in the Collegium Bellatorius, it was created after the completion of Project: ASCENSION at the explicit request of the Kauvaran commander of the operation, Colonel Jaag Richter, who became the first unofficial graduate of the program. Since then, the SEA has produced some of the most talented space-worthy soldiers outside of the Coalition, as well as some of the most brilliant astronomical military engineers the world has ever seen. Positions that a SEA diploma opens up are officership in the Kauvaran Astrum Marine Corps, a powerful position on an R&D team, or one of the few souls in an Orbital Assault Drop unit.
LtGen. J. Richter,
chief of KAMC,
often visits the
classes to give
-Astral navigation
-Orbital operational procedures
-Zero-gravity maneuvering
-Satellite maintenance and training
-Power armor maintenance and training
-Coalition Navy systems
-Orbital drop training
-Colonel Jaag Richter, creator and commander of the KAMC
-Tech Sergeant Haruka Yamashi, former commander of Beta Company (KAMC)
-Sergeant Major (graduated as Second Lieutenant, but was later demoted) Jayrus Tiberyon, first inductee into the KAMC

School of Joint Special Operations Command (SJSOC) (Generally leads to a rare permanent Special Forces posting, but must be selected from another School; “Shadowed Lights”):

Minimum score required from [i]Anno Primaris: not applicable; cadet is selected at any time based on merit
Dean: “Nihlus” (rank/title/name unknown)
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Den Akademyä Marini ä Sammle Federasjonä Prizyetsa i Vosonje
The Naval Academy of the United Federation of Prizyetsa at Vosonje

To: 1 Academy Way, Disciplina District, City of Vulpes, Imperialis Provinciae, Imperium of Kauvara
From: 34 Sjofårtveg, Havna Kvartær, Vosonje, Vos Province, United Federation of Prizyetsa

As you may be aware, the NAUFP is the leading institution for training in the skills and talents needed to operate a modern navy in the Darklands. As such, we are honored that you would continue the age old tradition of perfecting not only naval warfare, but man's passion towards the sea by offering your SSS course. We congratulate you in this effort.

Our reason for starting this correspondence with your fine collegium is to request a collaboration between our two academies. We would like to propose an agreement of sorts between us, or an exchange programme to be more precise, to aid in the training of select members of your SSS course. Naturally, these exchange students would have to follow both the Prizyetsi syllabus as well as the Prizyetsi military code of conduct while enlisted in the NAUFP, however this should not be a problem. The basic course followed at the Prizyetsi Naval Academy is split into four modules, which then expand outwards to more specialized modules. The following courses would be offered to exchange students in Prizyetsa:

-Naval Tactics: Theory
-Naval Tactics: History
-Naval Tactics: Practical (including virtual real time simulations)

-Weapon Systems Integration: Ship-level
-Weapon Systems Integration: Squadron-level
-Weapon Systems Integration: Fleet-level
-Weapon Systems Integration: Theatre-level (optional)

-Language: English Proficiency 1 (Speaking, Reading Writing)
-Language: English Proficiency 2 (Liturature)
-Language: English Proficiency 3 (Additional Language: Prizyetsi, Latin, Octavian, Russian)

-Basic Training: Level 1: Hand to Hand Defense
-Basic Training: Level 2: Weapon Proficiency
-Basic Training: Level 3: Squad Tactics

Courses may be dropped if the student in question has qualified with a class in the same subject which is up to the same standards as the courses offered at the Vosonje Academy.

The billiting and tuition of the students will be covered by the United Federation of Prizyetsa Navy, along with the Prizyetsi Ministry of Education and Public Services.

Please take your time thinking it over, we are in no particular hurry to close the deal, as we wish for both parties to be satisfied with the agreement.

Madam Admiral Elsengor Hjalland, Lady of Vosto

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