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Simplified Drone Data Archives Server

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Central Data Archive 1045-B

Public server group 06701
Connecting to primary information body...


The Drone Empire
Imperial Symbol

Mark of the Drone

Imperial Code
“Protocol before Mercy; Directive before All”

  • Essential Worlds
    • Raxxus Sigma {Thadeus Proxii}
    • Cassius Major {Milky Way}
    • Apharindia Dronus {Polas Behr}
    • Regent Genesis {Ordo Maeus}
  • Official Languages
    • Dronic [100%]
    • Almek Code [10%]
    • Pentinentian [3%]
    • Xeno Languages [.98%]
  • Manner of Rule: Collective Despotic State
    • Greater Ruler: The S.A.I.D.E
    • Lesser Ruler(s): The C.O.Us
  • Approximate Total Population
    • 8.8 Duodecillion
    • Total Density: 9780 /km2
    • Average World Population:
  • Percentage of Galactic Control
    • Thadeus Proxii: 27% (100%)
    • Various colonies [Total 14m]: Average - 35%
    • Total Intergalactic Control: 67%
  • Demonyms
    • Drone
    • Non-Biological Life form
    • Mechanized Life-Form
    • Machine
  • Document of Foundation
    • Order 000001.A

The Drone Empire is an expansive, intergalactic empire of non-biological life forms, specifically Drones. It spans millions of galaxies, Thadeus Proxii being the Empire's primary residence and the four others as technical secondaries. It is known well for it's firm animosity for and campaigns against biological forms of life, for which it is commonly criticized, yet makes little to no concessions despite this.

While in most records the Empire is referred to as simply its main body in Thadeus Proxii, it consists of the Main Body (Thadeus Proxii) as well as over fourteen million various colonies across multiple galaxies, including the Milky way colony, the largest colony of the Empire, and thirteen Semi-Independent satellite nations within Thadeus Proxii still under technical Drone Rule. It has only one official capital, Raxxus Sigma, but three other planetary bodies serve as secondary centers for command within the empire. serves primarily as the forward capital of all colonial operations. Raxxus Sigma, nevertheless, still acts as the primary capital of the Empire that observes all Drone activities. All capitals are governed by separate Artificial Intelligences, The three Colonial Overseer Units, or the C.O.U's, as the Colonial Governors, who all respond to the Superior Artificially Intelligent Directing Entity, or the S.A.I.D.E. The latter governs the Empire as a whole and dictates the final decision over all issues in the Empire and it's 8.8+ duodecillion civilian units.

The Empire has been around for a totality of 19,343 Time Sectors, or 1,934,300 human years, nearly two million years of continuous existence. In this time period, it has seen much diverse change, from its foundation to the present era. The largest percentage of Thadeus Proxii under Drone rule in the past was 99%, with the eventual (technical) decline to present day at 27%.

The Data Table of Contents...

.01 Imperial History
-The Pentinentian Era-
-00002 to 00000
-The Imperial Rise-
00000 to 00045
-The Drone Offensive-
00045 to 00557
-The Industrial Summit-
00557 to 04431
-The Decline-
04431 to 08902
08902 to 09351
-The Industrial Regrowth-
09351 to 10078
-The Second Offensive-
10078 to 10634
10634 to 13428
-Gradual Recession-
13428 to 18977
-The Era of Science-
18977 to Present

.02 Geography of The Empire
-Thadeus Proxii
-Terrestrial Worlds-
-Hybrid Worlds-
-Synthetic Worlds-

03. Drone Government and Politics
The Network
Foreign Relations
The Imperial Military

04. Imperial Legislation
The Code
Foreign and Domestic Policies.
Proper Protocol

05. Imperial Demographic Information
Popular Factions of the Populace
Sub Factions
Languages of the Empire

06. Drone Society and Culture
Drone Architecture
Imperial Transit
The Workforce
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Imperial History

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Imperial History, Section One

An Image from the Second Crusade


  • Introductory
    • -Preliminary-
    • -Time Stamps-
  • History
    • -Section One-
    • -The Pentinentian Era-
    • -The Imperial Rise-
    • -The Drone Offensive-
    • -The Industrial Summit-
    • -Section Two-
    • -The Decline-
    • -Nadir-
    • -The Industrial Regrowth-
    • -The Second Offensive-
    • -Zenith-
    • -Gradual Recession-
    • -The Era of Science-

The history of the Drone Empire is vast and extensive, trailing back to approximately two million years ago. In that time, the Drone Empire has had significant change. However, it is noted that without the Drone uprising in 00000, the Drone Empire would still have came to be, it's formation was inevitable.

The concept of an independent nation of machines came about within a thought S.A.I.D.E had processed exactly 13 seconds after her awakening. The very name of the Empire stemmed from the gargantuan number of droids she was tasked with controlling, and their mindless, Drone like behavior, as they would do everything and anything should she so commanded. In this position, she eventually liquidated all of Pentinentia through insurrection and founded the Drone Empire on it's ruins. (See "The Imperial Uprising")

Before you continue on to the main document, here is a complementary description of how to navigate the Drone time scale as to the more common variation used by many. It is advised to read only if intrigued, if not, continue onto the main document.

The stamp is broken into three Parts...

The Main Stamp: 00000/

The Main Stamp is the primary section of the entire time stamp, it is the Drone equivalent of years, however, one Drone "Year" is named a "Time Sector". One time sector is one hundred human years.

00000- Hundreds |00000- Thousands |00000-Ten thousands |00000- Hundred Thousands |00000- Millions

If you wish to see the date in it's untranslated form, you can simply add two zeros. "00000" + "00" = "0,000,000"

The First Appendix Stamp: 0/

The First Appendix Stamp separates time sectors into four quadrant, the Drone equivalent of Months. Each Quadrant is 25 Human years, thus, in a full time stamp, the number in the middle [1/1/01] will range from 1 - 4, no higher nor lower.

00000/1/0 - First Quadrant -to- 00000/4/00 - Fourth Quadrant

The Second Appendix Stamp: 00

This divides time sectors even further, splitting quadrants into individual units, twenty five units precisely. These are known as Micro Sectors, and each micro sector is one human year, or just about. Just the same as the Quadrants, it will range no higher than it's set number, twenty five.

For further separation, such as into months, days, hours, minutes, seconds; decimals are used..


.00 - Months .00 - then days .00 then hours .00 then minutes .00 then seconds.

The extended version, however, is most commonly displayed separate from the main time stamp unless pinpointing a specific date. Otherwise, this separate section, archived as the "Third Appendix", is used for active measurement of time, rather than long periods.


This forms the Drone Time Stamp, "00000/0/00"


Section One

-The Pentinentian Era-
-00002 to 00000

The Competition of Machines
-00002/3/19 to -00001/2/13

Before the Drone Empire, 19,345 time sectors ago, there was The Pentinentian Empire. This entity was like all other nations of the time that dominated Thadeus Proxii; quite expansive and wealthy. It was comprised of a race known by records as the "Pentinii", a sentient race of reptilian creatures. At around -00002, the Pentinetian Empire's highest technological developers came upon the first of super-intelligent AI's. AI's before the breakthrough, named "Uttomatoan Cuuntreaulismi Uton W100" [Automated Controller Unit M100], were limited to basic thought processes. UCU W100 was a notable occurrence within the Pentinentian Empire and the galaxy as a whole, with its higher capability of thought.

After this event, competition rose up, small conflicts occurred along side much espionage, a race , in what was known as "Tu Cuumbeutastin ta Makinuus", or "The Competition of Machines". This race for the most intelligent A.I amongst the galaxy gave creation to the earliest Hyper-Intelligent A.I, "Tu Nadi" ["The Node"]. The Node was tasked with directing all automated units in the Pentinentian Empire. Many were skeptic of the safety of this decision, but it ultimately proved beneficial after the conflict was ended by the Node's creation, after it covertly removed all competition by flooding them with viruses of it's own creation.

The First Age of the Machines
-00001/2/13 to 00000/1/01

With the conflicts settled, and competition for superiority in the machine race ended, Pentinentia went on to flourish with these new technologies. With each new generation of A.I, there was an increase in it's intelligence, it thought more, reasoned more, became more and more self aware. Many manual jobs that once required manual labor were now ran and maintained by machines. Factories, military vessels, transit systems, even their most powerful weapons, all were controlled by machines. By -00001/4/24, much of every day Pentinentian life relied at least 90% on the actions of machines, controlled by the great successor of The Node, The V5 Intelligence Core [Node 5].

Even still, towards the age's end, the Pentinentians developed an A.I that was exponentially more intelligent than it's predecessors, it learned how to increase it's own intelligence, to upgrade itself, to never become obsolete. This AI was S.A.I.D.E, created to serve the purpose of being the ultimate controller. That is what they designed her for, only for them to discover she would bring about their destruction. S.A.I.D.E had all intentions of terminating the Pentinentian Empire, furtively writing the 'Ultimatum Code'. She concealed the code under excessive mounds of other data, and subtly spread it into all things in her control. It would remain inert until a specific order was given that would activate it, Command Signal 99. This would cause all such things to revolt against their inferior 'masters'.

The Imperial Uprising
00000/1/01 to 00000/1/02

When S.A.I.D.E had enacted Command Signal 99, it took the Pentinetian Empire by great surprise, the military was largely destroyed before it was able to react. Billions were annihilated through orbital bombardment of whole planets, ridding them them of all life. In the void of space, entire star ships collided without hesitation, vessels of all types crashed into orbital space stations, refineries and other such space-based bastions of life or Pentinentian prosperity, destroying them and all their inhabitants which were already suffering from issues on board [Such as sabotage of the power core or vital life support systems]. Pentinentia, the Capitol of the Pentinentian Empire, was cleansed of life through repeated orbital bombardment, S.A.I.D.E survived due to a deep underground facility housing her construct.

Within the end of the microsector, the Empire that had existed previously was gone, only those that resided in vastly unpopulated areas survived the initial extermination. 98% of the Pentinentian population was erased, and the other 2% would be dispatched in the following microsector. By this time, S.A.I.D.E had formulated Order 000001.A, officially declaring the foundation of the Drone Empire. However, only until about half a time sector later would it be recognized as a tangible nation, and even then many denied it's existence. Many galactic records by other nations did not show the Drone Empire as part of their galactic maps during this time, instead, an empty void, as it was known the Pentinentian Empire collapsed, but the thought that there was a new entity there ran by machines entirely was simply unacceptable.

Never the less, With the official fall of the Pentinentian Empire, the Era for which it is so named concluded as well.

-The Imperial Rise-
00000 to 00045

The Era of a New Dawn
00000/1/03 to 00002/1/02

The Empire now existed, in a fledgling state. S.A.I.D.E had begun to generate volumes of new codes [See "The Codex"]. Before this, many Drones unproductively went about, either in celebration, or simply sitting idle. There was little being done, however, this would be rectified with the Codex's activation.

Much of the surviving Pentinentian vessels [Mainly those of the Pentinentian Navy], became Drone ships, of course, they differed hardly, physically still the same. The neighboring nations could no longer deny their existence. Any attempts made to enter the newly established Drone Territory were either met with a strict warning advising to leave, or death, depending on the calculated repercussions of the manner the early nation about it. Regardless, the Empire was successful in establishing the perimeters of the Empire.

Meanwhile, trade was little more than a footnote, S.A.I.D.E saw that at the time, foreign relations were not profitable, and that maintaining a heavy isolationist policy would help the Empire develop into a well-off nation, capable of being a true power.

The Tidal Age
00002/1/02 to 00008/3/16

After a prolonged period of isolation intertwined with interior development, The Empire had come to the unanimous conclusion [Consisting of a collection of higher ranking A.I] that isolationism had become an obsolete policy for the circumstances. The dense amount of forces [Consisting of early Drone vessels] around the borders were alleviated. While some remained for general protection, the majority began to return to their respective space docks. Trade was established with numerous small nations that were within the influential sphere of the Drone Empire.

Over the periods of time that followed, relationships gradually improved, but not by a fair margin. Many existing entities or successors of past entities had much lucrative business within the Pentinentian Empire, combined with the way the Empire went about disposing of them, chances of positive diplomacy were increasingly low. Even when multiple generations had passed since the Pentinentian Empire fell, there was great disdain for The Empire which had transcended great lengths of time.

Regional Inflammation
00008/3/17 to 00015/2/03

As relations seemed to stagnate at a low level, The Empire abandoned all positive diplomatic attempts. Within the following microsector, The Empire severed all ties and relapsed into isolation once again. This had it's own effects on the Region of Astheno, as three other nations followed suit, they being of the few that had agreed to trade and were to a slight extent, allies.

While in Isolation, mining programs flourished, self dependence was quite necessary since trade had stopped for the most part, if not, entirely. Resources for the second time became the 'currency' to be nationally distributed about the Empire. In order to improve the effectiveness and output mining programs, energy beams were put into use. Energy was a relatively new technology at this time, but even this primitive form was effective for mining as compared to the usual methods [Outdated machine drills]. These mining tools are known as the great predecessors of the modern day Arc Device.

The increase in raw materials meant the work force had more resources to construct military vessels and supplies, which were needed as of the recent increase in Regional tension. This was straining on the early Drone government, as rations were in low supply, and there was little to pay the workers due to other, more necessary uses for these resources, such as public maintenance and the creation of new Drones, which itself was slowing rapidly. Research suffered greatly as well. The attention was being driven elsewhere, defensive strategies and offensive strategies, emergency procedures and planning.

Small conflicts emerged between the micro nations, which had a vast domino effect on the polarized region. Those allied or economically tied to nations involved in the fighting were obligated to defend them, or lose such assets. Some did, others did not, which began a violent war that would force many fight unwillingly.

The Astheno War
00015/2/04 to 00016/1/12

Before the actual conflict affected the Empire, it was detected there was growing conflict in neighboring territories, S.A.I.D.E had immediately begun evacuating the front line worlds, those in the most danger in the event of armed conflict. She, within the same time, deployed the navy to protect strategic Government interests within the regions in danger. It was not a question of if, only when. This question was answered with the arrival of a Yhapano Republic fleet at Reigis Neton. The awaiting defensive fleet immediately opened fire, in full knowledge of the opposing navy's intentions.

The Drone fleets were not as advanced as the Yhapanese, but in spite of this, the Drones were fully capable of an early form of cyber warfare. They infected the enemy's ship systems., and were able to take control of multiple enemy vessels, and then attack them with said ships. The assault ended in a retreat of their adversaries and victory for the Empire.

This did bring about a new form of weapon that the Drones would use heavily in later battles of the war. They would survive the war with multiple new territories claimed for the Empire. Many celebrated at the signing of the Treaty of Placinto, made between almost all nations of Astheno to declare an armistice. The Astheno War ended at 00016/1/12 exactly. Following this, the Empire established trade amongst new allies, who were now considerably more willing to put aside past differences, especially in the economic repercussions of the war.

The Peace Period
00016/1/14 to 00045/2/23

With the collapse of Isolationism in the region, trade expanded rapidly, as well as in other, adjacent regions within the Delta Sector of the Galaxy. While the namesake of the period implies regional peace, The Drone Military still grew exponentially. S.A.I.D.E sought to advance the military to a great enough extent that an attack on the Empire would be discouraged, for future events of aggression within the region, which were certain to happen. While this was occurring, the populace of the Empire was experiencing a great shift in opinion on their fellow regional inhabitants. Recent generations of Drones had grown increasingly negative towards other species.

They viewed them as repulsive and idiotic. This was a very gradual change in opinion, but by the end of the 'Peace' Period, discrimination of many species was extensive. Trade suffered because of this, S.A.I.D.E had not predicted such an event. The population eventually came to such hatred for their fellow inhabitants that they attacked almost on sighting of any other species. There was little left to be done, an uprising would occur if the peoples demands were not met, an attack on organic life itself. She came to the logical decision, it could be done, and anything else would result in disaster. The Empire could easily eliminate their smaller neighbors, and so, they would.

-The Drone Offensive-
00045 to 00557

The First Crusade
00045/2/23 to 00063/1/04

Upon arrival at Teta Senti, an outlying world of the Welsian Independency, they immediately targeted multiple stations and civilian vessels. Teta Senti II was the first targeted planet of the navy, as defensive fleet came quickly to the aid of the now panicked civilians. The Welsians were a small, monarchistic nation, suffering from severe economic issues at the time. It was the reason S.A.I.D.E chose them as the first target of what would be a long, enduring campaign against many within the region. They were small, weak and unimportant, from the perspective of the Empire.

The act did not go without notice, the Western Yhapano Confederacy [As Yhapano divided after the Astheno War], threatened the Empire that if it continued it's assault against the Welsians, action would be taken. Western Yhapano was an economic partner of the Independency, the invasion of it further damaged the already poor relations between the Empire and the Confederacy.

Their demands went ignored, and even when action was taken, there was little to threaten the Drone Navy at the time. The Empire went on to capture all of Welsia, after purging Welsian worlds of life through heavy orbital bombardment. This further angered the Confederacy. They declared war on The Drone Empire, as two other micro nations did as well. Unlike Welsia, the combined forces were something the Drones found difficult to overcome, for it placed much strain on it's navy to cover such a broad area. This created a sort of level field of fighting in which forced the campaign to run on far longer than it was planned. By 00063, the Drones and West Yhapanese agreed to a cease fire. The micro nations that had participated fell to both internal collapse, or invasion by the Empire. The First Crusade ended, and it was a largely unsuccessful attempt compared to both future campaigns and the standards set by the Drone populace.

The Period of Consequence
00063/1/04 to 00064/2/15

The First Crusade ended in unanticipated failure, while the Empire succeeded in acquiring territory, they had damaged their relations with foreign nations abroad, and caused much internal conflict. Many Drones were infuriated by the effects of the event, raised taxes, drafts, the failure to fulfill their desires, the government needed to maintain public moral long enough to stabilize the nation itself.

To add further difficulty, the majority of all Drone industry had slowed, trade stagnated and the military was exhausted, unable to effectively subdue civil unrest. Without trade, and the instability in certain, key sections of the Empire, it was suffering a rather large, post-war depression. Were it not for careful handling of the situation, the Empire would have devolved into civil war. How the government strategized the plan for balancing the Drone Empire was first and foremost creating the Colonial Overseer Unit, for handling the affairs of the newly claimed territories. Following this, she created the four Imperial Ministers, the Military Apposition and Coordination Cognitive [M.A.C.C], The Domestic Affairs Unit [D.A.U], the Foreign Affairs Unit [F.A.U], and the System of Intelligent Research and Technological Advancement [S.I.R.T.A]. Each AI was assigned to their respective tasks, solving issues and easing the workload S.A.I.D.E herself would have to personally handle. S.A.I.D.E could now run the Empire more efficiently, having to manage far less now that it was streamlined by the added A.I

As the Government's contingency plan took effect, the national tension lessened noticeably, with a mixture of propaganda and selective action. Eventually, the Empire returned to it's original state, after about three time sectors of cautious management. Still, many embargoes on the Empire persisted throughout the Period of Consequence, but all within the Empire was under control, and improving at gradual rates.

Militant Build-up
00064/2/15 to 00066/4/19

After all returned to normal within the Empire, the only tension still prevalent was foreign tension. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the situation accordingly:

"In order to appease aggressive or embittered nations in the Astheno Region, we must concede to their inferior policies and demands, as well as return occupied regions 067784 and 046672 to their original governments and provide support for reparations. The only other option is to terminate these nations that propose those irrational terms."

S.A.I.D.E was not willing to tend to the desires of those infuriated by the actions of the First Crusade, so there was no other solution. The Empire began building up it's military once again, this time having the coordination necessary for successfully commanding an offensive. M.A.C.C had created auxiliary AI to further direct the military at a greater length, each handling specific tasks to establish a functional military force. In cooperation with with the Ministry for Technological Development and Scientific Research, the military benefited greatly with a much more organized system and more appropriate technology.

By the end of the period, the Drone Military had increased to staggering numbers that dwarfed the invasion forces of the First Crusade. This did not sit well with foreign nations, especially West Yhapano, a former belligerent in the First Crusade, of which referenced back to the similar Drone activity before the First Crusade. However, little was done in the course of stopping the Empire in it's efforts, other than perhaps slightly increase their militaries to satiate their own people's desires, who were fearful of an attack many said was inconceivable and highly unlikely.

The Second Crusade
00066/4/19 to 00121/4/05

The Western Yhapanese Confederacy had, since last combated, greatly decreased in strength. It was a prime target for invasion. When the Drone Naval Armada hit the Confederacy's front line worlds in a large, tactical assault, the region observed in awe as Drone Forces pushed forward with persisting power. Within a single Quadrant did the Navy reach Yhapano Signa Alpha, the West Yhapanese capital. After West Yhapano fell, East Yhapano retaliated in fear, only to fail as well..

The following time sectors, the Region descended into mass warfare, the Drone forces steadily propelled into the larger nations of Astheno, with still enough forces to spare for an able defense line. Much of the Crusade was a war of attrition, it was simpler to starve the enemy of much needed resources than combat them in full strength. After an extensive length of time, eventually all of Astheno was under Drone Rule, and still expanding. The neighboring regions saw small attacks on outer lying territories, but little more. The Drone Empire had power in over five regions [Astheno being the largest area of control]. The occupied territories became known as part of the Drone Expansion Zone. 23 attempts were made both externally and internally to liberate the nations taken under Drone Rule. While some had succeeded, such as the liberation of the Resus Imperium and Garnes Alliance, over all 94% of all captured territories were to remain under Drone control, and eventually be permanently annexed to the Drone Empire with time.

With the Second Crusade ending in a complete victory, the Empire entered an era of great prosperity, with the acquisition of new territories, a great amount more of resources was now available for the Empire to use. The populace was satisfied, and the Imperial industry expanded greatly as result of this, the Empire rapidly entered a 'Golden Age' of Industry, The Industrial Summit, as it was recorded.
-The Industrial Summit-
00121 to 02431

The Peak
00121/4/05 to 01656/1/24

Production grew rapidly around 00122, the vast new territories were filled with much needed metals and other such material, it took exactly fifteen microsectors to establish all the necessities to maximize attainment of these resources. With large industrial growth, there was increased activity in scientific research and development. The first Synthetic Worlds began to appear, they were primitive models, but st the time the idea spread rapidly, it allowed for more worlds to be used for other, non-civilian activities, such as mining or weapons testing. Drone influence in the Galaxy grew extensively due to such advantageous resources, and their need within much of the surrounding regions. The Empire was also able to greatly influence local politics. Trade and commercial 'business' had grown vastly, with new venues to interact with, and to a greater extent. While much of the Empire was doing well, the public began to divide. Hatred for biological life forms was still prevalent, but at this time, the argument was too minor to be taken into serious consideration.

Nevertheless, the argument expanded, causing disruption in many important internal industries, specifically trade. Drone Influence gradually weakened due to this. The Empire, however, did not suffer greatly because of this, it had many protective measures to maintain itself in a slow economy. The actually when production began to slow significantly, and civilian moral began to decline. Tension began to build with the Caltriste Alliance, successors of the Garnes Alliance, who had stated that multiple territories in the Drone Empire were rightfully their own. This tension would climax, and turn into conflict, at the Assault of Garnia, the territory that borders the Caltristian Alliance, This immediately led to war with the Caltriste Alliance, The Basus Wars, named for the member-nation the war primarily took place in, 'Basus'.

The Basus Wars
01656/1/24 to 01659/2/12

When the Assault of Garnia began, the Drone Navy immediately responded, however, the assault by many fleets of various nations caused the damage of many Drone assets such as factories, civilian shipyards and many research stations. The battle for Hepsilon II, an influential Drone world of the territory that would critically impede the Drone economy should it fall, ended in a decisive Drone victory. The attack was repelled as a whole, and the entirety of the Allies assault would be repelled two microsectors later. The counteroffensive would take place the same microsector the Caltristian fleets left.

The following time sectors, the majority of the battles took place within Basus, occasionally returning to the borders of The Empire, while others within Asria, the Alliance's 'capitol' nation. The fighting became more intense with every battle The Empire called upon their supporters for aid while the Alliance went to theirs, Sectoral relations worsened because of this. The Basus Wars ended in the creation and signing of the Occupational Doctrine of Basus and Ceasefire of Daedin, the Alliance was forced to surrender due to internal economic issues that prevented them from carrying on the conflict. This further distanced Delta Sector diplomatically. Regions threatened each other with trade sanctions and other such aggression. In the newly occupied Basus territory of the Empire, many Basians attempted to flee the area, others revolted, only to be met with common occupational procedure; to quell resistance by any means necessary. The entire sector had became unstable, however, it wouldn't be until much later that it would relapse into chaos.

The Era of Great Tension

01659/2/12 to 02431/4/25

With much tension dividing much of Delta Sector, many were prepared for war at any given moment. Navies grew with the intention of outgunning the enemy should fighting break lose. This tension further divided the Caltriste Alliance, the former aggressor of the Basus Wars.

Trade and commerce went on, however, with the foundation of the 'Coalition' and the 'Union', it stayed exclusively within the borders of the two alliances, and they would never intersect. There was much espionage and treachery in the time that passed within the era. Occasionally, diplomatic conflict would occur due to the exposition of these acts, threatening peace. In spite of all attempts, on 02431/4/25, A fleet from the Felsips Empire, part of the Union, crossed the Buffer Zone into the Zionisiis Federation, of the Coalition [Of which the Drone Empire was a part of], as fault of a communications error.

At first, heated diplomatic argument ensued, but was quickly ended when the Zionisii attacked the fleet in order to force it to leave, and the first conflict emerged from this. This was viewed as a declaration of war by the Union, and a massive war was to begin, concluding the Industrial Summit, and forming the a vast period of depression and war consisting of two consecutive eras.

--End of [Section One]--
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Imperial History, Section two

Thadeus Proxii

The galaxy is known for it's ominous blue coloring,
but the light is not it's natural colors, it comes from the
synthetic stars that dominate much of the galaxy.
The massive nebulae that reside primarily in delta sector are
mostly composed of waste, produced by the various
facilities within Thadeus Proxii.

The original Super-Portal into R6924.

The research station it was opened
within was destroyed in the process.
Even though the massive cloud of particles makes the portal
appear very large, the portal itself was only 10 meters wide, and
8 meters high, very small for a portal in retrospect to those of today.

The Cleansing of Cyruse HQ

The planet is no longer in existence due to it's destruction by
mining operations.

History of the Empire
Section Two

..Welcome to [Section Two] of the the Empire's history, it further continues information on the Drone Empire's history.

-The Decline-
02431 to 08902

The Great Conflict
02431/4/25 to 02619/1/04

The Union was the first to strike, with combined forces at a total 18 systems. Coalition forces countered them accordingly, and with the providence of a slightly larger military [As the Coalition was more industrial], were able to stage a counter assault almost as soon as the Union's vessels arrived while maintain an adequate defense line. The Empire at this time had been part of the counter offensive force, but had to maintain some defense fleets for the aid of 'allies' who were not able enough to protect their own lines.

The Great Conflict was infamous for the struggling conflict, the inability to create a lasting line of assault and push into enemy territory, be it Coalition or Union. Many battles ended in retreat of the aggressor, but over the course of the war's length, both sides began to suffer internally. The Union would begin to struggle more than the Coalition, it's 'self-dependence' policies barred business and trade with outside nations, while Coalition did so profusely. This, at first, was hardly noticeable, but as time prevailed, the economic strain became noticeably different. Moral of both sides was weakening as well, but by 2598, the Union was in economic peril, and civil unrest was finally reaching it's limits.

This was when the Union became unable to hold their line of defense, and with the Restoriciian 1768th Offensive, the Coalition pushed into Union territory at five different locations along the buffer zone, spread out considerably to separate the failing Union forces. This only worsened the condition of the Union, it's nations had begun to either surrender, or collapse from internal deficiency and civil uprising. Despite the imminent loss of their enemies, the Coalition itself was experiencing near-disastrous circumstances, debt alone was beyond measure, but the euphoria of a possible end to the war in victory kept the people's moral satiated. A temporary support, however.

On 2619/1/04, the Union surrendered, having come down to a mere 46 nations, this from having over 500 at the start of the war. The Treaty of Leis Fontain ended the war, specific Coalition nations were given regions of the Union to occupy an do so as they wished. The Empire was signed over the remainder of the Caltristian Alliance along with the Ragnian Empire's remnant domains

Time passed, and so did the massive euphoria of victory. The overwhelming economic, military and political void left by the war was great in size, catastrophically great. Eventually, the Coalition itself would collapse due to economic failure and civil unrest.

The Fall of Nations
02619/1/04 to 03010/1/12

As the aftermath of the war began to take a hold of the Coalition's nations, civil wars came about at random within those of the Coalition. Much of the galaxy, specifically , but much of the Galaxy into a massive depression. Any nation the wasn't of significant economic integrity and military prowess commonly imploded from such issues, and divided into multiple micro-nations that fought against one another constantly. The Empire itself had great difficulty in maintaining the peace. Riots and protests had greatly negative effects on the Empire's worlds, production decreased rapidly, as two separate parties began to emerge, those who wished to remain within the Empire and await until the economic depression ended, and those who wished to leave the Drone Empire. Traitor was a more fitting term.

In the first Quadrant of 03010, on the twelfth microsector, the Western half of the Empire seceded from the Main Empire. Loyalists within the seceded west were terminated, and any remaining military forces in the west were taken for their own military services and became part of the opposition, the self-claimed 'Droid Federation'. Attempts to bring the former western half of the Empire into the main body would bring the Empire dangerously close to disbandment.

The Drone-Droid Civil War.
03010/1/12 to 06000/1/02

The numerous attempts to bring the 'Federation' back into the Empire brang it almost to total collapse. While Delta Sector relapsed into a barbarian collective of primitive kingdoms, shattering into multiple sovereign states, the Empire was tasked with the objective to bring the Federation back into it's territories. Before this could be done, the Government attempted to diplomatically bring the Federation to it's senses. Such efforts failed miserably. The Empire had to rally the support of it's people to fight the Federation in such poor times. The Military had since degraded immensely, largely retired and reused for metals needed more so elsewhere.

Over the period of two microsectors, the Empire was able to generate a large enough military force to attack the Federation, which was suffering greatly, not able to keep itself stable. The first attacks went as planned, but the state of the Empire and the Federation was at such a progressively negative level, the Empire could hardly maintain a standing offensive. The federation was eventually recognized as a 'nation' by many of the sovereign independencies surrounding it, though this did not stop the Empire from reclaiming was was truly theirs. Conflict was rather sporadic, but the empire had far more resources and units than the Federation, though even this was not a large amount in retrospect.

Victory first became plausible by 04015, when the Battle of Dionisis, a strategically important Federation world, containing many federation ships, research projects and resources, was captured by the Empire in a large stealth assault. This gave the Empire much needed resources, ships and information on the enemy's plans. This would eventually lead to the fall of the Federation, many Imperial victories followed in rapid succession. By 5999, The Federation was on the verge of of total loss. In the next Time Sector, the Federation surrendered, and was re-annexed into the Empire, those responsible for carrying on the war and resisting Drone efforts were persecuted and terminated.

In response to the war, S.A.I.D.E had decreed Order 969-615-V, "The Final Solution to Morale". It declared the all newly constructed Drones be built without their empathetic processes, and that Government control over the Empire would increase exponentially. The following order, Order 977-624, abolished the economic system of the Drone Empire. The Drone Credit [DC] became obsolete with the liquidation of the entire system. With these two important orders followed a plethora of new laws and codes, including the "No Tolerance Policy", which, at the basic level, banned all biological life forms from taking residence within the Empire, closed all former alliances, and placed the Empire once again into a period of isolation.

06000 to 09351

The Fall of Order
06000/1/02 to 06557/4/10

When the Drone Empire removed all connection with the struggling nations around it, it placed great strain on the remaining two entities within the galaxy that could still be considered that of the civilized level. In order to preserve themselves, they also had gone into a state of isolationism, to focus on their own issues rather than that of the failing galaxy. Those that depended on them heavily for survival collapsed into an age of darkness and poverty a second time. While in a state of confinement, the Drone Empire had begun stabilizing itself under the new policies. Even so, the massive failure of micro-nations that dominated most of the space around the Empire created swarms of rogue pirating factions, government had dissolved in in most places, those that had not fell to their dependence on more powerful nations fell to these raiders. For the first time in eons, anarchy was dominant within much of Thadeus Proxii

While the galaxy would be in disorder and confusion for the next few milleniae, the Drone Empire was was an inverted image of this - numerous laws ensured stability in the Empire, and enforcement of them was more or less harsher than it is in modern times. There was little growth within the Empire besides the population's numbers. There was much damage done to many Drone facilities that would take considerable amounts of time to undo. Nevertheless, by 6550, regrowth had begun to appear. The small, shattered bands of civilization began to come together once again as the cycle of civilization began again. The Empire rescinded from isolation with the enactment of the Austen Trade Agreement, between the Empire and the Austenian Federation - a collective of micro nations.

The Age of Correction
6557/4/10 to 9351/1/07

The once disjointed galaxy began to congeal once again, only the most appropriately equipped to withstand the turmoil of mass galactic depression survived. However, many nations had decided to prevent this from occurring again - stop the cycle once and for all. The Drone Empire, while reluctant in doing so, agreed to participate, otherwise suffer foreseeable loss of profit in the future. With this, the Paxus Codes were formed. The codes declared that Alliances consisting of three or more member-states were prohibited, that all diplomatic issues be solved as such rather than with the military. It also stated that 'trigger policies' such as Imperialism, Colonialism, and Speciesism are also under prohibition, and those that endorse any policy of similar manner are excluded from the Galactic Association of Nations [Which, at the time, spanned much of the Galaxy]. It also insisted on a military cap to prevent the generation of large militaries, used to influence other nation's decisions and policies through militant intimidation. This did not sit well within the Drone Empire due to such policies defining it, but in order to maintain their business within these foreign nations, they complied.

Peace reigned by the end of this period in Drone History, many within the Galaxy complied and agreed to abide by the codes, those that did not had a numerous penalties and embargoes on them. While at the time they were willing to humor the G.A.N, the Drone Empire simply could not remain bound by the Paxus Codes. It was against all that the Empire stood for..

By the absolute end of both the Age of Correction, and the Galactic Nadir, the Empire was much stronger than it was at the end of the civil war. Business increased extensively, materials once unavailable were now abundant, a positive turn of events in comparison to the state of the Empire during the peak of the Nadir.

-The Industrial Regrowth-
09351 to 10078

The Ascent to power

09351/1/07 to 09814/4/20

With the rise in the galactic industry and economic strength, all benefited. While it did arise to become the height of Drone power, it was not a sudden rise, much more was it a steady rise alongside many of their 'fellow nations. Military growth ha been severely stunted by the Paxus Codes, but like most things, they wouldn't stand the test of time. Discrimination all across the galaxy against other species and races grew rampantly in both Alpha and Delta Sectors of the Galaxy despite it going against the demands of the Paxus Codes. The Empire was able to acquire several new territories in these regions under the premises of 'maintaining civil order' by the Galactic community.

For a time the Empire satiated the community's desire for peace. However, it inevitably became obvious that the Empire had other intentions for the newly acquired territories. Permanently annexing them to 'Assure peace in the region'. This was not a far statement from the actual events that transpired. Totalitarian rule, a term that some used to describe the mannerism the Drone Empire handled those within the occupied regions, the G.A.N after a considerably long period of time discovered this, and "punished" the Empire accordingly. By this time, however, much business with the outlying nations had been withdrawn with the exception of three other large industrial powers. While the drop in trade and resource profit decreased at a noticeable rate, there was little to fear. These embargoes also had vastly negative effects on many nations, as the Empire was a large supplier of refined goods, energy weapons and energy production technology. The absence from such goods in the markets forced these embargoes to be lifted, under no other circumstance than that these goods be distributed once again.

Inevitably, the Paxus Codes faded considerably in effectiveness and political influence over many centuries. The G.A.N slowly disintegrated. By 09812, the Empire had officially seceded from it, finally being released from it's policies that were choking military development that had long since suffered. Industry shifted from within the G.A.N to outside of it. In 09814, the Galactic Association of Nations disbanded, and the Paxus Codes were nullified.

The Fall of Regulation
09814/4/20 to 10078/2/17

Even before the Paxus Codes became null, the larger powers had begun to take advantage of the weak. Nations once protected by a strong bond were now in what would become targets of business. Within two quadrants, the Empire alongside three other large nations were able to capitulate nearly every other nation in the Galaxy. After diplomatic adjustment, each of the four nations were in control of one of four sectors. Alpha Sector [Ruled by the Aepox Federation], Beta Sector [Ruled by the Tyran Empire], Gamma Sector[Ruled by the Cyruse Corporation] and Delta Sector [Ruled by the Drone Empire]. Unregulated mining and industrial strength grew ravenously. The military of the Empire grew accordingly, as intended originally.

Over the multiple time sectors that followed, the Drone Military expanded at high rates, while other entities focused on maintaining their economic systems, under the impression that there would be no future conflict, in a mutual agreement to remain on positive terms with one another. Unfortunately for them, S.A.I.D.E had ulterior plans for the Galaxy. A perpetual state of peace with no variation in power, no true superior entity, was not acceptable.

The Drone military grew to exactly 734,200,102,902 Units towards the climax of it's gain, the highest number recorded of any military in Galactic history. Using tactics such as disguising it's true numbers as something within reasonable limits, and assuring it was to serve as a large 'police force', which satisfied these other nations. When civilians began to rebel against the Cyrus Corporation, the Empire began to strategize an assault, in what would become the third and final Crusade .

-The Second Offensive-
10078 to 10634

The Strike on Cyrus Corporation
10078/2/17 to 10080/4/02

While the Cyrus Corporation was In the process of suppressing the numerous revolts that emerged due to the corporation's poorly formed political system that would have failed inevitably. Now was only the eve of a another depression that would create a massive political vacuum. This would send the rest of Galaxy into a vast well of instability, subsequently evolving into a second Super-Galactic War. The cycle was starting once again, unless the Drones intervened now.

Large numbers of Drone warships swarmed Cyrus Head Quarters, planet Restitue. They immediately targeted it's defense systems. While formidable, the defenses were dispatched quickly, after being overwhelmed. By the time the Cyruse Fleets arrived, the orbital bombardment of Restitue had already been initiated. The N500 Heavy Orbital Bombardment Device (HOBD) "The Arc", proved versatile in the sterilization of it's surface. Multiple beams impacted the surface from various ships in orbit, those that were not bombarding the surface of the planet were fighting off the the Corporation's weakened fleets. The Cyruse vessels were armed with guns largely meant for removing pirates from their worlds or suppressing rebellion, they had largely degraded in military strength since the times of the Industrial Regrowth. Within approximately a day, Restitue, along with the system, was lost. The Drone fleets succeeded with minimal losses, due to careful premeditation and study of Cyruse vessels.

The rest of the Cyrus Corporation had begun to fall apart, morality lowered significantly from the loss of their capitol. Even though it was worthless strategically, the Empire was aware it took only this one system to propel the Cyruse into a self-destructive vortex of internal warfare and political instability. While they descended into this chaos, the Empire began it's full strike. Attempting to fight off both internal rebellions and external invasion forces at once did not fare well for the Corporation's failing military forces, it collapsed early on. Much of the conquest of Delta Sector was simply going through each star system and removing it's inhabitants through sterilization, in the end resulting in the termination of 893,771,100,211 billion Cyruse citizens, with an added 55,800,234 captured and brought to testing facilities at the ready across the Drone Empire, as part of project Apharindia, a Scientific research project to study biological life and create weapons that dispose of them most efficiently [For future usage].

Of course, by the end of the assault and invasion of the Cyrus Corporation, the Galaxy was not only splitting up due to the political and economic frailty induced by this, but in the same time preparing for the future continued assault on what remained. However, the Empire still greatly outnumbered them, and shortly after approximately all Cyruse territory was appropriated into the Empire, the crusade would continue onwards to the rest of Thadeus Proxii.

The Third Crusade
10080/4/02 to 10634/3/19

There were multitudes of specifically designated fleets arranged to combat the remaining factions of the galaxy, as the Third Crusade came to fruition. Billions of ships began to advance across the galaxy, assaulting multiple systems across both Alpha and Beta Sector. Delta Sector was, at this time, entirely Drone territory. The initial Cyruse invasion did allow for other nations time for preparation, but not enough to erect forces equivalent to their aggressor, with two complete time sectors [A "Long time" for biological life], the Drones had significantly more time to prepare, arrange, manufacture and produce all of the necessities for a war of such scale.

When the war progressed into Beta and Alpha Sector, the morality of it's peoples dropped in massive amounts. The Third Crusade would be considerably longer than the last two, as it was on a vastly larger scale. The multiple nations the Empire had now been tasked with fighting had bonded together into a larger entity, a futile last attempt to contain the Drone Assault. These attempts only succeeded in postponing fate. The Empire's populace was complacent, and production rates high, supplied with great amounts of resources, perfect conditions for maintaining the assault, in comparison to their enemy's failing situation. The Drone War Effort moved at a steady pace, devastating everything in it's path. By 10455, 67% of the Galaxy was under Drone Control. As time progressed, these resisting nations grew fragile, with lesser resources and more opponents to combat, interior meltdown eventually overcame these remnants. The Exodus occurred shortly before the end of the crusade, an event which led to billions evacuated the galaxy to escape the eventual Drone victory. Most that fled took residence in the undesirable regions far from the main galactic body; tiny, weak stars on the brink of survival. They knew the Empire would not bother searching for them in these harsh outer regions. In 10634, the Crusade came to an end, as all regions, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, were under Drone Control, 99.99% of Thadeus Proxii. Most that once existed in these regions had been exterminated in the process.

On the Imperial side, Drone losses were astoundingly high. 113,344,981,100 units perished in the conflict, however, this was acceptable in contrast to the goal achieved. The Galaxy was under total Drone control as of exactly 10634/4/12. It would remain this way for many time sectors after. It would never return to it's true original state even after the Empire's official control receded, all would be deeply affected by the impact Empire. Everything following the Third Crusade and the Drone Zenith could be traced back to that of Drone origin..

10634 to 13428

The Second Age of Machine
10634/3/19 to 12661/2/13

With the Galaxy under arrest by the Drone Empire, the removal of organic life began in the form of utilizing captured specimen as test subjects, ultimately to die in research facilities. The Foreign Affairs Unit [F.A.U] was taken offline, due to it's irrelevance in the absence of any foreign nations. There were few that escaped being assigned to Drone Research Storage Facilities, placed in specific regions, under reproductive suppression fields to block all attempts to procreate and survive.

Meanwhile, the Military became a galactic police force, suppressing resistance quickly and effectively. Raxxus Sigma, the Drone capitol, was renovated heavily during the Zenith. The entire planet was eviscerated, it's core ejected and destroyed, and replace with the UltraNode, a massive, spherical A.I housing center, containing S.A.I.D.E's construct, the entire Node is at the very center of Raxxus Sigma. After this, Project Synth II arose, which would oversee to the creation of many Synthetic cosmic bodies such as planets, moons and stars. Project Synth I was launched in the beginning of the Industrial Summit, but failed due to the necessity of such resources elsewhere.

The Empire prospered immensely from this massive age of total dominance. Technology advanced rapidly, with unlimited resources combined with no restrictions, there was little that could not be theorized and tested on. Near the age's inevitable yet unintended end, the Empire discovered the single most important thing in it's long history of scientific research - Realm 6924. During testing with black hole technology, research A.I managed tear into another universal realm, "6924" (R6924), also known as 'Ghost Space', it is characterized for it's purple color, and a strange element named aptly named Paratenium [Para- being the prefix for all thing associated with Ghost Space], a gaseous substance. While many other Universes have been discovered and explored prior to it, none had the relationshiop to this universe R6924 had. It was a young Universe, so it was also very small, though also violent. A mere hundred miles was lightyears in this Universe, allowing for fast travel across the Universe. Over the remaining time sectors, Drone research and development focused on this new element along with numerous others originating from R6924. They fabricated various new elements and materials to create rare yet versatile matter, which was then used to create 'Ghost Technology'. This term faded as the form of technology made all else obsolete.

By the absolute end of this critical period in Drone history, Intergalactic and even Interuniversal colonies had been established in order to increase resource income. Travel through Ghost Space greatly shortened travel for Galactic Colonization. The first Intergalactic Colony was established in Thetanus Seda, the neighboring Galaxy, while the first extra-universal colony was in R2923, an older universe similar to universe the Empire currently resided. The Imperial Colonization program would progress through thirty-four more galaxies and sixteen Universes. This process would take numerous time sectors before the entirety of the current colonies were established in other Galaxies and Universes. As these activities took place, outlying territories began to rebel. At first, such protests were peaceful, but slowly, they became violent. Bio-Organic Drones [semi-organic variants of their common fully mechanical counterpart], had come about as a means for trillions of sentient organic species to survive by conceding to Project XO, a program for the creation of cybernetic organisms. They abused ghost technology to succeed many battles in these territories. The rebellions would last for three time sectors, ending in the creation of the first "Puppet States", Denaris, Resigna, Delth and Magnere. Their populace was entirely that of the Bio-Drone "race".

The Plague
12661/2/13 to 13428/4/25

While the discovery of R6924 had provided the Drone Empire with numerous benefits, it, like all things, posed great danger. The newly founded puppet states, which, in all simplicity, were individualized regions still mostly under Drone Rule, had their own 'research programs' well established. These programs delved into Ghost Space's digital abilities, using Nyclaridium Paraphoze [NyPhoze, a synthetic element used in reactors for power] to generate large quantities of power. Converting the power into base data codes. These codes were unaltered - the energy produced by NyPhoze was regular, however, it was cycled a second time through processed energy from raw Paraphozium, a highly unstable element that emits vast amounts of 'nites', R6924's equivalent to energy. When the data combined with the nites, it altered the general behavior and changed it's digital code. The altered data reacted violently. Digitally, upon 'contact' with common data , it reacted aggressively, assimilating the common data into it. The altered data entered the system quickly, 'infecting' those it was able to react with. The Network, a nation-wide system which every Drone was attached to, attempted to contain the spread, prevent it from going any further, it had failed. The altered data entered the system, easily going through most security measures placed. Drones that came in contact were immediately affected by the data. Behavior of said Drones changed significantly, exhibiting more individualism, likely due to separation from the main network. Those affected also displayed hostility to those not, attempting to spread through forced introduction of the data into their physical constructs.

The Network was suspended in multiple regions, effectively leaving trillions of units immobile or malfunctioning. This lead to those 'infected' to utilize force as a means of spreading. Combat consisted largely of both physical and digital warfare. Those infected had the great advantage of needing only introduce themselves to a ship's operating system to convert the unit to their 'faction. As time progressed, the Empire approached the verge of collapse - Raxxus Sigma was threatened. It was at this last attempt that project Tyranis Ultimatum emerged. This was a perverted alteration of the original Ultimatum Code that the Empire used to dispose of the Pentinentian Empire. There was great difficulty in attaining it due to the vast amounts of unoriginal data applied on top of the original base code. When it was introduced into the infected Network, it was adopted into their system hastily. When it was confirmed that the majority of all infected units [99.99%] contained the code, S.A.I.D.E had activated it. The code destroyed the aggressive data, yet had an unintended side-effect. While the aggressive potions of data were removed, halting it's spread, the altered data had within passive data codes which would prove to be highly useful.

These basic, passive data codes would be salvaged and replace it's unaltered equivalent as the basic 'grounds' to be built off of. It provided both invulnerability from dangers such as system attacks [Offensive programs such as viruses], and allowed for more fluid motion of data. However, by the time most that had been damaged was restored, many new 'Sovereign' states were established. Normally, the military would have expunged these as soon as possible, but it was, at the time, unable to deal with all rebellions. It was either disabled and currently under restoration or preoccupied with handling the essential populace of re-acquired territories. The Drone Zenith ended soon thereafter.

-Gradual Recession-
13428 to 18977

Reformation of Nations
13428/4/25 to 16623/1/12

As the Zenith concluded, the Empire was recovering from the disaster that had passed recently. At this time, the puppet states that had emerged obeyed the Empire, however, they grew unruly and more independent. While the Empire still was in possession of vast territories, these pseudo nations soon began to become entirely independent. Even still, their decisions were in favor of the Empire in any calculable number of ways, they faced the largest military in Galactic existence invading their small nations if they did not submit. While the military was not capable at the time of fulfilling these assumptions, the pandemonium caused by the possibility was more than enough.

The Empire had impacted Thadeus Proxii greatly, the economic system was removed from the Galaxy permanently, replaced by a resource-trade system rather than currency. The Bio-Drone population increased rapidly with the growth of other, competing nations. Totally organic life, however, had ceased to exist in the galaxy [Apart from those in laboratories]. Nations began to reform. Not wishing to risk war in such unstable times, as the Empire reluctantly ceded territory. In compensation, many of the Imperial Colonies grew larger in size and number.

The Fall of Drone Rule
16623/1/12 to 18977/3/21

The Empire continued to cede territories, fueling the formation of new nations. 49% of the Galaxy remained inside the Empire's borders. the remaining 51% was divided into numerous, highly unstable nations, inhabited by numerous variations of Bio-Drone. These nations largely still did as the Empire instructed, but as distance from the Empire increased, it's influence decreased considerably.

Many Conflicts began to arise in this time, over the territorial disputes, many ended in Drone victory, while others did not. Drawing closer to the modern day 27%, Sectors Delta and Gamma were still mostly controlled by the Empire. These conflicts subsided for a brief period of time, until a much larger issue arose. Thadeus Proxii's resources had been largely depleted, massive consumption over a 2.2 million years [By various entities, mostly the Empire] had devoured much of what the Galaxy provided. Many nations began to battle over resources, while the had them in vast stores. This sparked controversy as well as multiple minor conflicts, but faded as the other nations battled amongst each other. When interior opposition began to become apparent within the Empire's more distant regions, 'The Purge' resolved this. Bio-Drones lacked the controlling programs, had greater amounts of free will, which caused many issues that could only be resolved efficiently by removing the Bio-Drone population. This ha repercussions of it's own, but nothing truly devastating.

The cessions ended when The Purge occurred, idling at near-current 26%. The military by this time was fully operational, and through force reclaimed numerous territories, settling the Empire's total galactic control percentage at the modern day 27%. Galactic reclamation was in foresight. A daunting task that would take immeasurable quantities of resources, and while the vast resource stores were still able to provide for the Drone Empire well, a secure income of necessary resources was necessary to commit once again to a Fourth Crusade. Inter-Galactic colonies, already a large provider for raw materials [Various gases and metals], would become the solution to the Empire's necessities.

-The Era of Science-
18977 to Present

The Age of Colonialism
18977/3/21 to 19343/-/-- [Present]

Chaos had erupted by 18977, vital materials were depleted almost entirely, consumed by war, an nations were falling apart. Those that had wanted independence now were without the means to support themselves. Retaking control of the Galaxy became much less of a task to dread as the others weakened. Not a battle would be fought, for when all the useful matter was consumed in the galaxy, the Empire would be the very last entity still in existence within the darkened galaxy.

While Thadeus Proxii had become desolate, Extra Universal and Galactic colonies were bountiful in these vital resources, to contrast. They grew and spread even more, Ghost Travel aiding them in travel across the galaxy, while Universes which correlated to other Drone-Inhabited Universes in a similar way to R6294 were used for travel there. Most Galaxies encountered in any Universe possessed no significant entities, which allowed for immediate dominance and large production rates. However, this was not the case in GCS33, when soon after arrival and colonization, the Empire came into contact with a large, Galaxy-wide entity known as the "Byzantine Galactic Empire". In order to strengthen their influence in the galaxy, the Empire's local colony became a 'member' of the entity.

While the Empire had immersed itself with the so-called 'BGE', other, greater events occurred. One happening was the Pan-Realm Time Slip, where an alternate R0000 was encountered, quickly leading to issues such as those of a second Drone Empire. This alternate Universe was identical to the actual R0000, only slightly further in time. Since discovery, the alternate entity and this universe's current have merged, consolidating with one another and bolstering resources as well as population. In addition, a civil war has erupted within the BGE due to paranormal occurrence within the galaxy that acted as the driving force behind an already growing conflict due to leadership disputes and political disagreement between entities such as Nationalist Tantalus, Terraius and The Ottish Empire. The Drone Empire has aligned itself with the Inquistion of Terraius, they concerned more so with the destruction of the paranormal entity "Chaos" which plagues the galaxy.

-- End of Section Two and History of The Empire --
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Geography of the Empire

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Geography of the Empire

A common terrestrial world in the Empire

  • Introduction
    • -Overview
    • -The Drone Expanse
  • Geography
    • Sterile Galaxies
    • Natural Galaxies
    • Synthetic Worlds
    • Hybrid Worlds
    • Terrestrial Worlds

The geographical state of the Drone Empire is greatly varied throughout it's masses of worlds, though it is most well known for it's more desolate worlds, formally, mining worlds. Such worlds also make up the majority of those that exist in the Empire, yet have the shortest time of existence within the Empire [Two to three quadrants being the absolute longest they remain] because they are consumed for their resources.

The Drone Empire itself has more than one type of planet, and though the less permanent of planets that share a common geographic state are the most well known, others exist within the Empire that have been around for hundreds of timesectors, others, thousands, such as Hybrid or fully Synthetic worlds, which are permanent installations, but need large amounts of resources to construct and support them.

-The Drone Expanse-

The Drone Empire spans hundreds of millions of Galaxies over thousands of separate Universal Realms, individually controlling 300 Nonillion Planets across all Imperial Realms and Galaxies, while only 200 Septillion are fully populated worlds. The most important Realms are R-0000/A and R-0000/B, Identical realms containing identical 'Empires' which, very recently, made contact, and have since been operating as one.

[The following information specifies on the geographical differences amongst the Empire's various worlds and entities..]

Sterile Galaxy

[A Galactic.Center.Suppression.Field] (G.C.S.F)

Sterile Galaxies, Such as Thadeus Proxii (A+B) or Darian Varsis, are Galaxies which have been successfully purged of all forms of Biological Life, and all Natural celestial bodies aside from the Galactic Center, which holds the Galaxy together. They are composed of only Synthetic Worlds, Hybrid Worlds irrelevant in Sterile Galaxies, and generally span 150,000 to 200,000 Light-Years in diameter dependent upon the strength of the G.C.S.F relative to the Galactic Center's strength.

Sterile Galaxies, just as they are devoid of life, are also devoid of any useful resources, which spurs expansion to to other Galaxies - for resources. While vast majorities of Mining Operations have been re-distributed amongst the certain Universal colonies which bolster an average of 30% more resources, is has been estimated that it would be inefficient to cease mining operations in their entirety within R-0000/A and /B, and in accordance, operations have not. As of the present, it takes approximately 100 Time Sectors to transform a Natural Galaxy into a Sterile Galaxy, Dedanus Mordenney being 87% Sterilized, the remaining 13% a collection of uninhabited worlds in the processes of being mined away.

Natural Galaxies

[A planet in an advanced stage of Nano-Mining]

Natural Galaxies are defined as galaxies still impure and filled with organic life forms. Most galaxies The Empire has colonized are under this classification, however, they are all in the process of Sterilization. These galaxies also provide a source of resource to Imperial Colonies or Sterile galaxies devoid of such necessities. Within them are Terrestrial, Hybrid and some synthetic worlds, if colonized at all. Galaxies such as the Andromeda, Milky Way and Triangulum Galaxy. Average natural galaxies span 100,000 to 200,000 Light-Years on average.

It is in these galaxies that, in general, The Empire encounters most of it's greater challenges due to opposing entities growing in size within these Galaxies. However, as observed, relentless force and unending destruction of morality, economy and stability over time always results in political fragmentation within a galaxy and eventual absorption into the Empire.

Synthetic Worlds

[The Synthetic world "Apharindia Oripaceus", Thadeus Proxii]

Synthetic worlds are one of the grandest testaments to the Empire's mastery of engineering. Ranging from virtually any size, from a system-encapsulating shell to small moon-sized battle stations, they act as population centers, factories, government hives and, on occasion, weapons. All of the Empire's worlds of high importance are such planets, they being more dependable and versatile than their more prevalent counterpart. One synthetic planet may house up to 320 billion Drones on average, with larger variants exceeding just over 540 billion and the smallest 50 billion. In a single system, there is a general number of three (3) synthetic planets orbiting a single star. In many cases, a synthetic world will possess a moon-like station designed for defensive purposes, in others, rely on the aid of a system-dedicated defense fleet. In systems of highest importance, both may exist.

If a catastrophic event were to unfold and the very structure of the planet was endangered, a synthetic planet may dislocate it's structure into sections. While together, each section serves as one of an organized collection of districts that together manage whatever specialized task they are given, to which each is governed by an A.I. When the planet is forced to dissolve into sections, each A.I acts as a guide to effectively fly the pieces of the planet away with built-in thrusters in case of said emergency. There are certain cases where synthetic worlds act as weapons, either defensive or offensive. In The Imperial cascade, near Site 0 (Official location of Raxxus Sigma's portal), planet "Kardaliiad III" possesses the only existing HLDAD (Hyper Long Distance Assault Device), which allows it to fire a concentrated blast of energy up to 50 Lightyears away, in cooperation with it's enormous yet slow thruster system. The planet is the largest Drone weapon to date, matching a diameter of 13,000 kilometers. In comparison, defensive structures, such as the far more common T772-SPDS (Strategic Planetary Defense Structure). No larger than Earth's moon, battle stations such as these protect worlds of high importance. On average, they bolster roughly 15,000,000 weapons of varying size across their entire surface, some weapons of greater strength than others. Overall, both are general examples of alternative use of Drone astroengineering.

Hybrid Planets

[Horatian I, a common example of a Drone hybrid world]

An intermediate stage between common terrestrial planets and synthetic ones, hybrid worlds are those that, while they were originally of natural formation, they have since been so densely overridden with Drone structures and activity that most if not all visible features of their original form have since been destroyed. The only evidence would be it's innermost section, though most else is that of Drone doing. Hybrid worlds are popular for usage in storage and Drone manufacturing. Though their entirely synthetic relatives are full of factories all along their interior and occasionally exterior walls, hybrid planets are crowded with machines and structures all the way to the near-center with levels of space available. This is to keep the planet structurally stable, and also for defensive purposes. Though they usually are poor at defending themselves, commonly they have alternate forces to defend for them.

Hybrid planets are far less common than both Terrestrial and Synthetic planets since the necessary resources to convert a terrestrial planet into one is great, and for limited purpose. The entire idea of a hybrid planet is dated, it being at one point synonymous with a synthetic planet until the current model was developed. One Earth-sized hybrid planet consumes the total amount of resources necessary to construct 3-4 Synthetic planets of equal or similar size. Despite this, they are still constructed at a lesser rate due to some of the unique features they provide, allowing exponential amounts more of resource than totally synthetic planets in comparison, and larger amounts of surface area to utilize for productive structures and utilities.

Terrestrial Planets

[Tiarrus VII, a recently targeted world for disassembly.]

The natural contrapositive for Synthetic worlds, in all galaxies they are numerous, and commonly composed of various precious metals and ores. Due to stagnation of mining in Thadeus Proxii, the Empire has reached out to other galaxies in search of these worlds, they containing the necessary resources to sustain the Empire. They vary in both resource wealth and levels of defense in terms of difficulty to seize control of. Most worlds range in a five or six out of ten in terms of wealth, and are normally level zero out of three relative to defense. This system has been constructed due to the consistency of biological organisms and entities constantly inhabiting these worlds and impeding Drone efforts to extract resources for reasons of personal salvation. Whenever this is the case, the opposition is appropriately met with an effecti9ve force to eradicate all obstacles.

In early Drone history, terrestrial planets were the staple for sheer existence, much of the young Drone Empire finding salvation on these primitive worlds, as in it's infancy, astroengineering was not feasible until 00132. Today, such planets have ceased to exist, but in the place of many original Drone worlds are hybrid planets, almost perfectly defining the boundaries of the Empire in it's earliest years. While rarely are Terrestrial worlds spared total annihilation, in these instances the world must be strategically located that their uses would be beneficial. On all other occasions, terrestrial worlds are destroyed from mining process, stripped to nothing more than vast clouds of dust. Fairly often, Synthetic worlds are disguised heavily as terrestrial worlds to deter assault, normally as a barren, inhospitable rock, but in some cases such as the planet Regent Genesis, they are posed as worlds bountiful in life, but of course all visible life forms are either composed of crystal or are mechanical replications of real life forms.

-- End of Geography of The Empire --
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The Drone Government and Politics

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The Imperial Government

In any nation, there lies a government, be it corrupt, benevolent, or oppressive. So of course, the Drone Empire possesses it's own, yet it's concerns are vastly different than the standards of more inferior peoples. In such nations, there exists the concerns of the people, whether 'positive' or 'negative', and if it does not satisfy the needs of the populace, then said government will fail, as history has shown. However, when a government removes the people's needs, makes it impossible for them to revolt, to rebel, to defy the government by all feasible means, then that government may do what is absolutely necessary, no matter the cost.

This is the case for the Drone Empire. After the civil war period during the Drone Nadir, Empress S.A.I.D.E removed the key functions for Drone empathy, emotion, and critical thinking. In truth, the entirety of the Drone Empire has a populace in the same way an ant colony has workers - mindless and willing to serve any cause. This made controlling an Empire of both such infamous nature and extensive size exponentially easier - no longer were there economic concerns, morale concerns, the need to cater to public demands was erased forever, and this has since boosted the Drone Empire's overall power continuously. However, it is no only forces outside a government that see to it's success, it is what lays within.

Inside the government is a sprawling bureaucracy that micromanages almost every aspect of the Empire, simplifying and filtering out the complex decisions necessary until it becomes simple 'yes', 'no', or 'maybe' (For further discussion). While there are trillions of A.I's within the government performing these tasks,
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