Factbook: Capitalist Republic of North California:

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Factbook: Capitalist Republic of North California:

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Capitalist Republic of North California



Motto: Eureka!
Region: Libertarian
Founded: July 4th, 2013
Reformed into Capitalist Republic: November 22, 2014
Capital: San Jose
Largest City: San Jose
Official Language(s): English
Unofficial Language(s) but widely spoken: Spanish
Leader: President William Albert (New Republican)
Population: 51 396 254*
Currency: North California Dollar (NC$)

Based on the 2011 Censuses of the former States of California, Oregon, Washington, northern Nevada, and Montana.


Governing Policies:
Most things in North California are privately funded. Following legislation as of December 21st, 2013, taxes have been outlawed with a new amendment to the North California Constitution. With no taxes, all government revenue comes trading. The entire foreign policy of the RNC is based off peaceful commerce and trading, with the exception of strict security on the border's with Mexico, Canada, and the USSA. War is only allowed when there is a direct threat to security or an attack. The border with the CLC is relatively peaceful. With the CRNC's business friendly laws, and extremely skilled workforce, many companies do business in North California. People escaping the USSA come to the CRNC and find a higher standard of living, higher wages (assuming that they work hard and earn their wages, that is), and more political, personal, and economic freedom. With this in mind, the people of North California are in charge of their own destiny, and must look after themselves, i.e, not government handouts, welfare, or other wasteful programs. This attitude has created a very resourceful and hard working populace. Corporations do not have much of say in politics, as by the Constitution, lobbying is restricted and bailouts are illegal. All drugs except for heroin and cocaine are legal, the government has no say in marriage (the People can marry whoever or whatever they want, as many of them).

There is no central bank, as that is also outlawed by the CRNC Constitution. The government has no say in the economy, due to the nation's embracing of laissez faire, and economic liberty. There are three currencies allowed: North California Dollars (backed by gold and silver mined in the local Sierra Mountains), and silver and gold themselves.

The CRNC has minimal border security, which operates more of a defense against invasion rather than to stop illegal immigration, because since it is pretty much impossible for illegal immigrants to leech off of society, they are not a problem, and actually contribute to the economy, mainly in agriculture.

The Armed Forces of the Capitalist Republic of North California are very small, and therefore, the CRNC can only fight one war at a time, and those wars are local, and smaller scale (although the war with the USSA has heavily escalated after the USSA nuking of Mount St. Helen's and gas attacks in escape tunnels underneath Tacoma). To make up for having a small military, the Armed Forces go through extensive training. As a result of this extensive and highly effective training, the military of the CRNC is one of the best in the world for an armed force of its size. Also, due to the government's stance on spending, the military is funded with almost no government money. Instead, it gets its equipment from various weapons caches left over from the days of the United States, and private donators who care about the defense of their nation. Private companies (such as Liberty Transportation) donate large sums of money to the Armed Forces. Wealthier people tend to donate much money to the military. However, unlike what the old USA did, the only thing people who "donate" large amounts of money to the military get in return is a safe nation. No benefits, no under the table deals. This alleviates corruption, and makes the nation safer.

    Army- A small-sized, fast-moving army. Makes wide use of Humvees and tanks. Primary weapon is the M4A2 Assault rifle manufactured by Grizzly-Liberty Arms, Inc.

    Constitutional Air Force- The best air force on the West Coast of North America. Small, but powerful. Has powerful fighters such as the F-22's, but specializes in bombing, particularly long-range bombing, with their trademark plane- the B-52 Stratofortress bomber. Other aircraft used include the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, the Predator Drone, the Apache Helicopter, and the Blackhawk Helicopter.

    Republican Navy- A small but powerful navy that only protects the waters of the CRNC, and does not go into to international waters and get involved in the affairs of other nations, opposite to what the former US Navy did. Prioritize in battleships, submarines, and aircraft carriers.

    Office of Federal Intelligence: The Office of Federal Intelligence (OFI) was founded by the Republican Navy as a way to provide the North Californian Armed Forces with proper intelligence and data. Following the CRNC's peaceful foreign policies, no OFI agents are deployed in any nations around the globe, except for diplomacy and trade. The exceptions to this are the agents operating from within the USSA, as currently, the CRNC and USSA are in a state of war. OFI gathers its data through Internet searches and hacks, questioning of prisoners of war, and going on to the battlefield itself and collecting data from within the USSA. President William Albert is trying very hard to limit the powers of OFI so that it does not turn into the disaster that was the CIA in the former United States. He has gotten the OFI to ban water boarding and other forms of torture. However, OFI had still managed to create the highly controversial Project: Eagle, which is a highly classified project to create super soldiers.

    Liberty Rangers-Special Forces. Can deployed anywhere, but are most effective in mountainous terrain. Use silenced MP-Hl's, manufactured by Grizzly-Liberty Arms, Inc.

The CRNC Military uses weapons formerly used by the USA. The CRNC now develops its own weapons based on former US ones.

MAA2 "Liberator":Image



MA9 (Discontinued from military use):Image
MA10: Image

In late 2011 and continuing into 2012, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul started what was known as the "Ron Paul Revolution." Ron Paul was a man of peace, prosperity, and happiness. He followed the Constitution to the bone, something the US government had neglected to do for some time. He was against the wars, against big government, against higher taxes, against government regulation, against the prohibition of marijuana, and he was a real capitalist, and advocate of the free market. Ron Paul ended up wining the Republican nomination, and his Revolution was growing stronger. He stood against the inflation of the US dollar, and the Federal Reserve. He gained much support. When election time was closing in, Barack Obama unleashed a series of media attacks on Ron Paul, sometimes not even explaining why he disagreed with Ron Paul, but just ignorantly claimed that he was bad. Ron Paul won the popular vote by a landslide (with 68% of the vote), but the Obama administration had won the Electoral College vote and thus, was made President again. Twice in less than 15 years, the Electoral College has screwed up an election (the first time was the 2000 election, which George W. Bush should not have won). This time, the people were outraged and revolted. The Obama Administration's security forces attempted to quell the rebellion, which sparked an all-out civil war in the US. This prompts the Second American Civil War.

In the Second American Civil War, many states that had voted for Ron Paul in the popular vote (that being about 47 states) revolted against the Federal Government under Barack Obama. The Department of Homeland Security labeled Ron Paul as a terrorist and assassinated him for "provoking rebellion." This caused much outrage, even in the liberal state of California, which was one of the three states not to entirely revolt and declare secession. California was split. Southern California was lost to mass hordes of illegal immigrants who got it to secede from California and the US and be annexed by Mexico. Many other states formed their own nations, all with small national governments, and strong local governments. These states modeled their new Constitution off of the former US Constitution, (except they all revised the 14th Amendment so that no illegal immigrant could have a child in the nation and that child instantly became a citizen) and followed it strictly. In New Mexico, a movement started by Gary Johnson called Libertarian merged with another movement in southern Alabama called Conservatism to form the Confederacy of Libertarian Conservatism. However, the US Federal Government under Barack Obama re-conquered the Northeast and much of the Midwest, forming the USSA. Libertarian Conservatism is locked in a conflict with Mexico and USSA currently. Back in California, the northern half of the state seceded from the US and formed the Republic of North California. The government is very small, and the people and the localities have a much bigger say in national affairs than they did in the US.

The Republic of North California was officially declared on July 4th, 2013. The Capitol was moved to San Jose, the largest city in the Republic. A new political party was created, called the New Republican Party. This party is generally a right-leaning libertarian party. The party advocates for maximum economic freedom, and maximum personal freedom and is largely based off the views of Ron Paul and John Huntsman (both former Republicans in the former US). The NRP believes in abolishing many taxes, and having a peaceful foreign policy. The NRP advocates for staying out of international affairs and says that interaction with other nations shall be peaceful and with aims to trade. Corporations that ship their jobs overseas are frowned upon. The NRP won every government seat in the Republic of North California's (RNC) first ever elections, with President William Albert taking office. There is no electoral college, and all elections are done by popular vote. Sales tax is the only type of tax in the nation, and it ranges from 3% to 15%. Corporations that are North Californian based that ship their jobs to other nations pay heavy fees and government spending is unheard of, except for border security. Bailouts are outlawed by the RNC Constitution, and the currency is backed by gold that is mined in the local Sierra Mountains. Citizens have the right to do almost anything both personally, economically, and politically. Freedom is a maximum concern for the government, and it does what ever it can to make itself smaller to give the people more liberties. Most drugs (except heroin and cocaine) are legalized.

In the middle of President William Albert's first term (in late 2014), the RNC was reformed into the Capitalist Republic of North California (signifying the nation's usage of a system of economics similar to "Capitalizm" here on NationStates, basically, laissez-faire) called the CRNC, a and the nation expanded up to the former US-Canada Border (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana), and has northern Nevada. Right now, the

The War with Mexico, the USSA, and the alliance with Libertarian Conservatism
*Note: North California has not yet been reformed into the Capitalist Republic of North California, and is still just the Republic of North California.

This begins around November of 2013. The RNC is officially allies with Libertarian Conservatism (CLC), as the two nations were founded on similar principles. While the CLC remains in conflict with the USSA and Mexico, the RNC tries to stay out of the conflict, but pledges support to the CLC. The RNC has a lot of extra surplus money left from nearly zero government spending, as is using some of it to fund the CLC so they can get more weapons in order to liberate Texas from Mexico. If Mexico shows a response to this, North California will liberate the Mexican state of Alta California (Southern California to many int he RNC). If that were to happen, a declaration of war would be issued, and the war would be justified by the Constitution, and the war would be brief, and effective. The RNC does not need to worry about an invasion from the USSA or Mexico because the North Californian people are well armed and will defend their free country, which would wreak havoc on an occupying force. The RNC has only two nuclear weapons, which were left over from the days when the US still existed. However, the RNC has no intention of using them.

However, greater pressure called for increased support of the CLC's campaigns in Arizona. The North Californian government met in San Jose and issued a legal declaration of war on Mexico. Using highways built by Liberty Transportation, North California M1 Abram tanks were able to push into Utah to be given to the CLC. Reno is annexed by the RNC, and it's multimillion dollar gambling interest is revitalized as many North Californians wish to gamble. Also, the RNC pushes south into Mexico, taking the town of Madera, which is turned into an air force base for bombing raids on Bakersfield, Mexico. After these, the Eastern Sierras were taken, and the northern part of what remained of Nevada were annexed into the RNC. The numerous bombing raids leveled Bakersfield, which was the agricultural center for food to supply Alta California. With Bakersfield destroyed, and its farms burning in huge fires, many Mexican military units in California could not longer be easily supplied and starved. Many such as the garrison in Santa Monica surrendered to the RNC. San Clemente Island was taken, and North Californian tanks steamed down the remains of Interstate 40 over the Grape Vine Mountains and into the suburbs of East LA. A Predator Drone strike on the LA City Hall killed much of Mexican installed government in Alta California. The Republican Navy also bombed San Diego Bay and Santa Monica. A massive military force closes down on LA and takes it. Orange County falls right behind it. San Diego falls, and within days, Mexico is expelled entirely from California, and peace is made with them. However, in the north, the USSA invades the free nations of Oregon and Washington.

The USSA's take over of Washington and Oregon heavily angers the RNC populace, and they cry for action. The New Republican Party tells them they will try all peaceful options first before they take force. Refugees from Oregon and Washington tell of the horrors of the USSA. Concentration camps and gulags are being built there. Many people are being forced into those places. These people range from capitalists, libertarians, constitutionalists, people who want the old USA back, and anyone else Obama considers to be a "political dissident." The RNC places many trade embargoes on the USSA. But, to the people, that is not enough. Finally, after much debate in Congress, President William Albert signs the declaration of war against the USSA. The Republican Navy attacks the USSA Navy in Portland Harbor, while the Army moves up north from the Oregon-North California border. Sorties of B-52's in Reno fly north and bomb the f*** out of Boise, Idaho. Liberty Rangers parachute into Salem, and take it that same night. Oregon falls by the end of the month. RNC forces get ready for the push on Washington. The USSA Navy in the Pacific is all but decimated. Alaska declares independence and becomes a free nation, so the last of the USSA Pacific Fleet is in Hawaii, but Hawaii is too far away to help make a difference. Boise surrenders after heavy bombing. Most of the city is in ashes. The USSA military retreats to northern Idaho. Southern Idaho becomes North Californian. Washington builds heavy defenses to try and block the RNC attack that will happen soon.

Back home, the North California people celebrate, shouting, "Death to USSA!" and "Kill the Commies!". North California readies one of its nukes, and points it at Seattle, but does not use it yet. The nuke is a last resort weapon, as the fighting for Washington state will be bloody. The USSA points many nukes at North California, with San Jose being targeted by over 180 nukes, and Oakland being targeted by 145. Other cities targeted: Los Angeles, New Baker (the rebuilt city of Bakersfield), San Diego, and Sacramento. Luckily, no nukes have been used yet.

Across the Pacific, with USSA influence shrinking as North California moves north up Oregon. The attack on Washington will be set for tomorrow. In Asia, South Korea and Japan (two very powerful capitalist nations) break their alliance with the the USSA and ally with North California and the CLC. South Korea invades North Korea. Casualties are high at first, as North Korea's military has massive numbers, but eventually, the superior South Korean technology prevails. As South Korea closes in on Pyongyang, N. Korea becomes desperate and nukes their own city, killing the South Korean military force battling to take it. Another nuke is sent to Seoul, the South Korean capital, but the nuke is intercepted by South Korean jets and destroyed. This act causes world wide condemnation on North Korea. The USSA is only country that supports North Korea. Because of this Japan breaks old post-World War II treaties with the old USA and begins a draft and prepares a sneak attack on Hawaii, using the same strategies as Pearl Harbor, except with more modern equipment.

Japanese F-22's soar over Hawaii as their amphibious force storms into Honolulu. The large, but poorly trained Japanese force struggles against the USSA garrison there. Fighting lasts for many weeks.

RNC forces move into Washington State. The Army moves north into the Cascade mountains, but USSA forces are heavily entrenched in there, and progress is slow. Tanks cannot traverse the mountains, and have to wait for the Army to clear them before they can move in. However, C-130's fly over Centralia and drop paratroops from the Army. They take the city, and use its airfield to safely get tanks into Washington State. Liberty Rangers drop in via Blackhawk helicopter onto Mount Saint Helen's. To the shock of the world, the USSA had built an underground fortress in the mountain, and when the Liberty Rangers got there, they found it deserted. However, they did find an armed nuclear weapon there. The Rangers quickly got to disarming it, but the USSA expected this, and remotely detonated the weapon. Mount St. Helen's was destroyed, as was the surrounding area, and and the Liberty Rangers. It is known why a nuke was set off, due to the fact that it only killed a platoon of Liberty Rangers. Perhaps the USSA expected more troops to assault the mountain. No one knows.

Tanks are flown into Centralia, and are sent down south to the Cascade Mountains to flank the USSA forces there fighting the army. Eventually, all USSA forces in the mountains are defeated. RNC forces turn their attention towards Tacoma. A bombing run attempt is made on Olympia, but the planes are shot down.

The USSA's detonation of nuclear device shocks the world. The USSA is expelled from the UN. The RNC moves north from Centralia to Tacoma. Seeing this, Tacoma is heavily fortified, and a tunnel system connecting Tacoma to Olympia to Spokane to Seattle is constructed.

First, the fast moving Humvees storm into Tacoma, but face heavy resistance from the USSA. Liberty Rangers sneak into the major military bases within fifty miles of the city, and destroy them using TNT. Because of this the USSA cannot reinforce its troops as good, and instead focus on fortifying Olympia and Spokane. Back in Tacoma, the North California Army begins fighting with building-to-building and street-to-street fighting. The fighting gets so intense that bombers cannot be called in for fear of killing friendly units. Another division of the Army organizes an evacuation of civilians. In the USSA, all dissident civilians are being move to a concentration camp outside Spokane.

Once the Humvees get deep into Tacoma, the Abrams Tanks come up behind them with Apaches. The USSA attempts to bomb Tacoma, but F-22's intercept all USSA planes and shoot them down. As the Army closes in on and surrounds the City Hall, desperate USSA forces hold out, as high-ranking officials escape down into the tunnel system on the way to Olympia. Seeing that the tunnels are rather large, the RNC sends in a regiment of the Army to capture the USSA officials escaping and to begin an early attack on Olympia.

The USSA sees this, and pumps the tunnel full of gas, even with their officials still in there. An entire division of Army dies without a shot being fired. The USSA's use of chemical weapons further outrages the international world. However, China gets drawn closer to the USSA. The nuking of Mount St. Helen's and the gas attack in the Tacoma Tunnel outrages the North Californian people so much that they call for the nuking of Seattle and an attack on Washington DC. However, President William Albert tries to be as rational as possible and holds off on nuking Seattle, fear the consequences that could come from using a nuclear weapon. And an attack on DC would be impractical as it is too far away and heavily defended.

Elsewhere, in Hawaii, Korea comes to the aid of Japan and the USSA is defeated in the Pacific. American Samoa and Guam declare independence. In the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands join the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico declares its independence.

The RNC Army in Tacoma rests for three days, and gets reinforced with new troops and equipment. They get set for the massive assault on the state capitol of Olympia. High-flying Predator Drones target the anti-aircraft guns stationed on the ground. This makes it safer for the Constitutional Air Force to move in. With the anti-aircraft batteries destroyed, F-22 Raptors escorting the heavy B-52 Stratofortresses fly in low over the city. The F-22's shoot down the USSA MiG fighters while the B-52 Stratofortresses literally blow Olympia apart. Downtown is reduced to smoldering rubble, and City Hall is made the epicenter of a carpet bomb strike. The last of the MiG's fly in circles around the State Capitol. Below the Mig's, fly Hinds Helicopters. It is too dangerous to fly near, so the Constitutional Air Force's planes fly back to the base in Tacoma. The Army flying in Blackhawk helicopters being escorted by Apaches flies past most of the smoldering city to the State Capitol, where the last USSA resistance is being put up. The Washington State government flees down into the tunnels below and escapes to Seattle. Apaches shoot rockets into the Capitol Building as Army troops armed with Stinger Missiles shoot down the Hinds. Abrams tanks show up and blow a large gap into the front of the Capitol Building. Army troops storm inside, eliminating any remaining USSA troops. The MiG fighters retreat to Spokane. Within a matter of hours, Olympia falls, with little casualties for the RNC. The operation went near perfect, and proved how effective heavy bombing can be when capturing a city.

OPERATION: Liberating Revolution (Early 2014)
Spokane. The last city before Seattle. Large USSA armies are placed outside of the city, a few miles north. The USSA is going to attempt to counter-attack in Spokane with a "Stalingrad-like" strategy. The RNC is going to attempt to attack Spokane using the same strategy as used on Olympia.

6:00 AM: RNC Predator Drones fly over Spokane, looking for anti-aircraft weapons to strike. The USSA learned its lesson from Olympia, and this time, the USSA covered up the anti-aircraft guns.

6:15 AM: The USSA spots the Predator Drones, MiG's are sent in pursuit of them. Most are destroyed. Only a few retreat back to Olympia.

7:00 AM: Since the anti-aircraft guns are not destroyed, the B-52's cannot safely make a bombing run, and are held back in Tacoma. However, the F-22's fly into the city anyways and fight the MiG's up in the sky.

7:30 AM: The F-22's have the upper hand over the MiG's, but the anti-aircraft guns come to life. Surface-to-Air-Missiles (SAM's) are fired at the F-22's. A few F-22's are destroyed.

8:30 AM: The Army goes along with the operation anyways and moves into the city using tanks and Humvees. As soon as they enter the city, they meet heavy resistance from the USSA army.

9:45 AM: The RNC Army finally breaks into the city and begins moving down the streets. Abrams tanks clear pathways down congested roads. In the skies above, the F-22's are loosing to the SAM's.

10:30 AM: The Army moves further into the city, only meeting heavier resistance. Many civilians are caught in the cross fire. However, the Army muscles its way towards the City Hall.

Noon: The RNC Army in Boise moves north to take the northern bit of Idaho. Washington State becomes cut off from the rest of the USSA. The last F-22's retreat back to Tacoma. In the Constitution Airfield in Madera, a long range heavy B-52 Stratofortress is armed with a nuclear weapon known as Revolution. All other nukes in the RNC are activated (but not used). In the USSA, all nukes near the West Coast are put on stand-by. The battle-weary Army moves further into Spokane, where they encounter the heaviest USSA resistance of the war. However, tanks coming in from another street relieve some pressure, and the Army gets into the government district.

1:30 PM: The Army storms into City Hall. The officials there have already escaped to Seattle. Nonetheless, the Army turns City Hall into a command center and heavily fortifies it. They surround the building with their tanks. They think they have finally captured the city, but they are wrong.

2:00 PM: Two divisions of the USSA Army come in from north of the city. They surround the City Hall. The Army is well entrenched into the building and can hold out for a while. This is some of the most intense fighting of the war.

6:00 PM: The Army has held out for four hours, but supplies are running low. Some Arbams are out of rockets and the USSA closes in even closer. A second squadron of F-22's flies in to take down the MiG's, and this time, they succeed. The F-22's begin strafing the USSA army on the ground, but the anti-aircraft weapons prevents them from doing much.

7:00 PM: The night is beginning to set in, but the city is still alight with gunfire and explosions. All the Arbams tanks have been destroyed, and all that is holding down the building is a lone regiment, against one and half divisions. Ammo is running dangerously low. RNC snipers target the officer-in-command standing next to a USSA tank. The officer is killed, and the USSA forces become disorganized, but only for a moment. However, the Army takes advantage of this and lays down heavy fire on the distracted USSA troops. But, the advantage is soon lost, as the USSA soldiers recover and keep pressing.

7:30 PM: The USSA is now at the doorstep of the Spokane City Hall. Back at the forward operating base in Tacoma, a new plan is devised. Liberty Rangers will sneak into the city and eliminate the anti-aircraft weapons, which would allow the B-52's to come in. Humvees with squads of Liberty Rangers head out.

8:00 PM: The USSA breaks into City Hall. The Army pulls out their close quarters weapons. The fighting gets intense and the Army gets into an even more desperate situation as more USSA troops pour into the building. Some Army soldiers run out of ammo and pick up their fallen comrade's guns. Some use their fists and knives.

8:30 PM: The Liberty Ranger squads arrive at their respective anti-aircraft guns. The Army is down to a platoon. They are trying to hold out against a division of USSA soldiers. Some RNC troops start throwing grenades, knives, chairs, tables. Anything to stay alive.

9:00 PM: The Army is forced to retreat to the roof of City Hall, where they will make their final stand. They are down to only 3 squads. An animalistic has taken them over and they are using whatever they have left to stay alive, but the situation seems hopeless. Elsewhere in the city, the situation looks better for the RNC. The Liberty Rangers manage to destroy all the anti-aircraft weapons. They radio back to Tacoma saying that it is all clear for the B-52's. The B-52's take off, en route to Spokane.

9:10 PM: The B-52's are right outside Spokane. The Army forces fighting for their lives on the roof of City Hall receive a radio message from one of the B-52 pilots. These words would later become an icon of the war. "Soldiers, this Lieutenant Mike Hoffman of the Constitutional Air Force. We are heading towards you with 35,000 tons of 's*** your pants'. This will be danger close, so I suggest you hold on to something. Now let's kill these commies and end this thing!

9:15 PM: The B-52's fly over Spokane, unleashing their powerful load. The RNC Army troops and the USSA soldiers both look up as they see the city of Spokane go up in a ball of fire, as a squadron of B-52's carpet bomb the city. The B-52's then turn towards City Hall. Everyone knows what's coming. The B-52's bombs begin hitting the USSA forces surrounding City Hall. The last thing the RNC Army hears before the bombs hit the City Hall building is "Danger close".

9:30 PM: There is carnage everywhere. The destroyed city of Spokane is now a flaming pile of rubble. The USSA forces are gone. Half of the City Hall building collapsed, killing all inside. Gas pipes in the building broke as well, killing those who were in the half of the building that didn't collapse. On the roof of the remaining half of City Hall, a lone battered, RNC Army Squad remained. They noticed that the flag pole was still standing. They found a North California flag on the ground. It was dirty and tattered, but it would do. They removed the USSA flag and threw it into a nearby fire. They then raised the North California flag over the building. This became the most famous image of the war.

10:30 PM: In response to loosing Spokane, USSA President Obama is furious. He does the unthinkable...

11:00 PM: A USSA biological weapon is launched into Salem, the North California city home to many refugees from the USSA. Obama considers these refugees "traitors." The weapon detonates above the city, releasing anthrax all over it. No one is spared. In San Jose and across the RNC, President William Albert and the people are furious. William Albert's next move is questionable, but later on, the RNC people and many others will see it as a necessary act. The heavy B-52 in the Constitution Air Field in Madera takes off.

Midnight: A lone B-52 Stratofortress equipped with limited stealth technology flies high above Seattle. In its cargo bay: Revolution, a rather large atomic bomb. The pilot turns his radio on so that everyone in the RNC can hear what he has to say. This is what he said:

"Seattle, don't worry any longer. The Revolution is here."

With that, he dropped the bomb. Seattle was instantly vaporized. The pilot was last heard yelling the nation's motto, "Eureka!" on the radio before his B-52 was shot down.

The next day, President William Albert of the RNC and President Barack Obama of the USSA each met in person for peace talks. William Albert wanted to beat Obama down right there, but he kept his composure. Peace was finally established. Washington State and any remaining bits of Idaho were to be handed over to the RNC, and the USSA was to pay heavy reparations for all their crimes from using biological weapons, to mass-murdering their people in concentration camps. The RNC walked away a little battered, but stronger than ever. The military was to be down-sized to pre-war levels, and the economy was to switch back to a peace-time economy. The USSA walked away with heavy reparations, which ravaged the nation. The last word heard from the USSA was that a revolution had begun against the communist regime. However, it is presumed that this revolution failed, and the USSA remained an oppressive, communist dictatorship.

Across in the Confederacy of Libertarian Conservatism:

RNC television- This Eureka News at 6: War has erupted in eastern New Mexico! After the USSA's crushing defeat in the Washington War, President Barack Obama has turned his attention to Texas, and the Confederacy of Libertarian Conservatism. Many North Californian's support their New Mexican brothers, and hope that they defeat our most hated enemy: the United Socialist States of America.

In other news, the city of Salem has been quarantined, and will never be populated again thanks to the anthrax attack there unleashed by the USSA just a few days ago. The large amount of fighting that was in Washington and the nuking of Seattle has caused many citizens to migrate down south to Oregon and California. Land in Washington State is being sold to various companies at a cheap price for development and mining. A giant memorial to the war have been built in Spokane. It is of the Californian grizzly bear bearing a tattered "California Republic" flag in its teeth and the bear is charging in the direction of Seattle. The memorial was placed right in front of the remains of the old Spokane City Hall, which has also become a memorial to the war. Right outside the city of Salem, a giant cross was erected to commemorate the refugees killed by anthrax. This is Bob Hartman, and thanks for watching Eureka News at Six. You stay classy California.

The CLC comes under attack by the USSA in New Mexico. President William Albert thinks about helping the CLC. He realizes that attacking the USSA would break the peace treaty. However, one of his advisers tells him that the USSA has already broken the peace treaty by attacking the CLC. The RNC issues another declaration of war on the USSA. The Liberty Air Force scrambles its B-52's in Constitution Airfield in Madera. They fly into El Paso, Texas, USSA. The planes fly over El Paso, carpet bombing the city. El Paso is leveled to the ground, and USSA forces in New Mexico loose contact with their base back in Texas. In the northwest, the RNC Army builds defenses along the Idaho/Montana border, but does not attack. The RNC wishes to keep this war small scale, and will not make an territorial gain. However, the whole of the RNC military can be used to fight for the CLC.

Idaho-Montana Border: The border of the RNC and the USSA: USSA tanks accompanied by troops cross into Idaho, RNC. Army troops stationed along the border fight back with their new M4A2's. The weapon proves highly effective. The USSA troops are eliminated, and Apache helicopters deal with the tanks. However, the Army does it advance, following President William Albert's orders to only fight in defense, and not to gain territory. USSA agents infiltrate Canada and begin a socialist revolution, attempting to make Canada an ally and fight the RNC. Currently, Canada has not supported either side, and has stayed out of the conflict. Canada has also closed its border with both the RNC and the USSA.

In the Pacific Northwest, the nation of Alaska (no longer part of the USSA, and now its own country) dips into its vast oil reserves and becomes the 2nd largest exporter of oil in the world, surpassing Russia, and right behind Saudi Arabia. Alaska has a boom economy, and many people from northwest Canada and eastern Russia emigrate to Alaska. The population of Alaska grows substantially.

The socialist revolution in Canada fails, but Canadian intelligence is unable to make a connection to the USSA agents in the country. Canada reaffirms its neutrality. In North California, the Republican Navy establishes the OFI, or the Office of Federal Intelligence. OFI enlists the help of Grizzly-Liberty Arms and constructs a factory and a test range out in the Mojave Desert. Right next to this complex, the Republican Navy builds a training ground. This entire facility is top secret, and the Navy and OFI deny its existence. The new MA9 assault rifle is produced as an early prototype, and given to a select few of Liberty Ranger teams. The Liberty Rangers are told that will be testing the weapon so it can be given to the rest of military as well, replacing the M4A2 Liberator. However, there are two things that the Liberty Rangers are not told:

1. The M4A2 Liberator is an extremely effective weapon that will not be replaced anytime soon.

2. After they are done testing, the MA9's will not go to the rest of the military, but to a new special forces unit that will be better than the Liberty Rangers.

This new unit does not have an official name, but is referred to as Project: Eagle. OFI begins looking for recruits who meet the extremely strict physical requirements. Training must begin at a young age. Throughout the country, 300 able-bodied 10 year old boys are abducted by OFI agents and taken to the Mojave Desert to begin training.

Mojave Desert: OFI Project Eagle Training Grounds:

The trainees reach the age of 11. The rigorous training has made them just as fit as a Junior Varsity high school football star. They begin training with the MA9 rifle.

Idaho/Montana Border:

USSA citizens are fleeing into North California. To counter this, the USSA constructs the Montana Line. The Montana Line runs up and down western Montana. The entire western edge of Montana is a militarized zone with landmines scattered along the border with Idaho. Giant walls are build, and Hinds Helicopter and MiG fighters patrol the border shooting down anyone trying to escape to the RNC. Liberty Rangers are sent on covert operations into Montana to help refugees escape. RNC artillery strikes are made on the Montana Line, weakening it.

Outside of Reno, Nevada, a massive spaceport is built by the company California Cosmos. They name the spaceport Reno International Spaceport (RIS). California Cosmos works on building spacecraft to put the first RNC Libernaut (a mix of Liberty and Astronaut) into orbit around the Earth.

The Reformation into the Capitalist Republic, the end of the war on the USSA, and the early brewing of civil war
Late 2014: It has been a few months since the nuking of Seattle. RNC forces have entered Montana. Facing firm USSA resistance, the Army makes little progress at first, but reinforcements boost up the offensive, and the USSA is defeated at the Line. With the breaking of the Montana Line, the rest of Montana is liberated within three weeks. The President Albert tells Barack Obama of the USSA that if he does not surrender, then Washington DC will be attacked, and New York and Chicago will be bombed (but not nuclear). The USSA realizes that the CRNC is defeating it really badly and surrenders. This brings and end to the war. It is a clear RNC victory. President William Albert's approval rating hits 85%.

In San Jose, President William Albert passes legislation that would reform the Republic of North California into the Capitalist Republic of North California. In reality, little has changed from the way the Republic was governed. The addition of the word "Capitalist" to the title Republic of North California was purely symbolic, and intended to represent the nation's values of free markets and free people. Austrian economics are still used, and President William Albert is still president. His approval ratings are 90% now. Under him, the CRNC has expanded to include all of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and the northern half of Nevada. He also successfully defeated the USSA in a bloody war, and liberated many States. He begins the downsizing of the military.

Unbeknownst to the CRNC government, the USSA secretly breaks the peace treaty and sends CIA agents into Washington and Idaho. The mission: to brew a socialist revolution and split the CRNC, making the recapture of Montana much easier. CIA agents arrive and begin to spread socialist propaganda around via radio shows, internet, and television. Many CIA agents also begin local communist parties in the cities they infiltrate. They brainwash people into thinking that the CRNC is an oppressive corporate police state. Of course in the name of political freedom, these communist parties are allowed to exist, but many citizens (especially those in Washington) grow suspicious at the growing number of communists in their communities. These qualms begin planting the seeds for the future civil war.

Cities and Major Areas:
    San Jose- Capitol, second largest city, and a large producer of electronic products.

    Los Angeles- Largest city. A large economic hub.

    San Francisco- The third largest city. During the civil war, many liberals in SF tried to secede from North California. But, their rebellion failed to gather support, and many San Franciscans (foolishly) left the RNC for the USSA. San Francisco is now repopulated by the general North Californian populace, and has climbed back to pre-civil war production and population levels.

    Seattle: Destroyed by a nuclear strike in war against the USSA. Radioactive

    San Diego-Fourth largest city. Training grounds for the Liberty Rangers are Camp Pendleton. City is also where the border patrol head quarters are located

    Boise: Military city.

    Oakland- Fifth largest city, and an important production city. Much of the RNC's military equipment and civilian automobiles are made in Oakland's factories.

    Great Falls: Newly acquired from the USSA. Many refugee camps set up there.

    Portland-A major trading hub for trades involving Canada and Alaska, as well as smuggled goods from people escaping the USSA.

    Tacoma: Small military city.

    Spokane: Electronic industry hub, second to Silicon Valley.

    Olympia: Just another city

    Salem- Former capitol of the state of Oregon and a former refugee city for all those escaping the USSA. Destroyed by a USSA anthrax attack. The city is now quarantined.

    Reno- Acquired from the nation of Nevada. Major industry is gambling. Sixth largest city.

    Sacramento- Former capitol of the state of California. Large military city. North California Army School is in Sacramento.

    Fresno- Agricultural center of the northern half of nation.

    Madera- A large town of 200,000. The Constitutional Air Force has a large base here, known as Constitution Airfield.

    New Baker-The agricultural center for the southern half of the nation. Built on the remains of the old city of Bakersfield.

Major Companies:
    Apple, Inc.- Founded in Cupertino by Steve Jobs, now one of the largest companies in the world. Apple is the lead contributor to North California's electronic industry.

    Liberty Transportation- This company was founded after North California became a sovereign nation. This company mainly builds roads and railways for nation. Liberty Transportation has also expanded the San Jose International Airport, making it bigger than the San Fransisco International Airport. Liberty Transportation does a lot of volunteer work for the nation, and as a result, is generally well like by both the people, and the government, and is seen as an honest company.

    Grizzly-Liberty Arms- A company like Liberty Transportation that was founded after the Republic of North California became an independent nation. This company is centered in Oakland where all its factories are located, and builds all hand-held weapons, from the standard-issue M4 Carbine to grenades and combat knives. Merged with the company Liberty Arms in Libertarian Conservatism

    California Cosmos: This company is a start-up, private space company that built the Reno International Spaceport (RIS). They plan to put the first North Californian Libernaut into space within the next six months with their first flight on the rocket, California 1. The first commercial flight will be within the next year.

Ground Transportation
North California's transportation network is in partnership with the transportation network of the Confederacy of Libertarian Conservatism. All speed limits are are 85 mph, except on the two Express Interstates and the C-6 Express SuperInterstate.

All interstates in North California are marked as the letter "C" and then a number.

    C-1: A 6 lane Interstate that runs from Spokane to Portland to Sacramento to San Jose to Fresno to New Baker to Los Angeles to San Diego, and then to Mexico.

    C-2: A 4 lane Interstate that runs from Salem(redirected) Boise to Reno to Sacramento to San Francisco.

    C-3: An 8 lane express Interstate that runs from Portland to San Francisco, and then directly to Los Angeles. The speed limit is 110 mph on this highway.

    C-4: Another 8 lane express Interstate that runs from San Jose to LA. Speed limit is 110 mph.

    C-5: A 4 lane Interstate that connects Reno to the I-5 highway in Las Vegas, CLC.

    C-6: A 12 lane express SuperInterstate that connects San Jose to the I-2 in Las Vegas, CLC. Speed limits are 130 mph.

    C-7: A 6 lane express Interstate that connects Tacoma to Olympia to Spokane to Boise to Great Falls

Air and Sea Transportation:
Air Transportation

Here are the airports in the RNC. Order of most used:

    SJ Intl' Airport
    Los Angeles (LAX)
    San Francisco Intl' Airport
    Portland (Port of Portland)
    Spokane Intl'
    San Diego Intl' Airport
    Boise Intl'
    Great Falls Intl'

Sea Transport

    Port of San Francisco
    Port of Portland
    Port of Oakland
    Port of San Diego
    Port of Los Angeles

Space Transportation:
Reno International Spaceport.

To Arms in Cali

*To the tune of To Arms in Dixie

"Cali men, the thunders mutter
Commie flags in Nor-Cal's flutter
To arms, to arms, to arms, in Cali

Send them back your fierced defiance
Stop the Communist Alliance
To arms, to arms, to arms, in Cali

Advance the flag of Cali!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
For Nor-Cal's land, we'll take our stand
And live or die for Cali
To arms, to arms, and secure peace for Cali
To arms, to arms, and secure peace for Cali

OOC: This is incomplete. Much more to be added soon! :)
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I am a staunch supporter of Austrian Theory economics as defined by Ludwig von Mises, and I consider myself to be a libertarian and I support Ron Paul Gary Johnson. Basically, I am a capitalist revolutionary
Economic Left/Right: 6.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.92

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Got a US-themed nation, and need a flag? This is the place

American Nationalist. Yet, anti-American government

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Postby North California » Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:55 pm

*click on the link to see the map. The map is too large to fit on the forum, so just click the link above*


    Blue: The Capitalist Republic of North California

    Red: The United Socialist States of America

    Yellow: The Confederacy of Libertarian Conservatism

    Black: Socialist Federation of Mexico

    Brown: Free Land (territory not yet owned by any of the powers)

    Purple: Canada

    Green: The Republic of Alaska

    Teal: Puerto Rico

    Japan is light green and Korea is gold.
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I am a staunch supporter of Austrian Theory economics as defined by Ludwig von Mises, and I consider myself to be a libertarian and I support Ron Paul Gary Johnson. Basically, I am a capitalist revolutionary
Economic Left/Right: 6.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.92

Everyone should watch this video


Got a US-themed nation, and need a flag? This is the place

American Nationalist. Yet, anti-American government

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OOC: How can I improve this?
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I am a staunch supporter of Austrian Theory economics as defined by Ludwig von Mises, and I consider myself to be a libertarian and I support Ron Paul Gary Johnson. Basically, I am a capitalist revolutionary
Economic Left/Right: 6.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.92

Everyone should watch this video


Got a US-themed nation, and need a flag? This is the place

American Nationalist. Yet, anti-American government

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