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The Femina Grand Feminazi Stratocracy (CLOSED)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:34 am
by Dakini Femina
"We have won over the Femina state. Now we must win over the Femina people." - Gaius Houki Shinonono

"I direct this appeal to all who believe in our state and in our Reich - If you were alone, what would you be in this world if your wages and your loans were the only thing you considered community? You owe this to everyone!" - Gaius Cecilia Alcott

"In speaking of our armed forces, I would like to underline, for the first time the constant and exemplary bravery and toughness of our men and women of the army, the air force, the navy, the legionnaries, the many coalitions and people's militia's, and the bulwark that is the Femina Volksgenosse." - Gaius Charlotte Dunois

"The most precious possession we have in the word is our own people. And for these people and their sakes, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith! " - Gaius Lingyin Huang

"We vow, as a people and united daughters, that we will think, in every minute, every hour of every day only of Dakini Femina, our volk, our Reich, and of our Femina nation! For the Femina Volk, SIEG HAIL!" - Gaius Laura Bodewig

"The great time has just begun, now that the Femina people have awakened. Our belief in the Femina is unshakable, and our will is overwhelming. And when will and belief combine so ardently, then not even the heavens will deny you." - Lord Kaiser & The People's Fuhrer, Matriarch Yagyuu Juubei




The Grand Ultra-Feminist, National Socialist Stratocracy of Dakini Femina
4th Reich, Glorious Motherland, Noble State & Nation Above All.

The State & The National Socialist Government

The fondly called "Feminazi" Stratocracy of the Femina people is at once a utopia and a totalitarian nightmare behind the curtains, at least for foreigners and non-Femina unacquainted with the mechanisms of the culture. The strong National Socialist tones that all past administrations have culminated in an ultra-nationalist, ultra-feminist military junta permanently instated as state government. Although there has been no change or re-engineering in the government, seemingly overnight loyalties and priorities turned on their heads. The stratocratic regime now declares itself to be the one and only power and party of the state, and all opposing parties and fronts have been eliminated, save for the unions in private firms for the workforce. Elections for national-level positions have been abolished, but representation for the vast majority and all social sectors still exists.

The new state government system has once again been centralized, with governess-militants, sister-magistrates and mother-matriarchs wielding benevolent dictatorial rule over districts, cities, planets and entire star systems. A sort of 'optional democratic system' has also been implemented, allowing the population to still communicate directly and bargain with their representatives, but the NS-Militär-Parlament, formerly know as the Stratos Council, to veto proposed legislation and action on the part of the Nationalsozialistischen Versammlung von Vertretern(The Senate consisting of representatives) if they feel it is not in the state or the party's best interests. They in turn are checked and balanced by the Kaiser, the formal leader of the state and representative of the nation as a whole.

These three powers, the Kaiser, the Military Parliament and the Senate check and balance each other, ensuring benevolence, transparency and successful implementation of national socialist policies. This also keeps power-hungry mongers and over-ambitious politicians or military officers from hoarding and/or tampering in social, political, military or economic issues. It is a benevolent dictatorship, policed and regulated by its own elements and as a result truly works toward the nation's interests.

Free Enterprise meets socialist and egalitarian policies as well under the new system. The ruling Nazi party, having abolished Marxism, declares that there are no classes among a nation united, and mobilized a massive social welfare and equality program to complement the relative freedom private enterprise enjoys, to regulate income gaps, distribution of wealth and social equality. Trade unions and workers' federations are still allowed to exist, but they now answer to a bill of set legislation and procedures for collective bargaining. Each body also has an SS officer on its board, acting as a police unit and commissar on behalf of the Femina National Socialist Party. Education and the media is also now subject to partial censorship and is required to meet a set quota of national socialist propaganda. Femina National Socialist doctrine and tones are incorporated into the educational system, in the service and in almost all mainstream sources of information, entertainment and recreation.

Perhaps the most notable policies of the new government though are the ones concerning the biological demographic of the population. The Nazi regime's strong emphasis on radical nationalism and racial purity have resulted in many correctional programs and efforts to augment and repair perceived faults and imperfections in citizens, in almost all cases starting at a very young age. Newborns with deficiencies and/or impairments are immediately attended to courtesy of multiple medical, scientific and research institutions, facilities and programs that take care of the population as a whole. Individuals with conditions untreatable or uncorrectable are simply discarded, either gassed or drugged. This new priority of the state, which is to preserve and regulate a pool of considered "good and superior genes" and the removal of "bad or undesirable traits" from the gene pool by direct intervention may seem grim to many, but to the Femina it is what allows their self-constructed society to run.

The end result of all of this is an organized, peaceful, seemingly free and open society, but only so because of the heavy intervention of the government in the education and early stages of every individual's life. This twofold character is a balancing act, basically an autoritarian way to impose a desired libertarian society. This setup, at least according to the Femina, is national socialism at its core, beyond its more superficial and frictional aspects such as anti-semitism, universal racial superiority and expansionism. It is socialism for the state, which seeks to preserve its finest elements, and to annihilate all that threaten its health and well-being.

Folk Songs, Patriotic Hymns & Anthems

Military/PatrioticSong TitleFolk/Pop CultureSong Title
Das SoldatenliedLore Lore Lore!Song Played Every MorningMy Pace
Die Luftwaffe LiedBomben auf England!Folk Love SongLili Marleen
Die Marine LiedHumburg am ElbestrandSong Played Every Mid-dayThe Crow Song
Die Sturmtruppen LiedSieg Heil, Viktoria!The Country SongWeit lasst die Fahnen wehen
Die braunen Bataillonen LiedHorst Wessel LiedSong Played Every EveningFuwa Fuwa Time
Lied für die GefallenenDer Gute KamaradenThe People's AnthemHanasaku Iroha
die NationalhymneSieg Heil, Femina!The Youth SongBrave!
Des Kaisers LiedHeil Kaiser Dir!The Traveler's SongErika!

Die Wehrmacht

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:50 am
by Dakini Femina
Liberty and freedom for the Femina Wehrmacht are duties, never rights.

Ehre oder Tod, für die Ehre und den Stolz der Femina.
Gott mit uns.

It can be said, without a shadow of a doubt that one of the Femina National Socialist Stratocratic Party's priorities is the re-arming and mass militarization of the state, dwarfing even the former government's own attempt to produce a stratocratic society. Nevertheless. multiple investments and technological advancements have allowed the Femina to galvanize their defense and military programs. Under the banners of radical nationalism and iron-fist organization, the newly assembled and restructured Wehrmacht have begun to resort to more radical methods and policies to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, particularly in the infantry and personnel themselves.

At the cost of a great number of equally great sacrifices, namely civil rights on the part of military personnel, numerous, most of them grizzly, experiments on Femina test subjects have produced "enhancement" and "augmentation" programs to beef up the military, resulting in a personnel force pool of corpsmen, crew and infantry enhanced either genetically and bionically. Under new nationalized and centralized management, the Wehrmacht is the one and only, and official fighting force of the Stratocracy. The goose step has also been popularized, along with the straight hand Roman salute.

Die Armee

    1. The Light Infantry - Rangers, shock troopers, pathfinders and scouts fall under this category. They're normal, average Femina, and need only comply to a height and mass requirement, and must pass a grueling gauntlet of tests and training academies and schools to gain status as light infantry corpswomen. The Light Infantry regiments are agile, able to functions on all terrain types and are used for a multitude of operations.

    Standard arms range from assault rifles, to high-power rifles, MG's and SMG's, High-energy weaponry and AT weaponry, particularly the Reaper Lock-on Anti Armor system of the Femina Wehrmacht. Mode of transportation is usually either relocation by mechanized corps, or direct drops and insertions. The more famed regiments have been known to use stealth and cloaking technology in their operations, and conduct raiding operations during the evening portion of cycles. Sabotage, heavy harassment and light to medium assaults make up the greater part of their uses and functions as a sub-branch of the armed forces.

    2. The Stormtroopers (Variant I Biomech Constructs) - The first round of experiments that sought to enhance and engineer Femina genetics saw the creation of the new stratocracy's standard fighting infantry, The Feminazi Stormtroopers. Potentials and sister-militants are drawn up from the local population through a comprehensive selection program, which places them into academies and facilities that balance heavy training and conditioning with constant intervention into the individual's genetic makeup through exposure, fabricated and modified food rations and direct injection of hormones and other catalysts. The result is a fighting force of genetically engineered super soldiers, drilled and trained in the art of war from a very early age and versed in both ranged and hand to hand combat. They are generally flexible but are preferred for open field operations and trench warfare, their heavy constructs undesirable for jungle and urban combat.

    Standard arms range from high-energy weapons and heavy weaponry to psi blades for melee combat. Stormtrooper divisions are mechanized in most cases, and can act as sappers and heavy engineers in operations. Their heavy power armor renders each of them a mobile weapons platform, and enhanced gears and sensory instruments in their suits give them an extra boost to power, speed and reaction time. In addition, they also serve as protective shells against environmental factors, and allow them to perform at optimum almost anywhere. Average height for stormtroopers is about seven feet.

    3. The Waffen SS Marines (Variant II Biomech Constructs) - The creme de la crepe of the Wehrmacht, the marines are the elite fighting units of the entire branch of the army. Femina marines are either drafted from a very young age or veterans badly wounded and are either levied into the marines, and/or needing interventionist engineering to their bodies and psyches to keep them going and able to cope with the demands of the military. They are enhanced with genes and supplements, but also bionically with a myriad of implants. Essentially, they're biomechanical warriors. Their skills and organization in both small unit tactics and in cooperation of a larger corps are unmatched, and their prowess in combat is unparalleled by any other infantry type. They are uncompromising, and their biomech nature renders them greatly resistant to biological, chemical and some electromagnetic weaponry. Coupled with their heavy armor and heightened senses and strengths, they make for excellent grenadiers and assault units.

    Plasma and energy weapons are standard for the marines, and heavy AT and Anti-personnel systems are commonly used and blended with mechanized armor. They are rather large in size, ranging from seven to nine feet tops, and weighing over two hundred pounds a corpswoman. Aside from acting as heavy infantry, they also take on the role of kill squads, or the units in charge of carrying out cleansing operations, mass killings and genocidal operations.

    4. The Stratos Centurions - The Anti-grav technology developed by the government's military research teams manifested in the Stratos Pattern mechanized infantry, low-altitude fast attack units. There are six different variants in service requiring pilots, and a seventh automated one that serves as a drone. With their Gundanium Alloy plating and their portable shield generators, they make for formidable fire support and front line units. They serve as AT & Anti-Personnel units, and to an extent AA weapons platforms.

    The arsenals vary with the different variants for the model, but in general all are equipped with metal slug autocannons, fast track targeting energy weaponry or high-energy projectile rifles and cannons. Their AI system that assists the pilot in combat and navigation is heavily encrypted, and is set to self-destruct the moment the suit is tampered with, without presenting a Femina ID scan. This is a security measure mainly, to keep the technology out of enemy hands.

    5. The Land Raider APC's
    - The land raider is at once an armored personnel carrier and a weapons platform. Its heavy armor is carried along by the Femina core drives that give power to the vehicles engines, which allow it to travel at a top speed of 90kph on full drive. It's a sturdy carrier, and can withstand a small number of RPG rounds before reporting critical. Each raider can carry about ten to twenty infantry units, based on their weight and class.

    Its thick and sloping armor is complemented by a forward heavy bolter and two side turrets, which can be mounted with anything from more heavy bolters, to lascannons, flamers and autocannons. There also exists a port on the top of the vehicle's hull, allowing a gunner to take post and support the land raider in an advance or a retreat.

    6. The Black Widow Light Assault Vehicle - Strictly speaking, this weapons platform is a fast-attack jumper unit, meaning it can propel itself across the battlefield with considerable speed and agility. It plays the role of cavalry and light armor, and is excellent for storming enemy positions or moderate fire support for infantry. Each possesses a simple energy shield generator to compensate for its delicate frame, but has in exchange four pulsar guns and two MG turrets, still rendering it a threat to enemy forward and rear positions, and to convoys and supply trains.

    It is seldom used for frontline operations, and at the most only sees action in the opening theaters of military campaigns. Their relatively light armor and speed make them excellent blitzkrieg and ambush units, but unfit for prolonged conflicts and lengthy battles.

    7. The Javelin MBT - The Javelin uses fusion power both to power its engines and systems and to charge its two forward Pulsar guns. It is heavily armored and can be outfitted with a number of countermeasures against mines, tank traps and heat-seeking projectiles. The ionized nature of its surface also make it strongly resistant to energy and electromagnetic weaponry; some variants have been armored with anti-detection measures and napalm launchers.

    With a top speed of 95kph, it's easy to see why the Orca is the main battle tank of the Wehrmacht. Its heavy guns and thick armor can be quickly brought to bear on the battlefield, and they are able to thunder across kilometers of live action zones in record time and intact. Currently, refitting programs to include tachyon and proton shield generators onto the Orca are underway.

    8. The Behemoth Gun Platform - Multiple variants of the Behemoth exist, ranging from those outfitted against aircraft and aerial units, to cruise missile launchers and long range artillery. The most common variant however is the third, with its armaments either firing full metal slugs or high-energy bursts. Some units come with fast tracking systems, although these are used only in the AA class.

    In general, the Behemoth is an artillery unit, popularly using either 290mm shells or plasma bomb bursts to rain chaos onto enemy front-line positions from up to 35km away.

    9. The Stingray MLRS Platform
    - The Stingray is a fine example of Femina post-industrial engineering. The unit has been used in over ten campaigns and has since undergone a number of refits and redesigns to keep it competitive in active service. Regardless of what missile payloads it is armed with, the Stingray remains a symbol of terror and the Femina's commitment to dominance and superiority in the field of operations.

    It has two launcher systems, mounted on a thirty-two wheeled platform. It is capable of firing up to 48 long range missiles at a maximum effective range of 250km, and has a top speed of 60kph. It is used primarily for harassing enemy positions behind the front lines, or for softening up forward positions.

    10. The Orca Aerial Gunship - The Orca is a VTOL gunship that can serve as both a weapons platform and a dropship for supplies, armor and infantry with multiple classes in active service. All are equipped with a simply gattling gauss cannon at their noses, but other classes are also armed with rapid fire pulse guns, lock-on AT missiles and at times incendiary weaponry, in addition to their medium armor and tachyon shield generators.

    The Orca is a fire support unit, and is deployed to defend and attack convoys, support friendly units on the ground, establish forward lines with a vanguard unit or break through enemy defenses with blistering speed and impunity.

Die Luftwaffe

    1. The Strike Witches - The Strike Witch program is an occult-based research effort that resulted in the development of the Strike Witches, the premiere air superiority and fire support fighters of the air force. Implants, hardened training, extensive cybernetics and tapping into religious leftism has resulted in a weapons system unlike any other, granted almost limitless flexibility and maneuverability.

    Their reaction time to critical moments is remarkable, as is their ability to pinpoint problem areas if damaged. Their only flaw is that they need constant communication with ground radar to keep them mobilized and efficient. Standard weapons range from incendiary missiles and bombs, to MG's and autocannons. Rockets are favored against armor.

    2. The Cattarran Class Light Fighters - The Cattarrans are light recon fighters, armed only with basic rapid fire pulse guns and a conservative quantity of rockets along with their countermeasures. The result is a fast and stealthy scout. Most are outfitted with anti-detection hardware and extensive radar and tracking systems, and take on the role as AWACS, spy planes, strategic fighters and blitzkrieg units.

    3. The Hammerhead Fighter-Bomber - Although not as fast as the Strike Witch or the Cattarran, the Hammerhead VTOL Fighter-Bomber is the premiere ground attack fighter of the air force. It is a sleek, medium-class aircraft capable of carrying multiple rockets and smart-bombs, and are armed with the basic forward autocannons.

    Incendiary weapons are commonly used by Hammerhead squadrons assigned to gun-run duty on hostile ground forces and positions.

    4. The Fallschirmjäger - The airborne divisions of the armed forces are under the administration and management of the air force themselves, acting as an honor guard of the entire branch. In combat however, their parade-style pomp is quickly converted into efficiency and grace under pressure and even under fire. The paradrop-infantry corps of the Wehrmacht are some of the most highly respected divisions of the entire armed forces, for their skill and tact in covert ops, raids, night time operations, sabotage, cracking, sapper's duties and ambushes.

    Standard arms range from assault and high-powered sniper rifles to MG's, SMG's, energy weaponry and plasma bomb technology.

Die Marine

    1. The Reacher-Class Battlecruisers The Stratocracy's battlecruisers are hulks of armed and armored metal, all coming together to form an austere, efficient and economic vessel able to dish out large amounts of firepower and overwhelming in numbers. The alloys used to manufacture the hulls, added with the aerogel substances used to coat their surfaces, renders them near-impenetrable.

    Standard weapons range from heavy torpedoes, pulsar guns and lock-on destroyer missiles. Some variants also carry underbelly ion cannon turrets, bomb and missile bays and serve as orbital bombardment craft.

    2. Frerrn-Pattern Frigates - Frigates in the Grand Navy are essentially weapons platforms, having turrets that provide 360 degree protection for the ships. A combination of energy and metal slug weaponry is balanced to make them suitable for engaging most kinds of hostiles, and their maneuverability and speed make them fearsome forward units.

    3. Kadeshi-Pattern Carriers - The ingenuity and skill of the Femina Kadeshi in spacefaring culminate in their carriers, which are now standard for the Auroran Navy. Each is capable of carrying about 40-60 fighters depending on class, is heavily armed with countermeasures and pulsar and metal slug gun turrets for defenses, and enjoys a significant protection boost from its multiple shield generators.

    They also double as army flotillas, and can be used to transport large numbers of planetary forces in convoys. The heavier variants are also capable of orbital bombardment, courtesy of the Kadeshi Low-Atmospheric Deprivation Warhead.

    4. Taiidani Confederate-Pattern & Republican-Pattern Navy 'Emblem Frame' Fighters - The Emblem Frames are weapons platforms capable of combat at blisteringly high speeds and with unmatched maneuverability and response time. This is made even more effective by their top-grade shield generators and multiple countermeasures against missiles and lock-on weaponry.

    Standard arms range from rapid fire AP pulse guns, to Halo Lock-on AP missiles and rockets, to Photon Mines and Pulsar cannons.

    5. Bentusi 'Hellhound' Torpedo Bombers - The Hellhound is a fast-attack torpedo bomber often deployed for operations against larger vessels, space station or natural barriers and obstacles. They carry either one Photon Torpedo
    launcher, or up to two Anti-matter torpedoes at a time. Their only defensive and offensive capabilities are two autocannons and anti-missile countermeasures. Their shields are moderate-grade.

der Wächter

    1. The Military Police - The 'blackshirts' are the totalitarian police force of the Femina state. They double as the national guard, and are capable of responding to a variety of different situations, seldom without violence or ruthless order. They are the iron-fist of the Stratocracy, and do a great part and contribution to the state by cracking down mercilessly on crime, dissent and any anti-establishment movement.

    Use of surveillance is accepted as the norm, and they are authorized to immediately terminate non-compliant individuals with warrants on their heads. Use of force is always permitted. They get around mostly by Strike-bike, land cruiser or by modified Orcas. Weapons vary greatly.

    2. The Red Guard - The Red Guard hail from Slava Femina, on the outer rim sectors. They are mostly industrial-class fighters, famed for their walker and thumper infantry and the loud obnoxious booming of their autocannons and heavy artillery alike. They're a mercenary force, and maintain a powerful foreign legion always at the ready to respond to anything that may befall the Femina. The old Hegemonic, Imperial and Republican Guard regiments disintegrated and reformed under the Red Guard as well, resulting in a large pool of legionnaires.

    3. The E-series - The E-series are biomechanical constructs, bred, incubated and trained in full to perfection. Their AI systems are cognitive, and they are able to learn new things, and create new codes for themselves as long as these do not cross the failsafe boundaries that keep them from going awol. They are elite commando units, with support suits that they use to amplify their abilities and achieve full effectiveness in combat. They are able to process information and make calculations of considerable size at staggering speeds, and are able to administer repairs on themselves. Fully autonomous units, the army and the air force with impunity and offer priceless support to any unit they are attached to.

    The E-series is divided into five basic classes - infantry, armor, artillery, aeronautic and naval/amphibious.


The High Command General Staff


High Grand Commander & General Chief of Staff, Matriarch-Militant Liezl Siegfried
5 Star General, Graduate of Oda Military Academy with Honors, Magna cum Laude


Grand Commander & Chief of the Army Staff, Matriarch-Militant Kathrin Littner
5 Star General, Graduate of the Takeda War University with Honors, cum Laude


Grand Commander & Chief of the Air Force Staff, Matriarch-Militant Illyasviel von Einzbern
5 Star General, Graduate of Oda Military Academy with Honors


Grand Commander & Chief of the Navy Staff, Matriarch-Militant Franziska Wilhem
5 Star General, Graduate of the Takeda War University with Honors


Grand Commander & Chief of the National Guard, Matriarch-Militant Sieglinde Bauer
4 Star General, Graduate of the Musashi School of the Art of War with Honors


The Goddess-Legions of the Aurora

The known top-guns of the Femina Wehrmacht are separate military organization, cults of warrior-matriarchs and elite assassins and sister-militants whose sole purpose of existence is mastery of the art of war. Although their ranks are small, usually no more than a thousand at a time per cult/chapel/convent, their are superbly skilled fighters and make for amazing commanders who lead from the front, and equally capable vanguard units and skirmishers for armies in formation. One legionnaire is often said to be worth a company, and this belief is held true in most branches of the military; it is also held in high esteem by the High Canonnesses that govern the little organizations. They operate much like feudal cells, their members turning to industry, literature, agriculture and science as hobbies and artistic outlets to balance out their lust for blood and battle, and serves as income in times of peace. They are devout, rustic, infinitely conservative and fanatically zealous in their craft.

Their skills lie both in the fact that as individuals they are each fortresses, honed and drilled to perfection and as a unit, they are able to fight cohesively. A multitude of training methods are thrown into this melting pot of battle styles and approached to tactics and strategy. Each Goddess-Legionnaire, as they are called, is versed in a complex combination of abilities are embedded into their bodies and minds, conditioned to perfection. Graceful and elegant philosophy meets the brutality and ruthless efficiency of battle.

    a. The Crimson Blossom Sisterhood of Grand Lombardy, Gaulic Mormonia & the Scarred Soul Sector - The battle sisters of Grand Lombardy are some of the oldest and most revered warriors of the Aurora. Their mastery of the art of Alchemy, Conjuration and Negating Magic, coupled with their skill with traditional weaponry charged with daemonic energies makes them fearsome opponents. Regarded as barbarians by most of the inhabitants of the Europa star system, they are able to subdue larger and more technologically advanced forces through black powers and negative energy.

    b. The Blood Banshees of Saxony & The Highlands - Hailing from Europa as well, the Banshees are famed generals and field commanders, void of any humane mercy or tolerance in their cause. They are often associated by enemy armies with pitless brutality, a severe bloodlust and the bane of all non-Femina life. Legend has it that the Banshees descended from the red stars of the Aurora, symbols of war and conflict in a pagan nation. Most of the Great Saints are from this cult. Using a duel-wield of elemental sorcery and enchantment, they are able to call up on ethereal powers to support armies in battles and rally troops in front-winning charges and rushes.

    c. The Twin Tyrannica Sororities of The Dakini Steppes & The Great Danube - Fabled beast riders and mass-murdering raiders, are only some of the colorful descriptions used to paint an image of the famed calvary of the outer rim star systems of the Aurora. These fanatical warriors are known for their adeptness in druidic and white magic, and are able to cast a myriad of support charms and counter-spells to negate hostile projectiles, bursts, energy breaks, drains and pulses. When not tapping into their mythical powers, they are either patrolling the skies over the lands which they claim lordship over as feudal masters, or plowing through enemy ground formations, harassing navies and picking aircraft out of the sky.

    d. The Black Blossoms of the Vagyr Reaches & the Old Rhineland - Of all the dirty tactics and foul play used by barbarians and tyrants of old, none compare to the sheer treachery and savagery with which the Black Blossoms carry out their assassinations, sabotage and ambushes. They fare well in pitched battle as well, and make for good battalion or company commanders on the front. They possess no magical capabilities, only sheer mastery and precise perfection of the traditional Femina and Dakini methods of war, stealth and the black arts of death. Matrial prowess is held in premium, and those who have proven themselves to be unworthy are beheaded without remorse or exception. They take no prisoners, but won't hesitate to take in an attractive or appealing opponent and turn him/her into a concubine, harlot or personal love slave - to be discarded later at whim.

das Volk, stolz und stark Stehen.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:04 am
by Dakini Femina
"Once we are sure of the nation's best interests in every and in all, the people are free to live as they see fit. That is the key to our success. We present the rules, and then let them be." - Anonymous Nazi Party Member


Ideas do not need weapons, to the extent that they can convince the great masses. - Femina Proverb

The culture and nature of the contemporary Femina society is a product of a balanced hybrid of National Socialist policy and rustic tradition. Conservative values deemed backward however, are now being filtered out in favor of creating a new society altogether. Huge strides in medical science, food technology, educational research and in information technology are propelling the Femina to new heights, and a new paramilitary culture has become the norm for all. To draw a comparison, it is as if Prussia under Frederick II, Napoleonic France and the 3rd Nazi Reich of Germany have all been blended into one state, fusing ideals of liberalism, nationalism and military tradition. Genetics are now being tapped into by the government and state research facilities, in an effort to distill and improve the gene pool of the Femina, and rubbing out traits considered undesirable or detrimental to the development of the nation.

At the heart of all of this is the constant and never-ending effort to improve living conditions for the Femina, while eliminating all notions of class-ism, over-individualism and the conventional concepts of civil rights and political freedoms. According to the new National Socialist government, neither of these mean anything when they cause one to live in an artificial life, separated and unconcerned with her sister. The population is being presented with food, jobs, adequate social welfare and equality efforts, education and healthcare. All they need to do is work, help themselves and contribute. Elections are non-existent, and now the party calls all the shots in the government, claiming voice and representation for the people as a whole. Influence from foreign nations considered antagonistic to the nation's own legacies and culture are avoided like the plague, and those constructive or complementary are quickly infused and absorbed.

The result is an aggressive and progressive tradition of militarism, left-leaning fascism and a culture of loyalty and obedience to the state and to its leaders.

Physical/Biological Attributes

The Femina are humanoid xenos, renowned for their charm and near-total absence of any masculinity or patriarchal elements, both in biological and psychological elements. They are notoriously ultra-feminist toward their own nation, but tolerant and willing to pardon slights on the parts of outlanders and non-Femina. There is a sense of purity and immaculate grace and beauty associated with the Femina, who take pride in their national heritage as radical matriarchal constructs.

    Average Lifespan: 400-500 years
    Normal Height Range: 5'0-6'0
    Normal Weight Range: 42kg-65kg
    Average Skin Color: White or Tan
    Average Hair Color: None. Assorted.
    Diet Consistency: Seafood, Cultured Red Meat, Roughage, Fiber & Carbohydrates
    Resistance: Strong resistance to disease & viral infection
    Fitness: Agile & Dexterous; remarkable Vitality & Stamina
    Additional Information: Fast Regenerative Properties, Extensive Tissue Repair Capability

Psychological/Mental Attributes

    - Machiavellan
    - Natural Ingenuity in Simple Mechanics & Improvisation
    - Artistic & Fond of Expression of Emotions
    - Indifferent toward other Races & Foreign Cultures
    - Indifferent toward Politics
    - Inclination toward both Arts & Sciences
    - Sympathetic toward the Plight of Fellow Femina
    - Prefers to conduct Activities & Operate in Groups
    - Highly Extroverted
    - Naturally Inquisitive; Critical Thinkers
    - Conservative in Lifestyle, Liberal in Business & Social Affairs
    - Esprit de Corps & Semper Fi Mindset
    - Submissive to State, Society & Leaders
    - Engaging & Interactive in Leadership Positions
    - Patient & Industrious by Nature
    - Cynical & Stoic at Times
    - Feminist-Oriented

Popular Professions/Occupations

    - Military Science/National Service & Career Military Personnel
    - Information Technology
    - Medicine
    - Business
    - Law
    - The Academe
    - Engineering
    - Research & Development
    - Agriculture
    - Manufacturing
    - Culinary Arts
    - Career Track in Science (Particularly Physics, Theory, Biology, Chemistry & Cosmology)
    - Music & The Arts
    - Interior Design & Architecture

Major Industries

    - Heavy Engineering & Construction
    - Arms Manufacturing
    - Mining
    - Information Technology
    - Food & Beverage
    - General Consumer Goods Manufacturing
    - Performing Arts
    - Book Publishing & Literature
    - Automobile Manufacturing
    - Electronics
    - Robotics
    - Food Technology
    - Pharmaceuticals
    - Shipping
    - Hotel & Restaurant Management

Communication & Transportation

    Spoken Languages: First - Al-bhed; German, English(Galactic Standard), Slavic & Japanese
    Preferred Methods of E-Communication: Handheld Devices, Tricorders, Electronic Telegrams
    Preferred Methods of Transportation: Skyrail, Subway, Public Buses & Ferries
    Speech Etiquette: Honorifics for Seniors, Superiors, Sages & Matriarchal Figures

Population Demographics & National Statistics

    Ethnic Groups
Aryan Femina - 34%
Femina Slava - 32%
Oriental Femina - 29%
Arabic Femina - 4%
Others - 1%

    Religious Affiliations
The Auroran Lighthouse(Femina Paganism) - 100% (State Religion)


"To be Femina is to be oneself while the world will tell you that you are someone else."

Landesregierung und Verwaltung von Angelegenheiten

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by Dakini Femina
The government is divided into three main branches, although not following the standard legislative, executive & judiciary setup. Instead, there exists a body of representatives for the people, a sort of military parliament of state dictators and a deputy general director to oversee civic affairs and attend to the people on a micro-management level, implementing policies and drafting new ones in the fields of public healthcare and education, social welfare and equality, public transportation and sometimes agrarian reform.

These three entities check and balance each other out, and are forced to cooperate, if not look purely self-interested and incur the wrath of the two others. This sort of forced socialism in the government has proven necessary but successful in maintaining smooth flow of operations, equitable distribution of priorities and wealth, and balance of power in the state.

Die nationalsozialistische militärische Parlament


The National Socialist Military Parliament of the Femina Stratocracy is the premiere ruling party and government entity of the state, consisting of five Grand Dictators that wield almost absolute control over nearly all state affairs, both internal and external. The only limits that face them is the power of the two other government entities that check them, and discourage power-mongering. This keeps them in line with the tenets of state stratocracy and National Socialism; the absolution of their power is directed toward constructive state policy and not purely in self-gain.

The NS-Militar Parlament, as is their official name, controls the military with the exception of the national guard, foreign and local trade policy, and all legislation flying the banner of national socialism. The current five grand dictators are, from the left to the right of the picture above, Gaius Laura Bodewig, Gaius Cecilia Alcott, Gaius Houki Shinonono, Gaius Lingyin Huang, and Gaius Charlotte Dunois. (All five are former military chiefs of staff. It is unspoken law that the grand dictators must be military personnel, ranking at least as a major general. Candidates are screened and selected by the Feminazi party. There is no set term for how long a grand dictator may remain in power, but measures on how to impeach one who is found incapable exist.)

The grand dictators must be benevolent and discerning, the embodiment of National Socialism and Ultra-Feminism. It is imperative that they put the good of the state before the good of the party, and that the latter be properly lead that it may lead the former, and ultimately act as the vanguard for the planning, state management and mobilization of the entire Femina nation.

Das Amt des Generaldirektor


The Kaiser, the former head of state of the past monarchy, now also plays the role of Director General for Civil Affairs, basically concerned with managing the service sectors and public works of the state. All legislative policies not classified as "Nazi Law", as well as their implementation rests on her. The military police answers to her, and so do the national service departments and the civilian armies under their administration. There exists a royal family to keep this particular seat of power occupied, and among the siblings of said family's generation only the most versed in the ways of politics, economics, philosophy and literature may qualify for the position.

It is paramount that the Kaiser be a collectivist, and must be able to sympathize not only with a particular class or sector of society but with the entire nation as a whole. The Yagyuu's are the only existing clan of nobles at the moment, with Lord Matriarch Yagyuu Muneakira as the acting Fuhrer und der Generaldirektor für zivile Angelegenheiten.

Nationalsozialistischen Versammlung von Vertretern


The National Socialist Assembly of Representatives is the collective body of magistrates and governess-militants of the different planets of the Femina-controlled territories. These are then grouped further into sections of the Assembly according to their star systems, which are ruled by the Sector Tyrants which also preside over section meetings.

In general, this assembly's aim is to provide the bridge between the Kaiser, the parliament and the general population. As direct representatives of their subjects, they propose legislation and provide reports which are essential to proper management and allocation of state resources for the different functions required to keep it running efficiently and smoothly. They hold power over local courts, and are able to pass direct judgement onto severe violators of laws and criminals if needed.

As to who will represent a particular district, planet or entire system is usually held at vote by the assembly, if not directly appointed by the Nazi Military Parliament. There are also no set conditions as to how long a representative's term may run for, but there exist measures to check and balance powers, gauge performance and if necessary, impeach them. The representatives must have a grasp of economics, politics, philosophy and the sociology of the subjects they hold power over, and must be able to assist the Director General and the Nazi party in the management of the population, resources and in implementation of law and order.

Die heil'gen Gebiete

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by Dakini Femina
The territories of the former coalition and hegemony have expanded by nearly 50% as a result of the new government's iron-fist policies of Lebensraum and imperialistic expansion. The Stratocracy now rules over a vast amount of interstellar space, and dozens of planets, planetoids and moons.

    1. The Aurora The Aurora is the home galaxy of the Femina nation; a sprawling collective of twenty seven star systems, totaling one hundred and thirty two planets and countless moons and planetoids. The core worlds such as Hiigara, Greater Novgorod, Grand Kazan and Grander Cadia can be found in the inner rim, while the outer rims are where the likes of the Femina Vagyr, the Femina Kadeshi, the Taiidani Femina, the Turanic Femina and the Amazons of the Frerrn can be found, their massive industrial and engineering operations covering great parts of planets and resulting in the commissioning of dozens of interstellar highways. Colossal spaceports also house vast residential and commercial operations, becoming free ports and trading posts for merchants.

    High Command is also based in the Aurora, with more than half of the entire Army and Navy stationed in military complexes and bases around the galaxy. The Bentusi Trade Federation take on the role of border patrol and highway police, scanning ships and convoys for contraband and other suspicious activity while the Frerrn are the main suppliers of military hardware and arms for the Wehrmacht.

    2. The Avalon - With twenty seven star systems and sixty three planets, the twin annexed states of the Medicean Empire and the Southern Cross Commonwealth are the two most significant exporters of Reich-standard goods and services. A pantheon of races live alongside the Femina, who've taken it upon themselves to simply re-acclimate the other inhabitants of the sector after the Stratocracy consolidated it as assimilated territory, and incorporated them into the Femina societal construct.

    Military presence in the sector is decent, with each planet having its own garrison and a squadron for every two or three star systems. Aldar jumpgates link the Avalon cluster to the Aurora and the Sirius Sector, which are the only ways from which to enter or exit these two provinces.

    3. New Greece - Located perpendicular to the Outer Rim sector of the Aurora, New Greece is an outlying Nebula containing four star systems, and a total of fourteen planets distanced equally from each other and from the cloud core. While it lacks the infrastructure needed for urban development, New Greece is the mining and industrial Mecca of the Stratocracy. Twelve of the fourteen worlds are mainly mining worlds, extracting rich deposits of ores, oil and precious gems while the remaining two are heavy industry sites, churning out processed materials, construction material, various mechanical equipment and parts and entire ships for government, consumer and military use. It's a hostile place to live, but many hopefuls from the lower echelons of society come here to try their luck or simply find a job, regardless of how hazardous or detrimental to the health it may be.

    There is a large military installation in Macedon, and a naval shipyard in Athens. The value of the mining operations to the Stratocracy warrants significant protection against pirates, raiders or foreign invasion altogether.

Feste und Popkultur

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by Dakini Femina
Major Celebrations & Festivals

A. The Solstices & The Equinoxes - Total of four one week-long celebrations held throughout the year to celebrate the passing of seasons. Festivities commonly include large banquets and bazaars in city and town plazas. It's popular for youths to camp out during the evenings to horse around, go stargazing or spend quality time with friends over a few bottles of wine or any drink.

B. The Harvest Festivals - On an annual basis, every agricultural world, province or district celebrates successful or bountiful harvests by throwing a festival in honor of Horo, the Wolf Goddess of Fertility and the Land. For two nights following the last day of a harvest of a particular crop, a small portion of the stores are put up by farmers and land owners for sale in bazaars. It is a night of debauchery, vice, celebration, jovial mood and in most cases, gluttony.

C. Victory Day - Held once a year in the capitol city of New Brandenburg, the nation's major battles and decisive victories are re-enacted, and the dead are honored. Veterans usually show up and steal the spotlight, but tourists often find themselves wowing at the grandeur of the re-enactments at any rate. The ceremonies are traditionally concluded by a speech from the Grand Dictators and the Kaiser.

D. State Day - State Day is essentially independence day and the celebration of the existence and continuous prosperity and security the Reich and the Volk enjoys. The Wehrmacht parade around New Brandenburg, and Swastika banners fly from almost every building in every boulevard on every planet under Femina rule. Children are often dressed up as military personnel, and families, particularly those of servicewomen, hold banquets to celebrate a legacy of military tradition, national socialism and Femina imperialism.

Pop Culture & Music

The following is a list of pop-icons and largely influential entities in the media and the mainstream scene.

Popular Musical Groups:

Popular Television Series: