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Cinistran Governement

Postby Cinistra » Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:02 am

People are too generous publishing names of their cabinet >:( . In Cinistra the State is ruled by the Party. It official name is The National Patriotic People's Party of Cinistra (NPPPC). The Party is benevolently coordinated by the Polit Bureau, which is lead by our Mostly Respected and Greatly Loved General Secretary J.S.. From the Polit Bureau our great nation is ruled by decrees. The decrees are effectuated by Ministers (who's names are of less importance).
Our ministries are:
Ministry of Love
Ministry of Peace
Minisrtry of Truth
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Natural Resources
Ministry of Guests
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Knowledge
Ministry of Equality
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>Can I invade other people's regions?

Yes. The practice of "region crashing," where a group of nations all move to a region with the aim of seizing the WA Delegate position, is part of the game. Certain groups within NationStates are particularly adroit at this, and can attack very quickly.
>Once I've taken over a region, can I eject everyone else?

You can try. Invader Delegates tend to have very little Regional Influence, which makes ejecting long-time residents difficult. But Delegates can be as kind, generous, evil, or despotic as they wish. It's up to regional residents to elect good Delegates.

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Postby Umcy umcy » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:27 am

Prime Minister - Umberto Laan
First Lord of Treasury - William DeNay
First Lord of Administration - Edgar Malvin
First Lord of Army - Istvan Jensen
First Lord of Navy and Air Force - Derek Mau
First Lord of Diplomacy - Olga von Buk
Minister of Social Welfare - David Thompson
Minister of Education - Adam Vontere
Minister of State Security - Marie Lester
Attorney General - Marie Lester

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Postby Veceria » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:42 am

Minister of Agriculture: Lance Copper
Minister of Communications: Karen Fecis
Minister of Culture: Lucien Lachore
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Opus Trace
Minister of Development: Joseph Leonid
Minister of Defense: Alya Darken
Minister of Economy: Xavier Movin
Minister of Education: Celia Fauce
Minister of Environment: Yussuf Mantice
Minister of Finances: Alice Mendez
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Zerbero Drace
Minister of Healthcare: Saphira Korn
Minister of Interior: Diana Voves
Minister of Justice: Felix Justos
Minister of Labour: Gabrielle Le'Mont
Minister of Rural Development: Hakon Westfal
Minister of Safety: Jesper Phillips
Minister of Social Welfare: Klaus Posse
Minister of Solidarity: Livia Recon
Minister of Technology: William Senter
Minister of Tourism: Elinda Zone
Minister of Transports: Raphael Violin
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Postby Grand France » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:43 am

Grand France does not operate with a traditional cabinet. Instead, the various Ministries, of which there are very few, are each run by a panel of five men and women whose job is to run Ministerial business on a daily basis, report to the President and the Convention, and convey the President's instructions to those employed by the Ministries.

Presently the only exception to this model is the Ministry of War & Civil Defense, which is run by a single person.
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Postby Bikonria » Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:13 am

Executive Office
Chairman: Yuri Satorski
Secretary of War: Vlas Volkov
Secretary of State: Mikhail Sidorov

Board of Officials
Sergei Koslov
Fyodor Zaitsev
Semyon Federov
Feodora Kusnetsov
Kostas Vorobiev
Ulan Morozov
Boris Sokolov
With one open seat- Ivan Petrov retired and Volkov took his place.
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Postby Derscon » Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:56 am

While immensely complex, the government of the Imperium is actually quite small for an Empire of its size, due to its de facto decentralization, as well as the Empire's continued devotion to free market capitalism. Those ministers without House allegiance are "adopted," in a sense, into House Andropov.

Ministers of the government adopt the style of "His Imperial Excellency" and take on the title of "Sephirot" as to denote that their actions and positions are a manifestation of the Emperor's Divine Will and Order, and also as a titular reminder as to where all power stems from.

It is also important to note that, while many of the high nobles in the Imperial Government hold their own territories, albeit subject to the Imperial House, a Minister does not, as the importance and weight of the office is too much to divide the minister's attention between a private fief and the Empire as a whole. Vice Chancellor Tarakh Andropov, however, is an exception. Both the office of Vice Chancellor, as well as the Prince-Palatinate of Drakheimr, the ancient Imperial home system before moving it to Sol, are titles bestowed upon the heir apparent.

Imperial Chancellor - His Imperial Highness Shekhinah Maraidt Enilanuki
Vice Chancellor - His Imperial Highness Veliky Kynaz Tarakh Tsarevich Andropov, Kynaz-Nyebnyoi Drakheimr
Minister for Foreign Affairs - His Imperial Excellency Sephirot Shavar Katazarov
Minister for Military Affairs - His Imperial Excellency Sephirot Lord Renityr IV Saryudin
Minister for State Security - His Imperial Excellency Sephirot Myslok Atorinnyi
Minister for Imperial Affairs - His Imperial Excellency Sephirot Boris Katalyani
Minister for Finance - His Imperial Excellency Sephirot Emil Yutakyr
Minister of Justice - His Imperial Excellency Sephirot Sadok Rekjyavich
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Postby Itinerate Tree Dweller » Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:31 am

Members of the Cabinet of the Imperial Senate
  • Prime Minister - Tiberius Serius Primulus
  • Deputy Prime Minister - Oppius Virtius Felix
  • Ministry of Defense - Secretary Darius Tinnell
  • Ministry of Education - Secretary Jessie Fall
  • Ministry of Homeland Security - Secretary Mikael Romult
  • Ministry of Information and Media - Secretary Kendrick Rinjos
  • Ministry of Science and Technology - Secretary Dane Landrus
  • Ministry of National Security - Secretary Thadeus Doom
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Secretary Jeffery Kandel
  • Ministry of Commerce - Secretary Jackson Blaydes
  • Ministry of Justice - Secretary Martin Shilvey
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs - Secretary Nolan Kucharik
  • Ministry of Finance - Secretary Robert Coln
  • Ministry of Culture - Secretary Javier Loud
  • Ministry of Labor - Secretary Nelson Fritze
  • Ministry of Agriculture - Secretary Son Bosman
  • Ministry of Research - Secretary Bryon Karpel
  • Ministry of Transportation - Secretary Marshall Haverrman
  • Ministry of Health - Secretary Wes Wile
  • Attorney General - Nicolas Osterweis
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Postby Urmanian » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:36 am

Imperial State Council of Urmanian Empire
Impѣrska Stata Concila da Urmanska Impѣria

Prime Minister: Yon Lankin
Minister of Interior: Salin Aszonov
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Aylon Shalonov
Minister of Health and Welfare: Alina Ksanova
Minister of Defence and Offence: Karl Lazonov
Minister of Finances/Imperial Treasure: Yon Falkov
Minister of Culture: Mark Dlyanov
Minister of Energy and Industry: Ilon Kanov
Minister of Education: Vanis Nikov
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General Council of Genyria

Postby Genyria » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:58 pm

General Council of Genyria

Chairman: The Rt. Hon. Alexander Sergeant MC
Secretary of State for Home Affairs: The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Châtignueux MC
Undersecretaries for: Policing; Immigration; Counter-Terrorism
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Rt. Hon. Vyacheslav Molotov MC
Undersecretaries for: the Ambassadorial Service; Foreign Missions; International Trade
Secretary of State for the Economy: The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Macinnock Bt. MC
Undersecretaries for: Banking; Business; Innovation
Secretary of State for Justice: The Rt. Hon. Lucius Lepidus Tarragconus MC
Undersecretaries for: the Appellate Jurisdiction; the Courts; Prisons
Secretary of State for Defence: Gen. The Rt. Hon. Marc-Lucie Dupont MC CMM
Undersecretaries for: the Army; the Navy; the IAF
Secretary of State for Children, Education and Family Affairs: The Most Hon. The Marquess of Par MC
Undersecretaries for: Children and Families; Lower Education; Universities
Secretary of State for Culture, Sport and Media: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Winston of Oxford MC
Undersecretaries for: Culture and the Arts; Sport and the Olympics; Media
Secretary of State for Transport and Communications: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Underchester MC
Undersecretaries for: Communications; Private Transport; Public Transport
Secretary of State for Local Government: The Rt. Hon. Quincy Adam-Bassington MC
Undersecretaries for: the Outer Islands; the Inner Islands; the Mainland
Secretary of State for Labour: The Rt. Hon. Peter Maxmillian MC
Undersecretaries for: Employment; Pensions; Standards in Employment
Secretary of State for Health: The Rt. Hon. Dr. Oliver Crowe MC
Undersecretaries for: Drugs; the Health Service; Hospitals
Leader of the House of Commons: The Rt. Hon. Manius Aemilius Calvus MC
Deputy Leaders of the House for: Business of the House; Committees; Parliamentary Priviledge
Leader of the Senate: The Rt. Hon. & Rt. Wshpfl. Lucrece Westerfield MC
Deputy Leaders of the Senate for: Business of the Senate; Committees; Parliamentary Priviledge

Each Secretary of State has three undersecretaries reporting to them, as listed, but I can't be bothered to give you all the undersecretaries' names, since they are not members of the General Council.
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Rt. Hon. Vyacheslav Molotov MC, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
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Postby Soviet Commu-Facism » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:08 pm

The Soviet Imperial Council

Immortal Emperor: Lord Sithious
Emperor: Lord Sithious
President: Jericho (no last name)
Prime Minister: Being appointed by Emperor
Minister of War: Being Appointed
Minister of Propaganda: Being appointed
Minister of Religion: Lord Sithious
Rest of cabinet is being appointed as well

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Postby Pannonia-Glucksberg » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:15 pm

King and Grand Baron Niall I,
King of Pannonia and Grand Baron of Glucksberg
Queen and Grand Baroness Ashley I,
Queen of Pannonia and Grand Baroness of Glucksberg

No Power:
Lord Klement,Chamberlain,Main Advisor to the King and Queen,
Lady Scathach Mac Urlaidh,Internal Advisor and unofficial Gossip Advisor,
Lord Otto von Ploint,Lieutenant Keeperof the Great Door of Pannonia,War Advisor,
The rest of the royal court.

The Royal Court ,consists of nobles,clansmen and subjects who come to the King on matters concerning their property or their well being.The only powerful members are the King and the Queen.They preside in their thrones while the people come up one by one.
Long Live Queen and Grand Baroness Kittania I
Queen of Pannonia,Grand Baroness of Glucksberg and Empress of Swanderfeld
Queen of Pannonia,
Grand Baroness of Glucksberg,
Empress of Swanderfeld,
Grand High Chieftainess of the Many Clans,
Lady of the Inner Lands,
Altgravess of the Russar Mountains
Ruairess of Clonmiders,
Honourary Grand Duchess of Gothenburg,
Lord Brigadier of the 100 Heavy Brigades,

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Postby Marlencom » Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:16 pm

Head of State: General Secretary of the Communist Party of Marlencom, Ivan Yegorevich Dekanozov

Council of Ministers:

People's Minister of the Council of Ministers: Alexandr Nemirov
People's Minister of People's Ministers: Yurii Gorbachov
People's Minister of Agriculture: Abram Ivanov
People's Minister of the Army: Vladimir Nikulin
People's Minister of the Navy: Gennady Titov
People's Minister of the Air Force: Ivan Alexandrov
People's Minister of Trade: Iosif Sidorov
People's Minister of Industry: Konstantin Tarasov
People's Minister of Education: Leonid Egorov
People's Minister of Food: Maxim Putin
People's Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mikhail Demidov
People's Minister of Interior Affairs: Petr Eltsin
People's Minister of Justice: Pavel Andreev
People's Minister of Jails: Boris Pudovkin
People's Minister of Prisons: Vladislav Pilkin
People's Minister of Corrective Labor Camps and Colonies: Artur Novokov
People's Minister of Labour: Roman Egorov
People's Minister of Nationalities: Ruslan Tarasov
People's Minister of the Post Office: Sergei Beketov
People's Minister of Telegraph: Taras Yegupov
People's Minister of Telephone: Filipp Ulyanov
People's Minister of Telefax: Eduard Sytsov
People's Minister of Radio: Semion Shvedov
People's Minister of Television: Felix Rzaev
People's Minister of Newspapers: Spartak Revnik
People's Minister of Magazines: Alexander Popov
People's Minister of Billboards: Valery Ragulin
People's Minister of the Internet: Anatoly Pronin
People's Minister of Railways: Valentin Mizin
People's Minister of Streets: Vitaly Malikov
People's Minister of Roads: Georgy Leonov
People's Minister of Highways: Denis Kropotkin
People's Minister of Airlines: Evgeny Konoroz
People's Minister of Shipping: Gerasim Katko
People's Minister of Insurance: Yegor Gurov
People's Minister of Banking: Ignaty Golovanov
People's Minister of Finance: Zakhar Eltsov
People's Minister of Healthcare: Matvei Govorov
People's Minister of Hospitals: Nikolay Itsov
People's Minister of Clinics: Nestor Jakov
People's Minister of Doctors: Pavel Khvostov
People's Minister of Nurses: Robert Kolotchka
People's Minister of Automobiles: Igor Desny
People's Minister of Electricity: Lev Chzov
People's Minister of Coal: Matvei Byko
People's Minister of Nuclear Power: Marat Borzakov
People's Minister of Oil: Nikita Belanov
People's Minister of Gas: Makar Bakhtin
People's Minister of Energy: Nestor Abelev
People's Minister of Housing: Oleg Beketov
People's Minister of Travel: Leonid Borodin
People's Minister of Clothing: Nestor Bure
People's Minister of People: German Davidenko
People's Minister of Foreign People: Zakhar Dolgonosov
People's Minister of Minority People: Ilia Gavrilov

We probably missed a few dozen lesser ministers. The lesser ministers have to answer to one or more of the above ministers.
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Postby Augarundus » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:06 pm

Nationalist Imperium of Augarundus:

Magister of Agricultural Industries: Stefen Heike
Magister of Education: Archbishop Achim Leord
Magister of Finance: Ansgar Krishte
Magister of Foreign Affairs and International Diplomacy: Detlef Miri
Magister of the Industrial Private Sector: Dominik Ulyon
Magister of Homeland Affairs: Emmanuel Stark
Magister of Judgment (Justice): Justice Ferdinand Gotwei
Magister of Domestic Defense: Friedrich Aselbe
Magister of Collective Health and Medicine: Gustav Arthur
Magister of Truth (Propaganda): Johannes Guttwel
Magister of International Militaristic Properties: Former High General Karl Bargus
*High Commander Albrecht Bellicus (representative to cabinet and commander of military)
Magister of Religious-Catholic Affairs: Archbishop Sebastien Bunifacae
Libertarian Purity Test Score: 160
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Postby Padullahstan » Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:48 pm

Officers of the Glorious Padullahstani Republic

Prime Minister: Kyzyl Dighan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Redavi Deshaiy
Ministry of the Interior: TBD
Ministry of Patriotism: TBD
Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture, and Industry: TBD
Ministry of Cultural Affairs: TBD
Ministry of War: TBD
Ministry of Information: TBD
Ministry of Hate: TBD
Ministry of Development: TBD
The Padullahstani Republic
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This nation does not reflect the actual opinions of the poster at all, and this nation should not be taken seriously. At all. It's meant to be an over-the-top parody of dictatorships and oppressive regimes.

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Postby Vault 10 » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:39 pm

- Highland
- Islay
- Speyside
- Campbelltown
- Lowland

Oh, yes, that's right. It's a drink cabinet.
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Postby Pannonia-Glucksberg » Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:43 am

Vault 10 wrote:- Highland
- Islay
- Speyside
- Campbelltown
- Lowland

Oh, yes, that's right. It's a drink cabinet.

You like your scotch
Long Live Queen and Grand Baroness Kittania I
Queen of Pannonia,Grand Baroness of Glucksberg and Empress of Swanderfeld
Queen of Pannonia,
Grand Baroness of Glucksberg,
Empress of Swanderfeld,
Grand High Chieftainess of the Many Clans,
Lady of the Inner Lands,
Altgravess of the Russar Mountains
Ruairess of Clonmiders,
Honourary Grand Duchess of Gothenburg,
Lord Brigadier of the 100 Heavy Brigades,

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Postby Eldar Ulthwe » Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:34 am

We don't have one. The Seer Council sees what needs doing, and then those on the appropriate Paths do it. The Exarchs, leaders of the Aspect Warriors, rule within the Aspect Temples, and the Seer Council often consults with them.

Leader: Farseer Imirindiel

Seer Council:
Farseer Hauvan Da
Warlock Elarielle
Warlock Skesiqu'alarian
[The remaining members of the Seer Council have, as yet, managed to keep their number and names out of the knowledge of outsiders. Seeking this information is not recommended.]
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Postby Soviet Commu-Facism » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:04 pm

Soviet Commu-Facism wrote:The Soviet Imperial Council

Immortal Emperor: Lord Sithious
Emperor: Lord Sithious
President: Jericho (no last name)
Prime Minister: Being appointed by Emperor
Minister of War: Being Appointed
Minister of Propaganda: Being appointed
Minister of Religion: Lord Sithious
Rest of cabinet is being appointed as well

Prime minister: Nicolai Lenenkovetsk
Minister Of War: Lord Sithious, left in the administration of Alexis Dorpochev
Minister Of Propaganda: Lord Sithious, left in the administration of Markov Gelepsky
Minister Of Criminal Operations (The Union): Alek Sokolov (youngest MP, only 23!) This division runs crime within our own country and tries to have more control of it globally
Head of Death Division (The Emperor's will): Lord Sithious, but administered by Jericho. This division controls all special operations and can and will take charge where our other ministries may fail in terms of secrecy, security, etc. and is in total control of the administration of the government, military, science, religious, and all other divisions that can bring our country glory. Our entire cabinet is also in the Death division.
More to come very soon, but as you can see, Lord Sithious has supreme power over all things.

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Postby Soviet Commu-Facism » Tue Nov 03, 2009 2:39 pm

The Ministry of War is now being seperated into the seperate divisions of military (as in Navy, Air force, etc.)
Minister of Agriculture:
Minister of the Army:
Minister of the Navy:
Minister of the Air Force:
Minister of the Marines
Minister of Trade:
Minister of Industry:
Minister of Education:
Minister of Food:
Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Minister of Interior Affairs:
Minister of Justice:
Minister of Prisons:
Minister of Labor Camps:
Minister of Colonies:
Minister of Labour:
Minister of Nationalities:
Minister of the Post Office:
Minister of Communications:
Minister of Media:
Minister of the Internet:
Minister of Railways:
Minister of Roads,streets, highways:
Minister of Airlines:
Minister of Shipping:
Minister of Insurance:
Minister of Banking:
Minister of Finance:
Minister of Healthcare:
Minister of Automobiles:
Minister of Electricity:
Minister of Coal:
Minister of Nuclear Power:
Minister of Oil:
Minister of Gas:
Minister of Energy:
Minister of Housing:
Minister of Travel:
Minister of Clothing:
Minister of People:
All of the stated ministers are being chosen by myself at the moment. I hope to have this edited and full of names by tomorow.

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The van Rijn Royal Council

Postby Nouvelle Rhodes » Fri Jan 15, 2010 5:37 pm

The van Rijn Royal Council


Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Sir Alfred van Rijn, ONR


First Minister (equivalent to deputy prime minister): Edmond Danton
Minister of the Aquatic: Geoffrey Alexander
Minister of Civil Service: Marc Sentius
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration: Georges Anaximandros
Minister of Commerce Albert Florin
Minister of Dominion Affairs: Wilhelm Robertson
Minister of Education: Johannes van der Graaf
Minister of Energy: Basil van Buren
Minister of the Environment: Jore Guillén
Minister of Finance: Franklin Benetton
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Philippe Marcoux
Minister of International Trade: Enzo de Medici
Minister of International Cooperation and Development: Marco Kosowski
Minister of Health and Human Services: Anthony Livingstone
Minister of National Defence: Maréchal de Nouvelle Rhodes Louis Corentin
Minister of Natural Resources: Sarosh Mahjeen
Minister of Social Equality and Development: Anne-Sophie Breuel


Minister-of-State for Agriculture, Foods, and Agri-Business: Sextus Demeter
Minister-of-State for Culture and Media: Francesco de Lange
Minister-of-State for Children, Youth, and Families: Alexandra Lindsay
Minister-of-State for Multiculturalism: Salim Octavianus
Minister-of-State for Regional Economic Development: Aristotle Aristides
Minister-of-State for Sports and the Olympics: Wajih Grant
Minister-of-State for Veterans Affairs: George al-Abdullah

Non-ministers in attendance at the Royal Council meetings

Chancellor of the Exchequery (manages the bank accounts of the federal government and other public agencies): Sir Gordon Auld
Captain of the Royal Rhodian Guard: Captain Costa Danakas
Captain of the Swiss Guard: Captain Florin Valentino
World Assembly Ambassador (elected): Guillaume von Daele

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our Cabinet

Postby Venetoland » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:07 pm

Secretary of Global Affairs: Edwin Choi
Secreatary of Domestic Needs: Aoki Chen (woman)

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Postby Falklands-Malvines » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:19 pm

President: Nicolas Beaufort
Vice President: Ilias Toronthal
Prime Minister: Adam Thiers
Minister of Interior: Christopher Soult
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Simon Paulus
Minister of Economic Development: Nils Debrot
Minister of State Treasury: Nils Debrot
Minister of Trade: Johannes van de Graaf
Minister of Industry and Mining: Roger Thomas
Minister of Agriculture: Ben Jersey
Minister of State Security: Osama ibn Ahmed
Minister of Armed Forces: Osama ibn Ahmed
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Postby Turanbirligi » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:24 pm

president: Ali Göyceli
prime minister: Ali Kerimli
minister of the internal affairs: İsa Qember
minister of economy Devlet Bahçeli
minister of foreign affairs Benu İsakoğlu
minister of culture: Sevil Göyceli
minister of finance: Feride Hacıbeyli
minister of the education Nemet Gürcü
state minister Mustafa Sarı
minister of the sport Aslan Taliboğlu
minister of the defence İlker Başbuğ
minister of the state building Münever Şanlı

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Postby Rhursbourg » Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:45 pm

The Cabinet of the of His Majesty's KIng Friedrich Wilhelm's Government

The Prime Minster - Right Honourable Mary Jane Bullimore PC
The Chancellor of the Exchequer - The Right Honourable Herbert Galland PC
The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs - The Right Honourable Miss Elizaveta Ordendorff PC
The Secretary of State for the Home Department - The Right Honourable Leberecht Hummel PC
Lord Chancellor - The Right Honourable Maximillian Bischoff PC
The Secretary of State for War - The Right Honourable Rudolph Immelman PC
The Secretary to the Admiralty - The Right Honourable Sir Albert Thorsdyke Bt PC
Economic Left/Right: -9.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.9

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President: Walton Harfert

Deputy President: Lindsay Matacale*

Secretary of State: Modesto Goldfischer

Secretary of Treasury: Leonard Cadoy

Secretary of Defence: Palmer Delveechio

Secretary of Interior Works: Gaylord Holdcraft

National Attorney-General: Jarod Edis

National Postmaster-General: Rudolph Keliipaakaua

Presidential Press Secretaries: Melanie Lemann; Elvia Endrizzi

Colonel-Commandant of the CSMC: Colonel Tijana Babača

Commanding General of the CSNG: Major-General Tommaso Calabresi

Commanding Admiral of the CSCG: Rear-Admiral Tommi Lajunen

* Matacale is male
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