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Warrisonian Military (WIP)

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The Warrisonian Military

The Warrisonian Military consists of four branches and a militia force which is rarely used and is only deployed when the Warrisonian soldiers are outnumbered against the enemy. The military is controlled by eight Senior Generals, following commands of the Warrisonian Leader and the Warrisonian President. A Senior General is the highest ranking figure in the Warrisonian Military and their order can only be over-ridden by the orders of either of the Warrisonian Leader and President. A total of 5.5 million troops serve in the Warrisonian Military. The four branches are:

United Warrisons Elite Troops (U.W.E.T.)
is the primary battle force of the United Warrisons and has more than 1.88 million troops. The U.W.E.T. has taken part in many of the country's battles and has proven its worth in 1932, when an invading nation (Gemenow) suffered major casualties when attempting to take over Abadistan, the south-eastern harbour town of UW.

The sniper division of the U.W.E.T. contains 2,860 of the most skilled snipers of UW, and their accurarcy has resulted in the end of the lives of many enemies.

A few of the tanks used by the U.W.E.T., like the Leopard II, are outdated and the government has plans to replace the old tanks with the Warrisonian-made 'Costa Soleh' tank.

The U.W.E.T. has existed since the 11st century, and was founded after the United Warrisons became a republic and was in need of a trained battleforce. The U.W.E.T. Headquarters is located in Ragbar and Senior General Igbour Ozbak is the head of U.W.E.T.

United Elite Fighters (U.E.F.)
is the newest battle force of the United Warrisons, and has been founded in 1939, after the Deshrenkovian armies during Deshrenkov's war for independence easily managed to overwhelm the U.W.E.T. and the Warrisonian Militia. Since that war, the defense of UW's capital city, Kemalat, has been the top priority of the Senior Generals.

A total of 250 thousand troops are part of the U.E.F. and have been able to quite easily keep Kemalat under the control of UW during the invasion of Gemenowian invasion. The U.E.F. has also been trained to be able to use the mountains surrounding Kemalat to their advantage, rather than allow it to fall to enemy snipers.

Natonal Eagle Army (N.E.A.)
is the air force of United Warrisons, and is easily one of the most powerful air forces of the world, as a majority of the government's military spending has gone to maintain the N.E.A. More than 125,000 trained and skilled pilots serve the N.E.A. and so far, air superiority has been guaranteed to the N.E.A. in every single war the N.E.A. fought in.

It is considered as a nightmare to the enemies of the Warrisonian people and a blessing to the Warrisonian Military. Most of N.E.A's airplanes are Falcons, some of them being the old F-17s that are slowly being replaced by the government, as the Falcons are quite expensive to purchase for the U.W.

Warrisonian Navy (W.N.)
is the navy of United Warrisons, and while not being the country's best or largest military force, it is still is a powerful part of the Warrisonian Military. At least 525 thousand sailors, officers, and captains serve in the Warrisonian Navy and the ships used by the W.N. are mostly corvettes, as the W.N. is generally only deployed to transport troops.

Yet, the W.N. has at least hundreds of battleships, submarines, destroyers, and gun boats. It is also hunts down pirates in the extremely rare case that a pirate ship appears in UW's waters.

The Warrisonian Militia(W.M.)
commonly referred to as the 'Last Option' by the Warrisonian Generals, is the largest battle force of UW, easily having 2.58 million troops. Most of their weapons are outdated, as it is quite rare for the W.M. to fight in a war, save for two wars which nearly managed to destroy the Warrisonian Military during the period in which it was quite weaker than today.

The Warrisonian Militia is never deployed to fight in a war, unless in the once again rare situation in which the trained soldiers of the other branches are outnumbered and outgunned by the enemy, in which the W.M. will be sent along with some outdated artillery.

During the Deshrenkovian War for Independence, the W.M. had to be deployed because the Deshrenkovians suprisingly managed to quickly take over several border-towns and put Kemalat under siege. Artillery and some tanks were the only things the Militia managed to deliver to the U.W.E.T. troops under siege in Kemalat.

The tactics used by the Warrisonian Military are effective and dangerous, due to the fact that most of the tactics take advantage of the landscape, the amount of troops, and the equipment available, and thus even a small group of Warrisonian Militia troops can easily overpower a large horde of enemies using one of the tactics. The sheer effectiveness of these tactics earned the name of 'Five star death traps' from many generals serving in the military.

However, only one of the tactics is published here, due to the fact that enemies might take advantage of these in the event of a war with UW if they are aware of the 'Five star death traps'.

Tactic #1 - Square in the head
Generally, these tactics are used when the battlefield is in a desert with hills, or mountains surrounding the location. It is also can be used if the battle is in a valley in a jungle but there are better tactics for that situation. A sniper division is needed for the tactic to work, and preferablly located on a mountain or hill away from the battlefield.

A small battalion of soldiers and tanks will be deployed in the middle of the battlefield, who will fire at the enemy and retreat at the same time, slowly dragging them in a position where the snipers will have an easy time spotting enemies. After some inital casualties, the enemy troops will have reached or neared the range of the snipers.

The snipers will then fire at the enemies. As it is a desert, no cover will protect the enemy soldiers and they will not have enough time to be able to spot the snipers as they are also under fire from the Warrisonian battalion. Enemy tanks, however, will likely not be affected by sniper bullets and thus this tactic is bested used when fighting against a large horde of enemy soldiers and not tanks.

In order to complement the snipers, artillery could be deployed at a far away location to bombard the enemy tanks but such a deployment would be risky as the artillery shells could hit the friendly battalion's troops as well.

Therefore this tactic is best suited to picking off soldiers, as in a desert they are easy targets for snipers. This strategy was also used in 1939, when the Deshrenkovians captured Ragbar, a town located in the middle of a desert. The casualties of the enemy far outnumbered that of the Warrisonians, and the damage that the Deshrenkovians took during the battle was so high, that they were forced to retreat back to their homeland to avoid further damages.

The United Warrisons, having been founded in 80BC, boasts a rich history and culture. Many people tried to invade the United Warrisons but they were all defeated, due to the country's high military experience. Only two wars managed to hit the United Warrisons hard but the military was able to recover and hit back, and that is the 'Deshrenkovian War For Independence' and the 'Gemenowian Invasion', the latter not quite being as successful as the former.

Deshrenkovian War For Independence (1939-1942)
The people of Deshrenkov had decided to declare independence and have a nation which they could call their own, instead of being a Warrisonian Colony. This was met with outrage as UW couldn't tolerate more colonies becoming independent and decided to assassinate the first Deshrenkovian President who was riding a horse during a festival held to celebrate their independence.

The Deshrenkovians angrily responded back by sending a large army and invaded UW via the western border, putting the desert town Ragbar under siege. Less than 150,000 thousand U.W.E.T. soldiers had to fight against 800,000 thousand troops. Meanwhile, the U.E.F. were mobilised and ordered to defend Kemalat, along with the help of sixty thousand U.W.E.T. troops. The remaining one million soldiers spread between the cities of Miro, Abadistan, and Shomality so that they could prevent the invasion from spreading to there.

Eventually, as was expected, most of the U.W.E.T. soldiers in Ragbar were either killed or arrested and the remaining were forced to fall back to a defense line forming in Miro. Due to the strategical location of Ragbar, the enemy was able to send troops to both Miro and the capital, Kemalat City, thus marking the loss of Ragbar as one of the few major defeats that UW suffered through the war.

The invaders promptly ordered the deployment of their militia troops and in the meanwhile decided to cut their troops into the three groups, and had one of them defend Ragbar, the other was sent to capture Miro, and the last group laid Kemalat under siege. U.W.E.T. troops from Shomality and Abadistan rushed to the aid of Kemalat and Miro, and the U.E.F. in Kemalat managed to withstand the invaders with great difficulty.

Soon, a state of emergency was declared and the Warrisonian Militia was deployed fifty kilometers north of Kemalat, and brought artillery pieces and tanks with them to the outnumbered soldiers in Kemalat. Just in time for the one million troops to reach Kemalat.
The enemy positions had been bombarded with artillery several times and they returned fire with their own artillery.

Eventually, the invaders in Kemalat were defeated and the weary U.W.E.T. troops and W.M were sent to capture Ragbar. The enemy, realizing the tight position it would be if the Warrisonians could arrive, retreated from Miro and reinforced Ragbar. Eventually a ceasefire was reached and the enemies returned to the borders of what is now known as the nation of Deshrenkov.

United Warrisons enjoys close ties with Deshrenkov, and even fought together in the Gemenowian Invasion.

This factbook contains everything about the Warrisonian Military. If you have any questions, feel free to ask it here.
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