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Factbook of Kynlin

Postby Kynlin » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:27 pm

Kynlin World Factbook (Unfinished!)
Geography- Kynlin is a large landmass located east of Capitalist Paradise. Kynlins climate is dvided between the Alpine forests that grow in the islands mountainous center, the grassy plains and rolling ills to the south north and east, and the savage deserts of the west. Kynlin has an overall are of 2,879,300 sq. miles. 70% of this land is not settled or has not been explored. Kynlins vast mountain ranges host large quantities of silver, iron, and coal deposits. The majority of these deposits are bieng used but at least 5,000 sq miles have been set aside for national parks and wildlife conservation. The alpine forests are subject to wide deforestation due to the grassland states' need of lumber for housing, and construction. All of Kynlin is set in the Pacific standard time zone.
Sinli- Home to nations capital, Shor, located on the southern peninsula where the first Kynlini people landed. Lean toward various political parties
Olgra- Largest state located in the deserts of the east. Lowest population. Isolationists are common here
Capital- Shor
Bearfoot- Named after the Native tribe that was conquered there. Located in "The Basin", a large valley between Kynlin's two mountain ranges. Smallest state. Nativist party members are prevalent here
Capital- Gin-dock
Coldport- Located on the Northern shore of Kynlin, home to the nations ports hence the name Coldport. Coldest state. Leans toward Colonial party beliefs.
Capital- Ravi
Frosthelm- Located in the Kynlini Mountains of the west. Highest population. Leans toward Colonial party beliefs
Capital- Kyve
Klin- State made up of Colonies united. Home to the stock market. Leans toward Colonial party beliefs.

Economy- Kynlin's currency is the Drake. The Drake is a coin 6cm in diameter made of silver bordered by gold trim. A Drake is equal to 3.87 in American currency. Kynlin's imports are vast quantities of lumber and a variety of information technology products. Kynlin's exports include gold, silver, iron, coal, raw materials, and agricultural products. Kynlin's overall GDP this year was 10 trillion Drakes.

History- Kynlin was founded in 1832 when John Colverd, a rich entrepreneur, financed a journey to settle the landmass of Kynlin for the purpose of giving people a chance to escape economically failing countries. Kynlin's southern peninsula was settled in a matter of months and within 5 years Kynlin has claimed half the landmass. For most of it's years the country was controlled by the dominating Isolationist Party and did not establish foreign contact, but in 1869 a second party, the Expansionist party was formed and proceeded to become popular through conquering the entire landmass and invading the Native controlled islands around Kynlin in order to gain resources and establish colonies. The economy boomed and Kynlin got a reputation in the world as a small but economically powerful country. The hawkish policies of the Expansionist party led to rebelions in the native lands and resulted in Kynlins first war in 1871, the Colonial War. After the war Kynlin was economically depressed and could not support the massive military that the Expansionist party required for its wartime economic style. Due to this problem the Colonial party and the Nativist party emerged and took their places in Kynlins government creating the party system we see today. Kynlin's economic state and poor conditions resulted in Civil war from 1890 until 1923. After the war Kynlin became isolationist again in order to rebuild and later to hide from the economic crises of the 1930's. From 1989 until today in 2011, Kynlin has been at peace and controlled by various parties in a successful democratic system.

Military and War-

Military Overview- Kynlin's military is small and has not been used since 1923. However the military consists of over 10 million troops, 20,000 aircrafts, 600 boats/battleships, and several special units.
Colonial War-
Who?- Kynlin Empire vs Colonial/Native rebels. Rebels wanted colonies and natives to be allowed to take place in elections.
When?- 1871-1874
Victor?- Kynlin Empire
Impact?- Despite empires victory, the colonies got their right to vote thanks to media support. Natives got right to vote as well however hardly exercised it.


President- Karl Wurth (Colonial Party)
Government Structure- Kynlin's government (A federal democratic republic) was modeled after the United States Government with 3 branches of government and the implication of checks and balances. However the Legislative branch is composed of only one house, the senate.
Colonial Party-
Currently in control of senate and executive branch. Founded by Kynlini colonists to look after colonial interests. Supports trade and diplomatic relations with other nations. Libertarian with far right economics, and slightly conservative social policies.50% of house seats
Expansionist party-
Previously in control of senate. Founded in the early years of Kynlin to support conquering the rest of the mainland, now supports Imperialistic policies and a military state. Authoritarian with mixed economics and very conservative social policies. 15% of house seats
Isolationist Party-
First party in Kynlin, supports isolation and self provision without foreign influence. Moderately libertarian with right wing economics and moderately conservative social policies. 25% of house seats
Nativist Party-
Founded in the later years of Kynlin when the Imperialist party conquered the natives of Kynlin. Originally the Nativist party was founded exclusively for natives, but now it is made up of mostly sympathists and radicals who want to allow minor religious groups and ethnicities to have more power over majority groups.. Moderately authoritarian with liberal social policies and far left economics. 10% of house seats.
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