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Commonwealth Factbook(WIP-Do not post)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:56 pm
by The Seven Realms

The Totalitarian Commonwealth of the Seven Realms

Anthem: Phantasmagoric Solace
Motto:"Unite as One, Fly Over Reality"

Capital: Mitakihara(Designated)1
Largest City: Crysalia

Official Language: English(at Commonwealth level)2
Recognized Regional Languages:

Ethnic Groups:(See people's page)

Denonym: Commonwealth Citizen or Larissan

Government: Totalitarian Council-led Commonwealth

-Supreme Joint Council Matriarch: Scarlet Nosferatu
-Supernational Assembly Director: Vladimir Vorchevsky

Legislature: Joint Council

-Upper Echelon: Supreme Joint Council
-Lower Echelon: Supernational Assembly


-Total: 148,647,000 km2
-Water(%): 8.4


-Total: 1,001,234,783
-Density: 6.7/km2


-Total: 74.435 Trillion
-Per Capita: 42,034


-Total: 75.034 Trillion
-Per Capita: 45,673

GINI: 40

HDI: 0.865

Currency: Desuvian(De$u)

Day Formats: dd/mm/yyyy, yyyy/dd/mm

Drives on the: Right

Internet TLD: .SRC

Calling Code: 27

1 De facto Commonwealth Capital
2 Language is taught at a Commonwealth level

The Totalitarian Commonwealth of the Seven Realms, simply called Realms or Commonwealth by the populace, is an economic, political and military union of 27 nations. Which are mostly located in the sub-region of Larissa. The Commonwealth can trace its beginning back to the United Kingdoms of Larissa established in 1181 as a small economic and military union, meant to strength their influence and power within the sub-region. As the years passed, the Commonwealth grew in size as nations within the Larissan sub-region began to join, ultimately gaining complete control over the region.

The Commonwealth operates through multiple supernational entities and intergovernmental decisions among member nations. Important administrative entities of the Commonwealth include the Supreme Joint Council, Supernational Assembly, Larissan Central Bank, Seven Realms Court Justice, the Seven Realms Joint High Command, and the Public Security and Intelligence Command.

The Seven Realms has completely standardized her market by establishing the Desuvian as the standard currency of the nation, and eliminating any trade regulations between member nations. Policies in the Realms ensure free mobility across the Commonwealth, as well as generous civil rights to anyone living within the Realms, or moving in from another nation.


Member Nations

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:17 pm
by The Seven Realms
The Imperial Stratocracy of Lurkya

Motto: "May the Stratocrat Deliver Us from Destruction.
Capital: Israndgriz
Largest City: Vestirya
Official Language: Lurkyan
Recognized Regional Languages: None
Ethnic Groups:Lurkyan
Govenrment: Absolute Monarchist Stratocracy

-Empress: Lyrica Stratorya zi Lurkya
-Prime Minister: First Prince Leon Stratorya vi Lurkya

-House of Nobles(upper)
-House of the People(lower)


PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2012 11:03 am
by The Seven Realms
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