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Military of The Democratic States of CREEEEEED

Postby CREEEEEED » Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:27 pm

First and foremost, it should be noted that this is a Post-Modern Tech (PMT) Military, with elements of Future Tech (FT)

1st-5000th Infantry Divisions - 10,000 men per division, equipped with powered body armour, with lightweight carbines, and additional heavy weapons distributed to each squad. Each man spends 6 months in basic training, which has a 40% survival rate (the training is considerably more brutal than any battlefield situation in the history of CREEEEEED's military).
Each division is also equipped with 1,000 Chimera armoured personnel carriers, allowing them to operate in a completely mechanised fashion.

1st-100th Special Forces Regiments - 5,000 men per regiment, equipped with the pinnacle of personal body armour and munitions.
Transported exclusively by a complement of 250 Valkyrie and 250 Vendetta Assault Transports per regiment - these are VTOL transports also capable of providing close air support to the troops they carry. Approximately 20% of applicants survive the selection process, with half of those being rejected.

Honour Guard of the National Council of CREEEEEED - 100,000 genetically modified supersoldiers, commonly known as the "Stone Men".

Their genetic modification confers the following benefits:
1. They are biologically incapable of experiencing fear.
2. They are taller and broader than normal humans, with an average height of 7-8 feet, and sufficient strength to bench-press somewhere in the region of 2 tons.
3. Their bone structure is considerably stronger than standard, and the ribcage is completely enclosed to afford better protection to the vital organs, and prevent breakages under the increased muscle mass, and the weight of their armour and equipment.
4. They are resistant to virtually all known posions and non-lethal chemical agents.
5. Their lifespans should be greatly increased (target was 250 years, cannot yet be confirmed)
6.Their intelligence is far greater than the average human (Stone Man average IQ is 250)

Additionally, biomechanical implants are surgically installed upon completion of their training (18 years after birth) to allow them to interface directly with their battle armour.

They are equipped with powered body armour, which incorporates a shield generator and personal teleporter - although even without these measures, each suit is more durable than Main Battle Tanks. The armour is fully enclosed, allowing them to operate underwater or in a vacuum completely unimpeded, and incorporates an advanced target acquisition system, and multiple vision modes. The armour is resistant to flash-bang grenades and similar devices via a powerful optics system capable of shielding the user from such exposure.

They carry rapid-fire hypervelocity railguns, currently the CREEEEEED Arms GR-76 Gauss Rifle, capable of engaging, and destroying, targets ranging from light infantry to small naval vessels.

In the 73-year history of the Honour Guard, not one of their number has been killed in battle, while kills by the Guard are estimated (due to the extremely destructive nature of their weapons, it is not always possible to confirm kill counts) at over 5 million, taking into account wars and counter-insurgency operations, as well as kills in defense of CREEEEEED's leaders, as well as visiting heads of state.

The tactics used by the Stone Men are efficient - their primary objective is always to identify, and then crush, all enemy leadership in a single, devastating first strike, and then break any remaining resistance as it forms. They are usually deployed via drop-pod from an Imperator or Cronus class cruiser, but can utilise modfied Valkyrie or Vendetta transports, or Chimera armoured transports for rapid deployment if required.

The commander of the Honour Guard, military, and the ruler of CREEEEEED as a whole, is Leman Russ, The Great Wolf, and the first 'Stone Man' to be created, who has a personal kill tally of over 65,000, having participated in every major operation of the Honour Guard since it's creation, and all major military campaigns since his appointment as High Commander of the Military of CREEEEEED. Additionally, he was genetically engineered to a far greater extent than subsequent Stone Men (due to budgetary and time constraints, it was decided that he would be a supreme commander for the Stone Men, while subsequent warriors would serve under him, and receive less genetic modification to accelerate the creation of the unit). He is a giant even amongst the Stone Men, standing at 9' 7" tall, and far stronger than his subordinates - not to mention immensely elevated intelligence (his IQ is estimated to be around 700, but tests to accurately measure it do not exist) - in fact, the majority of CREEEEEED's current cutting-edge technology was invented by Leman Russ himself (including the Leman Russ Main Battle Tank, mainstay of CREEEEEEDs armoured divisions). His armour is far more ornate than the standard Stone Man battle armour, partially covered by engraved campaign markings, as well as his personal heraldry (a snarling wolf's head, black outlined in gold, with a red eye, on a yellow field) mounted on each shoulder pad. It incorporates more advanced technology than standard Stone Men suits, and has never even been scratched by enemy fire, such is the protection conferred by the multiple shield generators installed on the suit. His preferred weapon is a combination of his (ostensibly ceremonial, but extensively battle-tested) sword "Bane" - a unique weapon incorporating a disruption field, allowing it to slice through virtually any material with astonishing ease (not to mention having arcs of electricity coursing around it, making the weapon highly intimidating) - and his personal gauss weapon, which he names "Storm". This is, effectively, a quad-barrel version of the standard Honour Guard gauss weapon mounted on the left forearm of his armour, to allow both hands freedom of use (both modifications added by Russ himself after the infamous Prospero campaign).
His deeds have become legendary amongst the military of CREEEEEED, with many soldiers venerating him as a demigod (which, considering his virtual invulnerability in battle and incredible strategic and tactical mind, is unsurprising). Perhaps the one act which cemented him as the defender of CREEEEEED came 24 years into his life, six months before the Honour Guard was ready for deployment. A coup was attempted by one General Magnus Kvarrson, and a thousand battle-hardened troops stormed the National Congress building, with the intention of taking both the National Council, and the National Parliament of CREEEEEED hostage. Leman Russ single-handedly killed every last traitorous soldier unarmed and unarmoured, miraculously without taking any serious wounds. In doing so he saved the lives of the 250-strong National Parliament, and the 10-strong National Council. Subsequently, he was named Imperator Perpetuus of CREEEEEED, and was named "The Great Wolf", and as such granted responsibility for the governance and protection of the Realm. He has taken to both these roles with (entirely predictable) perfection - no battle commanded directly by Leman Russ has ever been lost, and mere mention of his presence on the battlefield has been known to inspire soldiers to feats of superhuman (and borderline insane) bravery, swinging battles in CREEEEEED's favour, sometimes without even having to lift his blade.

1st-500th Armoured Divisions - 1,000 armoured vehicles per division, as follows:
5 "Baneblade" class superheavy tanks. Each weighing approximately 5,000 tons, armed and armoured more heavily than most naval vessels. Equipped to engage heavy enemy targets and breach heavily fortified enemy lines virtually unscathed.
5 "Stormblade" class superheavy tanks. Similar design and scale of armament to the Baneblade class, except for the main weapon - a colossal siege cannon designed to reduce any and all enemy resistance to basic particles.
600 Leman Russ Main Battle Tanks - Designed to engage standard armour from ranges exceeding 5km, while remaining sufficiently heavily armoured to resist virtually any return assault. Due to the heavy armament and armour, they are slow and cumbersome to maneuver.
100 Demolisher Siege Tanks - Built on the same chassis as the Leman Russ, but with a very large siege cannon, designed to break enemy fortifications.
100 Hellhound Flame Tanks - Using a similar chassis to the Chimera, but with an upgraded engine to allow for faster speeds in urban environments. The Hellstorm cannon is a flamethrower which can melt titanium, and utterly destroy infantry resistance.
190 Manticore Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems, firing MIRV-equipped "Sky Eagle" rockets, allowing them to saturate a target area in thermobaric warheads, annihilating all opposition.

Air Force
100 Imperator-class Cruisers, approximately 5km in length, weighing 5 million tons fully loaded. Equipped with 1,000 point-defense gatling guns, 40 anti-air missile batteries, 250 Railguns (firing 50kg tungsten projectiles at muzzle speeds of 5,000 m/s, at a rate of 10 rounds per minute. For comparison, such projectiles do slightly more damage than a 10kT nuclear warhead. Accurate enough to hit a 5m target over 200km away) and 100 300mm "Earthshaker" artillery weapons. Additionally, they are equipped with a phase-shift generator, allowing them to phase in and out of the physical universe to avoid enemy fire. They have highly advanced grav-engines, allowing for maneuverability far beyond what their colossal size would suggest was possible. Split into five twenty-vessel fleets, named "Behemoth", "Leviathan", "Jörmungandr", "Dominatus", and "Kraken". A further 50 ships are planned, with ten of those currently under construction.

In addition to the 100 Imperator-class ships, there are the Behemoth-class Titans, which are roughly four times the size of Imperator-class cruisers, with 15 times as many weapons (of the same types as listed for standard Imperators), and with similar engine and phasing capabilities. Additionally, they equipped with a plasma cannon capable of destroying entire military facilities, including hardened underground facilities designed to withstand direct nuclear attack. Five Behemoth-class Titans have been built (named Behemoth, Leviathan, Jörmungandr, Dominatus, and Kraken, and deployed leading the Imperator Fleets of the same names), with another ten planned, of which five are under construction.

Behemoth is, following a treaty with the extraterrestrial Babylonian Empire, equipped somewhat differently from the other ships in the class. It has added K-472 Shield Breakers to its railguns, allowing it to penetrate shields with almost ridiculous ease. 50% of it's engines have been replaced with Babylonian anti-matter engines, providing a 75% increase in maximum speed, while maintaining the original maneuverability of the class. The 1500 300mm cannons have been replaced with 100 quad emplacements of K-913 Iron Fists - massive energy cannons capable of causing horrific damage to any target.

100 Cronus-class Carriers. Approximately 7km long, weighing 10 million tons fully loaded. They carry only defensive weaponry, consisting of point defense and air defense systems. To compensate for this, they carry 2500 LSFs, and are able to sustain continuous combat operations for the full complement for a period of two months before re-supplying is needed. Five four-vessel fleets named "Cronus", "Oceanus", "Hyperion", "Prometheus", and "Atlas". Another 50 Cronus-class carriers are planned, with ten under construction.

50 Whale-class Transports. Roughly the same size as the Cronus-class, with no fighters, and only point-defense and air-defense weaponry. These ships are large transports, capable of carrying 10 fully equipped Infantry Divisions, and 5 fully equipped Armoured Divisions. As they are unmanned vessels, Whale-class transports are numbered, rather than named (e.g. Whale-1). Alternatively they can carry sufficient munitions and fuel to completely resupply a Cronus-class fleet. No further vessels are planned, but this may change.

Imperator-class, Cronus-class and Whale-class vessels are space-capable, although not equipped for interstellar travel. Interplanetary travel is entirely routine, and unmanned refuel/rearm outposts have been established on Mars, Titan, and Charon.

450,000 Lightning Strike Fighters. A 5m long, 7m wide, unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) capable of adaptive learning in combat situations, and more maneuverable than any other combat aircraft in the world. Also capable of space combat, using miniaturised grav-engines similar to those found on the Imperator-class cruisers. Primarily armed with railguns, but it is also capable of carrying a variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles. Capable of mach 9 at high altitude, mach 6 below 60,000 feet.
250,000 deployed aboard the Cronus-class carriers, with 200,000 deployed in air-defense patterns throughout CREEEEEED. These fighters are suprisingly fast and cheap to produce, allowing losses to be replaced rapidly.


50 Kell-class Orbital Weapons Platforms - fairly similar in shape and scope to the GDI Ion Cannons from the Command and Conquer series, the Kell class fires hypervelocity thermobaric warheads, giving a similar explosive yield to a 2-megaton nuclear device, with none of the radiation hazard.

CREEEEEED posesses no nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, and does not approve of those that do posess such weapons.
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Postby CREEEEEED » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:08 am

The following is the MT version of the CREEEEEED Military:

Entire Military employs roughly 68 million men (including roles such as medics, cooks, supply officers, engineers, and non-combat and civilian personnel.

The Supreme Commander of CREEEEEED's military forces is High Marshal Leman Russ, often credited with making our military the sophisticated and extremely efficient force it is today.

The military has the following overall command structure:

High Marshal Leman Russ
Force Marshal's Council - Current Members are Force Marshals Shepard (Army), Anderson (Air Force), and Vakarian (Navy)
*Individual Force Command Structures*


Army Hierarchy and rank composition as follows:

High Marshal Leman Russ
Force Marshal John Shepard
Colonel-Generals (Each overseeing 100 Divisions)
Major-Generals (Each overseeing 20 Divisions, under the supervision of the commanding Colonel-General)

Division Generals (Division Commanders, overseen by upper echelons of hierarchy.
Colonels (Regimental Commanders)
Majors (Company Commanders)
Lieutenents (Platoon Commanders)
Platoon Sergeants (Highest Ranking NCOs, serving a similar function to RL Company First Sergeants, in Infantry Regiments only)
Squad Sergeants (Squad Leaders and tank commanders)
Privates (incl. 20,000,000 medics, 1 per squad/tank, and 7.97 million engineers, 1 per armoured vehicle)

Total Army Strength 61,840,800 Combat Personnel, 4,851,000 Armoured vehicles, 116,456 airframes.

1st-4,851st Combined-Arms Land Divisions - 12,700 men per Division, comprised of the following:

Command Group - 350 Administrative and Command Personnel, providing Division-level Command and Control functions.

2 Infantry Regiments of 1,000 men. Each Regiment is divided into ten Companies of 100 men, each of which is divided into 5 Platoons of 20 men. Platoons consist of 4 Squads of 5 men, for greater tactical flexibility. Soldiers are equipped with the CAR-55 Argus Battle Rifle (6.8mm assault rifle - high accuracy, high stopping power, equipped with an integral suppressor, bipod and ACOG scope). Each Squad carries a CMG-12 LMG (equivalent to the Stoner Type 96 LMG) and a Lancer Smart Missile System with 4 Anti-armour rounds (equivalent to the FGM-148 Javelin) and 4 anti-air rounds (equivalent to the FIM-92 Stinger Block 2).

2 Mechanised Infantry Regiment of 1,000 men. Organised and equipped as per the Infantry Regiments above, with the exception of Chimera Armoured Personnel Carriers (Equivalent to the Patria AMV) to facilitate rapid deployment and high maneuverability.

2 Armoured Regiments of 1,000 men, in 200 armoured vehicles as follows:
100 Predator Main Battle Tanks (Treat as equivalent to the RL Challenger 2 MBT)
20 Hydra Anti-Air Vehicles (Treat as a lengthened version of the RL Thor MMS equipped with Starstreak Mk2 AA missiles)
15 Ox Ammunition Carriers (Treat as based on the Patria AMV, minus the turret, acting as an armoured ammunition carrier for other vehicles)
25 Manticore MLRS Vehicles (Treat as equivalent to the RL M142 HIMARS MLRS vehicle, firing guided thermobaric warheads)
30 Basilisk Artillery Vehicles (Treat as equivalent to the RL Archer Artillery System)
10 Siren Vehicle Recovery Systems (Treat as equivalent to the RL Trojan AVRE)

1 Intelligence Regiment - 1,000 men, assigned for recon, and analysis of satellite and aerial photography data to ensure the division has up to date intelligence to use against their opponents.

4 Supply Regiments - 1,000 men apiece, assigned to acquire and distribute supplies throughout the regiment.

1 Engineer Regiment - 1,000 men, assigned to maintain the divisions' vehicles. Split by platoons and assigned to other regiments in the division.

1 Close Air Support Regiment of 350 men, with the following composition:

8 Squadrons, 200 men in total, with a total of 32 Valkyrie Attack Helicopters (Equivalent to the RL British version (aka the superior version) of the AH-64 Apache) per squadron. 32 Pilots, 32 Gunners, 32 Engineers and 104 Ground Crew per regiment.

6 Squadrons, organised as above, but equipped with a total of 24 Vendetta VSTOL Fighters (Equivalent to the F-35B JSF). 24 Pilot/Gunners, 24 Engineers, and 78 Ground Crew per regiment.

Special Forces:

1st-200th Special Forces Regiments - Equipped and organised as per standard CREEEEEED Infantry Forces, but with access to Ghost Insertion/Extraction Vehicles (see below). A squad is typically fluent in at least twelve languages (between the five members), and each regiment is organised and employed in the same fashion as the RL British SAS.

1st-100th Special Forces Air Operations Squadrons- Each squadron is equipped with 100 Ghost Insertion/Extraction Vehicles (Equivalent to a V-22 Osprey with jet engines as opposed to turboprops, and stealth features including radar-absorbant paint and engine exhaust coolers)

Air Force

Hierarchy and composition:
High Marshal Leman Russ
Force Marshal David Anderson
Command Generals Lawson, Solus and Taylor
800 Group Captains
3200 Wing Commanders
32000 Squadron Leaders
112000 Pilots
256000 Aircrew
1420000 Engineers and Ground Crew
225000 Civilian Administrative Staff

Total Strength 2,049,005 Personnel, 112,000 airframes.

Air Combat Command (Command General Lawson)

1st-400th Air Combat Groups (Air Superiority)
4 Air Combat Wings per Group, each consisting of 10 Squadrons of 4 aircraft. The sole aircraft used is the Lightning Air Superiority Fighter (Equivalent to the F-22 Raptor). These combat groups are primarily employed for the destruction of enemy fighter and bomber forces, as well as having substantial ground-attack capability for tactical air strikes when required.

401st-600th Air Combat Groups (Stealth)
4 Stealth Wings per Group, each consisting of 10 Squadrons of 4 aircraft. The sole aircraft used is the Shade Strike Fighter (Equivalent to the YF-23 Black Widow 2). These combat groups are primarily employed for the penetration and SEAD of heavily defended territory, as well as rapid degradation of enemy defensive fighter forces and disruptive stealth air strikes against enemy infrastructure. These forces are extremely fast, and extremely stealthy, allowing for very effective hit-and-run attacks against enemy forces while suffering minimal casualties in return.

601st-650th Air Combat Groups (Support)
4 Support Wings per Group, each consisting of 5 squadrons of 4 aircraft, in the configuration below:
1st-3rd ACC Support Wings are equipped with the Camel air-refueling platform (equivalent to the KC-46 next-generation air refueling tanker)
4th ACC Support Wing is equipped with the Illuminatus Air Control Aircraft (Equivalent to the RL E-3 Sentry)

Bomber Command (Command General Taylor)

1st-100th Bomber Groups (Bombers)
4 Bomber Wings per Group, consisting of 5 squadrons of 4 aircraft. The only aircraft used is the Thunderhawk Heavy Munitions Platform (Equivalent to the B-1B Lancer).

101st-150th Bomber Groups (Support)
4 Support Wings per Group, each consisting of 5 squadrons of 4 aircraft, in the configuration below:
1st-3rd ACC Support Wings are equipped with the Camel air-refueling platform (equivalent to the KC-46 next-generation air refueling tanker)
4th ACC Support Wing is equipped with the Illuminatus Air Control Aircraft (Equivalent to the RL E-3 Sentry)

Strategic Command (Command General Solus) - Total Strength 30000 Engineers and Technicians

1st-30th Information Warfare Wings (Reconnaissance)

15000 Engineers and Technicians processing data from, and controlling, CREEEEEED's worldwide network of reconnaissance satellites (500 per wing).

1st-15th Strategic Warfare Wings (Strategic Weapons)

7500 Engineers and Technicians, commanded directly by Command General Solus, controlling CREEEEEED's Strategic Weapons - the Kell Orbital Bombardment Platform. 150 such platforms orbit in a network around the globe, allowing CREEEEEED to strike with extremely powerful precision weaponry. These platforms do not contain nuclear weapons (indeed, CREEEEEED deplores the construction and use of such weapons), but rather posess ten guided missiles, each equipped with five MIRV warheads with the capability to act either as bunker-buster munitions, or as an airburst (explosive equivalent is around 100kT TNT per warhead).

1st-15th Strategic Defense Wings (Strategic Defense)

7500 Engineers and Technicians controlling CREEEEEED's automated defense network, designed to shoot down ballistic missiles whose trajectory takes them within 1000 miles of CREEEEEED's borders. This is achieved through a combination of directed-energy systems, hypervelocity projectiles, and directed magnetic interference to either destroy missiles mid-flight or force them to crash into the ocean.


Force Marshal Gareth Vakarian
Fleet Commanders (Commanding a Carrier Strike Group)
Captains (Commanding a ship)
Crew ranks

Total Strength: 1,000,500 Personnel, 1,850 hulls.

50 Carrier Strike Groups, organised as follows:

1 Titan-class supercarrier (Equivalent to the USS Gerald R Ford class), carrying 75 Vendetta Fighters (equivalent to the F-35C), and 10 Hammerhead Anti-submarine helicopters.

5 Kraken-class Guided Missile Cruisers (equivalent to the US Ticonderoga class)

8 Lion-class Destroyers (equivalent to the British Type 45 Destroyer)

8 Guardian-class Multi-role Frigates (equivalent to the British Type 26 Frigate)

15 Normandy-class attack submarines (equivalent to the British Astute-class)
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