Tukhtuk-18 P/MT (Closed)

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Tukhtuk-18 P/MT (Closed)

Postby MInroz » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:50 am



Designer: Vladimir Ji-Khan
Designed: 1800
Manufacturer: Minroz North Industries Corporation
Produced: 1802- present


Weight: 934g
Length: 180mm
Barrel length: 99mm
Cartridge: 7.9mmMK rounds
Sights: Iron sights
Action: Mechanically locked, recoil operated
Feed system: 20-round magazine

The Tukhtuk-18 is a modern Minrozian-designed pistol that has been adopted as the mainstay Imperial sidearm. It utilizes a 20-round magazine and fires an advanced 7.9mm pistol round that does roughly the same damage as older 9mm rounds, but with better armor penetration and permitting many more shots to be carried in each magazine. The Tukhtuk-18 is a light, agile pistol capable of throwing a hail of firepower, popular among the Minrozian troops and is conisdered an accurate and powerful sidearm. The Tukhtuk-18 and its variants are in service with numerous Imperial law enforcement and military organizations.
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