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[Factbook] Anastella

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The Baroque Era of Anastella

"In Statera Et Proportionem Omnia Venit"

I. History
For a long period, the Anastelle government was overrun by the Gertrude Populace.They are a group of evil, psychotic, power-hungry cousins of the royal family. Gertrude de Michélin led the public coup d'état in front of the Grand Palace in Aristrocratis. A few hundred people marched along the historic Boulevard Bourgeois, preventing cars from passing.
The reigning queen that time was Reine Curie d'Anastella. She was a fickle-minded woman who loved petting dogs.Instead of acting upon the threat, she decided to inconspicuously fly to the resort island of Île du Chaud. With her was General Gerard Contré who held all the military strength of the nation.
It took three days of rioting until Gertrude finally discovered that the Grand Palace was unoccupied.Immediately, she informed the people who stood in front of its gates. She delivered the speech which has been named The Gertrude Manifesto which promised strength and value to the people. Knowing that their strange queen had fled, the people reinstated Gertrude as Queen of Anastella in a ceremony of bestowment which was held in the Square of Assumption.
Upon rising to power, Gertrude changed the national flag of Anastella into a red, yellow and white themed banner.
The Gertrude flag
When asked why, she simply answered that they were her favorite colors. Through a elaborate web of deception and blackmail, she gained control of the Royal Military. She appointed Bing Michélin, her mentally retarded sibling as Military General. He was obviously just a puppet because he could not even form a coherent sentence without embolalia. People who opposed the royal house of Gertrude were deprived of basic necessities. She had the people choked.

Her ten month rule is characterized as inanely stupid and shallow. She reconstructed the River of Leyones in the middle of Aristrocratis, destroying a large portion of the commercial district. Soldiers were required to wear tailored suits embossed with the royal seal "GERTRUDE" and skinny jeans which clung to their thighs like scorned women. Investors were afraid of gambling their money because of the mercurial tastes of Gertrude. On some days, she threw the money around like a parvenu, spending large sums of agnes on iconic headpieces.
Gertrude sporting an exorbitant hat
The people suffered large shortages in basic fruits like mangoes and oranges because Gertrude had suppressed the production of them. Unsurprisingly, there was a surplus of hats and headpieces which the people did not have any practical use for.
Although her term was successively abusive, the people did not revolt because of the free food which Gertrude commissioned the Royal House to serve every day. She said that food is the most important thing. During her days at the Verlange Manor, the childhood house of Gertrude, she cherished the times when her maids served her delicious porridge and expensive meat. That may have been the only positive point in the entirety of her reign. Despite her good intentions, her valiant efforts slowly drained the nation's money.
During the reiteration of vows that Gertrude held at the Square of Assumption, she was taken. As she was going up the podium, an unidentified male sheathed her head with cloth. Her complacency had made her forget the possible dangers of public appearances. Her kidnapping caused another period of anarchy which lasted for a month.

Just when the public was about to have a massive fragmentation, Reine Curie d'Anastella, sporting a new tan, returned from Île du Chaud. She calmed the people through an open court. She explained her disinterest in ruling Anastella but gave an alternative. Beatrice de Nord the niece of the great Yves Saint Laurent de Nord, was brought up the court. In that moment, Curie uttered the ancient Words of Appointment and performed an impromptu Veto Power. She had passed the crown to Beatrice and was met with applause. The next day, Beatrice had occupied the Golden room of the queen in the Grand Palace and was given the title Reine Beatrice de Nord. She returned the nation back to its pre-Gertrude state and is now working hard to turn the economy around.

II. Geography
III. Economy
IV. Military
V. Government
VI. Culture
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