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Confederation of Castelia

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:28 pm
by Jade Confederacy
Confederation of Castelia


The Confederation of Castelia is a collection of nine populated planets and their eighty seven colonies. The Confederation is a tightly connected system of independent governments with the central government controlling military forces and deals with issues regarding the Confederation as a whole. Local, planet side issues are handled by independent governments. It is based in the system of Westeros in the Loma star cluster and has jurisdiction over the many of the adjacent systems. Society in the Confederation is generally very accepting and open, especially so on the planet of Castelia, the namesake Confederation, which is generally regarded as the nicest planet in the entire Loma cluster. The Confederation’s economy is highly mechanized, with most physical tasks handed down to machines and semi-autonomous AIs. This holds true when it comes to the military too, most of planet side fighting units are composed of droids with personnel only used when making strategic decisions and pilot work, some of the few fields where flesh is still more efficient than machine. Along with the heavy use of droids and other machines, the people themselves have also become heavily cyberized , having small implants that allow them instant communication with machines.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:25 pm
by Jade Confederacy

In the year 2119 the of the old era, 50 million settlers descended on the virgin planets of the Westeros systems, in hopes of establishing a utopia free from strife and conflict.
Four planets, Castelia, Arilove, Fen-Tris, and Aalu are colonized, establishing the four original colonies.
Peace and prosperity followed as the planets are developed and their first cities bloomed. The population skyrocketed as the Federation declared war upon the Xindi. Millions fearing another catastrophic war, fled to the Westeros system among others.
In the year 2192, a large quantity of highly enriched Red Mater was discovered in the crust of Artemis, the second moon of the gas giant Leo. The profits derived from the mining operation made the Westeros system a subject of prosperity and jealousy.

First Galois War:

Casus belli

In the year 2203 hostilities erupted between the four planets of Westeros and Galois Republic. The epicenter was the jungle planet of Jannah. The planet belonged to Galois space but a group of *wildcat colonists from the Westeros system colonized the planet without the Galoian government’s consent. The Galoian government demanded that the colonists leave, but they refused. The Westeros governments backed the colonist’s claims to the planet citing that they were there first and that the governments of Weteros did not recognized Galoian claims to Jannah. Tentions escalated when the Galoian government sent armed ships to remove the colonist by force, the government of Arilove, one of the Westeros governments dispatched the fifth fleet in response. Stalemate lasted several months as both sides sent more troops. In the year 2204, the Galoian government tried to land troops on Jannah, but the landing vessels were shot down by Jannahian militia. The government of Galois subsequently declared war on Arilove, starting the first Galois war.

Initial fighting

Galois achieved initial success, successfully occupying Jannah and three other Westeros backed colonies. As the fighting got closer to the Westeros system, the other governments entered the conflict on Arilove’s side. This act was largely symbolic as only the government of Fen-Tris had any sizably military force.

Fall of Fen-Tris

In the year 2209, the defenses of the Westeros system was breached by the Galoian armada.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:26 pm
by Jade Confederacy
Planet: Castelia (ie Jewel of Westeros) :

Government: Constructional monarchy headed by Princess Ilia le Francine and the Francine dynasty

Population: 1.35 billion

Type: Oceanic, Paradise Planet

Capital: Purity

Economy: Primary agricultural planet of the confederation, it is the food basket of the Westeros System. It also has a large manufacturing sector built and operated on the backs of machine labor. Tourism is plays an important part as millions flock to its beaches and deep green valleys.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:33 pm
by Jade Confederacy
Planet: Arilove (ie Peace of Westeros)


Government: Meritocratic Theocracy led by Jose Vermos the Mar of the Church of Five Stars

Population: 1.46 billion

Type: Earth like Paradise Planet

Capital: Happiness

Economy: Considered the workshop of Westeros, Arilove possess some of the largest industrial complexes of its kind. It is also known for its mining sector, though most of the ores extracted are refined and consumed locally. The white swan orbital shipyards are also located there.

Geography: The planet is a class five Paradise Planet with gravity that is 1.3 times of Earth. It also has an oxygen poor atmosphere that can cause non native inhabitants problems. 68% of the planet's surface is covered by water. this is includes the Lake Serenity, the largest body of fresh water in the system.

Society: Most of the planet's population dwells in clusters of "towers" that dot Arilove's green belt. Regional towers link together to forum a city. All towers are fairly independent and the dwellers form close enclaves.

Happiness, Arilove: