The Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia's Factbook (FT) (2.5)

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Culture: Slang and Phrases

Postby Xiscapia » Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:23 pm

Like any culture, Xiscapians use certains words and phases in way that might not be entirely understandable to a foreigner. These often concern Xiscapian culture and/or anatomy, and are frequently used in a casual manner, which can add to the confusion. This helpful guide will define and explain a few of the more common ones.

Lift your tail- Bend over; submit yourself.

Stiff tail- Of military origin; slang for a strict person

Perk your ears- Listen, be on alert.

Trim your claws- Request to not be so defensive.

Duckfoot- Derogatory nickname for an Alversian

Yank (his, her, their) tail- Hurt/Disturb them.

Sticks in my nose- Worries me.

Shave (him, her, them)- Humiliate them.

Baldy- A derogatory term for a non-fur.

Round eyes- A derogatory term for a human.

Nine tails (tailed)- Praise for another person, comparing them to the Xiscapian nine-tailed gods.

Break (his, her, their) blade- Destroy them, dishonor them.

Sharpen your fangs- Prepare to fight.

Shed some fur- Request to calm down, similar to "chill."

Flattend (his, her, their) ears- Made angry.

Lai cai -Gay

Lai duc -Lesbian

Anh yêu anh -"I love you."

Emperor/Empress have mercy!

By the Emperor's conquest-fueled libido!

Solar-flaring orgasms of the Empress!

Oh Imperials fuck me in a three-way...

By the ballsacks of a thousand pirates...

Empress lick me like she loves me!

Empress's lacy lingerie.

By Gaval's black bones...

Pull a Green -Reference to then-Colonel Green's run during the Danaversian War; slang for deliberately leaving a bad situation to jump into a worse one (frying pan/fire implications)

Syn Special -A type of handgun favored by the Xiscapian Syndicate

Undercity -Subterranean Xiscapian population center, usually in the context of residing beneath a surface city

Grin's Ground -Slang for territory controlled by the Xiscapian Syndicate, referencing the way its members tend to bare their teeth manically

Blackboot -Slang for Xiscapian police officer

Gas-mask -Slang for a Boolean

Rei -Nothing ("It's rei" or "He's rei")

Floater -Homeless, implying drug addict

Id or Iddy -Slang for agents of the Imperial Intelligence Department

Mirrorface -Slang for an ExCom mercenary

LFN -Let's Fuck Now (be warned; now often means now)

Solar'd -Killed

Twisted -Catchall for being high, drunk or otherwise under the influence

Cur -Shortening of "curl" in reference to a kitsune's tail curling inquisitively; the same as "what?" in practice

Abby -Slang for an Abhuman

Nini -Slang for a hermaphrodite

Metal -Used to show approval or confirmation, roughly equivalent to "cool"

Sprite -Police patrol 'bot

Kit-roid -Kitsune android

Scav/Salv -Slang for a professional scavenger/salvage specialist


Du ma- Literally, "fuck mother"; insinuation that the offended party practices incest with his or her dame.

Thang cac be' -"You have a small penis."

Con di me mày -"Your mother sucks goats."

Cat me cu may di -A threat to cut out the offending party's genitals.

Cho cai -"Bitch."

Dit me may -"I had sex with your mother."

Ba Tam -Derogatory term for a loud person.

Dit con me may tec hang -"I'm going to fuck your mother until her vagina is broken."

Bu cac tao -"Suck my dick." (Often used ironically by females)

Dip Di Tung Ngo Nay Di -"Fuck this stupid kid."

Do khung -"Crazy." (Can be used as a compliment)

Do ngu -"Dim witted."

Con di -Slang for a prostitute.

Di du may -"Go fuck yourself."

Ði Chét Ði! -"Go die!"

Do cho chet! -"You're a fucking dead dog!"

Dit ca ho nha may -"Fuck your family." (Often translated into Common as "Fuck the eighteen generations of your ancestors")

Cai deo gi day? -"What the fuck?"

Scut -Slang for a coward

Fuck you with the Emperor's tail!

Empress rape you with her plume!

Sit on my tail and spin.

Emperor fuck you with his sword.

Empress's tits!
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Xis quote of the week: Altaria Almighty: how are you not just a race of sexual predators? Like who needs power armour and gauss rifles when you have leather and whips. –Karaig
The Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia's FT Factbook (V2.5)
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The Sound of Xiscapia: Blood Songs and Battle Hymns

Postby Xiscapia » Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:28 pm

The Sound of Xiscapia: Blood Songs and Battle Hymns

This was created as a direct retort to Xenohumanity's "ANTHEMS AND MUSICAL ANECDOTES" page here due to my constant war of music with him a la "Music to Mood By" in various threads. I highly recommend listening to his...after you've listened to mine, of course.

'Watch In Awe'
The spiritual anthem of the Xiscapian people.
Source: Inner Universe, Ghost in the Shell, originally by Origa

'Unity with Nature'
In the long-forgotten musical tongue of the kitsune, the priests speak.
Source: Sacred Spirit, by Yeha Noha

'Schwarze Sonne'
The cultists of Bodom derive strength from their dark god, also known as the Omega.
Source: Black Sun, E Nomine

'Absolution of Exodus'
None forget the great journey which scattered the Xiscapian people across the cosmos.
Source: Sadeness, by Enigma

No target has ever defeated or escaped Xiscapian Special Forces: The dreaded Ascians.
Source: Mitternacht, by E Nomine

'Heaven or Hell'
The Imperial Army's marching song when it cut a swath from one end of Ranus V to the other, cutting and burning everything in its path.
Source: Himmel oder Hölle, by E Nomine

Sweeping forward like a vengeful tide, the Skulk's advance.
Source: Das Omen, by E Nomine

'O, how great is the might of the Imperial Navy!'
When a Kitsune Imperial Fleet assembles for battle its powers can only be accurately expressed in music.
Source: Holy Dread!, by Clint Mansell

'Twilight of the Eternal Night'
Brave pathfinders of the Scouting Corps expand the Kitsune Empire's knowledge of the universe.
Source: Picard Song (Earl Grey Hot Mix) Remix, by Mastgrr & Cornerstone

'Lullaby of the Warrior'
An ancient Xiscapian lullaby, translated.
Source: We will kill them all, by Rotersand

'Truncated Time'
Rated Number One song to take drugs to in the Kitsune Empire.
Source: Sever Tomorrow, Porcupine Tree

'Motherfucking Raver'
A popular dance club sample.
Source: Raver, by Showtek

'Prowler Mix'
Heavy bass song commonly played by Syndicate Prowlers patrolling their territory.
Source: Spitting out the Demons, by Gorillaz

'Red City'
A battle song played by the Syndicate before going into battle with rivals.
Source: Seek and Destroy, by Metallica

For the People! For the Emperor! And for Xiscapia! Attack!
Source: Suicide Mission, Mass Effect 2 OST

'Robots make everything better'
That ain't no god, that's just a burning bush.
Source: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, by Skrillex

'With Good Intentions'
Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is desperate ground -Sun Tzu
Source: Moving Mountains, by Two Steps from Hell

'Weaponized Sound System'
My bass with shake you a molecular level.
Source: Louder, by DJ Fresh (Doctor P & Flux Pavillion Remix)

'Every rap song ever'
I like women, I like women, I like the concept of a woman.
Source: Fuck Shit Stack, by Reggie Watts

'For your Destiny'
Cyberpunkers accept no responsibility for this record.
Source: Heavy Electro Mix! (Part 1) on Going Quantum

Because sometimes, there is no other answer.
Source: Kill EVERYBODY, by Skrillex

'A will, a way'
This also went into the construction effort for the Yahweh class.
Source: Architect, by Samael

'Where all will come to an end'
This is our Empire, this is our state of mind. This is where legions ascend into the sky.
Source: Europa, by Triarii

'Infinite Universe'
The universe is a symphony, and the mind of God is cosmic music resonating through eleven-dimensional hyperspace...
Source: Mind of God, by Electric Universe

'Do it'
Description unavailable.
Source: Kabuki Danshi, by Miyavi

Why is there not a Fluttershy tribute video set to this music?
Source: Too Shy, by Kajagoogoo

PONIES PONIES PONIES SWAG. 'Cause I ain't even playin' no more.
Source: Pony Swag (feat. Maros), by Swagberg

'More rubble, less trouble'
"We're surrounded, huh? Well, that simplifies the problem."
Source: Coward Killing Time, by The Quick Brown Fox

"Not THOSE kind of vibrations...well, yes, those too actually..."
Source: Good Vibrations, by the Beach Boys

When you're out in deep space and you get to thinking, sometimes you get to remembering, and you have to reach for the bottle.
Source: It's A Sin, originally by Eddy Arnold (Fallout: New Vegas)

'Grown up too fast'
"Via Sei Prospero!" (From Sei comes prosperity)
Source: Innocence, by Nero

'I like the abuse'
Vixens can be so cruel.
Source: Self Esteem, by The Offspring

'Hold Your Head Up High'
It does get better. Take it from someone who knows.
Source: It Gets Better, by Renard

'Get Even'
"You may well say, how could this happen to you,
You may well ask, and you may not like the truth,
Why is it always to you
Why does this happen to you"
Source: Wrap it up, by Whitey

'In the Cosmos'
Space travel might be terror, darkness, disease and death, but above all, it is loneliness.
Source: Inner Space, by Apex

'Dat Plot'
You're expecting something clever here. I am not a clever pony. Go away. _._
Source: Can't Lose, from Bleach OST

'Fire on the Cilistians'
"Play your war games
with other people's lives
It should be you
On the front lines!"
Source: No One Gets Left Behind, by Five Finger Death Punch

'Push On'
The troops and tanks mount the snowy tundra plain and advance to be forged in the fires of war.
Source: For The New Lunar Republic 2x Slowed, by Not a Clever Pony

'White Streak'
"Nothing but blue sky!"
Source: Blue Skies, by Jamiroquai

'Godmode: On'
What goes around comes around, twice as hard.
Source: Bulletproof (Foamo Dubstep Remix) by La Roux

"There ain't 'nother motherfucker hard like me
I'm a universal constant I'm a singularity."
Source: E=MC, by MC Hawkings

'We Rollin''
"Screams from the haters got a nice ring to it."
Source: Power, by Kanye West

'Can you feel it?'
"Alcohol. Drugs. Overdrive. Noise. Neon lights. Party people. Revolution. Rave is King."
Source: Rave is King, by Fukkk Off

'Opus Magnum'
Drugs make everything better. Including classical music.
Source: Mozart On Crack, by S3rl

'I hate Final Bosses'
Up up down down left right left right B A
Source: Evil Enchantress, by Superpony Beat

"You are no longer a child. Do you still possess your superhuman strength?"
"Of course! I'm much stronger now!"
"Ahh. Why don't you show me how strong you are?"
Source: Sensi Samurai, by The Widdler

'Son this is a feud now'
"Lapfox trax. Fox. See? Now bend over."
Source: Banned Forever, by Lapfox Trax Renard

'Here They Come'
"Xiscapia expects that every sapient will do their duty."
Source: Trouble 5, official Sins of a Solar Empire soundtrack

'Bass Cannon'
"Salvation is reserved for those who pass the test. If you survive, an elevated existence awaits."
Source: Existence VIP, by Excision

'Energy Weapons'
Source: Destroy them with Lazers by Knife Party

'Do you want to get your fuck on'
"This is stag party where we fuck from dusk to dawn."
Source: Stag Party, by Futret (Renard ft.)

"Some dank shit."
Source: Legalizuj, by Rasta

'Repel Them'
"Smash their armies, shatter their fleets, break their weapons and drive them before us. We will make them regret setting foot on our soil."
Source: Invaders must Die, by the Prodigy

'Above the City'
"Highrises in the metropolis'
Source: That girl, by Excision

"These niggas think somebody playin' with 'em, ain't nobody playin' with 'em!"
Source: Boondocks Remix, by Metaphor the Great

'Over the Fires'
"War makes villains of us all."
Source: An End Once and For All (ME3 OST)

'What time it is'
The only way Xiscapians know how to party.
Source: Sexy Party (Terravita Dubstep Mix)

Count 'Em
"I will bass cannon everything you love."
Source: 6 Million Ways To Die

"Some call it marijuana, some call it sensimilia, some call it lamb's bread and some people call it ganja!"
Source: Ganja Dub, by Sukh Knight

Keep Walking On
'Where's he going to go to, who to say hello to?'
Source: Shot Yourself In The Foot Again, by Skream and Example

Sniper Rifle
"The last thing to go through your head."
Source: 50 Caliber, by Funtcase

Grand Theft Starship
Source: Deep Dirt Hype, by Cookie Monsta

Suddenly warships. Warships everywhere.
Source: Doomsday, by Nero
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Xis quote of the week: Altaria Almighty: how are you not just a race of sexual predators? Like who needs power armour and gauss rifles when you have leather and whips. –Karaig
The Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia's FT Factbook (V2.5)
R.I.P. Shal - 1/17/10

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Postby Allanea » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:43 am

Official Message from the Nivensky-Ringworld Foundation:

Is it possible to purchase your heavy freighters, and can a price estimate be given?

Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.


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