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KEX FB (FT) (2.5): Administration and Government

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:54 pm
by Xiscapia


Main Category:
1. Administration and Government

Main Category:
2. Racial Demographics and Data

Main Category:
3. Territory
3a -The Xiscapian System
3b -The Inner Worlds
3c -The Outer Worlds
3d -Milky Way Galaxy Holdings

Main Category:
4. Very Important Persons (VIPs)
4a -Government Leaders and Personnel
4b -Merchants, Traders and Businessmen
4c -Mercenaries, Criminals and other Vagabonds
4d -Law Enforcement Officers and Intelligence Community Agents

Main Category:
5. Trade and Immigration
5a -The Merchants
5b -Trade Relations
5c -Imports and Exports
5d -Immigration

Main Category:
6. The Syndicate
6a -Organization within the Syndicate
6c -Syndicate Vehicles

Main Category:
7. The Five (Nhing con hoang Bodominjärvi)
7a -The Five
7b -The Skulks

Main Category:
8. The Xiscapian Diplomatic Corps
8a -Imperial Ambassadors and Ambassadresses

Main Category:
9. The Kitsune Imperial Military

10. The Kitsune Imperial Navy
10a -KIN Data: Rankings and Organization
10b -KIN: Weapons and Technology
10c -KIN: The Naval Register
10d -KIN: Fleet Deployments
10e -KIN: Supercapital Ships
10f -KIN: Capital Ships
10g -KIN: Subcapital Ships
10h -KIN: Support Ships
10i -KIN: Attack Ships
10j -KIN: Small and Strike Craft
10k -KIN: The VI Fleet
10l -KIN: Fortifications and System Defenses

11. The Xiscapian Imperial Army
11a -XIA: Small Arms and Emplacement Weapons
11b -XIA: Equipment
11c -XIA: Personnel Classes
11d -XIA: Mecha
11e -XIA: Support and Armored Vehicles
11f - XIA: Drones
11g - XIA: Blue Water and Aquatic Vehicles

Main Category:
12. Xiscapian Culture
12a -Culture: Xiscapian Lore
12b -Culture: Customs and Laws
12c -Culture: The Church and the Cult
12d -Culture: Slang and Phrases

Main Category:
13. The Sound of Xiscapia: Blood Songs and Battle Hymns

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by Xiscapia
Name: The Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia
There has been some debate as to the precise government style of the Kitsune Empire, as it does not appear to precisely fit any existing definitions. It can be said to combine and support certain elements of democracy, socialism, fascism, libertarianism and authoritarianism.
Current Emperor: Lord Foxfire Rose
Capitol: Rio Casa
Currency: Galactic Credit
Official Languages: Galactic Common (Basic), Xiscapian
Colors: Navy blue and sable
Number of Star Systems: 56
Number of Inhabited Planets: 68
Number of Worlds (planatoids, moons, asteroids): Over 5,000
Number of Protectorates: 6
Average age: 38
Average life expectancy at birth: 300
National Bird: Falcon
National Animal: Red Fox
National gem: Sapphire
National Flower: Starflower
Population: 910 billion (910,000,000,000) as of last Imperial census (includes estimations and rounding) (OOC note: inflated for FT)
Population make up: N/A


The Kitsune Imperial government is a large, bureaucratic sprawl headed by a small, efficient organization known as the Imperial Administration, led by the Imperial Family. While the ruling Family is elected once each life span of its head member, barring their stepping down or impeachment, all lower officials are appointed by the Imperial Family or representatives with powers of the former invested in them. Members of the Imperial Administration inside the Imperial Palace or otherwise working directly in the interests of the Imperial Family are selected by the rulers themselves to form a close organization of officials who communicate the Administration's desires with the rest of the Empire, confer on legislation and execution and advise the Imperial Family. Oversight by other departments and independent groups in the public make these positions nearly transparent to prevent corruption, while holding a place inside the Administration is considered a great honor that few citizens would waste. Palace officials come from all sources and walks of life, including the private sector, foreign governments and the Kitsune Imperial military.

Along with Executive and Legislative powers, the Imperial Administration is also responsible for coordinating between and maintaining harmonious relationships with the other various departments and agencies of the Kitsune Empire, including the Diplomatic Corps, the Kitsune Imperial Military, the Imperial Intelligence Department, the Internal Affairs, the Imperial Governors and other many others.

Outside of the Imperial Family, the highest appointed officials are the Imperial Governors. Depending on their status and level of appointment an Imperial Governor may only rule over a single province on a planet or a small moon, or they may exert their will over an entire star system. Subordinate only to the Imperial Family, Imperial Governors are the bodies of Kitsune Imperial rule in distant locales, and have total civil control over their domains bar whatever the Imperial Administration mandates. While Imperial Governors have a great deal of power, they exert little influence over the military; garrisons under the Imperial Governors are obliged to obey their orders as though they were passed down by the Imperial Family, but in practice most Imperial Governors leave military operations up to military commanders. Like the Imperial Family, Imperial Governors hold their positions for life, unless they resign or are forced to step down by the greater government or the people.

Kitsune Imperial Seal

Imperial Intelligence Department:

The purpose of the Imperial Intelligence Department (IID) is to act as intelligence gatherers for the Imperial Administration outside Xiscapian borders. They are usually engaged in the general surveillance of national and military leaders, important facilities, military movements and actions and the operations of spies and counterspies inside the borders of any nation that takes the interest of the Kitsune Empire. They are not, however, prohibited from using assassination, covert acquisition of technology, sabotage, blackmail and conducting black ops or false flag operations to achieve their ends. The IID maintains dedicated teams of coders, codebreakers and computer specialists to both code and send or intercept and decode messages. The IID is a shadowy, mysterious organization that no one but those who work in it and a precious few in the Imperial Administration know much about. It is believed they are based somewhere in the city of Lune. The head (whose identity is not currently known) and personnel of the Imperial Intelligence Department are protected by IID agents. They are thought to have affiliation with the Xiscapian Shadow Ops.

An IID agent.

Xiscapian Internal Bureau:

The responsibility of the Xiscapian Internal Bureau (XIB) (sometimes Xiscapian Internal Affairs, though this is discouraged to prevent confusion between it and the Imperial Army) is to collect taxes from the people, conduct an annual census, enforce the law, identify and neutralize possible and probable threats to the People and the State within the Kitsune Empire and to survey all of Xiscapia to ensure the laws are being followed. A large part of the job is that of watching the foreign population of the Kitsune Empire and all xenos who cross Imperial borders, which has garnered the XIB a certain amount of resentment from the non-kitsune portion of the Kitsune Empire. The XIB has gained a reputation for being ruthless (some even say cruel) against xenos who offend serious Xiscapian laws, and has largely integrated itself into the society of the Kitsune Empire in an effort to catch as much law-breaking and intercept as many threats to the nation as it can. The XIB is based in Rio Casa, and its head, a kitsune named Yên ling and personnel are protected by XIB agents.

An XIB agent.

Law Enforcement:

Joined at the hip with the Customs Fleet, Xiscapian Law Enforcement consists of civil and paramilitary units tasked with enforcing Xiscapian law and protecting Kitsune Imperial territory. As the military will have probably already dealt with the worst of sapients and forces, the authorities are mostly on hand for escorting emergency services, guarding public and federal buildings, enforcing domestic laws and general patrol. A great deal of the police force has been automated, either by computers, low-level A.I. or androids, and the remaining officers tend to be moderately armed and highly mobile. Heavier situations, when they do occur, are handled by Xiscapian Special Law Administration Mediators (SLAM) troopers, who generally respond to large and well-funded gangs, terrorists, illegals and other more dangerous offenders. The police work closely with Xiscapian Internal Affairs and Customs, both of which use more specialized agents for investigative and strike work.

The police, and general law enforcement, have been praised for being inconspicuous but highly effective. This is partially thanks to the extensive array of monitoring devices law enforcement has under its control, so more drones and cameras are among the public than actual officers and their vehicles. Despite the low level of intensity law enforcement seems to possess (standard officers are armed with pistols, lack heavy body armor, ect.), criminals are dealt with harshly. It is the objective of the force to spend as little time as possible hunting for and interning criminals and as much time as possible capturing and interrogating them, so law enforcement has a wide degree of liberty with suspects. Between themselves and the Syndicate, foreign and freelance criminals do not last very long at all.

Once interned, an offender can generally expect one of three punishments, depending on the severity of his, her or its crime(s). The most basic level, for minor infractions involving traffic violations, disorderly conduct, disturbance of the peace and so on, are dealt with via the issuing of a fine, the logging of the offender into official records, and possibly public humiliation in the form of a probation which denies the offender the ability to enjoy certain establishments such as bars, brothels, restaurants, V.R. sims and other institutions of pleasure. The second tier, for which minor thieves, trespassing, vandalism, possession of illegal drugs and similar consciously acted upon but minimally harmful perfidy, metes out more severe punishment. Those convicted may experience any of the aforementioned and lose their right to vote, their right to travel outside the state (or enter in again if foreign), prohibited from obtaining certain licences and permanent ineligibility to hold public office. The third and final tier deals with those convicted of aggravated assault, child molestation, sexual assault, rape, murder, slavery and piracy. If the offending party is found guilty, the result is almost always execution, by hanging, firing squad or decapitation.

A standard Police Officer

Police Android

Police Cruiser

Automated Pursuit Vehicle

Police Gunship

Xiscapian SLAM Trooper


A Customs Trooper

Department of Xiscapian Armed Services:

The Department of Xiscapian Armed Services (DXAS) is tasked with recruiting, training, equipping and promoting of soldiers and officers within the five branches of the Armed Services, being Army, Navy, Customs, Scouts and Militia. DXAS coordinates and oversees the logistics and deployment of all Xiscapian armed forces, but is separate from the military, as it includes Customs and Militia which, while subordinate to the Kitsune Imperial Military, are not a part of it. The DXAS also provides oversight for the production, purchase and testing of all military weapons, vehicles and equipment for the five branches. Finally the DXAS also directly commands the Xiscapian Freedom Corps, and is responsible for the basic training and supplement of the irregulars where needed.