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FORMAL NAME: Imperium of Kauvara
INFORMAL NAME: Kauvara (kuh-VAHR-ah)
DESCRIPTOR: Kauvaran (kuh-VAHR-ahn)


GOVERNMENT TYPE: Limited Constitutional Monarchy
HEAD OF STATE: Emperor Aleksandr Or'yan
DEPUTY HEAD OF STATE: Empress Katrina Or'yan
HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: Prime Minister Jessica Fontson
DEPUTY HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: Deputy Prime Minister Clyde Jefferson
HEAD OF FINANCE: Chairman Donald McFindlay
HEAD OF IMPERIAL GROUND FORCE: 5-Star General William Tyzden
HEAD OF IMPERIAL NAVY: Fleet Admiral Johnathan Ulysses
HEAD OF IMPERIAL AIR CORPS: 5-Star General James McCloud
HEAD OF TRANSPORTATION: Minister Sarah Knowell
HEAD OF ECOLOGY: Doctor Harald Gustav
HEAD OF EDUCATION: Doctor David Lloyd
HEAD OF DIPLOMACY: Chief Ambassador Barbara O'Donnell
HEAD OF THE CHURCH OF THE FOX: His Holiness Jorgannus


CURRENCY: Kauvaran teris

ENVIRONMENT: $6,283,569,895.68 (1%)
SOCIAL EQUALITY: $31,417,849,478.40 (5%)
ADMINISTRATION: $43,984,989,269.76 (7%)
TRANSPORTATION: $43,984,989,269.76 (7%)
WELFARE: $56,552,129,061.12 (9%)
DEFENSE: $87,969,978,539.52 (14%)
LAW AND ORDER: $87,969,978,539.52 (14%)
HEALTHCARE: $113,104,258,122.24 (18%)
EDUCATION: $157,089,247,392.00 (25%)

GDP $963,425,789,568.00
GDP PER CAPITA: $1,923.01

PRIMARY INDUSTRIES: Arms Manufacturing, Book Publishing, Tourism


AVERAGE TEMPERATURES: 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit (summer), 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit (winter)
BIOME: Temperate Steppe and Temperate Broadleaf Forest (terrestrial), Variable (aquatic)
NOTABLE NATURAL FEATURES (TERRESTRIAL): Korzan Plains, Dominus Mountain Range
NOTABLE NATURAL FEATURES (AQUATIC): Danik (DAH-nik) Bay, Pyandan (PYAHN-dahn) Ocean (south), Patmos (PAHT-moss) Ocean (north), Partno (PART-noh) Ocean (east), Pakti (PAHK-tee) Ocean (west), Intunhel (in-tuhn-HELL) River


VULPES (VOL-pes): Capital, largest city, home of I Legion "Honorius"
DANIK (DAH-nik): Port city, primary naval base of First Fleet "Trireme"
ALDVEKT (AHLD-vehkt): Port city, primary naval base of Second Fleet "Poseidon"
BONSA (BON-sah): Major population center, second-largest city, home of II Legion "Ballista"
LIVNOTH (LIV-noth): Major population center, home of III Legion "Gladius"
FYRTO (FEER-toh): Major commercial center, home of IV Legion "Contego" (currently in civil war against the Kauvaran government)
TAKAN (tah-KAHN): Major industrial center, home of V Legion "Helios"
NOTE: Cities of Kauvara are linked by a large transit system. They are essentially massive metropolii, set into nature itself. Surrounded by barricades manned by the IKGR, these fortress-like cities are linked by a highway/rail network, as well as a more-commonly-utilized airship network. The cities of Kauvara have tens of millions of people in each, with two having more than 100,000,000 (Bonsa and Vulpes). These cities act as the only civilization in Kauvara (barring a few settlements and military bases), set into its dangerous wilds that are filled with all manner of vicious monsters, creatures, and more.


POPULATION: approximately 500,000,000
NATIONALITIES: Kauvaran, Prizyetsi, other
LANGUAGES: Kauvaran (very similar to Latin), Prizyetsi, English, Latin (spoken by upper-classes), other
RELIGIONS: Church of the Fox, other


The Imperial Kauvaran Armed Forces (IKAF) are divided into four branches. The Imperial Kauvaran Ground Force (IKGF) is by far the largest, and handles most ground force deployments. The Imperial Kauvaran Navy (IKN) is still just being constructed, consisting of only two fleets, handling coast defense and water-based military maneuvers. The Imperial Kauvaran Air Corps (IKAC) is the pride of Kauvara, and nearly all of its pilots are supreme aces. Finally, the Imperial Kauvaran Special Forces (IKSF) is the smallest of the four branches, handling all operations of either high-importance or extreme secrecy.

The IKAF values quality over quantity. As such, it's armed forces only make up .9% of the total population. However, these soldiers, sailors, and airmen are some of the most well-trained, disciplined forces in the world. The small number of troops also allows for the highest level of equipment to be outfitted, and the highest level of training afforded, to the soldiers en masse. However, this has had some unfortunate side effects, especially for the Navy; due to the incredibly high standards, there are simply not enough sailors to have any more than two naval fleets. However, this has had a very positive boon for the IKAC; the high standards ensure that only the best pilots, specially trained by the veterans of the War of Unification (see History of Kauvara section below), are permitted to fly for the IKAF, which is just the right amount for a modern air force.

Imperial Kauvaran Ground Force: The IKGF is broken up into six Legions: Honorius, Ballista, Gladius, Contego, Helios, and Prizyetsum. Each Legion is approximately 500,000 strong, with the exception of Prizyetsum (strength is determined by the Treaty of Emira). Only in times of great urgency is a Legion given more soldiers through emergency conscription, such as when IV Legion "Contego" was bolstered to over 1,000,000 soldiers during the Aldardan War (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=133057). However, this is generally avoided, as mass conscription goes against what Kauvara stands for. Each Legion is stationed in a different major city. They all use very similar structures, with the exception of I Legion "Honorius," which is made up of elite Columns of 100,000 and Cohorts of 10,000, as opposed to the other Legions which use APP-6A format.

Imperial Kauvaran Navy: A relatively new force, the IKN has yet to see any direct combat. However, the IKN does have a large amount of humanitarian experience, as the Second Fleet oversaw the evacuation of 6.5 million civilians from Aldard. So far, the IKN has yet to be fully realized as a "backbone" of the Kauvaran military. Most of its duties involve mass-transportation of soldiers and the policing of local waterways, operating out of the port cities of Danik and Aldvekt. The IKN uses APP-6A format.

Imperial Kauvaran Air Corps: The IKAC is the pride of the Kauvaran military, known as "The Angels of the Fox." It's pilots are some of the best in the world, having served as the mainline fighters of the primarily air-based Kauvaran War of Unification (see History of Kauvara section for more details). The primary purpose of the IKAC is to ensure safety of the skies above Kauvara, as well as supplement the other branches during their operations. Billions of Kauvaran terises are poured into the IKAC, especially the KF-11 (see Non-Real World Statistics Section of the Official IKAF Information Page viewtopic.php?ns=1&f=23&t=134422&p=6771606&sid=bfc8746c5a6ac5e9902d3bfdb5dfe567#p6771606), ensuring its complete superiority over any opposing air forces. The IKAC uses APP-61 format.

Imperial Kauvaran Special Forces: The smallest of the four branches, the IKSF is a highly clandestine force, not having a base in any particular area. The only permanent members of the IKSF are the high-level commanders. There are no other ranks beyond "Low-level Operator," "Mid-level Operator," and "High-level Operator," these ranks handed out by commanders as they deem necessary. All Operators are drawn from the various branches of the Kauvaran military, chosen because they best suit the role for a mission. Some Operators only serve on one mission, seeing as little as one or two firefights. Others have been members of the IKSF for years, serving on multiple fronts due to their incredible usefulness.

See: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=134422&p=6771606&sid=6bb3761399a8e9dbf2a49079ee9124a3#p6771606

From 1974 to 1997, the continent of Tilden was at war with itself. Nobody remembers how the war began, or who started it, but each major city of Kauvara was once its own city-state (except for Danik, which was not fully constructed until 2005) with it's own military, and a grudge against its fellows. Ground forces were useless, as the area between cities was a no-man's land. This had the consequence of making what became known as the "War of Unification" a primarily air-based war. Airstrikes were used between city-states as the primary method of war. However, these airstrikes could never actually take a city. This caused decades of air battles, creating some of the most skilled pilots the world had ever seen.

However, in 1995, the city-state of Vulpes, under a young man named Aleksandr Or'yan, began a campaign of conquest. It eventually united the continent under one banner, and was named Kauvara, after Gaius Kauvus, the Vulpesian who led Or'yan's armies. His army was renamed I Legion "Honorius," and became the honor guard of the newly-crowned Emperor Or'yan and the city of Vulpes. The other cities were allowed to retain their militaries, each one becoming a Kauvaran Legion.

By 1997, the continent of Tilden was under one banner, fiercely patriotic to Kauvara.

Kauvara then entered a golden age of growth. A sprawling freeway network was built, along with railways, linking the cities by ground for the first time in over a century. The no-man's land was rejuvenated, making Kauvara into a beautiful paradise. The neglected IKGF and IKN were modernized, and the IKAC was brought even further. For many years, all was well in Kauvara.

However, in 2011, war was brewing in the neutral nation of Aldard. The imperialist nation of Kommandoria wanted its oil, and the nation of O5vx set out to stop it. Caught in the crossfire were the Aldrardans, to whom Kauvara pledged to support. IV Legion "Contego" under General Marcus T. Kazden was sent in, with emergency conscription swelling its ranks to 1,000,000 strong. During the conflict, Kauvara worked closely with Prizyetsa, creating a friendship that still lasts to this day. Unfortunately, also during the course of the conflict, General Kazden was killed, and replaced with an IKGF captain, who was also a former IKSF High-Level Operator, Matthias N. Gavenson. Gavenson managed to evacuate nearly all of the civilians, but not before suffering a 99.9% casualty rate to "Contego." Gavenson was given command of V Legion "Helios" in the aftermath of the war, and his book On the Aldardan Front: Kauvara's Trial By Fire has since become required reading at the Kauvaran Officer Academy in Vulpes.

IV Legion "Contego" underwent heavy reconstruction, so the Imperial Armed Forces were at sub-strength. However, the IKAF had gained valuable experience and knowledge from the Aldardan War. Following the war, Kauvara and Prizyetsa became strong allies.
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