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Yuktovan Factbook (No Posty!)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:19 pm
by Yuktova
Yuktovan Factbook

Basic Details
Full Name: Utopian Federation of Yuktova
Region: Antarctic Alliance
Government: Technocratic Republic
Leader: Chairman Davmin Fredorski
Primary Language: English, Yuktovan (dialect of Serbian)
Currency: Resource-based Credit (1 Cr = $2.50)
Economy: Resource-Based Economy

Pre-History of Yuktova
Yuktova began as 14 small war-like tribes. These 14 tribes often faught over land, resources, and population (often, the tribes had a low population of women...)
One tribe, the Trunoka, met and make an alliance with another tribe, Yuktrova. The Yuktrovans were Slavic in origin, and backstabbed the Trunoka when they discovered a deposit of steel and gunpowder. This allowed them to made swords of metal, and the gunpowder helped them make explosives. The Yuktrovans then conquered the other 13 tribes and founded the city of Drumani in 437 BCE.

Common Era of Yuktova
The Yuktrovans quickly became civilized, and had a golden age. They discovered how to make flintlock rifles and pistols very quickly. The Yuktrovans then rid themselves of their old clan name, and became official Yuktovans. They formed a Republic in 21CE. This lasted for 200 years until a revolution and the foundation of a true democracy in 221CE.

Pre-Modern Era of Yuktova
The Union was greatly affected by the Industrial Revolution in the 1600 and early 1700s. Small villages became into moderate cities. The production of rifling in barrels made it possible for larger engagements in warfare. With population booms and new advances in warfare, Yuktova expanded into unclaimed lands. This angered Connopolis, who declared war on Yuktova. The Commonland only gained around 100 miles, but this was enough to feed the expanding population. Yuktova then sadly enacted several isolationist policies, and the nation stagnated culturally until 2032 CE...

Modern Era
Under serve editing...

Yuktova's culture is Slavic in nature. Due to Yuktova's environment, the people often wear Ushankas and heavy coats. Yuktova, being slightly Communistic at one time, the citizen's are highly suspicious of wealthy corporations. They do, however, tolerate small corporations. Most Yuktovans are Agnostic Atheists and support the advancement of science at any cost.

The geography of Yuktova is largely tundra in the north where Phostmer, the capital, is located. In the south, it is largely marsh with some grasslands here and there. The city of Drumani is located here. The coast is mainly lush fertile forests, and the city of Trennagrad is located here.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:49 am
by Yuktova
Yuktovan Military & Arms


Standard rifle given to regular troopers. Has decent accuracy and firepower. Often it can work in the most harsh conditions and still work.


Standard Yuktovan sniper rifle. Very sturdy weapon in the right conditions. Good for troopers no matter if they are fresh recruits or veterans.