The Nomadic Peoples of Damanucus (Factbook)

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The Nomadic Peoples of Damanucus (Factbook)

Postby Damanucus » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:19 pm

Damanucus Factbook

Basic Details
Full Name: The Nomadic Peoples of Damanucus
Region: New Warsaw Pact
Government: Democratic Monarchy
Leader: Emporer Linard Skyre
Parliament: Emporer plus elected regional representatives
Primary Language: English
Currency: Damanucan lira (₤4.2713 = $1)
Damanucus started off as an island under the protection of the South Pacific. In 2003, Linard Skyre, seeking to make the island a democratic nation, set off around the world, observing other nations in action, studying their successes and failures. During his travels, he came across the World Assembly, where he became interested in democracy in action, both at the national and international level. Observing international politics in action at close quarters, he set off back to Damanucus, drafting a Charter of Independence for the island. Upon his return, the draft was put to vote, and was unanimously accepted by the people, ensuring the island's independence.
The population of Damanucus are nomadic in nature; this extends from the core population up to government representatives and even the Emporer himself. In the absence of a fixed address, Damanucans are issued a Province of Birth card. When a person changes province, that Change of Province from is filled out at the provincial office.
Similarly, Damanucans are extremely patriotic, and enjoy a good election (which is provided in spades).
Damanucus has many lush forests and rainforests, where the national animal, the chameleon, frolics freely. Forests are considered protected regions in Damanucus; one area, the small Isla de la Santa is over 90% rainforest, and is under environmental protection.
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