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Guernseyland Factbook

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Guernseyland Factbook


Region- The Ashkakea Area
Category: Corporate Bordello
Civil Rights- Excellent
Economy- Thriving
Political Freedoms- Widely Abused
Regional Influence- Hermit
Type- Though officially monarchy, a democracy.
Denonym- Guernseylandians/Guernseylandeseiers
Population- 305 million
Language- Guernseylandian English
Motto- Exspectata ut a valde terra.
Currency- Diecio
Animal- Guernseyland Bulldog
Capital- Old Guernsey City
Largest City- New Guernsey City
Major Cities- Old Jersey City, New Jersey City, Alderneyville, Sarkville, Hermville, Brecqhouville, Burhouville, Ortacville, Les Casquetsville, Jethouville, Lihouville, Crevichonville, Les Houmetsville, Les Écréhousville, La Motteville, Les Minquiersville, Pierres de Lecqville, Les Dirouillesville
Leader- Dr. James J. Smith
Religion- Protestantisim
Main Airport - JJGIA (John Johnson Guernseyland International Airport)
Other Airports - RWJINA (Robert Williams Jerseyland Island National Airport)
Main Seaport - MJGIS (Mary Jones Guernseyland International Seaport
Other Seaports - PBJINS (Patricia Brown Jerseyland Island National Seaport)

Relative Location- around Isla de la Juventud
Exact Location- around 21° 53' N / 82° 47' W
Area- 500x200 kilometers (200x100 miles, 100 km coastline, about the size of Cuba)
Bordering Nations- [violet], Reploid Productions, Pythagosaurus
Climate- Central: Moderate East: Continental and Polar West: Tropical and Dry
Terrain- Rocky, with many glaciers on the east side and jungles/desserts on the west side. Central is mainly urban.
Elevation- Average: Sea Level High: 5,000 m Low: 5,000 m
Natural Resources- glacier water, vegetation, livestock, farming, coal, mining
Land Use- 30% vegetation, 30% livestock, 20% housing, 10% business, 10% industry
Irrigated Land- 80%
Natural Hazards- Rockslides
Environmental Issues- None
Environmental Agreements- Littering Act (2000), River Pollution Act (2001), Air Pollution Act (2002), Global Warming Act (2004), Beautiful Tundra Act (2005), Logging Restriction Act (2007), Anti-Pesticide Act (2008), Leave No Desert Trace (2009)
Marine Claims- Territorial Sea: 20 nm
Contiguous Zone: 40 nm
Exclusive Economic Zone: 50 nm
Continental Shelf: unspecified

Economic Structure- Exports: glacier water, vegetation, sand Imports: none
GDP- 1 trillion D$
GDP Per Capita- 25,000 D$
Population In Poverty- 0%
Unemployment Rate- 0%
Income Tax Rate- 10%
Household Income Consumption Percentage Share- 10%
Inflation Rate- 0%
Labor Participation Rate- 100%
Budget- 250 million D$
Industries- Power
Electricity- Production: 1 billion volts per minute
Consumption: 500 million volts per minute
Imports: None
Exports: None
Natural Gas- Production: 500 million gallons per minute
Consumption: 250 million gallons per minute
Imports: None
Exports: None
Oil- Production: 500 million barrels per year
Consumption- 250 million barrels per year
Imports: None
Exports: None
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